Tubular Breast correction with Mentor Smooth Round moderate plus 800cc implants.

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I am moving to Colombia this summer and want to...

I am moving to Colombia this summer and want to get my BA there. I've had a consultation with Premium Care in Cartagena and the Dr. was very nice and explained everything really well. There are a few other Drs. I am considering too. Dr. Amaya in Bogota and Dr. Juan Esteban Sierra in Medellin. Has anyone used any of these Doctors?? Any advice on Doctors in Colombia would be great.

Should I go C or D??

Hi. I think I would like to be a C, I'm afraid to go too big. All my friends think I should go to a D, but not sure. If they are too big will the get in the way?? Would love some advice on this.
I have also lost 30 pounds and would like to lose 30 more before I have the breast augmentation surgery because more than likely I will want lipo too!

My wish pic body

I know I will never be petite, but I can still be shapely.

First Consultation in San Francisco

As I was researching on this website, I found out that my pointy breasts are not that simple to work with. My surgery won't be so straight forward. So, I figure I should go to a few consultations here in the US to see what the doctors say. I found two doctors in the bay area who specialize in tuberous breasts. I am excited to see what they have to say. Wednesday I will meet with Dr. JRomano in SF. I will update with his consultation later.

Consultation with Dr. James Romano

I had a consultation with Dr. James Romano today in San Francisco. It was really great meeting with him. He answered all my questions and told me exactly what he thought I needed. He is expensive, but I think it would be worth it to have a doctor who really knows how to work with tuberous breasts. I have a lot to think about. Here's a pic of how he drew on me to better explain what would happen during surgery. Lowering the fold, scoring the tissue and inserting silicone implant through an incision in the areola. He said I don't need a donut mastopexy which makes me very happy. Another couple doctors who saw my pics said I needed one on the left breast.

Care Credit???

Have you guys read the fine print for care credit? I decided it is way worse than a regular credit card. If you make one late payment the interest rate sky rockets to 26% and its retroactive. So, say I financed my boob job for 3 years and I only had 5 months left of payments and for some reason I had a late payment, the interest rate would go up to 26% from the total amount of my surgery, not just what I had left to pay. That is highway robbery!! So, carec redit to me, is not the best solution. It was really disappointing, but I guess that is how they make their money.

Everything has changed!

I was going to get my BA in Colombia because I'm moving there this summer. There are some really great doctors there, but after I found out that I have tuberous breasts and the surgery is a little more complicated (I was told it is actually reconstructive surgery), I felt like I should get it done before I move. So, now instead of December I'm looking at May! I can't believe it! I found an amazing doctor that has tons of experience with tuberous breast augmentation and all of his before and after pics are incredible. So, Dr. James Romano it is! I just got all my finances together and am ready to go!
Feels really great to know who my surgeon is and that this is really happening. Kinda scary too!!!

Vitamins for surgery

I bought the vitamins the doctor wants me to take starting a month before surgery which, I hope, is about now. I think my surgery will be May 12th, but I won't reserve a date until the end of this week. Everything he wants me to take is supposed to help my body heal fast, reduce swelling, bruising and bleeding. Also, should help with scarring. I paid $100 for all of them, but if it helps, even a little bit, I know it is worth it. So, I will be taking a ton of vitamins for the next month or so. Here's what I bought: Alpha linoic Acid, CoQ10, Vitamin C, Bromelain, Arnica Montana, L-Carnitine and the Fruit of the Loom front closure sports bras that everyone talks about. They were 2 for $10.64 at Wal-Mart. I couldn't pass it up.

Another wish pic

Have my surgery date set

I officially have a surgery date set! I can't believe I'm really going to do this. Wow! I will finally have boobies on May 12th!! My pre-op is April 23rd. They wanted me to come tomorrow, but I can't with work and all. I wish I could go tomorrow so I could find out all the details and everything. I guess I just have to wait. There's no backing out now. I've given them my $1000 deposit to reserve the date and everything. My sister said she would take the day off of work and take me to surgery and my best friend's mom is retired and she is going to try and spend the week with me. So, I guess I have it all covered. I also hope to lose 10 more pounds before surgery. I know I should be at a stable weight, but I can't help but want to lose more weight. Now, I have to think about size. The best part! If I do lose a lot more weight, I don't want them to look huge, but then again, who care?? Even me thin, I'm still a big person. I would look great with D!!! Lol

Happy Cows Come from California

I just spent the last 3 days hiking in The Avenue of the Giants. It is a redwood tree forest and so incredibly amazing. As I was hiking up this huge mountains huffing and puffing, I starting thinking about my soon to be new boobs. What if they get in the way when I hike? What if I hate them? What if I have ugly scars? What if they look horrible? What if, what if,what if??? For some reason, I thought what if I could never hike again???? Then I realized that I was being totally irrational. Tons of women get breast implants and are body builders and marathon runners and I'm worrying about being able to walk up a hill??? duh, I'll be fine. I've wanted boobs since I was a teenager and have been seriously thinking about it for the last 7 years. I've read a lot more positive stories on here than negative and I know everything will be fine. I am just a worrier. My pre-op is coming up next week and I'm sure that will make me feel more at ease about everything. I'm so excited and so scared all at the same time. I just can't believe that it is possible for me to have nice breasts that I'm not embarrassed about. Like , the surgery just won't work on me or something. I know that seems ridiculous, but I just wonder if it is really possible for me to have beautiful breasts. So, I know it is, but I have a hard time believing that it is really going to happen for me. Here's a pic of the redwood trees too. It was so amazing!!! Did I mention happy cows really do come from California?? They get to lay out at the beach and chill!!! I just had to share this.

Redwood Trees

Pro-op appointment today

Everything was finalized today. I tried on a bunch of sizers and had a list of 37 questions about getting a BA. I felt a little obsessive about it, but the were really nice and Inga and Dr. Romano answered all of them!
I tried on 500cc and I thought they looked pretty big, but since I am a big girl and tuberous, Dr. Romano told me I could go bigger and still look very proportional. He also said with tuberous breasts bigger is better. So, tried on sizers all the way up to 750cc. 750cc is huge, even on me!!! I liked the 600cc the best. They look really big on me, but not overly so. The final say on my implant size won't be until the day of surgery. I could have anywhere from 550 to 700 depending on what the doctor thinks looks the best. I feel good about that. So, we will see.
He also told me to stop freaking out so much!! I will try. He did give some good advice which was not to look up every possible problem on the internet or I will go crazy worrying. He told me I need to just relax and trust that I am making a good decision. Good advice. Only 2 and a half weeks until surgery!! I wish I could get them tomorrow!!


I picked up my meds today! So glad I could use my insurance. I only paid $16 for all of them. I have antibiotics, muscle relaxant, anti anxiety med and norco pain reliever. Now, I just need to buy a couple more things that other girls have suggested getting like stool softener, the homemade ice packs with rubbing alcohol and I think I have everything else. I'm getting excited now that my surgery is less than 2 weeks away. I've been spring cleaning my house (I haven't had to work much this week which is great) in preparation. I think just have a lot of nervous energy. I got rid of 4 garbage bags full of clothes and shoes, shampooed my carpet, went through the kitchen cupboards and threw out old stuff, gave stuff away. I want to be in a clean, safe, serene environment when I get home and I think I am over doing it a little bit. I can't help myself!! Anyway, I'm excited and nervous and scared and can't believe I will have nice boobs. I even bought new clothes already that will look so good on me when I have boobs. I just need to relax and wait for my big day!!

1 week pre-op

I can't believe I will have boobs in a week! I'm getting nervous and excited. I couldn't help myself and went shopping yesterday. I'm supposed to wear a button-up shirt to my surgery and didn't own any so had to go shopping (I didn't own any because being flat-chested and button-up shirts don't look good on me. I look concave, like a man, in a button-up shirt! lol). It will look so cute when I have boobs!! I also bought a pair of jeans a pair of short and another cute top that will look great when I have a chest. I also looked at bras and am so excited to think that one day soon, I will be able to actually wear a cute bra, instead of an ugly padded mastectomy bra for people who literally don't have breasts. It makes me feel so ugly and not feminine, like I'm not a woman. I never realized until this whole process how being flat-chested has influenced me so much. Knowing that I will have boobs soon has already changed me a little. I bought a couple sun dresses and I would never have worn the before because I don't feel feminine. Being overweight and big sucks already and not having a chest makes it that much worse. I've lost 35 pounds and now I'm getting breasts. I'm feeling really good about now. I keep wondering if I'm just being vain and if I really need them. My boyfriend thinks it is a waste and that I'm perfect just the way I am, and I guess that is true, but I will be so much more perfect with boobs!! The money doesn't mean that much to me when I know that they will help me look better in clothes and I'll be getting the one thing that exercise and diet can never give me!

Getting Ready for surgery Monday!

I am finally getting nervous and excited all at the same time. My surgery is a couple days. Today is my last Friday with little tiny boobies. My best friend's mom is retired and is going to stay with me all week. I'm driving out to pick her up right now. Have to remember to bring all my vitamins and stay on my low sodium, low carb diet(Doc says it helps to reduce bruising and swelling after surgery). Ugg, gonna be hard when I'm around my second mom who loves to feed people.
I think I am as ready for surgery as I can be. I'm bringing all my laundry with me so I can wash my clothes and my sheets. Want to get into nice clean sheets after surgery. I have ice packs and all my meds. I bought front closure sports bras and a button up shirt. I'm ready.
I do worry that I will miss my little boobies, but I just can't imagine I will miss them for very long.

Tomorrow is it!

Tomorrow is my big day. I feel like I've been waiting forever. I feel surprisingly calm right now. I'm as ready as I'm going to be and looking forward to having boobies!
I was supposed to take it easy today, but of course, had a ton of stuff to do. I'm not going to worry and just trust that the doctor has done this a thousand times. Even the nurse at the surgery center who took my medical history told me he is amazing. She said he is really is an artist, and I picked the best doctor around.
Here I go, tomorrow I will have the breasts I've wanted. Can't believe its,finally here! Yah!!

All Done

All done. Went well. Have some minor bruising. DOn't feel as horrible as I thought, but everytime I try to move, I feel like my boobs ran a marathon. I don't feel sick at all, but am very tired, just watching tv and relaxing. my sister took some horrible pics that I don't feel like posting right now, but I will post some tomorrow. maybe I will try to post now. They look smaller than I thought they would, but it ok. I don't need them to be too big. I still don't know what size I have. THe doctor will tell me Wednesday at my preop. He said anywhere from 475cc-800cc depending on what the look is that I want. He sat me up during surgery and tried different sizers. I think he went smaller than bigger, but I think I said he should error on the side of smaller rather than larger. Post pics soon!! So happy it is finally over.

day1 and 2

Day 1 wasn't as bad as I thought. Woke up with bad pain in areola, both of them. Cried. , but don't remember that at all. The drugs were strong. Then I was fine. Croggy, but they let me rest as long as I needed. Have on a strap and not much else til my post op tomorrow. Hurts to move, but unbearable. This am hurt muscles to get up. Try to roll on my side and use those Pilates core moves to get up with no hands. Using arm strength not good! Feels like my chest ran an ultra 50 mile marathon. Typing on my phne right now, laying in bed, pain at a 2. Getting up Ord down pain goes to 6 or 7.
I already love my boobs. Pretty unbelievable coming from me. I was so worried I'd hate them ands want to rip them out, but they are just there. I woke up around 330 took 1/2 a pain med with some Greek yogurt and,went back to sleep with ice. Feeling pretty good so far. Much better than expected. Especially because I had tuberous breasts and doc had to score tissue and detach from mucle wall then do implant. Surgery only took 2 ans half hours instead of 3 which is great. I have mentor smooth round moderate plus, not sure of size. But looks like ill be a C cup which isggood. Feeling a little boob greed already but who knows what my final size will be. I'll let you all know the CCs when I found out 2morrow. My guess is less than 700. The range was 475 to 800 depending on what he thought looked best during surgery. My guess is 600 bit just a guess. I cld b totally wrong. Why I didn't think to ask is beyond me.


Sorry for typos, I'm on my phone. Meant to say pain is not unbearable. It's ok. Here's a couple pics.

Waist LIne

Did I mention that I feel like these boobs gave me a better waist line? I guess it makes sense. I think I have more of an hour glass body now. It is pretty cool. I think someone else said the same thing on here. They make me look slimmer instead of bigger like I feared. Awesome for me. It is so hard to sit around do nothing. I tool one of the anti-anxiety pills and it made me fall asleep. I think that's a good things, we heal while we sleep. So I woke up at 330am not because of pain, but because I had to pee (the surgery center nurse told me I would pee a lot). Then I iced, took half a pain pill and back to sleep. I woke up again around 8 and had an egg and took pain pill again. Then back to sleep around 1030 and slept til 4. I am just laying around resting. watching the news. After tomorrow, I think the doc is going to tell me to start walking. We will see. Thanks for all the comments, I feel great!!

Day 3

I had my follow-up appointment today. It went really well. Dr. Romano said that I am healing really well and fast. He said I could take a shower (thank goodness) and my stitches will dissolve on their own. He also told me to take more pain pills, but I don't think I need them. My next appointment is in a week. Oh, I also have to wear the strap this week and next week. It isn't too uncomfortable, it just feels like I have my seat belt on across my chest. So, after I take a shower I have to put it back on. I do have some bruising, but looks worse than it feels. What else?? OHH!! I think the diet he put me on really helped a lot. He said I have swelling, but it isn't too bad for day 3. I have to stay on the low carb, low suger, high protein diet, plus vitamins for another 2 weeks, but I've lost 10 pounds. I might stay on it indefinitely. Diet is not so bad and I really do believe it has helped my surgery.
I also found out that I have 800cc in each! I couldn't believe it. I don't feel like I look that big. He says I will be a D cup. I started as barely an A and the surgery took less time than he thought. 2 1/2 hours instead of the planned 3. I guess he told my dad today that my tuberous tissues were way easier to fix than he thought they would be. I can wear a regular shirt and pull it over my head and everything. One nipple is sort of numb but the other one is perfectly fine. I don't feel any of that sunburn feeling or nerve pain or anything. It does feel like my boobs ran a marathon every time I try to stand up or sit down, but otherwise pretty pain free.
I feel good. I went out to lunch at the Beach Chalet in Golden Gate Park after my appointment. Beautiful and warm view of the ocean.
Just want my babies to settle down, round out, and heal. I can't wait to buy bras!!! Here is a day 3 pic of me laying in a recliner. Should take some standing up, but will do that tomorrow.

Day 4

Well, believe it or not, but a lot has changed in 1 day. I swear they have grown since yesterday. I looked in the mirror tonight couldn't believe what I was looking at! They totally grew!! I had a fairly pain free day. I only took some Tylenol once today. I iced this am and should do it again before I go to bed. They are going to be huge when all is said and done. My guess would be DD!! Did not think that would happen, but then again I thought I was going to have between 600-700cc and ended up with 800cc's. I over did it a little today by walking to the store and then going to the movies (Belle, was a great movie) and dinner. My back(low) even started to hurt. My boobs are still pointy which is because they are tuberous, but Doctor said that will go away with time.
It is also a lot easier to get up and down. I just use my legs more and chest only hurts when I really have to use my arms to scoot myself in the car or on the couch. The recovery has been surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Here is a day 4 pic. The bruising looks pretty bad, but doesn't feel that bad.
I wish I could wear the cute little sports bras that I bought, but just the strap for 2 more weeks.

Day 5 pic

They are finally starting to soften up a bit now and finally starting to change shape. Bruising really doesn't hurt much, but I had a lot going on in there besides just implants, so actually looks pretty good. I really think they keep growing!

1 week!

Can't believe it's been 1 week already. I feel great. I realized that my left nipple is completely numb and my right nipple feels completely normal. I don't have any weird stretching or sunburn feeling stuff, only feel pain in my pec muscles if I try to close the car door or lift something too heavy. I mistakenly lifted my nephew off his changing table and, let's just say, I put him down very quickly, almost dropped him. He weighs about 25 pounds and I just forgot I wasn't supposed to lift. That did not feel good.
I don't need any pain meds, but I still take the muscle relaxant at night. I have to wear the strap for another week with no bra or sprots bra. I just wear a loose fitting tank top under my shirt.
I had tuberous boobs so they were super pointy before hand. The doctor scored the top and bottom (released the tissue from the muscle) and pretty much cut up my tissue and then put in the implant. Needless to say, I still have some bruising from that, but itsn't too sore anymore. But, my boobs are still a bit pointy and I can totally see where my old fold and old boobs were. I know the strap is supposed to help and after everything settles the old boob should (I call it double bubble) fade away and the bottom should fill out. Actually, everyday, the bottom is filling out little by little. I read another review that said it is like watching a glacier move and she's right. It is so slow. I just want round perky boobs so badly!! I hope that one day I will wake-up and my boobs will be full and round and pointiness will be a thing of the distant past.
Yesterday I went to Macys and spent 2 hours looking through clothes. I took half a pain pill and looking through the racks was fine. I tried not to look to much or carry more than a couple pieces of clothes at a time. I didn't try on too much, but my ribs on the left got really sore. I guess I over did it.
Today, my aunt came over and did my laundry which was a great help. Now, I can just relax. Not going to work tomorrow as I'm not supposed to drive, but could go if I got a ride. But, hey, why go if I don't have too??
My pics are looking better from day 1 but the progress is sooooo slooowwww!!! Can't wait to have round, full perky boobies!! Oh, and because I am a bigger girl I am so glad the doc gave me 800cc's. I was shocked at first because they are so big outside of the body, but they are perfect for me. THey don't look that big on me and don't feel too heavy. I found out they weigh 3.75 pounds altogether. Not too bad. I don't feel a difference at all, but wonder if that is why my ribs started to hurt at the store yesterday???? Hmm???

over a week!

Bruising is finally going away. They still look funny. Yesterday I had a little booby blues thinking that they will never drop and look they way I want.I cried and emailed the nurse. She called me and made me feel better. My next post-op is tomorrow. I have to remember that I had major reconstructive surgery and they aren't going to look perfect like a woman who just had a regular BA.
I'm totally off all pain meds and muscle relaxants. Feel pretty good. They only bother me if I forget and push off with my arms and to bend over at the waist to pick something off the floor. I have to bend my knees and use correct form to pick things up.
My boyfriend won't touch them. I think he is afraid. He won't even lay a finger on them to see how they feel. He's scared of them. He thinks I look good and says he will like them after they heal. It's kind of funny.
I have to wear the strap 24 hours a day to help them drop and no bra or sports bra or anything tight at all. It isn't that attractive yet. Otherwise, I'm doing pretty good and very happy I did this. If I would have known how easy the recovery would be and how much I like having boobs, I would have done this 10 years ago!

before and after pics

I saw the nurse yesterday who told me I'm healing really well. Good news. She also said it will be months before I can wear a bra. We want to push them down and fill out the bottom. I have to wear nothing but this strap 24 hours a day until I see the doctor next week. He will probably tell me to wear it longer.
I want to wear cute bras so bad, but just have to wait.

Forget some pics

Back Ache/Weight loss

I drove across town today. It wasn't bad at all. My first time behind the wheel. It did hurt or feel weird a little bit if I had to really turn a corner, but it was fine. I then had to stand in line at the post office (for what seemed like eternity) and my mid back started to bother me. Is it because of the weight of my boobies?? I gues 3.75 pounds of boobs makes a difference!! I then came home and went through some of my clothes and couldn't find the dress I want to wear tonight. I'm going to see Kid Cudi and I am worried that I over did it before the concert is even starting. I will take def take a pain pill tonight just in case. Yesterday, I went to the gay history museum in San Francisco for Harvey Milk's birthday and they gave us a tour. That killed me! I had half a pain pill in my pocket and had to take it. My chest muscles and upper back ache a little if I stand up too long. I guess I still need to take it easy. I'm not completely back to normal yet.
After I have the OK to exercise again, I will definitely need to strengthen my back muscles and get right back into pilates.
I also weighed myself and weigh exactly the same this morning as I did on the day of my surgery. My new boobs weigh 3.75 pounds so that means I've lost 3.75 pounds since surgery. I hear a lot of girls talk of gaining weight, but I haven't! I really believe it is the low carb diet (and supplements) the doctor put me on. I even cheated and had ice cream one day and pizza a different day. I never had any bloating or swelling like other girls have talked about. I'm pretty happy about that!!

I'm a little obsessed

I'm a little obsessed with my boobs now that they are starting to look better. I just can't help. Who knew I would love having boobs so much(well, ok, I knew, that's why I got them)!!!


It's been 2 weeks. I stopped taking all my pills and now I feel not pain, but some weirdness when I move my arms too much or put too much weight on my arms, like trying to fold my backseat down. Mistake! I also feel that sunburn feeling of the skin stretching. I didn't really feel that before, but was very irritating today.
The strap is getting on my nerves too. I'm supposed to wear it 24 hours a day and I have been, but not sure how much longer I can wear it. The first week it didn't bother me at all and I know I need it. But, today the strap is enough. Hopefully, when I go to the doc tomorrow he will tell me that I don't need it anymore, but if he thinks it will help the bottom round out and my little double bubble to go away, then I will tough it out and keep wearing it. Yuck.
Otherwise, I think week 2 has shown some major improvements, thank god!


I saw my scars for the first time this morning. The nurse took off that white tape and put this other flesh colored tape on them Tuesday. I have to change the tape myself so I did this am. Was really nervous about messing them up, but everything looks OK. The scars are flat and look great. I was so afraid they would look like the one on my neck. You should check it out if you haven't. I hate it. Anyway, I'm so happy I have normal flat scars!!! Yah!!! The right one was stinging and bled a little a few days ago, thought my world was ending, but it was no big deal. So, now, with the new tape, it feels like it has less support. I guess it is feels a lot better today. It bled or seeped a little bit when I changed the tape because the tape pulled off the little bit of scab. That worried me, but nurse said it was normal and I shouldn't worry. So I won't, even though I am very inclined to worry. Here's some pics of my scars. So nice to see after 1 week the scar on my neck was a mess.

Old neck surgery scar and BA scars

Here is a pic of my old surgery scar. I was so worried that my BA scars would look like the one on my neck that I almost didn't get my BA. You will see why I am so happy about my BA scars. They look so good so soon and I a totally in love with Dr. Romano for that. He really is the best at what he does. The scar on my neck was raised, red, painful and stung for almost 2 years. Laser treatments helped the pain and then I had a steroid shot about 6 weeks ago that helped flatten it out. It is still ugly and gross, but I don't care. It doesn't hurt anymore and has flattened out. Check out my BA scars at 2 weeks and then look at these.
It is called hypertrophic scar which is different than a keloid. A hypertrophic scar stays with in the original boundaries of the scar and a keloid spreads and grows erratically.

3 weeks today!

So, it has been 3 weeks and they are still changing everyday (thank god). They are looking so much better. Double bubble is almost completely gone and they look bigger!
Still wearing strap 24/7 but more like 21/7. I really feel over the whole strap thing. They look low enough to me, but strap will make bottom round out. I,need that because they still look pointy to me.
My right boob has all feeling, neverrally lost any. TjThe nipple is super sensitive to touch and the cold. Theleft one is still numb underneath my nipp le, but nipple is regaining feeling. It's not back to normal, but I cam tell I have one now!
Love them! All my clothes look better on me and I can wear shirts and dresses that I could never wear before.
Last night I felt a little down,about how much money they cost and was this really going to change my life? Was it worth it? I decided that ,no, I'm still me, my life is not changed, but when you look good, you feel good! It was totally worth it!
It's motivating me to stay on my diet and get to my goal weight too which is a great side effect.
Anyway, I love them!

1 Month!

I can't believe it has been one month already! Times flies. I feel about 75% normal now. I have been taking it easy this month. Walking has been my only exercise and I really miss Pilates. Hopefully, when I go to my check-up tomorrow, Dr. will give me the OK to do pilates again.
I changed my sheets all by myself this morning and that was not exactly easy. I can finally do cleaning by myself!! Yah!!! Vacuuming was irritating too, but doable. Cleaning wasn't painful, but didn't feel good either. I'm just glad I can do it all on my own now. I haven't tried scrubbing the tub (had to ask my sis to do that) but I think this week I will be able too. Worst chore ever so haven't tried to do it this week yet.
I still have morning boob. It isn't too bad anymore, but still there. I hope that part goes away because it makes waking up not so fun. I am also so tired of wearing this strap that I take it off in my sleep. Clothes look funny with it under there and well, I hate the strap. A month of wearing it is just, so, old. I hope Dr. will tell me I don't need it anymore tomorrow.
I have to take BART to San Francisco and then walk 1 and 1/2 miles to his office and the strap feels like it is suffocating me when I walk. Then, after appt. I have to walk back. Yuck. Not looking forward to it. But, if I drove it would cost $6 to cross the bridge and $20 to park the car. Hmm... I will suffer and walk.
My boobies are finally starting to look good. The double bubble is gone ( so happy about that) and they are really softening up. I still feel the muscle do funny things sometimes and my boobs will feel really soft and then get hard again. I guess the muscle is still not used to them. Mostly, they have really softened up. I hope they will soften more and not go back and forth? Has that happened to anyone?? I will ask if that is normal, but assuming it is.
I can't wait until I am allowed to go bra shopping and don't have to worry about this strap under my clothes.

1 month po appt.

I went for my 1 month post op appt and everything is going well. I don't have to wear the strap anymore if I don't want too!! Yah!!!!
They also gave me some exercises to do with a foam roller that look painful!! I guess I have to go get a foam roller. I want to do exactly as they say, these things cost too much money to mess up!!
Anyway, here are the before and after pics from the doc today. He said I'm not done rounding out yet, but hopefully by July, I will look pretty good. It's hard to believe my breasts looked that bad in my before pics. (I've lost like 15 pounds since the before pics were taken, but I don't look like I lost anything. Kinda disappointing. Oh well)
My aunt said to me (a few weeks before surgery when I was going back and forth whether or not to get this done) that this boob job is a need not a want. And, after seeing these before pics, she was right! I'm glad she told me I should just go for it.

6 weeks

I can't believe its been 6 weeks already! I love my boobs. Never thought I would ever say that. I even like to show them off which I would never have done before.
I still get a little bit of morning boob but not too bad. Sometimes I get some aching in my breast on the right side. Comes and goes. My incisions mildly hurt if they get irritated, but I feel almost normal now.
I am moving this month so have started to lift things eventhough I'm not supposed to lift over 10 pounds. I really have no choice. I had a garage sale and I feel good. I didn't liftanything over my head. I did feel a tearing pain in my chest if I tried to lift something heavy and then I would stop. Im not sore or anything. I think what i did was fine. I also get tightness under my breasts if I do too much or try to
Use my chest mumuscles. They tighten up when that happens and harden up. If I lay still and massage for a minute it goes away.
So happy to be almost done moving and so happy to have beautiful breasts. They look great and look better and better every week. I wish they were softer, but I think they are softening ore and more as time goes by.
The best part is looking and feeling good in clothes. I've gotten so many compliments from friends who were against me doing this and that's great too. After seeing my before and after pics, how could anyone not think I look great.
Oh and I got officially sized and a cpl weeks ago, but just bought my 2 everyday type of bras. For the plus size girls like me Avenue has grear braS that aren't too pricey. I'm a 42D! Happy with that size and if I lose another 40 pounds I will just be a Double D!

tuberous breasts

I was just reading through the comments about us girls with tuberous breasts and it really got me thinking about it. I never realized how much i disliked my breasts until now, like today, after my new boobies look so good. I was always self-conscious about my little pointy boobies, but they never stopped me from living a great life or so I thought. I didn't realize how much they affected me. Other things bothered me more, like being over-weight. It actually surprised me that a boob job was what I wanted most because I always thought I would rather have lipo, but boobs is what I got.
Men never complained about my breasts (well, not to my face). In fact, everyone man I talked to, told me not to get a boob job. My boyfriend said it was a waste, my friends' husbands said I was nuts (although they never saw me with out clothes) even my ex boyfriend, who loves big boobs told me I didn't need them. But, women, all of them, told me to go for it. It was really interesting. I have also noticed that women look at me differently now, but I don't really feel that men do. Just an observation.
Anyway, I feel so much better about myself now. I didn't realize how having little pointy boobs really affected me. I love having normal boobs!! I look so much better in clothes and when I wake up in the morning I feel great. It is surreal to me that I wake up with D cup boobs. It is amazing how changing the shape and size of my breasts has made me feel so much better about myself. I really did think I was the only one that had small breasts and was also plus sized. I never understood why I could be over weight and have no chest. Now I know there is a name for what I have and I'm not the only one. I love this website for that.
Anyway, I was a 42A which doesn't even exist as a bra size. It was really disheartening, almost demeaning, to not be able to find bras. I had little meltdowns sometimes and I would cry because my bra size doesn't exist. It was horrible to not be able to find a bra. It made me feel like less of a woman. I didn't feel feminine and I do now! I really didn't think having boobs would make me feel better about myself like it has.
My life isn't changed forever and I don't all of a sudden love myself more than I did before. I still have the same boring life I've always had, but I really did get a confidence boost. And, I just look so much more proportional. My ex-boyfriend ran into me and said I didn't even look like the same person. I was so much more proportional now. He said I looked really amazing (I think he wished he didn't break-up with me. haha)
Now, I am slightly obsessed with my new boobies. I love them and think they look amazingly natural now.
I would just say to any woman with tuberous breasts, that if you think having "normal breasts" will give you more confidence and make you feel better about yourself, you should just go for it. It was totally worth it and I wish I would have had the confidence to have this done 10 years ago. I was so worried about people talking about me, talking about how I have fake boobs, but who cares??!!! Let them talk. I love my boobies!! So much so that I am going to post some gratuitous boob shots!!

Some 5 week pics I never posted

Since I'm into the gratuitous boobie pics

2 months

Now that I've had these boobies for a while, I am better able to evaluate them subjectively. The excitement has worn off (well, not really for me, but for everyone else) and now they are just there.
Small Concerns (but I know it's normal):
I thought I was totally back to normal, but boy was I wrong. I went swimming yesterday and I couldn't swim!! It hurt my chest to move my arms back and forth to keep myself afloat. Dog paddling was impossible and I didn't even try to do real swimming. I just floated around in the pool using my legs. Maybe hurt is the wrong word to use. It was just impossible. My chest muscles would just tighten up, almost like the feeling you have right before you get a charlie horse. When the doctor told me he didn't want me to use my arms to do anything until my 10 week check-up, he wasn't kidding. I also can't do a push-up or even a plank. No pilates either and now I understand why.
Otherwise, I feel like myself. I can lift heavy bags of groceries, I moved out of my apartment, I drove 3 hours out of town and back in a weekend. None of that bothers me anymore.
I also still get some pain in my mid back from the weight of my new boobies. I really need to strengthen my back muscles. It only happens if I walk a long way, so not bad.
The last thing is that they are not as soft as I wish they were. I think they are getting softer and softer every week, but they are still firm.
Pluses to my boob job:
I look hoottt!!! That is really the best plus. I fill out my clothes, I look proportionate, my self-esteem is just a little bit better because I look better in my clothes (and out). Of course, this just makes it all worth it. I love the way I look!! Love it!!!! Here are some 8 week boobie pics!!!

9 weeks

I had my 9 week post op today. I'm very happy to say I'm allowed to wear bras! Finally! Yah for me. Perfect timing because i move to Colombia next week.
I'm also allowed to do Pilates again which makes me very happy. He said if it hurts stop. Good advice.
Otherwise, they are really softening up over the last week. I'm happy about that. He told me to keep massaging and come see them again when i visit for Xmas.
I love my boobies!
I'm able to sleep on my side now bit not my stomach. Theyve rounded out nicely. I'm still numb on the underside of both but have been getting little boutof sharp pain which is the nerves coming alive again. Still get a little mid back pain from the weight of these 800cc (3.75 lb) boobies. I really need to get right back into my exercises now that I'm released to do what ever I want again. Yah!! for boobies. Dr. Romano pulled up my before pic on his huge screen and had me compare, its really unbelievable that those little pointy boobies were ever mine. I don't ever want to go back. Having big pretty boobie isawesome.

More boobie pics 9 weeks

I send my friend who had a boob job a few years ago and update pic every week. She loves seeing me happy with my body. She commented that she can tell how much I love my new body. I do! Here are a few more boobie pics just because I love my boobs!!!

boobie pics 9 weeks

About 3 months/moved to Colombia

It's been about 3 months and I still love my boobs. They haven't changed in the last few weeks. I wouldn't mind if they dropped a little bit more and were slightly closer together, but that is just being picky!
I made it to Colombia and it is so beautiful. Unbelievably so. I am doing so much walking (in the altitude and there are a tons of hills everywhere!!) here that I am bound to lose a ton of weight with out even going to the gym, but I get my membership next week. If I do lose another 40 pounds like I would like, my boobs are going to be huge on me. BUt, that's ok!! I'm so pleased with the outcome and I would do it all over again. Of course, I know my doc is a huge part of that. He did such a great job. I love him!!
I'll post a pic of the coffee finca I went to and an updated boobie pic, but I pretty much look the same.

3 month boobie pics

I never put up the boobie pics. I think I am healed up now. Still don't have some feeling on the underside of both breasts. Doc says it will come back but im doubtful at this point. I have no regrets. Love my boobies! Oh I do have trouble sleeping on my stomach. Ferls like im laying on 2 balls. Not sure if that will change. But I do look fabulous and I love feeling more feminine and beautiful. Would totally do it over again!

About 5 months

Its been 5 months now. I still love my boobies and they have changed a lot. More settled and bigger looking. Sometimes I think they are too big in clothes with a bra but I look really hot naked! Would still do it all over again. Have some numbness underneath both breasts thats improved a lot , but hasn't gone away. Otherwise still happy. Scars are fading away. Im super happy with my decision. They have also softened a lot which makes me happy. I wish they were even softer, but hey, I cant complain. My doc was awesome and if I ever want anything else done I would see him again. Updated pics from about 4 1/2 months. I would say I finally feel completely healed and can lay on my stomach, swim and everything else.

About 10 Months Post

I haven't had an update in a while, but thought I should share. I still love having boobs!! I do feel like they are part of me now. No one would ever guess they weren't mine. They are mine, right??!!
I still have a little numbness and desensitivity on my left nipple and the other breast still has a little tiny part that is numb. I feel it changing and gaining feeling back still to this day, but if it never comes back I'm ok with it. I have boobs and nice ones!!!
Otherwise, my scars are almost invisible. i look so much nicer in clothes, and I feel better when I get dressed in the morning. I feel like these boobs area the boobs I should have been born with. I don't know why I wasn't.
Sometimes if I try to use my chest muscles in a weird way I feel a weird thing going on in there but can't explain it. I had trouble swimming for a while, but it isn't a problem anymore.
I'm really glad I did it and and I think if it is something you really want, you should just do it.
My boobs are perfect, but who cares!! They look a million times better now than they did before!! I couldn't have asked for more from my doc. He really did a great job!!!

Well over a year and 6 months pregnant

I'm 6 months pregnant now and my boobs still look great. Nothing has changed much. They don't bother me at all anymore and feel like part of me. I thought that being pregnant would change them, but so far they are just tender (like any pregnant woman's would be). I will post another update after I have the baby and we will see what happens then. Hopefully, I will be able to breast feed, but not sure I will be able to with the tuberous breasts I had before and who knows what the doc had to do in there to get them to round out..

Almost 2 years later. 1 yr. 10 months. Plus baby

I had a baby 8 weeks ago! Ive been breast feeding and pumping. No problems witj milk. Im really happy about that. They are also still pretty perky and very soft now. Im still hapoy with my results.
pros: Im making milk, still look great in my clothes, still perky
cons: still don't have some feeling in my left areola, but believe it or not, im still regaining feeling.

super happy. Very soft. Look natural.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been great. The consultation was very informative and his staff is very courteous and prompt. Inga always calls me back quickly and answers all my questions. She's great. I'll add more after surgery! Surgery went well. The staff at the surgical center were great. Everyone made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Surgery took 2.5 hours instead of 3 which is great. My follow-up appointment went well. Dr. Romano said I am healing quickly and answered all my questions. He and his staff are very professional. I am more than happy with my surgery and the professionalism of him and his staff. I would recommend him to all my friends and family and if I ever need (want) another surgery I would definitely see Dr. Romano again. I also wanted to add that Kathryn, the nurse, is awesome too. She called me back on a Friday night when I was worried about my stitches and always reassures me that I'm healing well. I'm really happy that I went to see Dr. Romano. He's worth every penny!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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