Revision Lip Lift and Tip Plasty with Dr. Randal Haworth- Los Angeles, CA

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Prior to having surgery with Dr. Haworth, I'd had...

Prior to having surgery with Dr. Haworth, I'd had mostly good experiences with plastic surgery. All had improved my looks but there were a few that I was not 100% happy with. A skin only lip lift had pulled my columella down and previous rhinoplasty had left me with some tip asymmetry. Both surgeries had left my features better than before, but I felt that there was room for improvement.

The lip lift is not a procedure that a lot of doctors do, so I wanted to be sure to go to someone with a lot of experience in this procedure. Dr. Haworth heavily promotes himself as a lip lift specialist and charges significantly more than other surgeons, so I thought that I would be in good hands.

I was entering a new chapter in my life and wanted to do something indulgent for myself so I decided to have a little bit of conservative liposuction and an earlobe reduction at the same time; one bout of general anesthesia, one recovery period. In hindsight I do not believe having multiple procedures done at once is a good idea. It's difficult enough to deal with one bad outcome but almost unbearable dealing with four. I paid $30,000 in total for these procedures and the surgery took approx 5 hours.

The aftermath of those 5 hours is something that I am still dealing with today. Every part of my body that was touched looked much worse than it did before, something I never could've imagined possible. This was the first time I'd had an experience with plastic surgery where no improvement was made whatsoever, and more than that I was left with obvious surgical defects on my face and body.

I have already reviewed the liposuction and earlobe surgery, but for the past three years I could not bring myself to post photos of my facial features. I was worried that someone that knows me might see them (and know the truth behind my strange appearance) and I was also emotionally unprepared to deal with these photos being publicly scrutinized as the bad outcomes from these surgeries had thrown me into a depression so deep that my life felt like a living hell.

I had also experienced firsthand how those who post a negative review of this doctor are treated. Posters claiming to be "happy patients" appear like clockwork on Dr. Haworth's negative reviews to defend the doctor, post testimonials, pick apart the before and after photos, accuse the OP of being "mentally unbalanced" and other personal attacks in an attempt to discredit their review.

Though he was unavailable to me when I had post operative complications, and stood me up for my post op phone appointment, Dr. Haworth himself personally responded to me when I wrote my first brief review of his work on RealSelf, and in that response went as far as to disclose personal information from my medical file (a clear violation of doctor patient confidentiality and HIPPA) in an attempt to excuse or blame my bad result on the fact that I had prior surgery. The response and handling of my justifiable dissatisfaction was almost as bad as the surgical outcome to me.

I saw what I was in for and I just did not have the strength to deal with these people at the time, but given continued harassment as of late, I have decided to finally show the rest of his work and let it speak for itself.

As you can see in my photos, the muscle hemming lip lift cinched the columella and the upper lip back, creating a sharp, unnatural, and unattractive angle of the upper lip in profile. Now that I know what to look for I have seen this in some of the other photos of his muscle hemming lip lifts (when a profile view is shown). There is also some issue with the movement of the upper lip when making certain sounds.

The scar from his lip lift is horrible, and I lost the curve and crease of my outer nostrils. When removing my stitches he was in a hurry to see another patient (I suppose I was old news now that he had my money) and he ripped the stitches and created a hole on one side, which did not scar well.

The tip plasty that was supposed to be a minor correction of asymmetry changed my nose entirely and not for the better as you can see in the photo.

I am also including a few photos of the liposuction and earlobe surgery here to make it easy.

As you can see, the liposuction left me with significant dents and contour irregularities on my lower back (this area had never been touched by surgery before), and the overly agressive liposuction beneath my buttocks (again, never touched by surgery before) removed the shelf of fat supporting that area and caused my buttocks to drop and the gluteal fold to extend almost to my outer thighs.

The earlobe reduction created two mismatched and equally unnaturally shaped ears. It is very noticeable from a front view as one earlobe now appears much higher than the other.

I have learned my lesson the hard way, but I feel some sense of responsibility to share what happened to me in the hope that others will not go down this road of ruin. Be careful with your bodies, ladies. You have no idea how much you have until it's gone.

My nose and scar after revision rhino, surgical scar revision and Dermapen treatments (all done elsewhere)

I took a new photo so that you can see how my nose and scar look today. Much better but I will most likely have to live with the fact that the nostril crease and curve are never going to be natural looking again. I will update soon with a profile view so that you can see the difference there.
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