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Hello everyone. i have never written a review or a...

hello everyone. i have never written a review or a post for this site but I've been coming on here basically everyday doing research and looking at before and after photos. I see so many different reviews and stories about everyone's experiences so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and write my own journey as well. Let me explain a little about myself. Im 24 years old, 5'5"-5'6" and weight between 150-160lbs (depending on how much I eat for the week lol). My body is not bad, i just need a perkier, fuller, rounder and of course BIGGER bum....along with a flatter stomach.Llike most of the women on here I have some insecurities with my body...hell i mean who doesn't. I'm currently trying to get lipo and a bbl, and maybe a breast reduction/augmentation. I literally can't stop thinking about ass....sad but what woman wouldnt love to have an amazing backside. After staying on this site every damn day til after the sun goes down and reading all the different stories I finally decided to go to Dr Duran and become a Duran doll. Problem is i cant get in touch with her. I really really really wanted to go to Dr. J down in the Atl but he is too damn expensive for my blood (quoted me for $12,500). I know they say good isnt cheap and cheap isnt always good, but from the photos im seeing from Durans work Ive decided that maybe just this time that cheap will work for me (wink wink). I seen from another post that if you go through bellavita that the process will move a lot quicker. On 2-11-14 I hit up both belllavita and duran on facebook and sent both of them emails as well. The next day on 2-12-14 bellavita sent me an email of a client agreement form to fill out and send back to her. Well today I finally sent it back to her. Also downloaded the wattsapp to see if I can get in touch with duran personally and not through a third person. I mean i dont want to have to spend $150 but if its worth it I will b/c i see the amount of people that are trying to go to the DR to see duran so i know all her open available dates are going very quickly. Hopefully in the not too distant future I will be a duran doll. I will keep yall posted throughout this process and journey.

Bellavita is the shizz-ny-eee ( in my scrappy voice) lmao

Boy I tell ya...bellavita has been very efficient with getting in contact with me. I sent them my client agreement papers last night and I woke up this with an invoice for payment in my email. Whooohooo!!!! But duran on the other hand (shrugg shoulders)...still nothing. I downloaded whatsapp and she still hasnt responded (what a surprise). I know she is busy but im so impatient.


I sent my $159 to bellavita on 2-21-14. Well today i received an email that Dr Duran gave me a quote of $4,000 with an available date on the 25th of August. I have to send my $250 deposit to book the date. I cant believe all this is happening. If it wasnt for bellavita I wouldnt even had made it this far. Those ladies are excellent. The only thing I hate about the date is that I will have to miss my son's first day of kindergarten because the first day of school starts on the 25th. Ugggh, its always something to rain on my parade. I dont know what to do ladies. I might have to see if i can maybe switch dates with somebody with an earlier date or ask bellavita to see if i can push back my date til the next day or week. As bad as i want my surgery i cant miss my sons first day of kindergarten. As a mom that would make me feel terrible. What should i do? If there is anybody that has an earlier date and doesnt mind switching with me please let me know ASAP.


On my last update i was upset because i got an available date of august 25th ( which meant i wouldnt be there for my sons first days of kindergarten). I went head and sent my $250 deposit, got an email saying that my surgery would be on the 26th. After doing some research I went on a forum that was made specifically for people that were switching dates with other girls, so i said what the hell, maybe ill get lucky. I put posts up about my problem and kept looking at comments of people trying to swap dates with others to get an earlier sx. Well no more than a day or two later i got an update that someone had a july 9th date with Duran. She had already paid her deposit but decided to switch doctors with Salama ( i think). I was the first one to respond to her...and after sending her about 5 different comments and private messages ( i know...acting like a straight groupie lol) she got back to me about 2 hours later and said i can have her date. I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING. I HAVE TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO @Nooonoo757 FOR LETTING ME HAVE YOUR DATE GURL. SHE CAME THRU FOR ME AT THE RIGHT TIME. We messaged each other back and forth and i found out that she went thru bellavita as i did. So i emailed Jazzelyn (the chief operating officer) at bellavita and told her about the lovely lady that was willing to switch dates with me. She emailed her and got a confirmation from her that she was willing to give me her spot on july9th. HURRRAYYY....IM SO EXCITED.


"Thatsexychick22" and I were both "buddyless" we decided to go together. Im kind of shocked that i cant find a lot of people on here with the same surgery date as me. I've found one girl that has the same date and doctor as me but she hasn't responded to my messages yet. I really didnt want to travel by myself. My buddy is going to cabral but she is flying out 1 day before me. We're leaning towards Armonia which is where i really wanted to go...heard so many great reviews. I called her and she said that she was going to send me her banking info on facebook. Everything is happening so quickly. Its time for me to put in overtime at work so i can make some more money for this trip.


Right now it really pays to be a nurse, because almost half of the supplies I need for this trip I got from work...which really saved me a lot of money ( i a bad gal lol). Here's some of the supplies i got at work:
1. Wound Care Supplies> Steri-strips, Sure Prep, Alohol Prep pads, cotton tipped applicators ( wasnt really sure if i needed these so i just grabbed some anyway to be safe), boxes of 4x4 inch sterile gauze, bordered gauze/dry island dressing( adhesive gauze that stays in place at wound site), kerlix gauze bandage to hold primary dressings in place, ABD pads ( i read that a lot of girls were complaining about maternity pads or other pads not holding drainage very well. ABD pads are excellent in the healthcare field for drainage wounds. They are extra absorbent and hold drainage very well). Maxsorb Extra Alginate Wound dressings( they are used on top of wound sites but under the adhesive dressing, they absorb drainage for partial and full-thickness wounds, and remain intact when wet), Iodine prep solution for incision sites in case i decide to get a breast augmentation with my lipo and bbl, Poly-lined towel/drape( these are kind of the same as chux, i grabbed about 20-40 of these), and gloves.

2. Post Op Care Supplies> Urinary drainage bag and foley catheters ( i grabbed these just in case im too sore to keep getting up to go to the potty. I'd rather have a foley than to accidently pee on myself from not being able to get out the bed lol), 4 packs of anti- embolism stockings, wipes, ace wrap for extra support for my tummy after lipo, an abdominal binder ( my sticky fingers had to grab this lmao, its just like an abdominal board in the shape of a corset, i really wanna cinch my waist in).

3. Medicinal/ Nutrional Supplies> ProSource Dual Action Protein Powder( Whey Protein and Casein proteins to promote balanced wound therapy. Basically it helps your wound heal efficiently), a box of tuberculin/heparin syringes, and two bottles of Hi-Cal ( its the nursing home version of ensure but with a higher number of calories and vitamins.

I still have other things to get, but considering i just got all the above items listed for free i'd say that im off to a hell of a good start. I definetly need to get my vitamins and boppy pillow. I will update my list as i get more supplies. Stay tuned.


So I really wanted to go to armonia but this lady acts as tho she doesnt want to make any money. I sent her a message on fb about my reply after 3 days. So I downloaded pennytalk..its an app for international calls that you can add money to. It came with 100 free minutes so I said what the hell. .....I can try to get in touch with this lady for free real quick. I call her and she addressed my concerns about my buddy and I arriving on different dates. She said thats fine as long as we pay for a double room it doesnt matter when we arrive. She then said she would send me her banking info on fb. Fast forward to two days later...this chick responds to my questions I sent her on fb 5 days ago...mind u she already answered those questions when I called her on the phone 2 days ago. To make things worse, did she send me her bank info..NOOOOO. who woulda known getting in touch with these ppl would be this difficult. So im back at square one. Ima see if I find any more international phone call apps that come with free minutes. But after this ima just find another place to stay.


Hello ladies. Okay, so I know I havnt been on here since the spring time. I did not get my surgery in July as planned. Money was tooooo tight. Im a mother first and foremost. Im not going to spend my dollars on a bbl when I have a five year old son that relies on me. Gots to take care of my baby first. Im kind of glad money got tight because it gave me time to really think about the procedure and if I really wanted to go through with it. Well money is flowing in lately and after doing more thinking and debating I think i can honestly say Im ready to get "bodied" lol. I contacted my girl Jazzelyn at bellavita and she got me a new date. She said I could get something at soon as this month(November) but I told her to give me something early in the next year....that way I could have time to make sure I have my money together and time to get whatever remaining supplies I need, and to find a recovery house and/or sx buddy. She confirmed my new date two days later. So I'm now set for sx on Monday February 2, 2015 at 7am. Hopefully I really go through with it this time lol. I'm going to fly out on sunday the 1st to get settled and get all of my lab/blood work done. 11 weeks and some change to go.....

Missed my date Again.....UGGGGH

So ladies once again i did not have my sx. I had to cancel on it again. This is the second time. To the ladies that tried to get in touch with me to buddy up....i sincerely apologize if you think i blew yall off. Ive just been so upset about not being able to get my sx that i just shut down and didnt feel like talking. If any of you still went around the date i was suppose to go then i hope everything went okay with your sx. Maybe this is a sign that i shouldnt do this....i dont know. Im going to try and see if i can get a date beginning of march. We will see how it goes :(


Okay so after my little meltdown I hit up Dr. Contreras. Even though I emailed him two months ago he said he would still honor the quote he gave me of $2,500. I asked him if he had anything for the end of February and he said he could get me in on Feb 19, 2015. That was a little too soon for me, it would have only left me with one week to book flights, get my hemo up, etc. So I asked if he had something for beginning of March. He was able to put me down for March 3, 2015 but I have to hurry up and book my flight to lock in the date. Im going to book my flight tomorrow and get some supplies from my job lol. I would like to stay at his guest house, that way I know he is close by. I keep looking at his pics on instagram and these ladies are looking soooooo good. I hope everything works out. My sx is only 3 weeks away. I have been taking the SSS Tonic which tastes horrible but I have only 3 weeks to make sure my hemo is good and im not taking any risks. Wish me luck.

Flight Booked...still debating on RH

So my flight is all booked and my date is officially locked in. Im still debating on a RH. I hooked up with a few girls on Instagram that i found have the same date as me....2 going to the same doctor and others going to a different surgeon. They are staying at Armonia but something about that place just sets me off the wrong way. Everytime i speak to Myra there seems to be a miscommunication of some sort. I would really like to stay at Contreras guest house to be close to him but i still cant find any reviews on his guest house yet. And considering that there is going to be four of us at Armonia in a room that means that the price per night will go down...cant really argue with that. The girl that hooked me up with her room said that once she gets there and she doesnt like it that then she will contact Contreras and we will stay at his guest house. I have some decision making to do.
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