61, Vibrant and Ready for my TT

I gained over 80 pounds with my son 30 years ago....

I gained over 80 pounds with my son 30 years ago. Looking in the mirror every morning I realize the extra flabby skin on my tummy is not appealing. I want to do this for me. I am Single however I want to feel really good about my body and if I meet someone I want to be the best I can be in every way shape and form. It's good to know there are many other women who are awesome, beautiful, vibrant, and have endured the challenges of raising children and having children. Let's take our bodies back girls! I admire all of those who have already done this And I hope I can encourage someone else once I have also gone through it .

9 days and counting

Glad I found this site. For those who have already gone thru their procedures, thank you for posting and helping those who have not had their surgery stay encouraged.
I still feel positive and looking forward to my surgery. Perhaps not so much the actual surgery, :) - but focusing on the hopeful positive results.
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