Duran Doll 2014

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After debating about what doctor to pick. I...

After debating about what doctor to pick. I finally decided for Dra Duran. I first picked Edgar Contreras but his malpractices and deaths scared me. I then picked Dr. Cabral, but he is very costly and dont like his packages. Considred Yily and Robles.. But Yily's work doesnt convince me and Robles is an expert TT but didnt see what I wanted. So researched Duran and found my angel. I cant wait!!!!

I'm almost a month away

I really don't feel prepared and I'm scared. My biggest fear is for my hemoglobin level not to be more than 12. I've been taken iron but not every day. Starting today I'm going to take it every single day in the morning with orange juice. Tonight I'm going to the pharmacy for my B12, Folic Acid and Vitamin C. Im still in schock and for the last month I've been questioning if I really want to go through this. But I HATE my body with a passion and since I have the money I'm going for it. January 9 here I come :)


Bought all my medications... Going to buy my flight next week...Wish me luck!!!


I'm calling Dra Duran like crazy, messaging her and I cant get her!!!!!! I need to confirm my date. I wish I could speak to her directly!


I changed my doctor. I love Dra. Duran's work. I really do and my dream was to have her be my surgeon but I want a one on one experience. I have been tiredlously trying to contact her and I cant. Shes simply to busy!!!! I have tried Facebook, email, calling her, instagram, even whatsapp and I need to feel secure about the person I'm paying thousands of dollars to change my body to what I wanted. I talked to Dra. Fatima for about an hour. She answered all my questions. I sent her various pics. She instructed me on what to do from now to get my hemo levels up to where she felt comfortable. Told me exactly what she was going to do to me. I mean it was incredible she was so sweet and I just fell in love with her. She booked my surgery for the same exact date January 9, 2014. Im so excited and im not regretting it at all!!!!

Confused is not even the word!!!

Key to Speaking to Dra. Duran is calling her at 7am!! I spoke directly to her and I felt like I was talking to a celebrity super nice. (Not as nice as Dra. Almonte) but very nice and she told me everything is confirmed. Now I'm confirmed with both doctors on the same date!!!! Lets see!!!

Duran Doll 2014

Sorry I took so long to review but I came back a few days ago and Ive been so busy recovering and getting use to the whole situation. But here goes my story. Most of you guys dont read this and just look at the pics so... Im going to make this brief.

My flight was scheduled for the 7th but due to the winter storm in NYC I had to leave on Jan 8 2014 at 12:00am so I got there at 4am on the 9th...the day my surgery was scheduled. I stayed at my house over there. My parents are originally from the Dominican Republic and all of my Mom's family lives there btw. Ive traveled to the coutry more times than I can count and my fluent in Spanish, I dance bachata..you get the point. Anyways so I went home, dropped my bags and then went to CIPLA. When I got there I was soooo nervous. The office was packed with women and I had to wait awhile and I got there around 7am. When I saw Duran she instantly recognized me from my pics on FB and my emails. I told her if there was a chance I could reschedule the operation for the next day due to my flight incovience and she said no, that we will do it then. I was nottt prepared at all. But anyways I stayed there all day getting my test done. My hemo was 11.5 but since I was only doing lipo and bbl she said it was ok. I got admitted at 2:00pm. Got the blue bill an hour later and woke up at 10:30pm. I faintly remember a man taping my engagement ring to my hand lol and when I woke up I was like omg I don't feel anything lol I really didn't but in the morning...OMG I felt like I got hit by a car. My ass and my hips were soooo hard they hurt soo bad and my stomach felt like paper. I hated the feeling and kinda regretted it a little. Then these to Nazis came in (Nurses) drained me and put my faja on...Worse thing ever. Sitting down, standing up, everything hurt. I didnt eat for a week because I just couldn;t. I just basically drank ensure, water and juice. IT HURTS... dont let anyone tell you otherwise. It sucks!!!! But when I see myself in the mirror I be like damn... My ass and my hips have decreased by 50% and I'm very dissapointed but nontheless Im happy with my results. If you have more questions send me a message and Ill answer them


I will add pics with clothes on once I can. Im still in the stage 2 faja. Still swollen

Duran Pics

how long until your belly gets normal

My belly is hard and dark.....and I'm still swollen. How long till my belly is normal again???



One day I love it and One day I hate it

I am a month post op...I still dont know whether I love my body or not. It has changed a lot. My waist is not as small as it was after surgery. Im still very swollen my stomach is still hard. The discolaration has improved my hips dissapeared, my ass went down a lot. The only thing worth it is that my back rolls are gone. When i have my faja on my body looks incredible...when I take it off...my body is not what people are perceiving. IDK what to do anymore Im just like whatever at this point

Heres some new pics

Its been a long journey...Im not 100% happy about it but Im content.

Last pics Im going to Post...Ill shortly remove my profile!!!!!!

I really shouldve done my boobs

I'm thinking about doing round 2! I want to do my boobs tinier waist bigger butt. Lets see how it goes! I want another doctor though. Im seriously thinking about Cabral or Yily.
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