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Very excited (and scared) to have surgery in two...

Very excited (and scared) to have surgery in two weeks to remove this wrinkly belly. I am 5'3" and 115lbs (but barely any boobs so that's no adding any weight lol). I weighed about 165 in both pregnancies so my stomach has seen better days. I tend to hold weight in my belly too so I'm sure it's a combo of skin and fat there.
I am just pretty much trying to keep calm until the big day!!

Tomorrow is the big day

I'm checked in at the hotel now (attached to the surgical facility).
I'm so scared right now. The good bye with my kids was awful. They both were sobbing to leave me. Oh man, I feel so selfish doing this. My husband is supportive in that he's taking time off work etc, but he's not really a huge fan of me doing this :/ when I told him how scared I was today, he said, I could "always back out and not do it." Sigh.
My sister comes tomorrow morning and is staying with me for two nights. I hope I can sleep tonight.

I made it!

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your comments!! I meant a lot to me!

I'm here in bed now in the hotel. I've been back and forth dozing. I've done two short walks around now (I don't mind the walk but getting comfortable again/the binder adjusted is quite a pain). My sister is being a huge help. I've had toast and a banana, tylenol early and an opioid of some kind with gravol, so i'm feeling ok, just a burning/pulling sensation, with a little lower back pain because of the incision.
I think everything went well, i haven't snapped a pic (an honestly, i'm to queasy to look)

the days are loooooooooong

I have nothing more than that to say really. My back is sore and I am bored. There is no more tv I want to watch.

The freakiest selfie I've ever taken...

Not exactly great quality pics because I was totally weirded out looking at my stomach, but here it is.
Also...do I need to do a better job getting the scabs off my old belly button on the vertical part?

Day 4

Well. A mysterious itchy rash has appeared on my stomach. No where near the incision (I was told polysporin can some times cause a rash, but this is up near my ribs :/ I'm going to put a clean cotton pillow case under my binder and hopefully that helps. I'm so itchy :/

Feeling discouraged today :/

Ugh my stomach is so itchy still. I'm wearing a tank top under my binder but that isn't helping. I just took a look and my stomach looks so wrinkly :/

Feeling better today :)

The itching is gone. I have a feeling the binder was probably irritating my skin for a while and I was just to numb to notice. But now that I've had a camisole covering my skin for more than a day, the itch (and my terrible mood lol) are gone:)
I'm still finding the drain annoying just because the location makes it kind of tricky to dress in pants and underwear (and I got my period on Thursday so underwear would be nice). I'm walking much better today and just looking so, so, so forward to my appointment on Wednesday and maybe this drain will come out. I just have the one drain and it was only 10mls today so hopefully that's a good sign!!

Trying to be patient

Feeling a little underwhelmed while looking at comparisons today. Doesn't really look dramatically different. I'm hoping that fold on the left will smooth out a bit too

comparison pics

I was feeling kinda 'meh' about what I looked like before, but the comparison (especially now without the drains) does show a lot of improvement. My belly button is a little off centre is seems, but it looks as though it was before and I just never noticed!

Three weeks now!

The time is going by so quickly now, unlike the first few days of boredom.
Frequently I forget I had surgery now. The *only* thing that is super annoying and sad is that I can't pick up my baby. My husband has to be around for every single wake up and feeding to lift him. Thankfully getting up and down off the floor is easy now so I can sit and play with him (he's so squirmy and active that cuddling on a lap wasn't happening).
I miss the gym and running sooooooooo much. I can't wait to be active again. I feel my muscles atrophying being so lazy.
I'm still think I'm pretty swollen...or I hope I am. From the front I look much much better, but still from the side view I think I look almost identical.
I had my last visit on Friday at the office for scar management and then don't go back until June. It felt like at the hospital when the send you home with your first child and you think: you can't possibly leave me to my own devices now with this?! I guess there's nothing else to really, but it still feels like I should be alone with my own belly yet lol
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