OMG!Duran is booked for Nov 18 and 19

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Hello ladies, I would like to introduce you to a...

Hello ladies,
I would like to introduce you to a new doctor that I have researched numerous times. There are plenty of excellent surgeons in DR, but Dra Duran is something special. I'm having surgery by Doctor Augustina Duran this winter. I have seen her work in person, and I must say that I'm impress. :)

I'm having full body lipo, chin lipo, FG to my hips, laterals, and butt. I haven't given birth, I'm 5'5, and weight 165-170. I will lose 15 pounds prior to surgery . Dr. Duran is located at Cipla, she's board certified in DR, and she is known for molding all sorts of beautiful bodies . I love the fact that she's talented when it comes to shaping thick to heavy women of all backgrounds . The max she has injected was 1400cc's . I'm looking for a curvy , realistic, natural look . I want my butt filled to the max. Dra. Duran is known for her tiny waists and massive buttocks lol . I have attached some pictures of her work.

My friend and I are having surgery on the same day . We are planning to stay at Spa Medical for several days. I must say, Dra Dyran is very professional. She answers emails within 24-48 hours. I love her honesty . She's not the type of surgeon that will agree to your request in order to please you. If she cannot duplicate a wish pic, she will tell you. She's very confident in her work, but at the same time ..humble and comfortable to chat with .

One day, I had almost choked on my coffee after seeing this super curvy woman that resembled Yaris's body

Good morning ladies, my date is confirmed and I'm...

Good morning ladies, my date is confirmed and I'm super happy. I have a travel buddy that is having surgery with me. I need to lose 15 pounds prior to surgery. I want to be as close to my goal weight as possible .

I would never post pics that were NOT done by...

I would never post pics that were NOT done by another surgeon . All of the pics that I have posted were done by Duran. Reminder, doctors to not put their best work on their website . Nothing comes easy, you have to research ( not personally you, but people in general)You can not base a surgeon's work by their web site . The pictures that are on her site are dated and old. In the Latin Community, women have plastic surgery based on word of mouth and in person testimonials . Surgery is not much of a secret in their culture, and most wonen are open when it comes to sharing their pics and results. I have taken the time to compile true pictures of women that had sx. My sources as mentioned earlier... Facebook, Univision, her site, pics sent to me from her, and women I personally that had surgery. You are more than welcome to confirm the photos with Dra Duran. I disagree, she is more than a straight ass and waist doctor . I have photos of recent breasts work that were done several days ago. I havent received permission from the post op patients to post them, and I do not want intrude their privacy. I'm getting my breasts done this winter.

Duran donk

Duran donk

Her donks are getting bigger and bigger .

Duran donks



Travel buddy Nov 18 Duran doll

I'm looking for a travel buddy . I'm from NJ and I'm having surgery on Nov 18th. ????

My updated surgery list

Phone/iPod / or laptop
Cash for surgery
Cash for hotel
Cash for extra massage
Cash for food
Cash for taxi
Flight confirmation or ticket
Emergency cash
Phone charger

Hair scarf
Make up
Mouth wash
Baby wipes
Anti bacteria soap
Disinfection spray
Hydrogen peroxide
Face Clothes
Baby wipes
Maxi pads
Manuka honey
Safety pins
Band aids
Air freshener
Colloidal silver
Liquid iron
Anti-inflammation cream
Liquid oxygen drops
Pain away spray
Recovery supplement
Anti nausea bands
Magnet iron bands
Plastic utensils and cups
Bed pads
Compression socks
Bed pads
Twin sheets
Wife beaters
Maxi dress
Socks sports bras
Wife beaters
One sweat pants
One sweat shirt
Cheap shirts
Vedette garments for us
Abdominal boards
Snacks and protein

Laundry detergent
Dish detergent
Magic bullet

Duran is booked for November 18

There's 4 young ladies that are having surgery that day. I'm one of the four! Yay! I finally have a surgery buddy, now I can rest assure and relax. I will be a banging sexy Duran doll in five months . I'm super excited.

New Duran huge booty

Round and huge

I will be getting this

I will order one of these

Queen of donks

Duran is making bigger donks then ever .

OMG!Duran is booked for Nov 18 and 19

I'm bringing 6 girls with me, my gang of dolls. All if us have sent a deposit , our dates are confirmed ! I'm super excited. Duran will only do surgery on the women that have forwarded their deposits . Deposit ladies will go first . If anyone shows up on the dates, you will have to wait until we are all done . ^_^ I can't wait to be a doll !

I booked my flight !!!

My girls and I booked out flightssss !!!!!!!! We are super excited. My weight is perfect and I'm 100 percent ready. I will also be meeting a few dolls that will have surgery on the same week. I'm bringing a cane, I know it will come in handy along. I will be the first patient that day, then my surgery buddies. I will also meet a beautiful young lady that will have surgery on the 19th. I have and continue to pray that I have a complicated free surgery . Sorry ladies for not responding , I've been away from real self for a while, please forgive me . :)


My surgery was a success and I'm
Currently healing . Most of the preop dolls think it's easy to hop on a social and surgery site and happily type their journeys . Recovery is not like flowers and roses. It can take months to a rurally feel normal again. You won't understand until you have gone through it . I had no complications, but my recovery was rough . I had lost a lot of blood , I refused to get a blood transfusion, thank goodness to Geritol tonic and mad roast beef lol. I'm fine now , but
Still swollen . My experience at cipla was perfect . The room I was in was clean, toilette super clean, the nurses checked on me every half an hour, and my driver Jose Brito was more than a driver . He assisted my sx buddies and myself with everything . He took us to the market and anywhere we wanted to go . I'm super tired, but I promise to give you a full review once I'm not Pms-ing. Lol .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I haven't had surgery yet, but so far I rate Dra Duran a 5 out of 5 stars. She answers my questions fast, she is very honest.

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