Duran Doll for the Holidays

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Hello To all the beautiful ladies on here, I have...

Hello To all the beautiful ladies on here, I have been on this site reading reviews for quite sometime now and I've decided to go through with my BBL, liposculpture and tummy tuck. I have booked with Dra Duran and my surgery is scheduled for 10/19/2016. Approximately 1 month and 4 days away. I am nervous abut it but excited also. I have always had a nice round butt but I always lacked hips. I feel like I look like a number 1 from the front view. I'm looking forward to being shaped like an 8 when I come home. I was wondering if anyone can offer a list of what they took with them on the trip supplies etc?....... I have been searching on RS and have bought a lot of things that should be handy. Also I was wondering does any of the Duran Dolls out here know about serenity RH? Well this is a good start for now. I'm also up loading some wish pics and before pictures. It feels good to finally be involved in the conversations :-)

Family unsupportive

So last night I received a phone call from my aunt. She stated that even if I paid for the procedure if I got down to the DR and the hospital was dirty I should leave. I have had nothing but resistance from my mom and my grandmother about my decision to have his procedure. For some reason everyone is ignorant to the conditions of third world countries. Many seem to feel if it's not in the US then the doctors are just untrained and the facilities are unsterile. I have not allowed them to change my mind and I'm still looking forward to being a Duran doll.

Supply list

So I took some pictures of my supplies, later on when I have more time I will hand write a list and post it on here for all the other new Dolls out there. I basically just looked at other doll's list and when from there. If there is something I may be missing can you please tell me. Talk to you beautiful ladies soon. ....

Just some wish pics( many more to come)

So here are some wish pics, I plan to post a few of my current self in my next post. I love my body. I think my butt is great but I have always felt self conscious about my lack of hips. These are a few pics of the results I would like.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Not sure just yet

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