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I'm doing a revision on my original rhinoplasty...

I'm doing a revision on my original rhinoplasty from 1987. I hate my nose -- it looks very piggy. I'm also doing my upper lid since I'm going to be in surgery and recovering anyway. Also I have an old scar on my face which has scar tissue attached to it ( so my smile is a bit off) so I'm getting that revised as well. I am absolutely petrified about the nose revision. There's a 50% chance that I will need a rib graft. I've been watching that show "botched" and realized that I could fix my not so great nose job. My fear is that I won't be able to breathe for the first couple of weeks and that makes me feel very claustrophobic. My first rhinoplasty was horrific for that reason. But this doctor does not pack the nose. He said that he will put splints and there so that I will be able to breathe. I will post some before pictures and then post pictures throughout. I found this site very helpful so I want to help others. The doctor I chose is very expensive, but he's considered one of the best for revisions. He pretty much only works from the neck up so he is a master. Plus I like his personal style. He's very nice and very down-to-earth. Sidenote, my boyfriend is very unhappy that I'm doing this. He fell in love with me post original rhinoplasty. So he came with me to my appointment so that he could make sure that the doctors not going to change me too much. My main concern is too much nostril show. So I think the revision it's going to be a minor change but it still going to be a major surgery.

My before nose.

Tomorrow is the day.

You'd think I'd be excited but I'm so scared. I thank all of you who have commented and sent me emails. I will post updated pics as soon as I can. Say a prayer for me!

All done!

I'm typing this from my iPhone so please excuse any typos. Everything went well. It looks like my nose is going to be straight and the nostrils are definitely lower. The good news is, he didn't have to use a rib graft. That makes me really happy! One less thing to worry about. Yesterday was a bit rough because I couldn't see (my eyes were practically shut) and I felt discombobulated. Probably from the anesthesia. I recall my first rhinoplasty really painful and really gross. This one is much better because a different anesthesia for one thing, and also he did not pack my nose. I can bring it perfectly through my nose. That was my biggest fear. There really isn't any pain. But that could be because I'm taking my pain pills like clockwork. Just now I took half a pill and I feel fine. The worst part is I can't really see too well. I will post some pictures in the next day or so. I look like I've been beat up. My eyes are purple but no real swelling yet.

3 days post op. I'm posting computer generated morphs of my nose, since many have asked.

Today I look like a train wreck. Despite taking arnica and bromalain (sp?), and sleeping on a wedge pillow, my eyes are purple and very swollen. I stopped taking the Vicoden last night because it made me itchy. Tylenol is enough now, as there is little pain. The worst part is the congestion. I was mouth breathing all day yesterday, which is fine, but not for sleeping. Make sure to buy Ayr. I squirted it up my nose constantly. I also used a Q-tip dipped in saline to clean the lower part of my nostril. I also used vaseline. The important thing is to keep the airways moist. When I went to sleep, the first three hours I was mouth breathing. I got up and used the Ayr again, took another half of an Ambien and went back to sleep. I woke myself up snoring, but at least I was nose breathing. I used more Ayr and vaseline and got another 4 hours of sleep (nose breathing, minus the snoring). My problem was I started too late with they Ayr. Start right away and you won't have the issue I had yesterday. Today I am nose breathing, although stuffy. The worst part is that I look pretty scary. I don't even want my boyfriend to see me. But I feel pretty good. I posted the computer morphs. Dr. Frankel said he is confident that my new nose will look like the morphs. Not a lot of change, but that's what I wanted.

4 days post op. Is time going backwards?

This surgery is not for the faint of heart. While it's not very painful (I gave up on the Vicodens because they made me itchy), it's very uncomfortable. The hardest part for me is the congestion. I was perfect for the first 48 hours, and then suddenly everything closed up. I've been squirting up Ayr every few hours and put some on a Q-Tip to clean out the entrance. I think I may have disturbed something because my good nostril (the one that was less clogged) started to bleed a lot. I called the doctor and he told me not to worry and to use some Afrin on a kleenex and put it up my nose. It look a few hours for the bleeding to slow down. I hope I didn't mess up any of the stitches up there. I guess I will find out on Wednesday. So the hardest part for me is being so tired but unable to sleep because my mouth is so dry. I'm the queen of Afrin when I'm sick, so I don't ever have do deal with mouth breathing. I ordered some stuff on Amazon to arrive later today for dry mouth, both lozenges and a mouth wash. I hope it works. The other hard part is looking in the mirror and seeing a scary person staring back. I sleep upright, I took the arnica and bromelain, but I'm swollen and bruised (lovely shades of purple, green and yellow). Just wondering if I will ever look normal again. I suppose that's normal. Anyway, just keeping it real here. This is no walk in the park.

Day 6. Still mouthbreathing. Bruises turning yellow. Swelling moving down my face.

This mouth breathing is getting old. Last night was another bad night, despite the Xylimelts. I just am not a good mouth breather, with my claustrophobia, et al. Plus I still have stuff coming out my nose, so I keep getting up to squirt more Ayr and neosporin (which is probably why my nose keeps running!) Today I just felt so gross, since I haven't been able to wash my hair in a week, so I put on a shower bandage protector over my cast and washed my hair. I know I wasn't supposed to, but I was not about to fight with a crazy person (as in me). But I was super careful. Cast is dry so it's all good. And my hair is clean.'s the little things! As for the bruising, it's changing into a hideous greenish yellow and the big water bags under my eyes have moved down to my upper cheek. So I guess I'm progressing. Tomorrow the cast comes off so hopefully I will get some relief. In the meantime, I'm working from home so I'm signing off for now. Thank you everyone for your comments and emails. I don't think I could have gone through this without you guys. I hope to be able to help others in their recovery later.

The cast is off. I can breathe again! There is a God!

I got the cast off and the stitches out. I quickly took this selfie at the doc's office, which is why it's not the best picture. But I wanted to catch it before my nose really started to swell. On the right of my face is the scar revision. Also note that I have a gallon of concealer under my eyes, so you really don't notice the bruises. No eye makeup. Anyway, just to give you all an ideal. Can I just say that it feels GREAT to breathe again. There was no pain during the cast removal. I felt like the heavens opened up after the doc cleaned out all the gunk in my nose. I definitely feel on the mend. My nose feels weird and looks shiny and bizarre, but that was to be expected. Also note, there is a bandage between my nostrils. That comes off Monday. Now I just have to wait and see how it heals. But I'm so glad the worst is over. It was a week from hell. Tonight, I will sleep like a baby.

8 days posts surgery. Here are more pics of my nose before revision.

Is it weird that I miss my old nose? Is it weird that I am looking at the shiny fat potato on my nose in the mirror and thinking, "what have I done???" Worse, my boyfriend loved my nose. He didn't want me to do this. He said he has come to peace with it. Anyway, I was asked to post more pics of my nose prior in a casual setting.

10 days post surgery. Feeling pretty good. Nose very swollen

Hey real self peeps. Today is day 10 and I'm finally ready to join the human race, even with my swollen nose. I feel really good, physically. I try and avoid mirrors still because my nose freaks me out (totally irrational, I know!) I'm breathing well and have zero pain. Here are some quick pics taken from photo booth.

Another side view picture. 10 days post-op.

Day 16. Still swollen but starting to see the light at the end of the tunner

Feeling pretty good. My nose is still super swollen and feels stiff. The tip hurts when I touch it. Otherwise, my breathing is back to normal and I'm feeling good -- although tired because this elevated sleeping sucks. Here are some updated pics I took in my office.

Three weeks post op. Feeling Good.

Last night I finally slept normally (on my side). What a great feeling. Unfortunately my new kitten woke me up an hour before my alarm, but what a difference. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to sleep like this, but I had enough of that wedge pillow. I was a little swollen under one eye, but it resolved itself in a few hours. My nose has been pretty much unchanged since I last posted, so no new pics today. I hoping for a change this weekend. The scar revision is looking better, although still lumpy. My breathing is back to normal. My nose still feels weird to the touch, and the tip is sore. But otherwise, I'm back to normal. It's just a waiting game now, for my nose to change shape. Nobody seems to notice, so I guess that's a good thing!

3 1/2 weeks post off. Swelling come down, but one side more swollen than the other

I was told it's normal for swelling to go down unevenly, but I can't help but think I may have ruined things by accidentally hitting myself in the nose while sleeping last week. But there was no bleeding, but a lot of pain for a day. Otherwise, I feel pretty good. The tip of my nose feels still and numb but there is really no pain (unless I touch the columella).

5 1/2 weeks and things are slowly improving

Here are some updated pictures. More swelling has gone down, although my tip is still fat looking. Not crazy about the front view. Hoping it keeps getting slimmer. I quickly took these pics in my office. I smiled because I looked angry when I didn't. I'm not good at selfies!

5 1/2 weeks. Nose Front view.

Swelling is going down, but tip still looking a little crazy. Note, I'm not good at selfies! I always look mad. Just took this in my office.

Updated photos. Swelling still apparent.

These pics were taken at the 6 1/2 week mark. I saw Dr. Frankel last week and he said that things are going well. Still lots of swelling in the mid to lower nose. The good news is, my nose is no longer sore. I can touch it everywhere without any soreness. But it feels stiff. He told me that my surgery was very complex. Meanwhile the scar revision is taking forever to heal. It's still very lumpy. He recommended that I get the fraxel laser to move things along.

Three month update. Swelling slowly going down everywhere but the tip

It's been three months. Here's a quick selfie. Not too much has changed but my nose no longer hurts although it still feels stiff. The tip is still swollen, but I was told it would take months. Scar revision is still lumpy on my check so I'm getting fraxel laser in a few weeks. Otherwise, I feel good. Just need to be patient, which isn't my best quality!

4 month post-op

Not sure if I see much change? I guess it's subtle if anything. Seeing the doctor on Thursday. I take the pictures in the same spot so that they are as close as possible to the last ones.

6 months

I feel pretty much back to normal. I still have swelling at the tip and nostrils uneven. Hopefully it will resolve over time. Otherwise very happy.

6 month - side view

11 months post op

You can see a big difference in this before and after picture. My nose is definitely a better fit for my face. My nose is still changing, but I can pretty much see the final result. I'm going for my 1 year post op appointment in a few weeks. But I can say now that this was totally worth it.
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