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I told myself once I graduated from college and...

I told myself once I graduated from college and found a good job that I was going to reward myself with a new butt. Last year I escaped from a abusive marriage to my daughter's father and got myself together mentally and found a great job. I am going to treat myself and get that NEW BOOTAY! LOL!

The 4800 quote includes lipo to the upper and lower abdomen and to the love handles as well with fat grafting to the butt. For the bra rolls that I am still considering doing will be 300 more. Downtime for the procedure is 3 days and you cannot sit on your butt for 2 weeks (3 weeks ideally).

I am going to workout hard and lose 30 lbs before the procedure because currently 210 at 5ft 9. I don't have a bad body shape because my weight is spreads evenly. Can you imagine my soon to be ex-husband look on his face after i get this surgery? lol!

Soooo the doctor’s office called me today and...

Soooo the doctor’s office called me today and told me that the doctor does no actually do fat transfers to the butt. A miscommunication with someone new on the staff. So I have several doctors I have received quotes from. I want to stay in this area because of my daughter. She is only two and I don't feel comfortable leaving her with someone for a week. Here are some of the quotes I have received so far.

Dr. Valentina Hopkinsville, KY - 5000 includes lipo to lower and upper abs and flanks fat transfer to buttocks.
Dr. Jones Hendersonville, TN - 5500 includes lipo to lower and upper abs, flanks, bra rolls, and thighs around buttocks to get a better shape with fat transfer to the buttocks.

I have consult with Dr. Mitchell Kaye in Hopkinsville, KY on Thursday. I hope he has a good price because he has been in the game for almost twenty years.

So since my last review I have visit a few more...

So since my last review I have visit a few more doctors.

Dr. Kaye - Hopkinsville, KY he has incredible results - 6600
Dr. Jones - Hendersonville, TN has incredible results as well - 5600
Dr. Valentina Hopkinsville KY - 5000
Dr from Franklin TN - 5000
Dr from Louisville KY - 11000

I chose Dr. Jones. He gives you a lot for your money. He liposuction the entire back, abs, and sections of thighs that is nessecary for a perfect shape.

So I decided to go with Dr. Kaye instead. He was...

So I decided to go with Dr. Kaye instead. He was the only one with pictures of his work. I will post a picture of the brochure his office sent. Dey some good looking butts. :) I also bargained with him and he dropped 875 off the price. I already payed my deposit and have my pre op appointment on the Nov 12th. He told me to not lose weight because I have a very muscular build. I weigh 207 now but hardly have any fat in my abdomen and back. So he said wait. After the surgery I plan to work out my arms and thighs and get those tight again before the summer.
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