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Ok.... so I have been reading so many reviews on...

Ok.... so I have been reading so many reviews on this site and I just have to say THANK YOU to all the girls that take their time to write these reviews and share their experiences with others. I am 27 and a mother of 1, I want to get TT, BBL, Lipo of back, flanks, love handles and chin... prety much the works lol.. Im so excited and nervous, I've wanted to do this for so long and I'm finally going to do it :)

So excited....

So I spoke to Teresa (yily's assistant) and I set my appt for March 8th only problem is my manager told me I have to reschedule bc hes gonna be on vaca and booked already his stuff... So I'm going to call back to see if I can get in the 15th and make my deposit :) btw Teresa is a sweetheart...aside from that I am already taking my vitamins and will make an app to see a doctor to get a check up... I've read so many reviews and taken a little from each that I feel I'm so ready for this... So incase some of you haven't gone thru so many profiles as myself lol I will kind of put together a couple of pointers... I've read its good to drink ALOT of OJ bc it helps u not lower your blood count during periods and shortens it... Also there is no need to over pack, you prob won't end up using all the stuff you take... Do take snacks because no matter how good the recovery home is you are not the only person they are tending to and it's a long wait between meals and lets be honest we will b going thru pain and an emotional roller coaster we don't need to b hungry too... Lol plus u know what u like better than anyone else... Take 1 or 2 extra fajas bc they do get dirty and you are leaking and what not so u wanna have something to wear while one is being washed.. Try as much as you can to keep in touch with your doctor or assistant you want to know everything thats going on... Another thing... you have to go into this with a positive and realistic mindset but most of all have PATIENCE.... I will keep you ladies posted and I will be putting a list together of the things I'm taking and I will be putting pics up.. And if u guys are planning to go around my date march 15 let me know I would love to buddy up since I will be going alone.... Good luck and happy healing to all

So here are my before pics...

Wish pic

So this is the before and after of a RS sister and I believe her doc was Yily and this is my wish pic... She looks amazing!!!


These are the vitamins I'm taking, the multivitamin has all vitamins and iron I will start taking extra iron about 2 or 3 weeks before sx

Time is ticking....

So I'm 1 month away from surgery and I have not bought my plane ticket or anything >_< but I am starting to get that done... My family and most friends are against me doing this and its putting doubt into me... All these stories going on about infections and malpractice in DR are not helping either... I'm just thankful that my doctor's history is clean from what I know and from all the research I've done... Im anxious and nervous but I know if I don't do it now I wont do it later. I have faith it will go well... Good luck to all the future dolls :)

Less than one month away :)

So I put in the app fro my passport and of course I had to expedite it because I left it for last minute -__- I will be going to get a luggage tomorrow so that I can start packing since I will be buying the things I need within this week and I'm calling Yily's office tomorrow to get the info to make the deposit and as soon as I get it I will make my deposit and will book my flight, once thats done I will update u guys with what I was told and a list of things Im taking :)

Ok so I started preparing for my trip

And I went to target and bought a couple of things still have a few to go... I bought clorox wipes to clean toilet b4 I sit... Hand wipes, anti bacterial soap, gloves, gauze, medical tape, tooth brush amd paste, mouth wash... I will probably go this week to buy the rest I need... Will update when I do :) feeling super excited nervous and anxious...

A little update

Ok so I booked my flight, leaving the 7th to get my sx the 8th... And I got confirmation for my date from yily's assistant and I let Yily know thru whatsapp that I was confirmed.. I'm getting my faja next week, i have 2 med fajas that look extremely small and an xs faja but I know I will need a small bc from most review I have read Yily will try to put you in a small faja... And I have to finish buying my supplies to take... So I will keep u dolls posted

Recovery home

I plan to stay at recovery armonia.. I heard alot of good things and hope that all goes well as I do believe that recovery is a major factor in your final results and your over all well being :)

Here is another picture of my chin.... Its horrible :(

I cant wait to see it after its sucked dry lol


Just got this badboy in the mail :)

Wish pic

So this is another wish pic of mine... Its a RS sister who got done by yily... She looks AMAZING!!!


Ok so I'm packing now and I'm def packing on the lighter side... Here is a list of things I'm taking....

Big maxi pads (to put inside faja)
Wife beaters
Baby wipes
Tylenol extra strength
Furry socks for right after sx
4 night gowns
Stool softner
Acid reducer
2 loose pj pants
Couple of loose shirts
3 colombian fajas
Antibacterial soap to wash hands
Gauze pads
Cloth tape
Vinyl gloves
Tooth brush & paste
Clorox wipes (for toilet)
Hand wipes
Arnica gel

Theres probably a few more little things I could take but I think I pretty much got all the important stuff... I dont think Im gonna spend $$ on a boppy pillow cz I prob wont use it...

T minus 6 days

I am all kinds of nervous and excited!!! I will be spending the weekend cleaning my house and organizing everything (because I want to return to a clean home) and just spending as much time as possible with my son... During the week I work and he goes to school and I leave Friday evening so I need to kiss him as much as I can this week... The longest I've been away from him is maybe 4-5 days and honestly to me this is probably the hardest part of doing this... Being away from him... He's always been there for me... But its for an improvement so I have to suck it up... Thank God for technology :)

This will be one of your bff's

U will need this to help you in recovery... I'm taking 2 for when I get my massages over there :)

Arnica gel

Anxiety & mixed emotions in full effect

In less than 48 hrs I will be in DR I cant sleep I feel some sort or anxiety and I feel super nervoud and like a knot in my stomach and I have felt like cancelling more than once... I know doing this will make me feel so much better about myself... But I cant help but to feel scared... And sad to know I wont see my baby for almost 2 weeks... :(

Arrived last night

Arrived last night and got picked up by mayra and let me tell u... Shes a doll!!!! Super sweet and caring and everything u see in the pictures of the RH u get plus more... Just got my hemo test back and Im at 12.6... Yayyy me :) waiting for Yily to mark me up and I will be on my way :)

Ok.... So I'm back home now

Let me just say that nothing can prepare you for the experience that you will have.... I went in there thinking this was much easier... Let me tell you, ITS NOT!! I have been thru hell and back.... I'll start from the beginning... I got picked up at the airport by Myra.... She seemed like a sweet lady... Got to the recovery home late at night, everyone was sleeping... She puts me in this room at the end of the hall that has a big divider in the middle that separates 3 beds on 1 side and 3 beds on the other, (knowing damn well that I asked for a private room with 2 beds) she told me it was only for tonight bc I had just got in and it was late that once I got back from sx I would have my room... Ok so I went to bed, didn't sleep until like 4am to be up at 630 to head to the clinic... Went to the clinic got me hemo checked it was 12.6 xrays were good and so was the cardio test, got sent upstairs to wait... Didn't wait long when Yily called me to a room marked me up and sent me back out, waited like another 5 mins and got a room... Then waited in that room until like 11 when they came in to tell me it was time... I got all kinds of nervous... Took the blue pill and put on the chucks... Got wheeled into the OR its old school but I didn't see anything out of place or dirty... There were 2 guys in there and one girl they put IV in me and then epidural... I def felt when they were putting the Epidural in.... It hurt like a MF but then I was out.. I woke up during my sx alot and talked alot too lol... Yily was there and she would talk to me... I remember asking her how much longer and she said as long as it takes to make you look like a doll... I didn't feel anything until she did my armpits and put fat in my butt and she would tell me its ok my love it will hurt a little bit but I would be in and out and it wasn't excruciating... I remember them wheeling me out and then putting me in some kind of recovery room for a bit then to my room I went... I heard people talk around me but I was to drugged up to acknowledge anything lol... I would wake up and go back yo sleep... I didn't feel any pain or anything and the nurses came in every so often to empty my drain and check on me... I didn't have any problem with the staff at Cipla they were all very nice and caring... Next morning they come in to put on my faja... It was hard getting out of bed and thats when everything went down hill and things got ugly... I passed out and felt weak as shit... They sat me down and spoke to me... I could hear them calling out my name but I was out... Then I came to... They helped me get into my faja and then sat me in the bed but didn't close my faja... Nurses came in to check my IV and to draw blood.... Then doctor Anna came back and told me my hemo dropped to 7.6 and I needed a transfusion which I declined... She told me I needed it but it was ultimately up to me.... She then put me on this 5 day iron treatment thru IV... I said ok I will take that over blood... So then I was dismissed to go to my recovery home... When I got to the recovery home I fainted again getting out of the car... They gave me some water with sugar and helped me to the house.... Then I was put in my "room" which was the same room I was in the night before my sx but on the other side.... So there were 6 of us in a room.... Divided in groups of 3.... At this point I felt so sick and weak I didn't bother to say anything I was just happy to have a bed.... So these ppl knew I needed the iron IV put in right away but could not find anyone to do it so I had to wait until the next day... Ok everything was going ok except
For the part I felt like shit and regretted doing the whole sx I would think if only I would have worked out and dieted I wouldn't be here right now feeling like this... The recovery home was packed there were girls coming in left and right without a bed to come to and were put in hotels or another RH that is under Myra's care... So on the 3rd day I had my first check up appt... I was feeling better and thought ok this isn't so bad... (Yeah right) I get to the clinic and get my hemo checked again and Dr. Anna checks me ask how I'm doing and opens up my faja to check my drain and scar... I pass out in her arms... She checked how my hemo was and it had dropped to 6.6 even after 2 days of iron thru IV so she told me I needed blood and I felt so sick I said ok... I was on the clinic pretty much the whole day... Once the blood was in I did feel more energy and a little better... Safe to say that I had lost half the blood in my body... You cant function without blood... So when I come back to the recovery home they had changed my room.... They put me in a "room" by myself.... Lets just say this was not a room... It was a closet... The door didn't open all the way bc it banged against the bed... There was no TV or wifi and they had just put in a mobile AC... They did not come check on me all night even tho they are suppose to do rounds thru out the night... They r suppose to empty out my drain but no they were too busy drinking beer and did not bother... Next day in the morning The doctor that comes to the house came in to check on everyone and asked me how I was feeling etc etc she checked my meds and noticed I was not being given my meds on time or how they should be given... I cried alot and felt helpless I was not doing good and I was paying for service I was not getting and being treated like I was a pest... So I complained and I got yelled at and told that there was no other room for me and that there were other girls... But my thing is that if you know u dont have space for people dont just pit them in closets with a bed or bunch them up like sardines to make money and then not treat them like your suppose to... We go there because we are getting surgery and need help to get around and with everything pretty much... I got alot done and lost alot of blood and did not feel well I was paying for assistance that I did not get... My experience in Recovery Armonia was awful... There were only 2 girls that were sweet and helpful and did not mind getting down and dirty aslong as you felt good and that was Veronica and Vianessa those girls are angels sent from above because they would make me
Feel better when I felt like giving up... After 2 days of being in the closet and complaining I was put back in the bed I was originally... I was feeling better but would still get nauseous and feel weak at times... But def better than the first couple of days... Veronica gave me like a bed bath and washed my faja put on clean clothes on me and I have to say I felt so much better... Then girls started to leave and it was less of us so it felt less crowded and the food was getting better... I was in the RH for a total of 9 or 10 days.. I had to leave with my drain on... (I still have it on... Im hoping to remove it today) the reason I was told to not remove it before 14 days was that the fluid might start coming out thru the wound and cause infections... So I just left the sucker in... This drain is ANNOYING as hell... And u have to make sure it isn't clogged and that its draining if not you have to unclog it with a sirenge and that shit hurts and burns on your inside... Taking the drain out is painful... Before I left I went to see Dr. Anna and she showed me how to pull it out... I cried bc of the burning sensation... All in all this is not an easy process... You will cry, you will regret it, you will feel sick, you will feel angry, you wont be able to do anything for yourself, its a roller coaster ride that you dont know when your gonna get off... Im 14 days post op and I still cry and have my moments... My faja is itchy and tight and its hard to get a good nights sleep.... Some girls have it harder than others... I saw girls that were good and up and about within 3 or 4 days, I wasnt so lucky.. I will post up pics for you ladies...

Another thing....

Please be careful with your money... They will tell you your medicine is 250 thru email and when you get there its 330 thru the recovery home.... I have a feeling they have some type of scam in that RH with the meds... They never give u a receipt and prices are much more expensive when you order with the RH so Im sure they were pocketing money... I would not recommend this RH at all... Service was horrible I don't know how they got good reviews in the first place...


The closet I was in

Doesn't look pretty

Love the shape



Shape looks good

Side by side


This faja is no joke... It itches like a MF, cant wait to get into my stage 2 faja.... Idk if it will be much of a diffrence but it is a diffrent material on the inside so im hoping that helps with the itching... Bc it is super uncomfortable... -_____-

Stage 2 faja

5 days until I'm 1 month PO

I went to my doctor 2 days ago to remove my stitch and she said my scar looks good and that there is no sign of infection which is good.. Another thing my ass has changed shape and form since the beginning and im starting to like it more now.. Lol

5 weeks post op

Feeling almost like myself... I get burning sensation when I do certain movements, taking showers is still uncomfortable... Still really swollen but it is going down now that Im using my board (thanks to one of the sis for the tip) nothing much has changed still trying to feel "normal" again lol I've been back to work 2 weeks now but I still cant bend down without feeling some type of discomfort ... Thats it for now will post when something else changes

Chin 5 weeks post op

Still swollen especially to my left side

5 weeks post op

Still swollen but loving my results
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