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I am 10 days away from my trip to Dominican...

I am 10 days away from my trip to Dominican Republic to have my Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift, and Breast Reduction/Lift (basically a Mommy Makeover) surgery with Dra. Duran. I don't know whether to be scared or excited. I am a 29 year old mother of one toddler and I need to live for my baby. At the same time, every morning I wake up and see the damage age and child birth has done to my body and I'm not happy with the after effects. So I'm torn between feeling guilty for having a surgery that could put my life at risk and me not be here for my child, or me continue to look in the mirror and not be comfortable in my own skin. So after deep consideration I said screw it, "Mommy needs to do something for herself", plus I got an insurance policy so she'll be alright LOL. But naw honestly, I'm trying to think positive. Instead of thinking about all the things that can go wrong, I'm going to think about all of the things that can go right.

So on another note, this stuff is getting really...

So on another note, this stuff is getting really expensive. I probably have spent a little over $300 alone just on the surgery supplies so far. Then I still have to pay $6,900 for the procedure minus my $250 deposit. So I guess the surgery then comes to $6,650. But then you have to consider an extra $150 for Dra. Duran Insurance, $150-200 for your medication, $200 for your labs and exams, $100 at least for your massages, $150 for blood transfusion (just in case you do lose more blood than you hoped for). Basically now you have to factor in an additional possible $800 to your initial surgery quote. So basically just for the surgery alone I can easily spend $7,450. Now we haven't even included the price for your recovery house. I decided I would be staying at Kindness Recovery House in a double bedroom which is $85 per day, and since I am having a tummy tuck they suggest that I should stay there for 14 days. Therefore, my recovery house comes to $1,020 plus $100 for airport transportation, which is a total of $1,120. So basically surgery along with the recovery house can possibly grand total to $8,570. It's still way better than the cost of here in the United States so I won't complain. But I just wanted to give you ladies a heads up if you think that you may only have to spend $4,000-$5000. Oh, and don't forget Dra. Duran only takes CASH ONLY for her surgery, and that I'm not digging. I ain't trying to be walking around DR with almost $9,000 of cash on me. So I have to figure out a creative way to hide my money.
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