back to square 1 ( where are u hasan)

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Hey everyone I went to yily 2 yrs ago but am...

Hey everyone I went to yily 2 yrs ago but am finally ready for a round 2. One of my cheeks are bigger then the other, i have uneven lipo and need my hips evened out. Although I get compliments on my shape daily u know how us women are lol. Im between hasan, salama, schulman and well anybody who can give me the shape im after lol I'm so over having a shelf i need a nice bubble and this waist tightened back up. I know hasan could get my hips and waist on point but he produces all shelfs and thats not the look im after. Salama on the other hand can make anyone a bubble but alot of his girls have fat death and im not thrilled with his scar placement. Any help would be appreciated! Oh and idk whats up with realself not letting me put the right date im looking to get my touchup in october

Made a decision

Ok after looking at all the fabolousness hasan has been pumping out lately I've finally decided I'm going to him. About to start saving hope it doesnt take too long since I recently moved and have to finish my place. Shooting for nov. the latest. Now to get to work! Pray for me yall lol

Ughhh tired of waiting

Cant wait to finally get this touch up I feel sooo sluggish and out of shape. The worst is my inner thighs rubbing, cellulite and arm fat. Im all about self improvement from looks to credit and personal relationships so I really hope 2016 is a huge year for me. Ran into some financial issues as well as trying to pay off some furniture I financed prior to going under the knife so I'm not one of "those". Gotta take care of responsiblities before extra stuff. Still leaning toward hasan maybe this month and the next will be good for me and I can go in march :-/ anyways happy healing and searching to you ladies dropped a few pics I'm now 167 aka the heaviest I've ever been in my life. Waist still holdin tho I'll give yily that lol

Pics wouldnt load


I read on ig that hasan was being investigated for operating as a plastic surgeon when he's not certfied to do so. Does anyone know if this is true?! His work is the only one at vanity that like ???? My second choice is in colombia really dont want to go that far unless I have to. Boooo


So apparently hasan is nowhere to be found so I'm back to square 1. Glad I never sent vanity any money but now dont know who I want to go to. I dont personally care for fishers super shelves and mcadoo (whoever that is) isnt that impressive either. So right now Im looking at dr zayas in miami or going to cali, colombia. Zayas does beautiful work just dont know much about him. And the dr plazas in colombia, I would like to see his women NOT on the table fresh out of surgery but more so months post op. Happy healing and searching to you ladies.

Bought a measuring tape

So finally bought a measuring tape and Im shocked at what it said lol. 29 waist, 44 inch hips. Now considering I havent worked out and have been storing fat for my round 2 for ohhh 2 years lol, Im surprised my waist is still so snatched (a point for yily lol) hope to get it back down to 25 inches. I really DONT want my butt any bigger since my ratio is already CRAZY but an inch tops may be tolerated. Its crazy how when you're unhappy with your body u just see all your flaws but mine actually isnt too bad its lightweight lit lol still havent 100% decided on a surgeon but Im still finishing my place right now anyways so its cool, I have some time to figure it out. And its funny how people dont really comment on your review until after u post pics then they all wanna jump on and be all in your mentions lmao
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

If u need your waist snatched shes great if u care about your butt lookin more then just moved meat i wouldnt recommend

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