Trying for Surgery Again June 2016 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Ok, So if you have read through my posts from...

Ok, So if you have read through my posts from before you will see that I didn't have surgery. Long story short, my TSH Level was too high (thyroid stimulating hormone) I would strongly advise that you have those levels checked as some doctors in the DR or other places can and will turn you away. I met with Almonte and her team which were all great back in April. But as you can imagine I was very upset that I didn't have my surgery after all the planning. I changed my flight the day after and went back home. I was upset with my recovery house Venus which i will not recommend them any longer either. The place itself was nice, but I paid $750 (which supposedly was a discounted rate) for 10 days. Day of surgery was not to free! It did include my transportation and My driver was Vladimir who was very nice! I would always recommend him. So again, I paid when i got there and had to give another $20 to them for the remote control which i was told i would be given back. When changing my flight and leaving i was advised that I would only be given a refund of 40%. I told them to keep it as I knew I would be coming back. I was charged for one night which didnt even make sense to me because I stayed at Cecip the first night to have sx the next morning. ( which didnt happen) So now I have been in contact with Venus and the lady who runs it is Mrs. Niurka - i told her i would be coming back with my sister and a friend and she said she would charge them 80/night. I asked why they couldnt get a better rate and she said that special is over. My ppl werent willing to pay that much because Another RH offered us a triple room for $55 each which would only be $495 for the 9 nights we needed. No brainer right?! Plus this is their 2nd round and they stayed at this rh before. Mrs. Niurka then told me I would only get refunded back 70%! which was like $200 !! Im like what the f-. So now Im pissed off. I am more upset that she wouldnt accomodate 2 paying individuals i was bringing and comp them the same amount they was gonna get elsewhere so that we could be together. That was the issue. My room was paid for and who am i to stop someone from trying to save money from all this- i know how expensive this shit gets... and why would i want to be alone after surgery ?? She seemed to not care. So from that, they will never get a recommendation out of me.. stay away because they are clearly all about the money! I hit up the woman who runs the RH my sister went to and explained the situation. She was the nicest lady ever. She even told me that she will let me stay there for free as long as my sister and friend come there but that she will charge them the rate of $65 per night (which still is good). Transportation for us all would be $150 which $50 BUCKS a head and we would have to pay for our own massages. (my massages were included in my price with Diaz) . So I was very thankful and advised Mrs. Niurka that I will come to get my refund. Rather get back something than nothing and I refuse to sit there recovering alone smh. Veryyy poor customer service and im not happy. On another note shout out to my nurse Damiana because she tried to help me every step of the way. So I have switched my doctor and going with Dr Manuel Diaz which is what I shouldve done from the beginning. My doctor and my endocrinologist cleared me for the surgery when I first came back and said there was no reason as to why Almonte didnt do the surgery.. Diaz did my sister and her friend surgery last year and i've seen him do a lot of body types like mine and they come out bomb so im ready for that. Almonte does great work but i think better for bigger women. they are not slimmer like me. Even my surgery buddy said she wouldve prob chosen someone else ( in her case Dr Molina) So my Surgery is for June 23, 2016 and I fly out there on June 21st like 11pm so I technically get there on the 22nd. I'll do my labs that day and make sure all is ok and then hopefully surgery next day. I have sent a $500 deposit and my total is now $4k.

2 weeks to go !!

OK so I just want to update everyone and what's going on so as of right now I am two weeks away from surgery which is on June 23, 2016 and I fly out June 21. Diaz is actually now having a summer special in which you can get a tummy tuck lipo and BBL for $4200. It's originally $4500 so not a bad little discount we are all looking to save whenever we can and however we can. I'm heading out with my sister and her friend and they are going for there rd 2 with Diaz he was also there surgeon for there rd 1. I speak to Diaz himself and I really like that because the communication does not go through his assistant I'm not sure what his assistants name is but whoever it is she is now on top of her game the way she should be she takes forever to answer simple emails or even on WhatsApp so I'm not happy with her but luckily I don't have to go through her. I really played myself because I should've been trying to lose the 10 pounds I want to lose and I just became lazy and I didn't but I definitely will after the surgery and who knows maybe from all of the recovering I will do maybe I will lose a couple of pounds from that but I definitely plan to get back into the gym once my body is healed and I'm able to return to those activities. There's not really much else to say I will be staying out real recovery Armonia and since I was there before my suitcase is still packed and ready to go all I need to do is buy some wipes so I hope to update you guys in another week or so before I get ready to head out keep me in your prayers. I will surely keep all of your dolls in my prayers and good thoughts that you will have a speedy recovery he and that you're healing well.

Wish Pics

Exactly what I want! My shape and size is very similar to them. I'm short 5 ft and 145 lbs. I'm hoping to have a body type very similar to this after. 7 more days to go!!

Surgery tomorrow

See the picture I'm posting for the review

Surgery Tomorrow

OK so I'm at real recovery Armonia right now and I have to be totally honest from the time I walked in the door everyone has been so welcoming on the staff here are very attentive I cannot believe that some others had bad experiences because even though it's only been today that I've been here it has been absolutely amazing. There are a few other dolls here I probably met about a good seven so far and everyone is experiencing things in there on my own but it is very refreshing because I feel like God has placed me here at the right time I am waiting on my sister to arrive her flight lands at seven. At seven this morning I went to cipla I met with pebbles who is the assistant and she was helpful she didn't seem too happy about being at work today maybe because it was early and she just looked kind of tired but she didn't have an attitude or anything like that I met with DR discussed my health history saw the cardiologist got my labs done not too long ago I got the OK from Diaz that my results came back clear so I'm very excited about that Armonia staff have been feeding us nonstop I like that they have a menu when you have a choice of what to pick from and I've asked other dogs here what they ordered and I hear the fried fish and steamed fish is really good this morning for breakfast I had an omelette and this afternoon I had steak with vegetables and white rice and beans. The women here are very strong and very inspiring and I'm very happy to have connected with him it's almost like walking into a second family when you come here and Myra tell me this was my house so to do as I please. Staff member named lily here is very helpful even though she doesn't speak English. I believe she is one of the cooks because she is always in the kitchen cooking or cleaning. I will try to update again in the morning for the picture of me going into surgery and hopefully when I get out me on my sister will give an update happy healing to all.


Time Fo Surgery

Father God, I ask that you bless over Dr Diaz hands as well as his staff this morning while they prepare to give me a new body. I beg ask and pray to guide me through this process smoothly so that I may have a speedy recovery and fast healing with minimal pain. Osak that you bring comfort to my children and family while they wait and give them no worry because you have this covered. Thank you for showing me what real love is and allowing me to keep my faith and never unfold at the many times I have wanted to. Lord, I pray over all other dolls who are going through what I am going through right now and ask that you bless them and keep them covered. I pray that the dolls that have had work have a speedy recovery and get back to their loved ones unharmed. Thank You Jesus! In Gods name, Amen.
Pray for me dolls. See you on the flat side !

Good Morning

Today should be the day after surgery BUTTT I had to wait for one last test of my thyroid to come back and it wasn't going to be ready until this morning. So I had to wait. Instead Diaz took my sister and her friend in because they were ready and I am now going in today. I am downstairs at Armonia waiting for my driver Pedro. I don't really like him. He is nothing like Vladamiir but he's associated with this house. I probably should've just hired Bladamir on my own. I'm supposed to be at Cipla at 7 and and it's now 6:48 and he's still not here. And I've been ready since 6:30 and the damn nurse told me my driver was here. For all this I could've gotten a few extra minutes of sleep. Lol. I went to a lab yesterday called Amadita to get my bloodwork done because Cipla does not run that specific test there (Cecip does). Go figure. Anyway they said it should be ready this morning so idk if we are supposed to pick it up and then go to cipla or if they send the results to cipla. Either way, I'm just ready to check on my baby sis and get this procedure in the works. I've come a long way to do this and not just talking about traveling to another country so I am ready. Everyone wished me well yesterday and I couldn't even say I didn't have the surgery. It's so close to what I experienced last time but this time I knew I had to bring my levels down and I took the medicine I needed ! So my faith is still strong and I'm still ready. I know God has me covered. Til next update - peace


Hello Ladies. This has been a roller coaster for me. I didn't think I was gonna make it. I am 3 days post op and man let me tell you I am feeling soo much better. I was seriously on my death bed and I wanted to give up but I prayed hard and I asked God to give me the strength to get through. And my God is a good God cus he brought me all the way through. I was taking percs and roxys and wasn't getting the relief I needed. I took a Xanax and let me tell you by the next morning I felt as good as new! I haven't been able to post each day as I wanted but hey I'm only 3 days in and I'm doing pretty damn good now. My drain is starting to clear up and i see Diaz on Thursday. Hopefully all goes well because my flight is scheduled for Friday and I think by the. I'll def be good to go. Gas is no joke also so def had some Gasx and it did the trick. My body is snatched already tho. Everyone keeps saying how big my butt is and small my waist is. I haven't taken pics yet but prob tomorrow when I get my massage. Brunilda is my masseuse and although they hurt they def work. You'll feel like you have lumps of coal sitting in your back and they hurt like hell but she got em out. I think in 2 more days it will be good. I'm bruised up bad but that will go away with this arnica gel. And I can't stress enough Armonia Recovery is the shit! I will def be tipping these ladies. $1 = $45. I plan to give $5 to the cooks and $10 to the ladies who help bathe me and get me in this faja and help me walk. They are awesome. Gonna get some rest and do it all over tomorrow ????????


Well I'm officially 9 days post op now happy 4th of July (but it's more like day 8 because of the time for me). My results def show and I thank Diaz for that but my recovery process has been no joke. I think I've prob had 1 maybe 2 decent days since surgery. I feel like everything that could go wrong for me did for some reason. I thought I was well prepared but truth be told everyone body is different with recovery. I was never prepared for this but I tell you One thing. Keep a positive outlook on everything. I became very emotional today listening to music. I was just so damn thankful that God brought me through the worst situation my body experienced. Swell hello isn't the word to describe what happened to my feet and legs but it was enough to make my ass get to the hospital and wait all night to make sure there were no blood clots. And there weren't! I was also told that because of gravity naturally everything wants to rush to the bottom. Which makes sense. But by keeping my garment so compressed it's not leaving room for me to get enough circulation for my blood to balance back out. So I'm keeping my faja on the 1st latch for now. It may take a longer amount of time to get where I want to be but in this world I have nothing but time. I'll wait. Shit it takes 6 months to be completely healed as it is. Diaz said no pool and no beach and I'm not even upset with that as this summer weather is crazy. I'm focused right now so that when the new year comes along, I'll be more than ready. He also said I can use Ben gay but I need to continue my massages which I know. I'm hoping to head out to the Bronx by my original Sx buddy on Tuesday to get this drain taken out. During the day I don't drain much. At night I do and I'm wondering if it's even a good idea to take it out because of that and also the fact that I'm still dealing with the swelling. Like where is all this food gonna build up? My incision is healing nicely as well as my belly button. I apply triple anti biotic ointment every couple of days and clean it. I have this area on my left side that's kind of creased but I can't tell why or where it's coming from. I thought the faja wasn't tight enough but I don't think it's that because it's only on that side. I'm going to take a pic of it tho and see what advice I can get and will also send to my doctor. He's still so responsive and supportive and I'm thankful knowing that I have a surgeon who cares! That's very important to me. I'm looking forward to the better days and hoping they come a lot faster but I will be patient at the same time. I hope to find a masseuse close by my home so that I'm able to get a package of some sort to get these massages needed because they really are the only thing that helps me get rid of the stiffness and lumps. Brunhilda was a beast with the massages. I always left her feeling so much better.


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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