33 years old, 5'4 & 135lbs, 397 CCs under the muscle, Allergan Natrelle, style 15, & moderate profile!

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I'm 33 and Ive alway been a small B, except during...

I'm 33 and Ive alway been a small B, except during pregnancy, I was a full C-small D. That was the outcome I was hoping to achieve, but in the world of breast augmentation we can't set a cup size, it's measured by cc's. So I set up 2 consults with 2 different surgeons in my area that I've seen their work first hand because of a few ladies I know that have had the surgery. I was leaning towards 1 (Dr. Deboni) more than the other bc I absolutely loved his work! I went to the consult with Dr. Deboni & immediately knew he was the one. He made me feel comfortable, very down to earth, great at explaining the procedure, & what he thought was best for me. You could tell he takes pride in his work & would work his magic to perfection! I cancelled the other consult I had set up with the other surgeon right after I walked out of Dr. Deboni's office. After talking to him I knew I wanted silicone, unders, mod profile, and no lift needed! I was able to schedule my sizing appt 3 weeks later and had such a tough time choosing a size. I know about 10 ladies that've had BA and 8 out if 10 said they wishes they went bigger, and 2 even went back in a year after surgery to go bigger! So the sizing part was very tough because I didn't want to look top heavy or too noticeable, I wanted more natural, & full look. I was undecided between 375 & 397cc. After 2 sizing appts, I went with the bigger of the 2 at my surgeons recommendation in his exact words "go with the larger number of the 2 because I can tell you, I've never heard a lady say I wish I woulda went smaller." 397 was the number for me!

Still high and not dropping.

I'm very nervous & I know it's only been 26 days, but would like them to start dropping and looking normal. They are still very swollen and nipples are pointing downwards.

32 days and finally looking better!

Wow, I must say I've been very nervous even after my Dr and friends told me it's a long road and plenty of changes will happen. Finally feeling good! I went to VS tried on bras and the only thing that's comfortable are sports bras without the inside bra. Oh also liked the Tshirt bra, was comfortable. As far as padding, nope, no longer needed and makes me look overly big. Sorry about the blurriness, my camera lens is scratched... Time for a new phn!

6wks and loving my choice!!!

Finally feeling like a part of me and couldn't be happier with the choice I made!

Almost 2 months post op and cannot believe the difference 2 months makes!

So it's been almost 2 months and I haven't regained feeling yet in my nipple area or below the nipple, but my Dr said not to worry that it just takes time. I can now start jogging and light exercise, nothing crazy like lifting heavy weights.

Another pic 2 months post op & they just keep getting better!

Finally a bra that fits perfect and feels comfy!

Went bra shopping today and finally found the perfect bra for me! I do like the Fabulous Demi, but wanted something sexy, yet comfy for everyday wear & found this beauty! Dream Angels unlined lace Demi razorback! I had to go up in cup size (DD) bc the straps around the shoulders to my neck didn't for right. They had it in store which made this girl super happy!!! It's a must try for all you ladies that haven't been able to find comfort in a sexy bra!

Finally found the perfect bikini top for this summer!

I was finally able to find a bikini top that didn't have push up or any padding whatsoever! I'll have to find a triangle top to switch it up so I don't have crazy tan lines. Lol

Time to buy new clothes.

I'm having a meltdown, none of my shirts fit me anymore. ????
Also bought a shirt the other day size medium and it doesn't fit bc of my new tatas. I must say that's the only complaint I have. From now on I have to try on tops before I buy em. Anyone looking to get a BA keep that in mind!

Things to ask your dr for before surgery to make you more comfortable!

Luckily I knew a few girls that had a BA and they told me what to ask for before surgery, to make my experience more comfortable. I was told first hand that the anesthesia will make you nauseous and most likely, you'll throw up. So I ask my Dr for an anti nausea medication in my IV during surgery & also after to tolerate the hydros, I get sick when I take them. I highly recommend bringing some lifesavers mints with you for when you wake up, to help with the taste you'll have once you wake up from the anesthesia.

A few girls also told me they rcvd deep tissue muscle relaxer to take after surgery called robaxin. My dr never mentioned a muscle relaxer and let me tell you, I'm glad I asked because it surly did wonders for me dealing with the muscle pain. Maybe bring that up to the dr when he or she writes your scripts for you. Also get 4 ice packs to rotate as it helps a lot with swelling and soreness you'll have.

Hope I was able to help a few of you that have your BA scheduled so your experience is as comfortable as possible!

Another pic @ 7wks post!

Victoria Secret Dream Angels Demi (not the push up)is a must try!

I can't stop bra shopping, and I thought I had an addiction to Victoria Secret before. So ladies, I bought 2 of the Dream Angels unlined Demi ruffle racerback in the pics above, but also had to buy this one as well! This one is very lightly lined, & no padding. Also it can cross over in the back or the regular way!

Finally feel comfortable in sexy shirts!

I tried on this shirt today and was blown away at how great they look! I can finally wear a V-neck shirt and feel sexy for once in my life!!! More options to choose from when I got shopping!!!

If you're looking to get a breast augmentation for the reason of having a closer cleavage area, please do your research!

I just was looking through the newsfeed on here and came across a question for the Dr about achieving more cleavage with a revision. You must read the Dr answers as I think most if us are trying to achieve that going in, but truth be told, that's not what breast augmentation will do. It's all about your bodies anatomy that'll determine your cleavage area. Glad a friend of mine told me that before I got my BA done. She told me that I won't have a gap bc I didn't have one before, which by the way I didn't ever notice and even when she said that I still didn't see what she was talking about.

10 day Green Smoothie Cleanse

I've started a green smoothie cleanse bc I'm trying to get in better shape now that I've got the beautiful boobies! A nice body for them to compliment would be great!!! If you're looking to look your best this summer, google the 10 day green smoothie cleanse and give it a try! There's no extra costs, only buying the stuff for the smoothies, and mind over matter!

Bikini tops!!!

Went to Target yesterday and finally found some bikini tops that fit me perfectly on clearance! Got about 7 at $5.38 each & now I have to find some bottoms!

A VIctoria Secret Bikini top collection that I love!!!

I have been ordering bikini tops from VS online and haven't found one that I really liked until I tried the Fabulous collection or bikini tops! I have 2 bras from the Fabulous Demi collections and love em so I thought I'd try the fabulous tops too. All I can say is you must try them for yourself and right now they are on clearance for the semi annual sale going on only until Monday. I'm a 36D and if your size isn't listed as available just call bc they always have about 5 extras that aren't listed!

Happy Summer ladies!

Fabulous Bikini top!

A must try! I forgot to add this one to my last post.

Another bikini top!

I ordered so many fabulous tops on VS website and live em all! Now this one is only $14.99 online... I shoulda waited. ????

More new bikini bottoms from VS!!!

I absolutely LOVE the Fabulous Bikini Top and the Fabulous Demi bra! Bestvtime to buy the bikini top is right now while they are $12.99! I shoulda waited on the others I got for $23.99 and $14.99 but oh well, a deals a deal, & they might of been gone. Best time to try is now! Also agon I've said this before they might have your size even if online says otherwise so call them!!!

5 months!

Still noticing changes at 5 months and I hear you'll usually see that up until you're a year post op.

Found bottoms from VS to match the top!

Boob greed... The struggle

Welp, I was told by a few girls I know that I should go bigger because they'd wished they did, and I didn't listen. I didn't wanna be huge, or top heavy, and did go with the bigger or the 2 numbers I picked, but I wish I woulda went with 421 CCs, or better yet, 450 CCs. So for all you ladies out that that think going bigger might be too big, please take you time in choosing the size.

I am happier than I ever was and that's how I think of it whenever I'm having boob greed. Lol

Comfy sports bra to wear after surgery and even after recovery!

A lady asked me what sports bra I used after surgery so I thought id post this picture. It's a Fruit of The Loom cotton sports bra and I got it in a size 40 band bc I knew I would need the room for swelling. It's perfect and very comfy! Bought it at Walmart on the clearance rack!

Love shopping at Victoria Secret!!!

I'm 6 months post as of the 13th!!! To celebrate, I went shopping today and after trying this Body By Victoria Demi bra on, I knew I had to buy it! It's a pale yellow lace, hard to tell in the pictures. Tell me what you ladies think!

full body view!

6 months post op and I feel fabulous! Thought I'd share a full body view to match my stats I posted for anyone looking into getting breast implants with the same body shape as me.

As soon as I met him at my first consult I knew he was the surgeon for me! He listened to my questions and concerns & answered them very professionally. He made me feel comfortable & I would recommend him to anyone in the area in the market for new tatas!

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