61, Vibrant and Ready for my TT

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I gained over 80 pounds with my son 30 years ago....

I gained over 80 pounds with my son 30 years ago. Looking in the mirror every morning I realize the extra flabby skin on my tummy is not appealing. I want to do this for me. I am Single however I want to feel really good about my body and if I meet someone I want to be the best I can be in every way shape and form. It's good to know there are many other women who are awesome, beautiful, vibrant, and have endured the challenges of raising children and having children. Let's take our bodies back girls! I admire all of those who have already done this And I hope I can encourage someone else once I have also gone through it .

9 days and counting

Glad I found this site. For those who have already gone thru their procedures, thank you for posting and helping those who have not had their surgery stay encouraged.
I still feel positive and looking forward to my surgery. Perhaps not so much the actual surgery, :) - but focusing on the hopeful positive results.

4 1/2 hours after surgery. PTL! Surgery went well! Compression garment is on. Slight nauseousness and pai so far has not been mo

Day 2 post op

I feel fantastic! Of course tightness in my middle and I have a compression garnet on till Wednesday. I only drained once today so that is good. Passing gas, but no "Winnie the pooh" yet:-)
Been in a recliner, sitting up and doing some moving around.
God is good! Probably no photos till Wednesday!

Day 4

Well it is day four. I added Advil in addition to my prescription for pain. It was a little to much. Still no "Winnie the pooh" :(. My back is a little more tender this morning. Not much of an appetite. Still draining but not a lot. Sleeping well and staying on the recliner.
One day at a time.
No photos today. CG is still on

Day 5 Oct 31, 2016

Thinking of other men and women going in this morning for their procedure.
This is day 5. I have one prescription pain pull left, then I'll stay on Advil. My surgeon said NOT to take Aleeve or Tylenol. It's Halloween day! I feel I alreDy have a "costume" on but rather be "Winnie the Poo!!" Lol.

Yes, I still need to poo! Taking MOM and Colace.... It needs to kick in!
I wish I could take a peak under the CG. Looking at my before pictures I hope is
History!!! I guess I need to wait till Wed., Nov 2.

Hope everyone is doing better each day and happy with their result:-)

PS .... Question... How public did you make your procedure with your friends?
Why or why not?

Day 6. 1st appt post op

Scary situation… I woke up suddenly at 2:30 in the morning and a very cold sweat, dry mouth, slightly nauseous, and lightheaded. Being by myself it was just a very scary feeling. I called the number that was given to me by the doctor to call in the case of an emergency after hours. The number I called was an answering service and they said they cannot reach my doctor because he doesn't work out of that particular hospital. She was not helpful and therefore I hung up. I tried calling my surgeons doctors office however there was no information on how to reach someone in the case of an emergency. I called back the original number and begged with that answering service that I needed to talk to a surgeon on staff. Reluctantly she said that is not our regular routine. I replied ma'am this is not my regular routine and I need to speak to a doctor now. I held for about 12 minutes and then a doctor came on the phone. I shared my symptoms and he said it sounded to him like I was dehydrated. He calmed me down I started to drink water and he suggested I take 4 mg of Zofran for the nauseasness. After about 15 minutes I could begin to feel the symptoms subsiding. In addition my ride canceled out on me this morning so I'm just going to have to drive up myself and do the best I can. My suggestion for those who are coming into the surgery…stay hydrated… Drink lots of water!

two week post op

two weeks ago I was under the knife. I must say I have had a very restful and quiet past two weeks. I've spent the past 11 days by myself but that has been OK. I decided to do one photo today and I still can't believe the difference in my appearance. I know I'm swollen and I still feel tingly numbness but that's very normal and to be expected. Let's stay on this journey, and looking forward to the upcoming weeks

Day 18 post op. November 14, 2016

Today felt good. I'm still not standing totally straight up however I can bend down fairly well without too much strain. My mobile activity is increasing but not overdoing it. These two photos are the updates after 18 days.

Day 19 post op.

This is a day I've been looking forward to. A pair of Liz Vanderbilt jeans that I have not been able to even get over my butt before and this morning they went right up, zipped up, buttoned up without any fat rolls hanging over. It feels fantastic!

Question about numbness after TT

I have a question for those who have done a tummy tuck. How long did you experience your numbness, or other tingly sensations after your surgery?

30 days postop photo

30 days . Wearing some clothes that I couldn't get into before. My pre-op weight was 225 pounds and my weight yesterday was 212. My main thing now is still a lot of tightness in my abdomen

Dec. 1, 2016. Relief from tightness

I can honestly say after 36 days post op, that I do not feel near the tightness in my abdomen that I have had till now. Wow it feels like I can breath, stand up without the oh my goodness feeling it's so tight. so thankful for noticing progress.
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