Please Read Ladies! I Am 26 Mom Had Breast Augmentation and Abdominal Lipo with Fat Transer to Butt - Dominican Republic, DO

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Where to begin ladies this review is long overdue...

where to begin ladies this review is long overdue to the fact that the experience i have had is so long. i was first recommended by this doctor by a friend that had some work done by her. i researched her read reviews checked her background info and even contacted her, i did everything i could do to try and protect myself from these crazy stories we hear in NY about going to DR. I've worked with doctors here in NY for 8 years so i figured i knew exactly what to look for. On a good not i can say Dra. Disla did contact me back right away and i began would i would say was an "interview" on her asking all types of things to the procedure i was looking to have, i contacted her and another doctor i heard was amazing. In the end of communicating with both of them (took about 3-4 months) i decided i felt more personable with Dra. Disla . I planned everything bought all things needed was seen by doctors here in
NY to confirm my lab results were ok to go both he and her agreed i was good. She had given me my estimate according to my photos and i was very much excited. On March 16th i traveled to D.R, scheduled consultation was at 6pm that night at the center CIPLA a family member that lives about 45 mins away drove me over and when we got to center at 6pm the receptionist said she was not there now to give you some info about CIPLA there is about 15-20 surgeons that work out it. We waited and i tried calling her and couldn't get thru, after an hour and a half i decided to tell my family to lets leave since it was starting to get dark out, we left about 20 mins in i got thru to her and she said she was stuck in traffic leaving a resort and could still meet me me being anxious i returned. about half hour later she comes in and we begin consultation she asked me preliminary questions and we spoke back and forth i explained to her i am a mother and really nervous of any issues i could have in regards to hygiene in D.R and all the stories that have been airing on t.v she assured me she was a professional and i was gonna look gorgeous, when we walked into the small room in her office that she works on the follow ups that women have in her room i right away noticed some dirty bloody gauze just on the floor and the material on the bedding area had stains of blood but she covered with paper, now this right away was a huge red flag but i already was there and was to nervous to change doctors and had my heart set on this so i assumed maybe her assistant just forgot to pick up. BIG MISTAKE ON MY END. she gives me a consultation i originally wanted lipo on my belly and a bigger butt (pics included) not much was needed as to i was not that big 165 lbs i last minute decided to fix my breast since i was there and told her i wanted to look into a lift, she suggested a lift and implants due to would not leave with the results i am looking for i stated to her numerous times i do not want huge breast because i myself am not a fan of it but due to me breast feeding my son they were saggy so i went ahead with what she told me to do. Everything was fine i was very much excited surgery was the next morn. I get there about 45 mins late due to traffic in D.R (which i'm not use to being first time in country) and she was very much upset but we put things aside and continued i had to do a list of things in the center 1. get x-ray taken 2. blood taken 3. prepare in post surgery room. The assistant walked me thru to do all things (and she is not the nicest but this post is to focus on doctor and clinic) Ladies the way they do things over there are completely different then here in the states everything is so out dated no computers the hygiene not the greatest some parts of the clinic smelled like a mouse was decomposing. So i was nervous before starting my surgery but the next events happen so quickly they give me a pill to make me sleepy or woozy usher me down to surgery room and i remember being so cold and scared the room was like made out of cement in basement and there was about 5 people in my room 2 woman doctor and anesthesiologist and 3 males when asked about males they said they are there to do lifting while doctor in surgery i remember telling doctor please take good care of me i have to get to my son and husband and she smiled and said everything will be fine. The scariest part of my experience was the anesthesiologist she gave me a epidural but the way she was trying to get the needle in my spine sounded like she had a chisel hitting it in i screamed and cried so loud but i started to feel numb (i am told that alot of others doctors do arm iv rather then epidural) as i am laying there fighting to stay awake everyone in room was laughing loud and talking about some resort one of them recently attended there was even a radio on in the room that the doctor asked to be lowered a little. the next time i wake up i'm in the recovery room with tons of tape on my breast and me in the garment i purchased from the doc. i had a family member with me to stay the night and i am so grateful i did because the nurses there never come to the room to check on you being that they are so busy! 1 times a nurse came in and went to drain my drainage the blood splattered everywhere on me and even her and i asked her if she would clean it up and she said it was fine. another time i told the nurse i felt nausea and wanted a tub or something to throw up on and she placed a paper towel on my chest and said to throw up there when i did it got everywhere because it was pure liquid and black which i'm told is the anesthesia. i couldn't wait to leave the center i felt so uncomfortable there i don't know if it was a busy day but it was way to much for me the nurses were so busy. i had to wait long periods of times when i would call them that my aunt even stepped out and said if someone doesn't come in here now and attend her i will begin to yell. a doctor i never met came in and said my blood was to low 7.5 and needed a blood transfusion which i was very sad about because i never had to do that before in my life but whatever i need to do i had to pay right there for them to bring up blood and about 2 hours later gives me transfer. so at discharge time some guy i never met(and rude) came in room and said here are your prescriptions and you are to call the doctor he asked me where i would go after i left there clinic i said a recovery house that i myself researched. he told me i needed to go to a pharmacy and file the rx scripts but i had originally asked my doctor in the states to give me any rx medicine i would need for surgery here in NY so my ins would pay for it and i know exactly what i'm taking the man said ok well then in that case i will have Dr. Disla come talk to you before you go to review. i waited about 3 hours for her to arrive and she told me which meds of the ones i brought i should take and which i shouldn't she kept saying you are going to look beautiful you wait and see. I can already say to you ladies i do not recommend this clinic but on to something i can recommend is the recovery house-called Silhouette recovery house ran by Angie she is great and amazing had 3 nurses working around me 24/7 which they were just as sweet the house was beyond beautiful penthouse with ac she has so much knowledge in surgeries and things! even has a chauffeur to take you to your appts, which i attended a follow up where she introduced me to this woman she spoke so highly about to do my massage. i felt very sensitive and the therapist really seemed to me like she didn't know what she was doing and there was even i a few times the doctor would say you see this is how you do it, or look are you watching my technique. i didn't feel comfortable paying her money if she didn't know what she was doing so i asked my mother in law what therapist she used after one of her surgeries she recommended me to named Dra. Maira. i loved this woman every time i would go she made me feel like a new woman i even did other procedures with her just because i loved spending time in her spa. a few days later the doctor said i needed to buy a band for my breast which i did and at a follow up visit she put it on me and said that's how i am to wear it in this period traveling back to my family's house the band was so tight i felt i couldn't breathe in my car ride my fingers were swelling but i could not undue the way she put it so i tried to lay in the car thinking maybe i was just not feeling well started getting fever i had headache as soon as i got to massage therapist she revealed it and i felt like a car come off my chest. next day i had drains removed early i was expecting more time in but she said i was looking really good and took out i decided to switch my flight for a day earlier because i was so home sick made my way back but continued to keep my doc updated. On april 5th was when everything went down hill, i started getting really weird symptoms like my fingers swelling up and knees getting itchy my husband advised me to go to hospital but i sent doctor a quick message to tell her what i should do and she said to lay down with my hands in the air that my garment was probably to tight. i went against what she said went to e.r when i got there and they did preliminary test they immediate rushed me in and said something was wrong due to my blood pressure being low and blood being low after a day of intense researching what was wrong a ultrasound resulted that i had a liquid in my right breast that was not suppose to be there when they removed tissue off my nipple area the right breast revealed an infected opening wound i got so worried and my health from there began to deteriorate to not get into exact details i spent 3 wks in hospital had 3 surgeries on my breast by an excellent NY surgeon which he tried the first and second time to save them for me but resulted in having to remove them (my implants) due to a bacteria very common in women coming from D.R (Mycobacterium). All though implants were out the bacteria spread to the rest of my body and i also needed 3 blood transfusion and massive amounts of iv antibiotics. I always still kept the Doctor in the loop even though i was very upset because the NY state officials came to see me and said that it is a definite i received this bacteria during surgery and they removed my implants to investigate this matter more so it doesn't happen to other women. I have since then been a walking night mare today's date is may 28th and have a permanent pic line to do meds 5x a day and have not been able to work i am not here to place the blame but just to warn that if you plan on going to D.R please know that it is another country and they do things very differently an example i love to give my lady friend is that i had a blood transfusion and it took 30 mins a bag of blood on a pole literally and here in NY had transfusion each one last at least 2 hours because before it enters you it runs thru all these machines to quvalate it. This center is on overload and are so money hungry that they don't know when to stop. i feel that they need to be taught by OSHA proper cleaning techniques for the hygiene in the surgery rooms. I could have died and in the end my breast are dis formed and no implants i have 2 huge knots on my butt cheeks. I could have done my surgery here in NY i had the money but didn't see any doctor that the work was as i wanted in terms of sculpting and the lipo, they are more aggressive in d.r and that's why i chose to go there instead. Now i really wish i could take it all back i'm still fighting this infection to this date and recently about a week ago had to have another surgery on my breast because the wound completely opened up due to bacteria it is known to interfere with wound healing so my body could not create a normal scab as some of you ladies bodies would. my plastic surgeon in NY had to reopen them clean them up and resow with actual stitches. I have a nurse that comes to my home 3x a week to draw blood and make sure i'm stocked with all my meds and i'm only 26 :( i know this is probably way to long but i wanted to share my actual experience so some of you that will read this maybe have a change of heart now that i am feeling a bit better i will be more proactive and trying to announce this everywhere. Some of us have kids and all though we want to look beautiful life is more important.
I let doctor know of all this and requested refund and she said no because its not her fault and if i wanted could redo with her in 6 months ( i would never step foot in that clinic again) which in my eyes is very unprofessional but money comes and goes and that really is the least of my issues. i also showed her a photo of my breast completely opening up and she said it looked great because of the intervention done here in N.Y? yea don't know what that meant so please ladies if you could save up and stay here in the states do it because i can assure traveling to a foreign country is very hard. Yes many go and are fine but you never know if you will be the one.. my family begged me not to go said there was bad talk about going to DR and a lot of woman were either dying or catching infection. i didn't listen. i will try and post as many photos for you ladies to see with the story ive told you and just want to add in someone else that has been my rock thru this ordeal is the woman that gives me massages here in N.Y the name DEUSA spa ask for Marleen she has been amazing and even with all this she has really helped with these results of surgery her techniques are amazing and really show result. Her rates are so doable! i hoped i helped and feel free to ask any questions and i apologize for any grammar issues i had during this very long story once i get going i cant stop.
Good Luck!

Hey ladies

I'm so glad you guys are reading in when I wrote such a long review I said to myself cata no one is going to read this!! Everything from my review is exactly according to my experience and actually forgot a few details but eh the important is out there! I'm not against plastic surgery just wish I planned different or did here in the states the main bacteria coming from d.r is called mycobacterium ladies if u look up it is so serious! I'm still to this day fighting it off because it is resistant to antibiotics... For a brief update since my review I have been almost daily seeing a plastic surgeon here in ny because the area doctor is Dominican injected me with fat also now has bacteria. Great, I kno this is horrible as I mentioned before the cdc of health here in New York contacted me and says this is an epidemic so again if you know anyone traveling to dr please let them know yes some ladies come back fine (I have friends that are fine) but the risk is much much higher again thanks for reading ! The photo is my line I at home out antibiotics and this bacteria is still kicking my ass! Please be aware ladies this is life and death stuff

Health update

Hi ladies so I haven't been able to check in as much because I've been so sick and :( depressed it's been 4 months since I got this Nasty ass infection and it's so resistant! Someone had wrote me to say they are going thru the same and really felt the need to share the latest I've been going thru... I want everyone to know that I am not just some angry client I am very easy going but this is beyond bad... The picture I am putting up today is choice because this is very real... Since my last blog I've had 2 surgeries to remove cyst in my body... I have 4 holes on my butt which is by far the most depressing thing because I went to dr to make my butt more sculpted and plump then it was but I never signed up for holes! I have dimples and indents now due to bacteria build up ladies again if you go to dr just know they don't have the same regulations as here... I have been going to a plastic surgeon here in ny and words can't describe the difference in professionalism I wish he would have done my surgery from the beginning but I've heard dr is more aggressive so I went so she can really suck out any fat.. I was 165 at surgery and down to 129lbs! This is due to infection it causes weightless but to be honest I'm not made to be skinney I've always been thick so now I just look sick! My poor boyfriend has to sit back and watch this all happen not to mention he helps clean my wounds on my butt because I can't get to them it has really created a insecurity issue for me... Today I am posting a photo of my hip this is a hole that at first started as a knot under skin it got so bad it burst I really don't mean to put up such horrific pictures but I see that woman are really reading my blog and I really hope to help woman with there descion because on real self it says that dra disla is a 5 star doctor ehich is shocking she almost killed me... Hope to update you ladies soon just had surgery and trying to recooperate

Hi ladies!!!

First of I'm so sorry to keep everyone waiting thank you for all your concerns and prayers! I made it thru ladies!!!!! I have finally beat the bacteria and have gotten back to my life working and excersising I would like to repeat to everyone that it was not my intention to bash the doctor I chose but only to give off first hand experience I still don't feel I got the surgery I wanted but at this point I'm just happy to be alive I have since put on quite a few pounds and am looking more and more healthy I don't condone surgery just please make sure you research I tried to save some money by going to dr but in all reality paid all at the same as I would have in New York for all the time offer on work that's money lost so ladies please don't try to cut corners it's very surreal when a surgeon comes in to your room 2 weeks after surgery and says I sorry ms but we r going to need to remove your implants :( I do feel that some of the transfer of fat to my butt did stay cuz it is bigger then what it was but I have tons of scars which I get sad about but my hubby is the greatest and has shown do all ways that I am a blessing and beautiful inside n out so the scars I could manage with this chapter of my life is done and please of your reading good luck and be safe everyone thanks for helping me stay strong in a time so difficult below I attached a photo of me now out and about dancing and although u could see the form of my body keep in mind that implants removed and about 4 scars but always blessed dolls God bless everyone!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Read review above I would not recommend this location you can take a risk with doctor but she is not the one to keep hygine good in surgery room.

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