5'8, 140 Lbs, 33yrs Finally Getting a Bubble Butt - Colombia

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I been doing research for so long and i decided to...

I been doing research for so long and i decided to with Doctor Juan Diego Mejia for my butt implant. Im so excited my surgery is in 2 weeks. I will also get some lipo on my back and side to get a smaller waist. I got abdominal etching a year ago plus breast implant last year. I'm little nerveous about the pain but since i will stay in a recovery house i should be fine.

19 days to the surgery

I been eating clean, no alcohol and exercises 3 times a week. I will also try to find a dentist to do some teeth bonding so i can have a nicer smile!

Butt before implant

I want a fuller round butt.

Arrived in Medellin

I got here in Medellin safe and sound. Let me just tell you, Medellin its such a beautiful city, clean and much more modern the Cali. I am staying at Tranquility Recovery house. It's about 85US per night. The room I got it is just breathtaking I got an amazing view on Medellin. The staff are friendly, the manager Natalia is an angel!! And the owner Melissa so sweet too. If you are coming here to Medellin, you have to stay here. The drivers speak english also!

Big day today!

I went for consult with 2 other doctors yesterday. Dr.Correa very nice and patience with me. He speak just a little english but i need a translator and that was Natalia ( manager at Tranquility Recovery house) His quote was 5200US for Butt implants 450cc + lipo back and flank and little correction on my mid section that Dr. Roberto Gamboa didnt remove so it look very unatural...

Then I saw Dr. Liz Vicent nice woman but she came late at our apointment which i don't believe it's good sign. She very strict at what she wants to do to your body and she doesnt speak english but again Natalia was there with me. She suggested me to get a mini tummy tuck for my mid section ( I am very sensitive about scars so when I heard Tummy tuck I almost past out @_@) after my lipo and she would only do lipo 10 days after she have done my butt implants 500cc. Her quote was 3500US just for the butt implants. Since i could'nt stay an extra 10 days after my butt implants ( I had to go back to work and ect...)

Then last but not least my first choice Dr. Juan Diego Mejia. He very professional, punctual, modern office and perfect english. He told me 560cc round implants and lipo on my back and my flank. He did'nt want to touch my stomach because he was'nt of the result if we would both be happy (Very honest of him, he could of said yes and just take my money) he suggested me to go back to Dr. Roberto Gamboa ( This what think if you did'nt like their work the first time it's very unlikely i will the second time). Dr. Mejia quote is 4000US.

My surgery is today and i am going with Doctor Juan Diego Mejia my first choice. I think it is always good to consult different doctor and to have different point of view. I did'nt do that the first time which i really regret.

Anyways i will keep you guys posted as soon as I better after surgery.

I made it!!

Guys let me just tell implants is no joke... the pain from a scale from one to 1 to 10 well its 10... I got 2 drains coming out of my body so it's really uncomfottable move or to switch position to sleep. I'm so dizzy and i can't keep any in my stomach. :(

Day 2

I can't sit down right or lay down on my back all. It is very painful so im on my stomach the whole time. Even to pee i use one of those plastic thing and stand up to pee. Now number 2 part I have no idea how to proceed with that ????. My butt is really stiff right now i hope be able to sit down soon without putting to much pressure for sure. But it will be nice to be able to move more. I read about this girl that butt implants with Dr. Mejia and her projection went down like crazy!! I will speak to the doctor see what he think about that. I saw i implants he use on me and they are perfectly fine...

Day 3

I feel so much better today! :) but i still can't which is normal. It is just hard to stand up all the time or laying on my stomach. I just got my 1st Lymph Drainage massage and it felt so good. The feeling of all that liquid stuck in your body. She took her time so it was very relaxing.

I manage to do #2 finally on a pot double bag... ya I know its gross but there's no way i can sit or squat to do it so standing up it is!

I got appoitment with Dr. Mejia today so that good news. I lkie how he is following up this quickly. It makes me feel in good hand. And the fact that he send the massge therapist to me Just WOW!!

Day 4

The drains are out and the morphine pump. I feel fantastic. It was really annoying to sleep or move with those. I am walking a lot to make the blood circulate properly. I eat 5 meals a day haha. The recovery house is really good to me i went grocery shopping tho because the house included 3 meals a day lol. All good getting better everyday!

Pics day 4

Day 5

Mary Luz Dr. Mejia massage therapist is here at the recovery house to give me my 5th massage. Everyday i feel better and better. I haven't seen my incision yet I can't to see how it look. But so far the recovery it is much better than i thought. I'm getting a lady over today to do my manicure and pedicure :) and Natalia the manager found me a dentist that would do, cleaning, cutting my gums and whitening for 840US.

1 week later

I got my stiches off and I got my last follow up with Dr.Mejia before I leave. Wish me good luck for my flight lol It will not be easy on the plane -_-

Day 12

I survive the flight home but it was not a piece of cake... The trauma from the flight made me so sore and tired. It even open my wound a little bit and I got some clear pink liquid coming out of my incision. I have to keep it dry so I change my bandage twice a day. Everything is under control now. Dr. Mejia gave me good instruction and answer quickly to my text. It is so good to be home!!

3 month op

Sorry guys I

3 month op

Sorry guys I been so busy!!! Here's some pics and I'm healing nicely. I'm so so so happy with my results Dr.Mejia is just AMAZING!!
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

He is amazing, very caring and honest.

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