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Hey everyone, I was extremely hesitant to write...

Hey everyone,

I was extremely hesitant to write this review as I have read such amazing reviews from others and I felt that perhaps I was an exception with my poor outcome following a rhinoplasty, septoplasty and turbinectomy with Dr Imani. I am nearly a year post op but I just wanted to share my experience for anyone considering rhinoplasty. I do not feel comfortable putting my photos up but please private message me and I will happily share my photos if you are genuinely seeking rhinoplasty.

I had wanted to get a nose job for a very long time, my nose had a bump and I wanted a smoother profile. After waiting and deliberating for a long time, I finally decided to go for a consultation with Dr Imani after seeing such amazing results from others on this site and reading yelp reviews. The consultation went well, Dr. Imani seemed confident, we discussed my bump and I said that I did not want the tip of my nose touched as I was happy with it. He said he could improve the appearance of my nose. He also examined the inside of my nose and said I had a deviated septum which could be corrected at the same time. After the consultation I felt very confident that we were on the same page, I was informed that the only dates for the surgery were a few months away or the next year, being excited about the procedure I wanted to book right away so I booked it two months after my consultation. I thought the high fees were reflective of the quality of surgery and I was already unhappy with my nose, how bad could it be?

The day of my surgery arrived and for the next two weeks I was so excited to see the results, but as soon as the tape came off, my nose looked tiny, the columella was hanging really low and my nostrils were flared (they never used to be). I remained calm and knew that swelling could mask results, but unfortunately my nose has not improved much at all, the shape that it was when the cast came off has remained, and my nose is only getting narrower. I have been informed that I have a mild pinched tip, notched alar rims, my nose looks really different on each side from the oblique view and I have a dent in my nose bridge. No nose is perfect and that's not what I was seeking, I just wanted the slight bump rasped down. I'm not sure what happened, it may have been a lack of clear communication, but the part that is most upsetting is being left with a pinched tip. I wanted a natural result and this has been a challenging time, when I went in for a check up not much was said about it when I raised concerns, just that it was healing and no one would be able to see the areas of concern. I have accepted that sometimes things go wrong which may have happened in my case.

This is just my experience and all surgeons have a case that requires revision there is no 100% success rate. Dr. Imani also has a lot of happy patients, but I just wanted to share my experience, that it can go wrong. If you're seeking a rhinoplasty: you should go on multiple consultations, take your time scheduling the appointment to make sure it is what you really want, see if you have rapport with the surgeon, make sure you like their before and after images and most importantly make sure you are on the same page with what you want to achieve. Again if you'd like to see photos or have any questions please send me a private message or comment below.
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