34 Years Old, 2 C-sections, Raisin Belly is Gone. Cleveland, OH

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My motivation surges came every time I worked out...

My motivation surges came every time I worked out and I had to tuck my skin back into my pants. I did some research on this site and was looking for a doctor that did not do cookie cutter tummy tucks. I found Dr. Medalie, and appreciated his variety of beautiful outcomes. Today is day 2 after surgery and the nausea is a nightmare. I am very sensitive to all meds and get sick from them easily. The rest of the pain is reminiscent of my c-section, except this time I have drains.

Day 3, improvement

Today was better after getting prescribed a stronger anti-nausea pill. I am walking more, though there is some burning sensation on my hip, I assume where it was cut????. Things are itching under my compression garment, so that is driving me nuts, but other than that, it is c-section pain, except it goes higher up do to the muscle tightening. standing up is like opening an accordion-you have to slowly rise and extend, but not all the way to straighten. Just trying to get rest.

Day 4- Make your stool softeners a priority!

Today I was walking around pretty confidently. I finally get the urge to have a bowel movement. IT was like giving birth! Please do not do this to yourself. I took the stool softeners here and there, and two shots of milk of magnesia over 4 days, and I still suffered excruciating pain. It was like a brick wall in there! After 20 minutes of trying to pass, it finally happened. The pain meds are what do this, just take that stuff as prescribed and don't skip doses or you will pay!!!

Day 5: dizzy and headaches from hell

Pretty sure the headache is from the anesthesia and pain meds. I slept with a bag of ice on the back of my head. It felt like a whiplash headache, which I have had before from a car accident. I switched to ibuprofen and that helped the headache go away. Just getting dizzy when I am up too long. I peaked at the result today- only saw a bit but it looks good. I can see my stretch marks but I don't care. The wrinkles are gone and the cut is not high so I am happy. I will see the full reveal tomorrow, so I'm excited. Right now I am finishing up my last final paper (yeah, I know, wtf.). just remaining calm and looking forward to tomorrow. Heading home to see my babies tonight! My mom has been helping me. I am so blessed to have her in my life!!! Thanking God I am okay and I have her and my family to be thankful for! I would post a pic but there is nothing to show by I have my garment on. Maybe after tomorrow.

Oh my, the result!

So today I completely removed my compression garment to wash it, and my goodness it's hard to believe it was me under there! Even with all the swelling I can see ab definition! I do not feel over pulled and you can still see my curves! I am very, very happy with Dr. Medalie's work! It truly is better than I could have ever imagined it to be. I will post a pic when I can. I left my iPad downstairs and couldn't get to it. As far as healing, today I have been a little dizzy and for goodness sake I can't wait to take a shower. My drains are still in for another week. I got a little freaked about a blister above my inscision, but I know it's going to be fine. I am focused on not stressing and healing like a champ. My c section lines were so minuscule, I have a feeling that this will be perfect healing. Good energy brings good energy. My husband saw my result and was pretty amazed, though he dry-heaved when he saw my drains. Of course I struggle not to do the same every time I empty the drains X-(
Right now it's tough because my kids are 2 and 4, so they want to cuddle and snuggle ( okay so do I) and they are just understanding it hurts mommy right now. I have a month off school to be with them, so I plan on just hang with them in a high quality way as soon as I can.

Post op photo

So here is my new bod, 6 days post op. Feeling great about the result.

2 1/2 weeks later after TT, I am feeling like a million after a drain was removed

So I am up and about, have driving privelages, and can walk around as long as I feel able. The drains were more uncomfortable than the stiffness of the TT itself. Only one of the drains have been removed so far, but it was the more painful one. Lucky for me it was the less active drain. They wanted me to be below 40 on in 24 hours, and unfortunately, I wasn't quite there so I had to leave one in. Now there is hardly anything and I will get it out Friday if I can. It was such a relief and painless to remove the drain. I feel a little tight, but not bad. My doc did not over pull me. The best part about my TT is that I still have my curves, And now that the skin is gone, they are very noticeable. One blessing to my pregnancies is that my hips spread and gave me more of a waistline appearance. I was really up and down with wide shoulders before children. Dr. Medalie gave me a way better than expected result. Besides the incision, my results look very natural. I still have a few stretch marks, but they are not bad, and they just make it look even more natural. And besides, I wasn't trying to be perfect. I wanted the scar tissue, the extra skin and the muscle spreading fixed. I am proud that I carried my children, and I have always been ok with many of my flaws. As long as they don't interfere with my life, then I embrace them. My stomach before was painful to feel and look at. I had to work my wardrobe, my sex life and my workouts around the problems from it. I will experience the positive effects from this everyday. I can't wait to buy a white tank top. I will wear one without two camisoles and a sweater on top. I can't wait For my workouts aGain without my skin popping out of my pants and bouncing heavily. I love the way my husband is looking at me. I love the way I see myself. I don't see a model or A sex pot, I see a happy woman who did something for herself. I see a body that belongs to me and I am going to continue to take care of it, because it is a precious carrier of my soul.
I am going to keep listening to the amazing nurse prActitioner, Andrea, and not over do it and wear my binder for optimal results.
Beachwood Plastic Surgeon

I saw Dr Medalie twice before the procedure. He was patient with me, as I had to bring my 2 and 4 year old to one of the appointments. He responded to emails quickly. On the day of surgery he was Not too outgoing, but I think it's because he is a Perfectionist and was in "game mode", which I am thankful for. He was very thorough and straight forward, and did not try to upsell me on Anything. So far so good. I feel that the reveal is going to be amazing. His staff was great.

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