22 Years Old. Breast Reduction! - Clarksville, TN

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So I just got accepted by my insurance for a...

So I just got accepted by my insurance for a breast reduction. All costs covered. And I'm super nervous. My surgery date is so soon and I'm really excited but also terrified. I am a size 40 DDD. Going down to a C cup. I can't wait!:D I am afraid of having complications during surgery or a reaction to the anesthetic. I freak out about those things. I hope it goes well :D I have two weeks to prepare. Will post more and pics later (:

Sooner than I thought (:

I have been scheduled for next Friday! :D That was fast. I'm so excited and real nervous. I go in for blood work on the 22 then surgery on the 25 (: I'm gonna upload before and after pics after my surgery (: Ugh. I'm just so nervous. Update soon!

So nervous!

Okay, so I had my pre-op today. They checked my blood and asked me a bunch of questions. Then they gave me my prescription for my meds, an antibiotic and pain killer. I only have two more days! I am so scared. I have bad anxiety so of course I am only thinking of the worse. I'm thinking, "what if I have something go wrong and I don't wake up?" I feel like I am voluntarily walking to my death....wow...see, it's like I don't have a positive bone in my body about this. I can't wait to have less pain on my back though! That I am super excited for. The plastic surgeon said he is gonna try to make me a C, but I kind of want smaller, like a B. I hate big boobs. Haha. Well, as soon as the surgery is done Friday I will definitely be posting before and after pictures. :)

I'm alive!!

Woo! I had the surgery and I'm feeling good. Everyone was so nice and reassuring and I didn't even know it was gonna happen. So quickly. Is was over before I knew it. I woke up quick with no complications. The only pain I had was a minor burning and they gave me something for that. Since then I have had no pain! Except for when I stand but it's not that bad. My C section I had a year and a half ago was way worse than this. I have drains and that's like the only thing that's freaking me out because sometimes they get little spaces of nothing in the tube. Is that normal? Other than that I feel great, kind of tired. I think I did well. I will keep updating throughout the week. And I'll upload a few pictures here. :D

Another picture of before.

Yep. I look miserable. Because of my huge boobies. Haha.

3 days post op.

I'm feeling good. I've had such a horrible pulsing headache since yesterday I have no clue why. The nurse said it could be from the anesthesia or my pain meds. So I stopped taking the meds and went to tylenol. It helped a little. I have no pain in my boobs except a little where my drains are. Other than all of that I feel fine. My boobs are so much smaller! (: I'm glad I did this. I'll post more pictures when my headache goes away.
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