My Sis and I Will Be Duran Dolls - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am trying to contact Dra Duran and I am having a...

I am trying to contact Dra Duran and I am having a hard time. I have emailed her gmail accnt, texted her via whatsapp, IM her on fb and Im stalking her assistants...OMG but hopefully I get a reply soon.
My sister and I are planning on improving on our sexy.
She wants a tummy tuck and maybe some lipo in some areas and I want lipo and fat transfer to the buttock area.
I have a good idea of what to bring already but i want to know some post op experiences.
Pain, recovery houses, hotels, or private rentals, costs, plane ride back home and the whole 9 YARDS...
I am all about preparation and since i plan to do my surgery between September - October 2013 I need to get details.

Thanks ladies.
I will be posting pics of me and my sissy just to give u an idea of the before and will definitely keep you all posted about whatever relates to IMPROVING THESE BODIES.

FYI I just added an expected costs I havnt gotten any quotes yet

xoxoxoxox :)

MY frustration

OMG I have seriously been tryn for 3 weeks to contact this doctor. I just sent her another email google translated to spanish so hopefully that'll get her attention because on facebook a lot of people say they emailed her on July 4 and got a reponse but they emailed her in spanish.
So hopefully I get a response

Finally....some CONTACT

I dont know but i was looking on Durans facebook page and something told me to just IM her. I said how serious I was about getting the BBl and how my sis really wants the TT. She replied she'll chat with me later because she is about to do another surgery.

Thats something right?.

I have sent her sooo many emails and textx and watever but I realized I do this alot after hours. I chatter her today @ 2pm and she replied instantly. I was sooo hyped. it wasnt much but she responded. Ill update you ladies later on our convo.

Still team Duran

The date has been set!

Its official ladies my date has been set for surgery. My sis and I are going to come back Duran Dolls.
I am having liposculpture and BBL. This is what she thinks I should do.
My sis is having tummy tuck and lipo on her back.
For her its $5000 and for me its $4000.
I am a bit surprised at the prices. its possible that teh pics didnt do so much justice but hopefully Ill be able to talk her down a bit.
Honestly I chatted with her today on facebook and her english is good enough for me to read but I didnt understand it a lot to be honest.I'll ask more questions later since I have a bit of time but there might be a bit of language barrier.

Really good question???

What is the difference between liposuction and liposculpture?
The doc recommended i do this along with my BBl.
Please let me know if you have had this done.
What it felt like
Your results, ect
I just want to know what to expect
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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