Surgery date set. July 22nd - Clarksville, TN

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I have finally made the leap into feeling more...

I have finally made the leap into feeling more like a woman. From the age of 12 I have been a 30A. During both of my pregnancies I had a solid B. During breastfeeding I had a solid C. Now im completely flat chested. Im I'm looking at getting 275 to 300cc. Im not sure if I want saline or silicone. A little about me. Im 5`7". About 115 lbs. Sorry for rambling. Im very excited

Consultation done

I went in for my consultation this afternoon. I have decided 300cc silicone high profile implants. Super excited

22 Year Old. With 2 Kids Finally Getting Boobs

My last review didn't let me update. Yesterday I went into my consultation. It went well. Im very excited. Im measuring at 11 inches. We are deciding between 275 or 300cc. Im going with silicone under the muscle. My incision will be under the breast fold. Im 5 foot 7 inches. About 100 lbs. I have been looking into getting a ba for about 10 years. My husband and I finally got the money saved up

I went to a consultation and really liked his work...

I went to a consultation and really liked his work. My friend refered me. I have a small frame. I never developed boobs. For over 10 years I have wanted this. He said my bmi is 11. Im excited to get this surgery. Less then a month. I have my pre op on july the 5th. Any advise for what I should ask during the pre op?

One week left

I have one week left before surgery. Im so excited. Im officially paid up. Im going to take some before pics this afternoon.

Surgery day

Good afternoon. I had surgery this morning. I just woke up from a nap. Im very tight and my left boob hurts the worst. I had to have a stitch put in the nipple to help it stay out. I had an inverted nipple. Sorry the picture is dark. Im still in bed. I will try to take a better picture later

One week post op

I went in for my one week post op. I found out I got 350cc ultra high profile instead of 275 high profile. Im not upset. I love the way they look. I still have the stitch on my nipple. I get that taken out in 2 weeks. And tomorrow I finally get to shower.
Clarksville Plastic Surgeon

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