29 Years Old 800cc HP silicone Breast Implants.

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Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I went and saw...

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I went and saw Dr. Wiener in Clear Lake, TX. I am going to use him for the surgery. Just posing here to tell my story so far. I will update as things move along. I have only seen him and that's who I chose. I have a few friends at work with me and their boobs all look really good. Trusting that and seeing what happens. He requires that you get a mammogram in advance so I did that about 3 days ago. Just waiting for the results to be sent to him ( I haven't gotten them yet but they said it would be sent as soon as possible could be up to 7 days!) but after that I am going to set the date. I am going to get 575cc silicone and I am hoping it will make it big (not huge) maybe a DD or higher. I am not skinny but I am not big. I am about 150 pounds and I am 5'6. Anyone that has gotten breast implants have any idea of how big I might turn out? How was your experience? When I tried on the sizer it looked big but not huge. I would a little nervous though so I didn't really look a whole lot. I know I should have.. but I was just so nervous. I am thinking about asking if I can try on the same size again. 575cc could be huge on someone and small on me. Not sure. Getting these done soon. I am really hoping at the end of May. Or sometime before. It's close though. Maybe he will have a opening in May as soon as those mammogram results come in.

Breast implants - new doctor

Going to go ahead and go to a new doctor. Paying in full on Wednesday. Going to get the surgery Thursday. That gives me a few days to try to make a little more stay at home money. (im a dancer).. really nervous now though.

BA set date 5-27-16 new doctor Henry Mentz

So after choosing someone else who I felt more comfortable with.. I decided to go with my gut and pick him- Dr. Mentz in Houston. Paid in full yesterday. Going to do the surgery on May 27th! Thats like a week away! I am SO nervous!!!!!! I am going with 800cc HP silicone under the muscle. That is big but I am hoping it will frame me well. Any advice would be great. I think I am going to take a month off work. Will update more soon!

Super nervous

Oh man I am so nervous! I hope they come out looking good. It's a big investment and I wonder if everyone feels this way before a breast augmentation. Especially 800cc! A lot of girls say that they wish they would have went bigger. Well, I don't want to have to do this again so I ...went bigger. Well, going bigger. Still small now. Any advice????? Someone? lol. Next Friday. A week! Butterflies and having strange dreams. Hopefully this will be easy and I won't feel super bad after. I am taking a month off work and hopefully then I will have dropped some and will be able to work and feel confident! Especially because I am a topless dancer and people will be seeing them. I have 2,000 saved to take off so far. I am going to try for 3,000 before the surgery. Hopefully ill make more....I just want to know that if I have to take longer off, I can. No pictures yet. Just venting here but when it happens I will post for those of you that want 800cc ... its hard to find on this site lol!


Ive worked 5 days straight trying to make as much as I can before the 25th. I am taking off the 26th because that's the day before my surgery! So sore right now because of work (as for yall that haven't been following me I am a dancer and it takes so much energy out of a person). More than likely I will take off today to recoop then work the 23rd through the 25th. I am waking up about 3 hours earlier than I usually due (probably due to nerves). I bought my prescriptions so far, a clean loofah, taking double multivitamins, and my boyfriend has been so helpful also. He washed all my stretchy shirts and all of my pants, the sheets, pillow cases, comforter, towels, and vacuumed the house twice back to back so it will be as clean as possible (not that we are dirty I am just weird about germs). I am *really* trying to cut back on the smoking. Today I am going to try to smoke only 5. Tomorrow 4 cigarettes and then stop smoking. I want to be as healthy as possible. I will update again as everything moves along. Hoping I am not boring anyone to death for those that are reading ;P

Not much time left!

Until I get BOOBS. Not just boobs, huge ones. I might miss these? Maybe just "pre boob jitters" <-- hahaha. This is my 2nd cigarette of the day. Tomorrow I will try to stop all the way. I hope I can! Its so hard when you're nervous, you know? Anyone out there? I would love some advice/tips anything? Are any of you girls waiting to have yours done and are also super nervous too? I have only been sleeping 6 hours and waking up because my mind is just going and going. Also, I can't poop! ah the NERVES again! Ive heard that it's hard to go after..... so me not being able to go now really sucks! Well, I will update again real soon. I hope I have saved enough to take off a month maybe longer. I have a couple days to work...Hopefully I will make a good amount of money in these 2 days. We shall see what happens.

Time for no cigarettes

So I tried to update and it just deleted everything so let me try this again. 3 days until Friday and I am really having a lot of emotions. Mostly just scared. I just want it to be over with honestly. I am so tired from working a lot and trying to save to take off for a month. I think I will make it. I have 3,500 dollars so far for the month (I am hoping 6 weeks). Ill write more soon

SO SOON!!! - Friday!! - 2 days!!

Sooooo Dr. Mentz's office called me today and told me that my surgery has been rescheduled. Rescheduled for EARLIER. Instead of going in at 2:30 pm like I was told I am going in at 11:00 am instead. Feels even sooner now haha. Today marks be the last day of work before I take off for a month. Oh, I smoked 3 cigarettes yesterday. I know I wasn't supposed to. I feel so guilty for it. I have 2 days to go. Today for sure none. NONE! I do know venting on here isn't going to do anything lol but it does make me feel like maybe someone out there slips up too and I am not the only one.

I REALLY hope I am not in a horrible amount of pain. Pain is something I am scared the most of. That and.....well..... the feeling of not being able to breathe. I hope by the time I go back to work that they look really good, I think I only have enough money for a month maybe 6 weeks. Will update again soon!

Tomorrow is the day!

Kinda freaking out man. Tonight I can't eat or drink anything after 12:00 and I have to wash myself with this antibacterial body wash they gave me. Tonight and in the morning. My body is sore. I think its because I have been so stressed that I haven't stopped moving and if I am not moving I am stressing. *calm down*. I am going to take the anxiety pill they gave me tonight also. Maybe it'll help me sleep better. I cleaned again. I have to run a few errands and then I will be ready for everything. Not sure what kind of food to get from the store yet...I will update when I have boobs! *feels small ones to remember....*

I did the surgery!

Today I did the surgery and I am so loopy right now. I will update later.

Some pictures

These are the only ones I could do. I am in pain ...and my boobs are so squeezed under this bandage thing. For those of you that are planning on getting 800cc I hope that I could help with my updates and stuff because I know its hard to find pictures or anything about this size on this site or anywhere. I tried and found a few. If I am not writing this correctly, sorry. This pain medication is making me super tired and loopy like I think I said in the last post lol. Here are some pictures. I will post more tomorrow. AND THIS IS REALLY SQUEEZING MY BOOBS

Day 2 and I am feeling OKAY

I felt worse yesterday. I am trying to move around a little bit today and I keep getting dizzy. I tried taking some photos and having my boyfriend take some of me too. My boobs look better than I thought they would on day 2. Still groggy from everything. I kept waking up it seemed like every 15 mins last night ... Sleeping on my back all night wasn't too comfortable. At all. Kinda cool seeing me with some boobs though lol. I cant wait until they drop.

How I am feeling

Well, I am bloated and this medication is making me feel like I smoked a lot of pot or something. I hate the feeling of that so I am a bit anxious right now! I should eat. Will update later.

Some more pictures

I know that it is still way early to see anything yet but I really wish they would drop or do something. My next visit with Dr. Mentz is the 1st of June. I think he is going to start letting me massage them then.


I cant go to the bathroom and I haven't been able to since I got my surgery :( Also I am really bloated and I look super weird with my shirts on! Thats all I have to say about today.. I am not very happy about it. Going tomorrow to see my dr and hopefully he tells me I can massage them.....Trying not to take the pain medicine because it makes me feel groggy all day. I feel groggy now but haven't had any but I think its from lack of sleep. Will update later.


I did more today than I have done and I think thats why I feel the way I do right now. Both breasts feel more swollen than they did this morning so I am just laying here now. I Hope this is normal! I shouldn't have washed dishes and tried to make the bed, I guess :/

Post op

Went and saw Dr. Mentz today and he said I could take off my bra! Woohoo! Also I get to start doing massages so today was the first day I did and I am so happy .. now they will start to drop. He said give it about 3 weeks or so. I will post pictures as I go along. Next post I will try to upload more photos!

It seems its been a while...

I have been through so much since the BA that right now is when I have felt comfortable enough to post anything. It's weird, I knew that there is a process to this all. I know that it takes time and pain will come and go. BUT WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW is that this breast augmentation has taken a HUGE toll on my emotions. I don't know its its hormones or not but I have been the most depressed, down, mad, sad, down on myself about everything... than I have ever been. I have struggled with anxiety I am not going to lie but wasn't expecting to have mixed feelings about this boob job. The feeling of regret but knowing that it is a phase and will just pass. I have been crying, feeling sorry for myself, thinking I am looking fat, hating my hair, getting mad that my breasts aren't dropping as fast as I was hoping (it hasn't been that long---I know!!!) and just loss of motivation. I ended up getting up and getting dressed today. I tried to start on thinking about other things. I have been light cleaning, not picking up anything heavy, walking as much as I can, doing breast massage, and then crying some more---lol. ahhhh I wonder if anyone on here feels like I do. For ya'll that want 800cc or big implants just remember this (and I am going to be honest) ---Its going to be hard if you are a stomach sleeper and not a back sleeper because you have to sleep on your back .. I guess until you heal! Not there yet! Right now sleeping on my side is OK but I eventually just lay on my back. I miss being super close to my boyfriend and this is really tough not to cuddle with him. I know-- I sound like a BABY! Well, we have been together over 3 years and every night we face each other and intertwine our legs and hold hands. That's not happening since my freaking BOOBS are in the way---hoping when they heal I can be super close again and cuddle the crap out of him. That's one of the main reasons I am feeling down. Not feeling myself as well and just all and all...in a rut. Eventually I know it'll get better. I think they have dropped---some. Lets see. As for editing my face out.. whatever HERE I AM.

Almost time to go back to work

I had to take the tape off. I know, I shouldn't have but I did. I have some stitches that I see.. that need to dissolve away or I need to cut them. Something I am also not supposed to do but I need to. One boob is higher than the other so I am trying to massage it more. I want them to be even!! I am not depressed anymore or regretting anything so that's something good. I knew it would pass but when I get depressed it usually lasts a while. I have been feeling good and I started taking my multi-vitamins again yesterday. My swelling is going down every day. I still have pain and I wake up in the morning feeling like they are going to pop still. It hurts. I could probably take more of that hydrocodone but it makes me so sleepy! Kind of anxious too! The only thing I am worried about is if they will drop a lot more. I like the perky boob thing but I want some hang lol. Hopefully soon. I do have a question though. Lets say I was going to go to work right now (well I am not until July..maybe a week after the 1st) ...buttt if I wanted to go back to work (I am a dancer for those who have just read this post) ..do my boobs look okay enough ..for people to not be like .. what the heck!? For real.. needing a piece of mind here. I feel like they look weird still and I don't want anyone else to think that. Here are some updated photos. Still hard to take from the side.

Its been a while

I will update pictures of how my boobs are turning out. They have dropped a lot more. I have been extremely busy between work, moving, getting things situated here. I will post some pictures soon.

Waiting- again

So I guess my boobs are going through another change or something. My right boob is more full and the left isn't as full and doesn't look like it has dropped as much. Also it's flatter looking than the right which is weird to me. I just need some input. Maybe they are just going through another change. I have a lot of pictures that I am going to post. This might just be them changing again. I don't know, it almost looks like I have a more round implant in the right and a shaped one on the left which I know isn't true. I have feeling in the left nipple a little. Not a good feeling. More like burning sensation and on the one that has dropped and looks rounder and nicer .. I have no feeling yet. We will see what happens. Any advice? I have been massaging my left one more in hopes itll drop. Maybe I am massaging it too much and it need to relax. Maybe I need to relax lol.
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