30 Years Old Single No Kids Ready to Be a Duran Doll. Dominican Republic, DO

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I can't believe im doing this.. I already got my...

I can't believe im doing this.. I already got my ticket and paid my RH. Im so nervous guys . My sister is telling me all these things to make me change my mind. But ive already made my decision. Im a baddie my body looks great but i just need a tiny waist. Hopefully everything goes well cuz i know Duran is a beast and she wont disappoint me.

Packing up!

I cant wait to be a Duran doll she is the best. Im thinking about moving to another state after my surgery. I dont want people to notice the change. Especially these girls at my job loll anyway my money my body my business...


I've heard a few bad things about Maria RH like her food taste nasty and the house is dirty. Is it true guys ? I think imma book a hotel and hire me a nurse instead cuz im not tryna go catch infections over there no no no no no

Wish pic


I think i want to get my labia majora done too. I want it a lil fatty down there. I don't know if Duran will charge extra for it but imma ask when i get there.

Bad news

So i was not able to get my blood work done last week. They scheduled me for march 18th but my surgery is on the 17th. This makes me even more nervous. Nothing is going the way i planned it and I don't like that. I need to be cleared for surgery. Ughhhh :(

confused :/

I'm so scared guys I ain't gone lie.. I heard a girl died in Miami recently after her surgery and it freaks me out.. I'm praying God don't let anything bad happen to me. My family don't even know I'm going in DR for surgery. I'm trying to stay positive as much as i can but seems like every time i log on REALSELF it's for some bad news.

Pre op pix

Ughhh i got so fat:(

Me currently after gaining 10 pounds

Shit is getting real

I'm two weeks away from surgery. I can't even think right I'm so scared.


In two weeks my life will begin!!! I'm a G I can do this loll.. pray for my ladies.



I'm very close to cancel my appointment I might just end up going to DR for vacation. I heard you cannot travel the day before surgery due to risk of DVT and blood clot. Ain't that some bull ??? I already got my ticket and I only have 10 days off.

8 days and Counting!

Dear Dr Duran.. I AM READY !!! I have put my big girl panty on. lets get this shit over it. The Lord is on my side I will not FEAR. .


Don't mind the typos ladies.

DR here i come!

Leaving today on my way to JFK.. Be good to me DR :)

Lab work!!!

At Cipla now getting my lab work done. Dr Duran is so fancy i like her style. She took the time to explain everything to me. The only thing i hate is thAt the lab test is not included. Like wtf i could have sworn The lady told me it was. But oh well..and plz Girls make sure you guys confirm everything before you come because once you get here ,the RH the prices change. Thank God i had extra money.


Finally in my room

Patiently waiting..

I've made it to the flat side!!!

I made it to the flat side !!! on March 15 I was supposed to arrive to DR around 11AM, i missed my flight had to catch a later flight which was at 7 PM and had major delay. I didn't arrive to DR until passed 1230am on the day of my surgery. I had to get my lab work done before my surgery, i was stressed out. I had a short window of time to do everything. Woke up at 5am be at the dr's office by 6:30am because my appointment was at seven, by the way no make up no deodorant no cosmetics at all..I had no idea if i was going to be able to get my surgery because i didn't do my lab work on the previous day..Finally at the office, waited a little while, then came a couple people whom i talked to on Real Self. We encouraged each other, talked and laugh and watched all of them get sent to the fourth floor for surgery one after another, that was nerve racking. Anyway i waited in the Dr's office by myself after everybody went up to the fourth floor. Then came my turn to go up on the fourth. The Dr said to me earlier that i was going to be the last one to be operated on, because i just got in from flying. Finally i was told to go up on the fourth floor, i was happy, but that was short lived, because i saw one of the girl whom i was with in the dr's office, and got sent up a while before me waiting. At that moment i knew that i was going to have to do some seriouse waiting as well. I waited, in the mist of waiting, i met some more fun people, more great people, we laughed, we talked and encouraged each other, while complaining about the long waiting to get a room. But we couldn't help being nosey whenever a stretcher goes by with someone, lol.

After what was an eternity, went up to fourth floor around 12, finally they called me at 7 to gave me a room and then i felt forgotten again. After 3 hrs in the room waiting, the blue pill finally came. I took it, I fell asleep and woke up, then came the guy with the stretcher, little bit past 10pm.

The surgery went great according to the Dr. Now it's recovery time. I wasn't expecting post surgery to be this dificult, i mean very dificult!!! Everything was confusing to me the pain was real, i wanted to get up, sit up, turn on my side, oh my that was hard. Then came the unexpected i fainted. I kept fainting and that was a first for me. The first 24hrs after post surgery was the worst, nothing like i've ever experienced before. The pain was a 10 on the scale from 1 to 10. The simplest thing, such as; getting up to urinate or standing up would faint me. I fainted countless times in just 24hrs, all i could remember were people in my face with water, yeah i fainted again...lol

At the recovery house, Maria Recovery House, nah! i should give credit to B Recovery House, people are amazing here, Aleida, Maria, Pedro and the rest of the crew are there for me more than i am here for myself. They're taking great care of me. I feel safe and comfortable in their hands. Since i had a BBL, i have to lay on my stomach and my butt hurts like a mother#%^$@.

24hrs post sugery i feel much better the pain went down from 10 to about a 7 and so far today no fainting has occured yet, yay!

I love my new body

Nothing but good things to say about B recovery House!

My thoughts..

Today was a long day. I went meet with Dr Duran today and insisted on checking my blood level cuz i kept fainted ever since i left the Clinic on thursday. I am happy with my results but the only thing that got me feeling some type of way is that i could have died from this surgery. I mean Duran is a Great Doctor and all that but how can you let a patient leave the hospital with their blood level at 6.8? I had to ask her to get me the blood transfusion cuz the way i was feeling. She kept saying nah mamie u'll be fine just by taking Iron shots which is not true. My brother is a Doctor and when i told him he was schocked. I paid $250 for two bags of blood and i had to wait 5hrs for them to arrive. Overall i'm still happy and have no regrets but ladies please be careful and listen to your body. If something doesnt feel right go back to the Clinic and get checked cuz these Doctors doesnt care about nothing but their money.

10 days post op

I feel much better. Thx to the Lord and Aleida. She took good care of me and helped me alot. This journey was such a challenge and i'm so happy its almost over. I leave tonight. Ouffff i can't wait to be home.

i can't!

I swear I didn't know it would be that hard. I am so annoyed guys. I cant sit on my butt, my feet are still swollen. I don't know what to do. I cant wait to be 3 months post op :(

uneven butt cheeks

I thought i'm being paranoid but today i went out with my friend and he noticed that the right butt cheek is bigger than the left one. I am so depressed..... i might go back for revision if it looks the same after 6 months. I did this shit to feel better about my self now i got UNEVEN butt cheeks. GREAT! I'm very disappointed i spent too much on that surgery to be feeling like this now.

One month post op. Yayyy!!!

Before and after pic

The itching is Real :(

The struggle...


Please before u consider going to DR make sure u read alot about the procedures u getting done and the consequences also make sure u choose a qualified Surgeon. Not everybody in DR knows what they are doing. Don't lie to the Doctor about ur medical history. There's a reason for every single question u been asked. I know every girl wants a nice body but its not worth losing ur life for so please guys if u not qualified for surgery don't force it.


Seen this on FB .. This woman had a tummy tuck and bbl with doctor Cabral. She is now in the hospital due to an infection and severe necrosis. This happened the following week after my surgery. Pray for her ladies. She is only 22 with a baby. This is so sad. I'm so thankful God!

2 months post op

I feel great!!! I'm still swollen in my midsection also i stopped wearing the garment. I got me the waist training belt instead. Works better for me. My butt looks better now and i'm happy with it so far.

3 months post op

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

It was not easy getting in touch with Dr Duran but I've been very persistent. I called her cellphone a couple of times and she answered. Guess i was lucky..lol

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