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Finally after looking for about 3 years on this...

Finally after looking for about 3 years on this surgery, I am mentally and financially ready for the surgery!! I emailed and researched dr's in tijuana but was skeptical because of the city. All my friends and family were against me going to tijuana. I wanted to go to Dr.Pantoja and received a quote from him for a bbl, he suggested that I have a tt as well but being 22 with no children i didnt want to have a tt. All the Dr's in tijuana stated that in order to have a flat stomach i would need to have a tt. After more reasearch I came across dr. Yily. I am so excited that I found her because of her amazing sculptinhg skills!! She is also a lot cheaper than the dr's in TJ! She took a little longer to respond, but with my heart set on her, I was patient. I finally got a quote of $3400 for BBL with lipo everywhere. I am so excited, now I just need to find out where I am going to stay, make my deposit , and make sure that she is back from maternity leave for my surgery!! I wont be able to stay with more than 8 days in the DR, hopefully that would be ok. Any suggestions on what to bring, or how to go about finding somewhere to stay, I would like to stay in a recovery home, or a hotel with a nurse to hire!!! please let me know if you have any information that could be helpful to me I would really appreciate it!

MArch 4 2014!?

SO I finally am positive that I want to have this surgery in March. Are there any other girls that are looking to go around that time?! I am traveling alone from Las Vegas and all the flights to DR are 9 hours long and have a lay over at JFK! I have emailed Angie's silhouette but I am also looking into upscalerh but not sure because they have not opened up yet. I am so anxious to hear from Dr. Yily to confirm my date!!! AHH!!!

Dr Duran

So after going back and forth I have decided I want to go with dr Duran!! But I have been emailing her since januRary and called a few times but I haven't gotten an answer back!! I would really like to have my surgery done by Duran but I just can't get a hold of her! Any suggestions ?

Contacting dr.duran

So I have been trying to contact dr.duran since januRary. I have emailed her almost every other day and today I finally got a hold of one of the girls at Cipla. Everyone told me to call including Angie from silhouette recovery. After I finally got a hold of the an d stayed up all night they told me that Duran has to email me a quite in order for me to set a date for surgery and put a deposit. I'm not sure what to do because I really have my heart set on Duran but she will not contact me !! I even sent the emails in Spanish no I have not gotten a response . Help!!


So I finally got a hold of dr. Duran!! I am so excited !! So I have gotten a quote for $3800 and she wants me to lose 20 lbs!! She quoted me $5800 for bbl lip and bl( which I think is really high) so I'm goin to do just the bbl and lipo!

I set my sugery date for September 2,2014 only 7 months away!!!!! I will be leaving on August 31 to arrive September 1! Anyone else going around this time want to room mate or buddy up with me please let me know!

I'm so excited !! I have to go to my dr. To send her my hemo level and I'm not sure what medicine that she said I needed for post op because it was in Spanish. I'm hoping I can get it from my dr here and maybe just take it over there!! I'm thinking about stayin at Angie's silhouette or I heard about a new place called daisys rh and the pictures looked really nice !!

Any advice from this point would be appreciated! I'm so excited to start my journey!! For those of you trying to contact duran don't give up!! It took me 2 months and no sleep to contact her ! Apparently she not replies to emails on the weekends so that's your best bet!

Real recovery armonia RH

So I was under the impression that it was $85/ night for a single and $65 a night if you bring a buddy. I just got a message that says otherwise !!
• hello.
It is to recommend to them the best house of recovery of every santo domingo, specialists in plastic surgery.
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Massage with Ultra Sound for Abdominoplasty and Liposuction treatment.
Pain Management Services
Anti-stress massages.
24 hour security
Transportation to medical appointments
Airport transportation (optional)
And more ...
It is able to offer YOU the care, respect and recovery Security That
Post-Surgical and All Your stay will be a success. Our professional team of certified physicians, nurses and technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of common medical conditions that may occur in patients POST-SURGICAL PLASTIC SURGERY & GENERAL. We also have for you, Pharmacies, Massage Post-Operatory for (liposuction, tummy tuck), Delivery and many others all without leaving the hotel.

You Can Be Sure - We Have A Commitment To Excellence In regard to the level of care that offer.
our Rooms
With the most comfortable and comfortable rooms all equipped with:
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Rooms each with its own bathroom
Plasma TV with Cable
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Air Conditioning A / C
Agua Caliente
Radio Alarm
Free high-speed Internet (WIFI)
Serguridad Box
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Smoke detector
24 Hour Emergency Generator
Daily room cleaning (Free)
Double and Single Rooms.

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It is able to offer YOU the care, respect and Security That Post-Surgical recovery and All Your stay will be a success. Our professional team of certified physicians, nurses and technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of common medical conditions that may occur in patients POST-SURGICAL PLASTIC SURGERY & GENERAL.

DOUBLE ROOM FULL EQUIPPED WITH EVERYTHING INCLUDED 85 DOLLARS IN NIGHT, triple room 75 dollars per night EQUIPPED FULL. RESERVE WITH TIME... THANK YOU, Companions who are not going to run $ 50/night, 50 dollar deposit to secure the room
Visit us in facebook
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full name:
phone number:
Doctor's name:
name of the clinic:
type of surgery:
Agreed amount:
room types:
time and flight number;
time of your stay:
a week before coming to the country please send an email re-confirming, Previous dates mentioned.
thank you for choosing our work is the basis of experience and gratitude


So i was reading some reviews and i found out that you have to have a citibank account in order to make the deposit for Duran, I messaged her on facebook and asked if i would be able to put down the full amount since i don't want to carry that much cash on me and i will be traveling alone and she said only to deposit $250.

I am still looking for a buddy for Sept 2 surgery!! I am leaving on AUg 31,2014 and sx date is the 2nd of september I will be leaving on Sept 9! I am not sure of which RH to stay at!!!
#1 on my list is recovery armonia and angies silhouette
I realkly like how the healing haven looks but the prices are all seperate.

I will be putting my deposit down on monday!!! woo i cant wait! I'll probably start looking at supplies now!!!

Getting a hold of Duran, Advice

Dr.Duran is so busy with surgeries she usually answers really early in the morning or on the weekends. Im guessing she uses sundays to reply to messages because thats when i got to conversate with her via whatsapp and facebook, but she is faster at responding through facebook. I tried for 2 months and i was set on duran being my doctor so i kept trying!! but i never got a response via email! Also, Don't waste your time calling them without a quote all they will tell you is to wait for the doctor to respond. She likes to respond personally because she wants it to be like a consultation. Personally i would not pay anyone to try and get a hold of her I would just keep trying through facebook and whatsapp!!!

Deposit info

So here's some information I had to find out on my own. Although dr duran says to go to citibank, even if you have an account there they will charge you $40 to transfer the money.

I only found out afterwards that you can actually send from Wells Fargo for only 8.50 or $6.00 if you have an account there. But whatever. The citibank teller was really getting on my Nervs because she was wayyy too nosey. But anyways I got my deposit in !!! Yay me! And my surgery date is set for September !!! I wish I could I go sooner! But I think September is just enough time for me :)

I called to see anyways and they told me to call back so I did and I had a scare they said that I didn't have my name in the books and I would have to wait until after September 30! I was like um no I have te messages from dr duran for sept 2! So finally she found my name!! I'll take sept 2 over the 30th!

September 8

So it just hit me that I will be getting surgery! I was originally scheduled for sept 2 and then had to reschedule to 12/3 and back to 9/8. I have been brushing it off because I did not think I would have the finances or time off of work to get this surgery done. But everything came together and now I am just waiting on 9/8 to come !!!
I waited last minute to buy my plane tickets and book my rh. I will be staying with myed cheko the owner of real recovery at their new mansion. I hope to find a buddy but if not I'm sure one of the girls rooming with me could help me ! I'm so nervous now that the day is getting closer !! I'm trying to get everything together. I ordered the rest of my supplies on amazon and just need to pick up a few things and see my doctor in the states before I leave. Any suggestions on what I should ask him for as far as medication? I mean I would rather not buy medication In the dr if I don't have to.

So I fly out on 9/6 and arrive in the DR on 9/7. I will be returning on 9/16. I hope I am able to return to work as I am scheduled to go back 9/18!!!

2 weeks away!!

So today i went to my primary care physician and he gave me 2 of the antibiotics that were listed on furans medication list. I was also able to get some pain medicine that I can take a long with me as well. I am getting really excited!!!

I have already started to pack everything in a suit case and i feel like I am bringing too many clothes. Any suggestions? I have a bunch of tank tops and some sweats that I can wear but I feel like I will be win a robe the whole time. I guess i should get one. Also is a hoppy pillow necessary? and I don't want to gain any weight. I see a lot of girls bring ensure, is that something I need?

Also I found some wish pics that I wanted, I would post my before pictures except I have a tattoo and I would rather not post myself. Maybe after the surgery :) I am still looking for a buddy to go with me! I am staying at Recovery Armonia and I arrive in the DR on 9/7. I will be leaving on 9/16 and I have booked for a triple room since I figured a lot of people booked for a triple room so it probably will not be filled.


Only 1 more week until I'm in the DR! Getting kinda nervous. I am traveling alone , and I have most of my supplies, just need to pick up my antibiotics and little things like wipes and wife beaters!! Here are some wish pics

Pre op

So currently I am 195 I was 210 and I dropped some weight but not nearly as much as I'd like. I have no children and I am 5'5

2 days

Only 2 days away!!!! my bags are all packed and I'm just waiting for saturday to come!!!!!! I started my period and I'm hoping that it won't affect my hemp levels. I went to my doctor and my hemp was at 13.1. Hopefully it goes up a little before i get there. I am soooo excited and nervous all at the same time.

My fiancé is finally getting that I'm going and he is solo excited as well!! I hope that duran works her magic on me and gets as many cc;s as she can!!!

On my flight !!

Hey ladies !!!! I'm on my first flight from Vegas to JFK !!! Then I'll be taking a connector to SDQ!!! I am Soo excited and nervous . Wishing my hubby could have joined me but also can't wait to surprise him!!

I purchased wifi on the delta plane, just a heads up it's $6 and they only take a card! I have my wheel chair service all set up!!! Can't wait to be on the other side !!! I will update you all when I arrive in DR!

In the dr

Ok so I wrote a long review and it deleted . So I'll just let you guys know I'm here

Surgery day!

So with the time difference I wasn't able to sleep much. It's also raining cats and dogs here. But I am just waiting to leave to Cipla. I thought we had to be there at 6:30 for labs but I guess we don't have to be right on time?

We'll anyways I have been up since 2 am and I took a second shower before going I'n. I totally forgot to bring sandals to wear on my way back home :(
The nurses at recovery armonia are sooo helpful and nice. They do their best to understand what you are saying and check on you very often. I love it ! I keep getting big bites everywhere and I have to tell u, the recovery house isn't the fanciest place I've stayed in, but I used to go to camp so I'm used to it. Anyways, were about to be off to Cipla!

Duran doll 2014! Post op

Hello ladies, just wanted to update that I have made it to the other side . Very sore and aftermath is no joke.
Had a hard night at Cipla and putting the faja on I fainted 3 times and threw up. If this is your first surgery ever like me, this will be a very traumatic experience. Dr Duran came in the morning before our discharge to check on us and also give us prescriptions.
I slept on my stomach and my face was swollen in the morning. My fiancé said I look like a boxer :( but I see the difference already, still very swollen .

Also recovery armonia is amazing. I love all the staff here . They make sure to take care of any and everything for u


So I have been using kakao talk and skype a lot. Kakao has free texting and calls !! I'm so glad I found out it calls internationally for free!!

Make sure you download it !! Here are also some pictures without the faja


Hello dolls!
I have been sleeping all day . After taking the Meds I go straight to sleep. Then I'm up between 12:30-6:30. I'm trying not to be on Dominican time otherwise when I get home I'll be 3 hours ahead.

I am cravinngggg some sushi and pho right about now. I can't wait to get home !! Also I can't wait to shower and get my massages too!! I can feel the fluid retention every time I lay on my stomach. I can start to see my figure and I'm sure that when I get my massage my faja will be on the 2nd hook! I have been sitting on my butt from time to time because I always feel like fainting when they take off and put my faja on. These bug bites here are killing me !!! But anyways I will update after the massage tomorrow !

One more day!

One more day until I can go home!!!!!! I Soo excited to eat regular food and not get bitten by bugs every night!!!!!!

Kinda bummed my butt isn't that big..

Last appointment !

At my last appointment with dr Duran!!!!! I'm so excited to go home.


I am finally home and feel so much more comfortable. I have been sleeping on my stomach, still in a lot of pain. My legs swell up if I stand for more then 1 hour. Also I have had a lot of bowel movement . It sucks .

I have started wearing my stage 2 faja. I have to use the extender to put it on and I just keep hooking more and more until the extender isn't needed.

My fiancé can't keep his hands off me. He keeps accidentally smacking my butt too .

Im hoping to get back to normal daily fictions soon

Feeling blue

I've had some problems with my bowel movement. I have been ion the toilet every 10min. I had a little breakdown but I am going to the doctors in the morning to make sure everything is ok. I took some Imodium and it has not worked .

Side affect

So I couldn't take having the runs for 2 days and went to see my doctor. While I was there DR Duran text me back saying that was not normal. I google diagnosed myself and found out that taking the antibiotics have a side effect, they get ride of bacteria in your body both good and bad. When the good bacteria in your intestines is rid of by the antibiotics it causes diarrhea. My doctor wanted to make sure I didn't pick anything up and also ordered a few more tests . But that is my update for now.

I have been sitting on my butt more because I get really tired and the faja burns my arms because it's so tight on the top. I have chucks in it for padding. Butt is still big! Hoping it fluffs even bigger !!!

Made it to 2 weeks post

Made it to 2 weeks post op this past Monday. I can't stand this faja! But I know I have to wear it. I have apt of fluid still in me, I have to make an appointment to get a massage here at home. I attempted to go to work and I worked about 6 house before my leg was way too swollen for me to even walk!!!


Hello ladies ! So I am now almost 1 month post op, I am still sore and I have been sleeping on my back and sitting on my butt. My legs now don't swell up if I stand a long time like it used to. Only thing is that I am very stiff and if I don't massage myself I swell up. I have not been wearing my faja because it hurts and burns my armpits but I try and wear it. It's impossible for me to sleep in, I think I am just going to get a waist cincher to wear because I read some girls say that it made their butt and hips shrink. I didn't think I would be one , but the booty greed is real!! I def don't want this surgery post op pain again but I want a bigger butt!! Also I have been sexually active and I have been fine. I was scared at first but it does not do anything.

Anyways I never mention that I did wake up during surgery and most girls I spoke with also did as we'll don't want to scare you but wanted to tell you all my experience ! B


I am back and forth with my body still my butt has gone down a lot. Still some swelling on my stomach and back. I haven't been wearing my faja like I'm supposed to because it's too painful. I have also been sitting a lot and sleeping on my back. Hopefully it doesn't damage it too much !!


Flat from the back. Booty greed!!!


My stomach is now flat but my back is still very swollen

Round 2

Want a round 2 with Cabral!!! Not satisfied with round 1!!! Booty greed is real.


Update on me!


where is the fluffffff!?

Assistance with contacting duran

If anyone needs assistance contacting dr Duran please let me know!


I'm researching into round 2 because I am not satisfied with my results! Duran did an amazing job from how I previously looked but I needa bigger booty. My laterals are all there but it seems like that fat survived but the back of my butt did not. I did sit on it when I wasn't supposed to tho so it is kinda my fault. Anyways, looking more into Cabral for my round 2!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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