Enhanced by Dr. Duran in Aug 2016 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Procedure : Lipo, BBL Areas included: abdomen,...

Procedure : Lipo, BBL
Areas included: abdomen, flanks, back, arms & thighs.
I told Walkiria I would gain 10-15 lbs to make sure I had a good amount fat. Date booked thru Bella Vita the lady name was Jazmine I paid $350 for Vip but I have talk to the staff 3-4 times even got thru twice in one day.I love Dr. Duran's work I have not seen another Dr. In the states that give you a more natural look. I wish I have but I had not luck searching.I'm 51 days away from surgery I've started this journey since April of this year as the time gets closer I'm getting scared only bc I've been reading so many post on RS that made me even consider a Dr. In the states like Hasan or Fisher but I know for sure that Duran will give me the look I want.Airfare booked , supplies brought still a few more to buy, staying at 2 different hotels for my 12 days. My husband will be taking care of me will be hiring a nurse and cook if needed if anyone know of a good one please post also some one that does great massages. My sister and my daughter who is in her mid 20's will be coming to the DR while I have my surgery and stay for 3-4 days to make sure I'm ok. They said they wouldn't be comfortable with me going just with the hubby because if something happen they wanted to be there. I debated even this week about going to Miami Fl with Dr. Fisher Vanity quoted me $7500 for everything Duran is doing . My husband prefer Miami bc he wants me to stay in the states and so does my family but I had had lipo and a breast lift in the states Before around 10 years ago and I tell you the Dr's I've had both Times have I had to go back twice because one breast was way higher than the other two noticeable then I had it redone and my breast was made even small by the second Dr. But my breast grew back bigger thru the years I'm loving them still and my lipo DR. Is well know in the states had to be touched up my tummy so now I have a lil rippling in my tummy area I'm not sure if it's from me not wearing my garment for 3 months and I never heard of that long to wear it back the. I believe it was 6 weeks and never was told about wearing a board until now.Well I've decided to stick with my girl Duran and just have my family with me as support I feel much better now about going.Any other Dolls will be coming around my time in Aug 2016 ? if so let me know and share your experience if you've just had your surgery.Talk to you soon I will be adding more pics of me now ugh I look terrible with this weight I've gained I want to exercise because I'm starting to see dimples and my legs are getting more cellulite for letting myself go 
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