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Hey ladies i been contemplating whether or not i...

Hey ladies i been contemplating whether or not i should make a review here or not. Being a member here for over a year ive seen all the drama that can arise. But fuk it, i feel like this website and you ladies have helped me soo much i want to give back and share my experience.

So im from new york. And I will be traveling from JFK to SDQ on august 4, its an overnight flight, and im returning august 16. (11 days) I am going to get a Brazilian Butt Lift with Dra Duran with fat transfer from my stomach flanks and back. She quoted me $3700. I already sent her the $250 deposit. (FYI Ladies, if you have chase, if you can dont do the wire transfer with them, they charge a $45 fee! Smh) Anyways my surgery is scheduled for August 7, Elizabeth told me to come on the 6th for exams. I am having my boyfriend (of almost 6 years) joining me on this trip. He is very supportive and says hes not nervous at all but well see if hes shitting his pants on the 7th of august LOL! I plan on spending the 5th to enjoy it with him, do a little tourist shopping, enjoy the pool.. The main reason for this extra day is mainly because I know its not good to get surgery right after a flight because of blood clots and the risk of pulmonary embolism.

I plan on staying at real recovery armonia. She charges $85 for a double room and $50 extra per day for a companion. Thats about $1500 for 11 days. But she does have a special going on right now which is $80 for a double room, a free massage and $40 for a companion... I think lol. Which is great! Saves me about $300 bucks.

So far i have everything packed, i got my passport two weeks ago.. Im just missing a couple small things like baby wipes and an extra pack of tank tops. I'll make a list and photo of my supplies in my next post. Everything is kind of just thrown in there at the moment. Lol.

A little more about my health and Me. Im 20 years old. I'll be 21 pretty soon. No kids. Im 5'5 and weighed 164 since my last appointment on june 3rd. My stomach is way bigger than it was a month ago, i been eating more. It doesn't really bother me because 1. My butt is growing with it and 2. More fat for my new booty! heey!! Even though Duran told me not to gain any weight, that it wont ensure better results.. Lol im guessing im something like 170 ish now. Well see.. I I also got my hemo on june 3rd, its 12.9, which is okay not great but not terrible. Since then ive been taking Geritol liquid iron twice a
day. One after lunch and the other after dinner. Ive also been take a mix of vitamins for a couple months now;

Iron 65mg
Blood builder
1000mg vitamin C

Folic acid & B Complex

I just stopped taking my multivitamin in july because it has Vitamin E, which is a no no! I also stopped eating any foods that contains salicylates which are cucumbers, ginger, almonds, grapefruit, grapes, tomatoes, cherries. And of course NO CAFFEINE! So no tea , coffee or soda. There are a couple caffeine free sodas like most orange sodas and some boylan brand sodas which are all natural sodas. I stopped smoking ( maryjane ) two months prior. I do have an appointment on the 27 of july to check my hemo.. Hopefully i get some good news.. Im a little nervous about that ...

Well i guess thats all i have for now, i added some wish pics and some fake before an afters.. Ill take some new before pics this week so you can see the weight gain. All the photos of me in this post i weigh about 150-155 ish. Any questions or comments, feel free! Im here to chat. Bye bye ladies!!

Supply list! 15 more days!!

Heyyy girls! I wanna start off by saying thank you so much for all the positive feedback and well wishes! I love that you ladies are following my journey and Im here to help. I promise to update this and answer all your questions! I just been trying to stay stress free and positive as the days go by and the countdown begins!! I have 15 days until i leave to Dominican Republic!!! I am nervous, exited, scared and anxious all at the same time, it feels so surreal. I counted all my money today and Im ready to go! I am leaving with $6500 cash. I looked at it all and it hit me just a little bit more. This is happening! I can remember like it was yesterday when I was stalking realself, trying to figure out what doctor i wanted to go, whether i really wanted to do this or not, no money saved up.. And here I am.. Im going to go through with this..

Anyways i have a list and some photos of all my supplies. I officially have all my bags packed, im taking one large luggage to check in, weighing in at 70 pounds.. I know under 50 pounds its free to check in. When my boyfriend gets his bag packed, ill try stuff about 20 pounds of shit into his to save me that $100 fee. I am also bringing a carry-on bag, like a weekender, and a personal bag, which is my purse.

In my large luggage I have
• 12 cans pineapple juice
• 15 bottles ensure
• 6 packs baby wipes
• 3 large cans pineapple chunks
• 100 pack alcohol pads
• 2 pcks ouchless tape (tape bandages & gauze pads)
• 30 gauze pads
• vaseline lotion
• about 110 pads ( xtra incase i get my period smh)
• pez
• big bottle hand sanitizer
• bug spray(theres a west nile type virus spreading around DR, dont forgot to bring bug spray ladies!)
• gloves (about 30)
• 40 ct antibacterial wipes
• thermometer
• bandaids (about 50)
• alcohol w/ spray bottle
• hibiclens
• arnica massage oil
• compression socks (my sis bought off duran when she went)
• neosporin
• pepto bismol
• zzz-quil
• 5 sheets lipo foam
• about 30 chux (puppy pads)
• vanilla & chocolate pudding
• apple sauce (14 ct)
• cheese and stix snacks (2pck)
• 2 ct aloe socks
• flip flops
• robe
• boppy pillow
• 7 wash cloths
• 8 packs facial tissues( my allergies be Crazyy)
• toothbrush & toothpaste
• 5 ct granny panties
• amoxicillin
• tylenol w/ codine
•b complex
•vitamin C
• Vitamedica

In my carry on, i have
• deodorant
• brush & comb
• 2 small travel pack antibacterial wipes
• pill organizer
• olay soap (for the boo and the two nights no surgery)
• 12 tank tops
• crocs
• pink tee w/ yoga pants set
• 3 maxi dresses
• 1 navy 3/4 slv midi dress
• 5 sleep dresses
• sweater for the plane ride
• 2x leggings
• white tee
• hair products & makeup

Ive also included some pics of my weight gain. BTW, Does anybody know if real recovery charges extra for rides around the city, or if they do that at all. My sister told me about this place called helado bon. I wanna make a stop there with the boo to get some desert, pick up a few bottles of Hennessy white... Lol. I guess ill have to email Mayra this week to see what she says about that. ...

Again its nice to have some support and women to talk to that are on the same page and position as me! Until next time Toodles ladies! Xoxo =**

What to do in DR??

Wassuupp ladies!! Days are flying by arent they? O M G is all i can say lol. So I wanna start off by listing my expenses, I was sorting out my money and here is what i got;

• Duran- $3450 ( -$250 deposit)
• Real recovery- $1200
• Massages- $200 (real recovery charges $25 per massage and also have a special for two free massages, it should be $175 but I set aside $200 incase)
• $200 post op meds Duran will prescribe me
• $150 faja
• $150 tips, food & souvenirs
• $20 customs fee (me & the boo)
= $5,370

That leaves me with $1,100 to spare for any emergencies like blood transfusion, god forbid I would have to get one or transportation . Although Real recovery does say on their website there is no fee for round trip airport pickup. Thats all the expenses I can think of at the moment. Anyone else have anything they can add to this list? Please let me know any expenses you ran into or anything I'm forgetting.

Also what is there do in DR other than tourist shop and eat?? Now I'm not looking into anything adventurous, but what can I do in Santo Domingo that is laid back and fun? Any shops I should visit? Any good restaurants? Maybe ill just stop by the beach idk really. Any suggestions?? Im thinking about hiring Jose Brito, I think he charges $150 for your trip.. Ill look into that. I'm not sure if Real Recovery will do drive arounds/tours like that. Ill message Mayra to see if she charges an extra fee for that or even does that at all. Ill let you ladies know!

I also went to an appoinment at the labcorp today to get my hemo checked but was unsuccessful, turns out I need a doctors referral to get blood work. Btw my PCP is bitch and a horrible doctor, the last time I seen her she refused to give me labs and she knew I was getting surgery and I needed them. I will try to get in contact with her but I dont know if its going to happen, being that im leaving in 8 days.. I hope my hemo is over 13. Ive been takin two iron pills and two doses of geritol a day! Im really Hoping that pays off.. I did get off my period this week and Ive read about hemo going down after menstruation a little.. My sister says I should be alright.. I really hope so.. I might just have to wait till I get to DR to find that out..

Any who my Bf has still not packed yet smh lol... Guys are just so late with these kinds of things lol. Everyone around seems a little unaware of how close my time is coming...and for me its like.. Well shit is getting real!! This is my last week of work, I'm giving myself a week to rest and get proper sleep before I leave to D.R.

Any ladies leaving to DR at this time? It would be nice to meet with another doll and share our experience.. Ill probably update again next week, or if I receive any good or bad news.. Praying all good!!

Good luck to all the ladies getting surgery this week and to all the dolls recovering! Ill keep you in my prayers! Xoxoxo

3 days!!!

Hola dolls, here with what started as a short update, LOL along with some useful information. I forgot to mention that I changed my vitamin schedule because I started my vitamedica morning and evening formula 2 weeks prior.. I ordered it off amazon for $85.. It is $15 cheaper on amazon, but is still a little pricey. But hey If i can save almost 7gs for the surgery whats $85 on vitamins that are crucial to my healing process? Right right? Lol

Anyways Vitamedica requires you stop taking any other vitamins and minerals, so I stopped taking my b-complex and folic acid. But I will continue again post op.

Heres my vitamin schedule:

Before breakfast:
2x 65mg iron
1000mg vitamin c

After breakfast:
Vitamedica morning

After lunch/before bed:
vitamedica evening

Along with Two doses of Geritol a day.

So I contacted Jose Brito through facebook, we talked a little, he speaks english which is great! He asked me a couple questions like where I was staying at, when I was arriving, what doc I was going to. He also gave me his number to contact him on the 5th. I decided to hire him per hour for the first day I get there. I told him I needed to exchange money, eat around and buy some Hennessy white LOL. He was cool about it and I know he can take me to the cheapest places and the best restaurants.. He charges $15 per hour or $150 for your whole trip, I added some photos he sent me regarding his prices. I also asked him whether he would stay with me while I shop around or does he leave and Ill have to call him back or whatever, cus im paying per hour, he said if I wanted him to he would stay.

Overall im feeling pretty confident about everything, i cant wait to leave.. I added a few more items to my supply list that I plan on buying this week;

• hair scrunchies
• tylenol extra strength
• travel size face wash

BTW today is my last day of work! I requested 3 weeks off, i work closely with about 4 females, who ive shared my experience with and all wish me well, which is nice to have.

This week feels like its going by slower than the whole month of june! Where juno go tho? LOL

Anyways i had a doctors visit today, i though I had an ear infection I was so worried, turns out I have "swimmers ear". I got it when I went to action park water park about 2 weeks ago. smh why me LOL . Well he prescribed me hydrocortisone ear drops and he also said it shouldn't interfere with my surgery in anyway. Thank god.

Continuing to pray everyday and Ill leave you with some surgery prep info I found online:

One Week Before Surgery

BEGIN A LOW SODIUM DIET: (1 week BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER procedure):
Limit sodium intake to 1200-1500 mg. daily. Limiting sodium will help you have less swelling and discomfort and allow you to heal faster after surgery.
GET PROPER NUTRITION AND REST: (1 week BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER procedure):
Avoid white carbohydrates such as bread, bagels, rice, potatoes, pasta and sweets.
Eat healthy, regular meals.
Eat 2 fruits and 3 green vegetables daily.
Eat a small amount of protein at each meal.
IMPORTANT! Your diet can aid healing remarkably and reduce swelling and pain!
BUY SURGICAL GARMENT (if instructed to do so by Dr. Lopes):
You will be instructed by your patient counselor where to purchase the garment.
Your garment may need to be altered to fit and you must have it for the day of surgery.

Also Duran's email is hilarioplasticsurg@hotmail.com

All her information is posted on her website.


Back again, im leaving tomorrow, my flight leaves at 9pm, i get to SDQ at 1am. I have some interesting news! I now have a yeast infection.. Ughhh :( i am officially stressed out.. Because of the antibiotics i was taking, that caused me get a yeast infection.. I went to walgreens today and picked up some monistat 1, the one day treatment.. Well see how this works.. And also some cranberry juice which should help level my ph.

And on top of that hurricane Bertha is going to be in the Caribbean these couple days. It should be passing through puerto rico, the dominican, then the Bahamas.. And then straight up north.. Muthafuckin Bertha!!! My day to tour around santo domingo might also be canceled.. Smh.. There is also a good chance my flight will be delayed, lets hope not canceled.. I am really trying to keep my cool, stay mellow but my mind is going crazy..

I feel as if this is all sign telling me not to do this... :( .. I really hope im wrong...

Other than that.. I started taking my Arnica today.. .. The boo brought his luggage today and I put all my ensures, pineapple juice and some baby wipes in there and got my luggage down to 42 pounds! Yay lol his luggage is 40 pounds.. Got my hair did today.. Boo got a fresh haircut lol..

Anyways tomorrow its going down.. Time is ticking.. Cant wait to meet duran!

Thanks for the all the well wishes ladies, i will keep updating.. Xoxo

Ive arrived!! && photo overload!!!

Hey ladies ! Im in the dominican! My fligt had an hour delay i arrived to real recovery at 4am!! Lol I am staying at the condo, with ruth and her nurses. So no mayra here! Everyone seems pretty nice, it has a nice view, a balcony, flat screen tv, AC, the food is pretty good! Everything is clean, not too small.. Except its pouring like no tomorrow!

Anyways I started taking bromelain, (2x 3 times a day) yesterday. Its kind of annoying the amount of vitamins im taking.. Its hard to keep up..

I was speaking to another recovering duran doll and she was telling about how the RH is trying to extort extra money out of the girls here.. Smh don't know what to think, haven't experienced any of it yet , but grateful for the heads up!

I put a couple photos up of the RH.. Will update later, my room is all the way in the back where the wifi doesn't reach smh..

Just got back from my tour with jose brito! He is a really nice guy he took us around, we got pizza hut which was banging! It rained on and off, it cleared completely once we got back tho, around 7. I got some souvenirs, which are very expensive btw, little ashtrays and cups for $20 each. ?? Lol, i got two bottles of hennessy white for $58 each! A little pricey, theres only one size too. Everything else is pretty cheap, i had my money converter app on hand all day! Lol! These pesos can get a little confusing too...

Heres a couple things I noticed about santo domingo.. My boyfriend pointed out how tinted all the cars were. Almost everyone had extremely tinted windows.. I seen so many emaciated dogs either roaming around or with their owners, still very skinny! Lol .. The driving is a little crazy, alot of the poor neighborhoods, which is a large amount of santo domingo has no street lights or street signs..

Real recovery charged me today.. Ruth gave me a receipt and we went over it. She didnt charge for 16, the day I leave. I am going to get 7 massages which she pre charged me for, she said they are $30 each, but she said they have a special half off, so $105.. Which i thought was a great deal.. She also tried to charge me $85 a night, i was like nooo you told me $75 on fb lol. She said no problem. And she charged me $50 a night for the boo, even tho she said $40 on fb, i let it rock LOL.. So she wrote me a receipt for $1230 in total including massages. I also noticed they cleaned our room while we were gone..

So far i spent $270 today, including jose brito's 4 hours. I gave a little tip too just for being so polite, answering all my questions and giving some inside scoop on the doctors in cipla! Ha!

Anyways im going to get my labs tomorrow in the afternoon! Xoxo

Getting bootyfied tomorrow!!

Heyy girlls how yall doing? Hopefully well :) Im enjoying my stay here in the dominican, i wouldn't say its exactly 'fun' but its relaxing for the most part.

There was a little mix up at the RH about what time I was going to get my labs.. First ruth told me we were going in the afternoon because the cardiologist wouldnt be ready till after 12, because another duran doll from our rh was getting surgery this morning. Then her nurses and assistant pulled me aside last night around 8pm, ruth had stepped out, to tell me we were going to get my blood drawn at cipla at 8am, then go back later. I was really confused but i went along with it. So come this morning i wake up early and errthing, its 8am and im waiting like helloo lets goo.. The same assistant from last night comes and tells me ooh well its better you go after 12, so you can eat. And im like im fasting! I cant eat, i have to take blood test smh.. Then she calls ruth and comes back moments later like okay shes on her way. So i go to get my blood drawn and x rays at 8:30.

So i find out i have to go back to cipla at 2:30 for the cardiologist. And While im in the rh waiting till 3, ruth comes to me to tell me that were leaving later but she also throws in how i should have listened to her and gone after 12, then i was like well your nurse told me last night that we were leaving at 8am. Then she defended her nurse and was like oo she asked you what time and you said 8..?? Then i just guessed that her nurse lied to her cus she fucked up! and i just dropped it. Its just annoying, the disorganization and lack of communication is something that comes along with traveling and getting surgery in dr. Im not surprised..

Anyways, i go back to cipla at 3 for the cardiologist, dr. Belkis Almanzar Botella. Btw durans office is freezing fucking cold. Anywho Dr almanzar has me lay on an examination bed, take off my shirt and bra. A little awkward i must say. She puts these clamps on both my wrists and ankles, then connects some wires into all of them, kind of look like when you connect your headphones into your phone, and put these little suction cups, about 5 on my chest, one suction cup under my boob and one under my rib. Then im laying there while she gets the results and a long receipt prints out in what looks like some machine from the 70's. I have to say her clamp suction machine looks like she bought it at a vintage doctor shop LOL.. I guess it does the job..

Also she told me my hemo is 13. And the durans assistant told me to stop eating at 8:30pm tonight. That they only take cash and that ill have to buy compression socks ($35) and a second faja ($150) .

Note: ladies if you are trying to get a date from duran. You should try calling after 3, see what that does for you, because at 3 her office is empty, its just her two assistants gossiping and flirting with two wanna be cool pervert dominican guys. My boyfriend also pointed out that duran's office always smells like food, cause they are constantly eating in there. I snook in some photos you can see what im talking about.

Another note (lol): Also got a glimpse of duran when i was waiting in her office earlier, she looks very nice and pretty. I didnt speak to her today tho. All the seats in her waiting room were taken, it was completely packed, this is around 9am, all the girls are just giving eachother mean looks, this big bitch next to me nearly sat on me, on purpose, and elbowing me, so annoying...

Now im just chilling out, gonna pack my overnight bag for cipla.. Gotta be there at 6:45 am. Tomorrow is a big day! Kisses and wish me luckkk ..

Ill back tomorrow with my new booty ahhh xoxoxoxo

The Day of Surgery

You may brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash. Do not swallow any liquids.
Do not use breath mints or chewing gum.
Do not apply makeup, deodorant, lotions, fingernail polish, hairpins or moisturizer.
Do not wear jewelry or valuables.
Do not wear contacts. Bring a case for glasses.
Wear loose-fitting clothing: a button up front shirt, elastic waist pants and slip-on shoes. No jeans or jumpsuits.
Bring a scarf and dark glasses (to be worn afterwards) for appropriate procedures.
Bring surgical garment (to be worn after surgery) if instructed to do so by Dr. Lopes.
You will need a ride to and from the office for the procedure (no Taxi).
FOR LOCAL PROCEDURES WITH ORAL SEDATION (as instructed by your patient counselor)
No food or caffeine for four (4) hours before procedure.
You may have a light meal prior to your procedure. Avoid greasy and spicy food.
15 minutes before taking medications: Eat a few crackers or a piece of toast.
1 hour before procedure: Take oral pre-op sedation.
Have someone drive you to your appointment and drive you home

I am officially a Duran Doll! yaaasss

Heey girlies i made it to the flat side!! Woop woop !! I am typing with one hand cud my other hand has the IV. And this shit hurts. I wanna thank all u ladies for the great support you've given me and all the prayers. I really wanted to come back strong to tell you guys this story and i have a lot of details to share.

I went into surgery at around 11:30 ish.. I got out of surgery at around 1 ish. So the surgery itself wasnt so long about an hour and a half. And guess what? I did not get general anesthesia, i got local anesthesia, meaning i was awake the whole time! There was a curtain covering so i didnt see what was happening but i felt it all. It didnt necessarily hurt, but it was uncomfortable and i was so drugged up i was talking a lot of shit! LOL not bad shit but I know that I was talking alot! LOL, i was like "donde estas duran?! Duran?! " Lol i remember saying "caderas, mucho caderas!! " caderas means hips.. I also remeber saying "estou frio, mucho frio" meaning its cold, then they turned off the ac.. I do also remember the doctors talking a lot about other random stuff.. And i was just dyingg i mean DYING to get out of there . I kept saying "terminaste!?!" Meaning finished... Towards the last 20 minutes of my surgery i started feeling pain and I knew the anesthesia was wearing off. I was shaking like crazy, and i knew it was because of that, i was put into another room where they check your heart rate and all that. There were two other girls in there knocked out and i was telling the guy i cant sleep, LoL . They wont let you leave that room until they think your ready to go to your overnight room, he let me leave after about 20 minutes.

So i get to my room and i see my boo! When they put me on my bed i vomited twice, i was gagging after but there nothing in my stomach to come out.. So far havnt ate in 21 hours.. Soo hungry.. Well when i got to my bed I was still shaking and in pain at this point, i went to sleep and woke up at 4pm.. It almost 5 now, the shaking went away but my butt is soo hard And it hurts to lay on. I had a nurse come in to refill my iv and give me some pain meds, that shit hurted going to my veins and it burned like shit! Waiting for these wac ass pain meds to kick in..

I also got some soup but i have until duran comes in so she can clear me to eat. And i cant have my ensure till 8pm.. Some Bullshit

Well now im just chillin out, ill talk to you dolls later, love ya xoxoxo !

After Surgery

You will be given specific postoperative instructions for your procedure which will outline in detail what you should do for the next 24 hours and for the upcoming weeks.
WHEN YOU GET HOME: (General Instructions)
Someone must be with you for 24 hours.
Do not get up without assistance. Stay quiet and do little talking, movement, and lifting
as excessive activity may cause bleeding to occur.
Pain medication can be taken soon after leaving the office if needed.
If you experience nausea, use the anti-nausea medication.
Sip liquids slowly, increase gradually. By evening you may have a light, soft meal.
Do not drink any alcoholic beverages (beer and wine included) for 48 hours. They do not mix well with anesthesia and may make you very sick.
Do not smoke.
Do not drive or do anything that requires your coordination for 48 hours. Medication
and/or anesthesia agents may interfere with good judgement.

2 days post op!!

2 days post op! Woop woop! Im feeling great! Im back at the RH. They are so sweet here, they had a wheelchair waiting for me when i arrived and i fell right to sleep once i got here yesterday. But Ive been walking around, eating, this morning they took off my stage 1 faja, washed it and wiped me down with a washcloth and hibiclens. It was right after i woke up, i was so dizzy i felt like vomiting and passing out. The nurse had me holding on to the sink. After it was over i laid down and ate breakfast after, bacon egg and cheese sandwich, which was bangin!

I seen duran before i left cipla. She prescribed me some meds and told me to drink a lot of fluids and water. She told me no fried foods. Also i do not have a drain! I asked the nurse she said thats a good thing and that i didnt need it. So im peeing like CRAZY! Its all fluids..

Also before i left they removed a catheter out my vagina, it hurt so bad! Omg i was squeezing the pillow and moaning like ahhhh... It hurt to pee afterwards.. They also drained my back before i left cipla and it hurt like HELL! it was excruciating and i felt the liquid leaking down my back.. Ugh..

Here at the RH, they've been giving me my oxoforte, antibiotics, liquid iron, i got my first mexaprin shot today, which is basically like heparin shots. I took my miralax yesterday and i feel the urge to poop already, but its not ready.. Maybe later on tonight or tomorrow hopefully. Im still taking my arnica and vitamedica too..

Also the nurses said im doing great with swelling. Im mainly swollen when i wake up or been laying down for too long. I think its because i started taking my arnica 5 days before surgery and drinking lots of pineapple juice!

I also did not need a blood transfusion, my hemo was 9.. Which they said was good. I feel strong though.. The pain in my butt has subsided , only really bothers when I get up and lay down; thats the hardest thing at the moment. My stomach and back is really sore and little painful but its bearable at the moment. Ive been taking tylenol extra strength, i don't really need anything stronger at the moment. But i do recommend you bring something really strong for the first night at cipla, the pain will keep you up all night and the pain meds they give you there suck! The boo didnt sleep at cipla either cause i kept bothering him, that first night is hell, you're stuck in the same position for hours, the pain is unbearable.. Smh thank god its over!

Ive been taking my temp everyday, cause you know fever is the first sign of infection, my temp yesterday was 98.2.. This morning it was 98.6, which is normal.. Will check again later. I Have a follow up with Duran on tuesday, shes going to give me my stage 2 faja.

Well i guess thats all for now.. Just on the road to recovery, its not easy but its what I wanted so i just have to suck it up! Any questions jus ask, i added some photos of my results, which i am very happy with btw, Byee ladiess XOXOXO :)

Officially one week post op!

Hey ladies , thanks you much for following my journey and wishing me well! Good luck to all you ladies getting surgery this week and happy healing to those in recovery! Its hard but time will fly by! Also a big shout out to my RH buddy, Sexymom1023, she is so cool and easy to talk to!

So im officially 1 week post op!! I made it!! Infection free and on the annoying road to recovery! LOL ! I have to say this is not easy at all! Getting up in the mornings im in the most pain, which is not like omgg its hurts so bad, its just like moving around hurts, i feel so sore, and tender.. Im also peeing like crazy! Every night i wake up 3 times to pee, which is not a tinkle, im peeing for a long time! After my massages i feel great! My stomach is more flat, you can see the curve in my back more.. But the massage itself hurts!!! I try to do breathing exercises to relieve the pain, which helps a little, but i be making the ugliest faces! LOL.. I can feel all the fluid just draining out which is good, but i have to take two tylenol extra strengths before. One of the nurses says im healing very fast! I was like yass! My belly button is looking more normal everyday too :)

Also some good news! Im pooping very regular, i started on my 2nd day post op. One day i pooped twice! I feel the urge more when the faja is off. I have to say that miralax is wonderful! It worked great for me, i took 2 spoonfuls my 2nd day post op and pooped that night. I took it again the next day, and i haven't taken it again since, dont need it.

Also i want to throw in that i brought about 6 packs of baby wipes, 5 packs going unused! Here they wash you by the sink, with a washcloth, and hibiclens. I know some other places wipe u down with baby wipes. Im leaving in two days, on saturday , ill make sure to make a list of things i didn't use while i was here.

I have my last appointment with duran on friday, tomorrow. My appointment on tuesday was just to take my tail drain out lol. Its like a small tube popping out the hole in your back, above your butt, and when the nurse in cipla pulled it out omg it hurt so much. She was like okayy okayy im done im done.. I was thinking no bitch u not done i still feel it lol. Well she showed me it after and it was about 4 inches long. She took off the extender on my faja too, like the middle part , so its soo tight now.. I also get my stage 2 faja on friday.

Also got some inside scoop about the two real recovery houses..
So heres the story.. Ruth is a nurse and a psychical therapist, her massages are bomb btw. She worked closely with mayra and recovery armonia. But she said she didnt like it there, she mentioned how she worked 7 days a week, didnt have time for her kids and that wasnt her job. Her job was working closely with another plastic surgeon. Then her father passed in NY, and she left, when she came back mayra had replaced her. So Ruth then made her own recovery house: Real Tropical deluxe. They have shirts, signs and business cards with the logo, real tropical deluxe. She told me that Mayra begged her to come back and constantly calls her asking her to come back but she wants nothing to do with her. She also mentioned how at mayras theres no privacy, theres about 15-17 girls there, which i also heard from jose brito the same information, that theres about 3-4 girls per room and the nurses refuse to change dirty sheets, drain girls drains. That the nurses there tell each other "no its your turn" .. She mentioned how girls walk around half naked, which its not a bad thing but if your going with your man or a companion it doesn't sound too comfortable. She says she has no intentions in copying mayras place, her place is family owned, and they are two totally different places. I told her how alot of girls get confused because of the name, and that she should change her name on Facebook to Real Tropical Deluxe.

Now i am not trying to bad talk real recovery armonia, i haven't been there i don't know whats true or not. I am just writing what i heard from multiple sources and what they told me, i thought i would share this information with you ladies, theres no point in keeping it to myself.. I am never doing this again! LOL

Anyways i cant wait to go hooomee! Ugh im so bored here.. I just sleep lol. I go to sleep everyday at around 10pm, i wake up around 8:30- 9am. I eat breakfast, which they ask you what you want for breakfast everyday, chill around, get my massage, then i take a two hour nap.. Chill for the rest of the day. I just wanna leave dominican republic.. I want some lasagna, baked mac and cheese, ribs, oxtails.. Cornbread LOL.. Cant wait to shave my armpits and my legs, take a shower.. Wash my hair.. Ughh two more days...

My trip back home! 11 days op!

Heyy ladies.. 11 days post op now... Im back home thank god!! It feels soo good and soo normal! I feel better just being here.. I just cant wait to go out, walk around and see my city again!

I have to say my DR experience was great.. That had alot to do with where i stayed at, they really took care of me and im glad i chose that recovery house. They made me and the boo feel comfortable, and i would definitely stay there again, they are trustworthy, they clean your room everyday, wash your clothes for free, change the sheets every 2 days, they had a girl come do my nails with acrylic, and toes, she did a wash and set on my hair, ruth's daughter would make little cakes and treats for us which was sweet, theres a nice pool, a beautiful view of the ocean, and the price is very reasonable considering it being a recovery house with all the amenities and its definitely more high end for DR standards.. I left all the girls a nice little tip too! :)

On another note, Coming home, the flight sucked! At the airport in DR, i got stopped by customs, i had to go to small room after i passed through security, unbutton my faja half way so a girl can search me.. It was so frustrating.. The girl was nice atleast. She asked me a bunch of questions, like what i got done, why im getting surgery in dr, how long i was there.. Made me sign papers.. She searched my purse, felt inside my faja.. Felt my stomach ... I had a hard time getting my faja back on, she tried to help me but she had the longest nails on, i was like get off i do it myself.. The back room was so shitty the door was broken had no handle she couldn't even open the door to leave.. Then i had the manager of customer staring me down and grilling me as i walked out the room.. Wanted to punch her ass too!

After sitting for an hour waiting to board.. my butt hurt, my flight got delayed an hour, during the 3 and half hour flight i was so tired and exhausted and extremely swollen from the air pressure, the faja was severely cutting into my thighs and my stomach felt like it was going explode in the faja.. Ughh.. I cant imagine how u ladies do these long flights and especially the flights that make stops and all.. God bless you..

At the airport everybody was looking at me, i mean stares, looks and faces from everybody, store employees, random people, people who work at the airport, at first it was so uncomfortable but by the time i got back to NY, i just shot dirty faces right back at em Lol,( got my NY attitude back lmao) but what can u do? I signed up for this!
I also had 2 employees at the liquor store in the DR airport make fun of me, speaking in spanish like i didn't understand, laughing.. i felt so bad i told my boo lets go.. Now i feel like i should of punched him in the face and cursed them out.. (Note: But u know in DR you gotta be sweet. Niccas will pull out a machete on you and shit you dont know!)

Anywho.. Im healing great, my sister says i look great for being 11 days post.. I dont really need any help doing much.. Im trying to be as self sufficient as i can.. I can lay down and get up by myself.. Get dressed for the most part, cook something, clean a little, do my bed, i cant bend over all the way but i can squat to pick up things or just use my feet, that works too!

I showered on 10 days post op, duran told me on friday, my last op appointment that i can shower and to continue to wear my faja for atleast 3 months.. She also said when i take off the stage 2 faja to wash to wear my stage one. She said that these are not my final results and that i will continue to get smaller and eventually i will need an xs faja, this one is a size small btw, which was a bitch to get on the first day. She also said that i have some fluid on my lower stomach/upper vagina area, but that its normal and alot water and faja compression will get rid of it..

The pain in my stomach and back is not too bad, although the massages are still hell! Im loving my results though , My hips went down a little sadly, but thats to be expected, my waist is getting smaller everyday! Im having my sister, who is also a duran doll 8 months PO, do my massages, shes gotten alot of massages herself, and has been watching lymphatic massage videos too, ladies you can have someone do them for you, save alot of chingalingg!
My mom ordered a ultra sonic pulse cavitation massage machine.. Its basically a smaller version of the one ruth used on me in DR, ruth told me to get someone to do manual massage on me and to get that machine and ill save alot of money and trips to the spa. The massage packages over here are about $400-$500 and they charge about $100 just for that ultra sonic treatment..
The machine was $350 .. Its great cause my sister can use it too , her stomach is still not fully healed and still kinda hard from the super aggressive lipo duran did, also my mom can use it, it works for cellulite and wrinkles too, it helps burn fat and has different attachments.. I cant wait! I have a small seroma, its a small pocket of fluid on my lower right abdomen, which hurts like shit, im hoping the faja and the massages will help get rid of it,if not ill have to make a trip to a spa to get it drained, they use a needle to remove the fluid.. I hope the machine will help break down that fluid.. I'll let u ladies know how it works once it comes in..

Also im still taking my bromelain, 2x 3 times a day, my morning and evening formula which is suppose to last until 2 weeks post op, im taking 2x iron pills, folic acid and b complex and liquid iron twice a day. Im trying to get my iron back up! My arnica finished btw, before and after my flight my ankles and feet were swollen for about 3 days.. Ive been wearing my compression socks religiously for about 4 days i noticed the swelling in my feet has gone down a lot which is great!

Also ive been pooping alot lol, and because of that i found a way to poop with the faja on, my butt is not too big, (but heart shaped btw) which helps, i just stretch the butt hole open a little and sit down and pooped like normal! Lol i haven't got my faja dirty and it works like a charm, to be safe u can stuff some baby wipes around the hole to not get it dirty..

Well Thats all the update for now.. Ive included some pics, happy healing dolls! :)

Supplies i didnt use plus pics!

Things i didnt use:
• Pepto bismol
• Lipo foam ( wont need until about 1-2 week PO)
• Lotion
• Cotton balls
• Heat wrap
• Bug spray, (i didnt get bit but the boo got bit several times, i think he forgot i packed this)
• alcohol in spray bottle (i seen another rs doll pack this so i thought it would be useful but i never used it)
• large panties
• gloves

Things i barely used ( keep some of these things to a minimum):
• Zzquil ( took only 1/2 dose two times, worried about the 10% alcohol)
• Alcohol pads & Bandaids (used more when i got home)
• Gauze pads, used no more than 10
• Baby wipes, didnt even finish 1 pack, just for when i used the bathroom
• Washclothes (rh used there own)
• neosporin, used more wen i got home
• robe (it was too hot, only used wen leaving cipla)
• 2 sleep dresses
• tape bandage (ouchless tape)

Things i used alot (very important):
• Tank tops ( i brought 12 but only used about 6, rh would just wash them for me)
• hand sanitizer
• chux, brought 30, used about 15, rh used there own for massages too..
• maxi pads, used about 70/120
• pez
• Antibacterial wipes, i was constantly wiping shit down
• thermometer (extremely important, got mines for $1 at deals, $4 at walgreens)
• hibiclens
• arnica massage oil
• fluffy aloe socks
• ensure (duran actually has this on her prescription list)
• stool softener (recommend miralax)

Also want to throw in that i did not have a carry on coming back everything fit into my check in luggage, it weighed in at about 30 pounds returning. Was about 46 leaving.

Plus added photos of me 2 weeks post op!

1 month post op! In love with my results!

1 month post op yess! Its feels great! The pain has definitely subsided. The massages are more bearable, i love massaging my stomach in the shower it feels great. I dont have much fluid left so that makes mr happy, but i do get knots under my skin, where is feels hard usually due to where the faja sinks into my skin like on my waist, its like hard balls of fluid that usually soften up after a massage or if you put a lot of foam on that area. My stomach looks and feels more normal, still kinda hard tho. My belly button still needs more time tho, still struggle looking but im grateful! My waist is getting smaller as the weeks go by. Im already on the last hook of my XS size faja, and thats with all my foam on.

Ladies this is a long process, one day you will feel great, like you wanna go out and show off your new body, another day you will feel shitty, swollen and like you dont wanna get out of bed. That however is not an option because i started working at 2 week post op, which is so annoying but i get the job done! My first week at work i was so exhausted i would go home and nap. But im getting better and stronger though! While healing you will experience violent itching, random sharp shooting pains, heart burn, swelling, stiffness, and if you are acne prone, extreme acne breakouts, i have broken out all over my back, shoulders, arms, chest and face, i read online that its because of the stress your body has been going through, also your body is detoxing and another factor might be because your skin is not breathing under the tank top, foam, faja AND clothes, you can only take the faja off for an hour max a day.. so it makes sense..

I am still sleeping on my stomach, i dont want to lay on my side or back cause i dont want to sacrifice my precious hips and ass! LOL ..

Also idk if any of you ladies have experienced this but my faja is fucking killing me lol, not literally but let me explain.. This has been happening since my size small faja, i am now growing out of my extra small, because my waist is small and the rest of my body is not! LOL Thr faja cuts into in my armpits, my boobs, my upper back, my inner thighs and crotch area are full of cuts from the faja. My last faja i had to cut up the whole thigh area, and this one i cut it into a panty faja. Whatever to make you more comfortable cus this faja life is not easy. If you are having this problem or probably will, stick some foam in those areas, on my crotch area i have a rectangular piece of foam there to take the pressure of the faja, that area is so tight, pads, towel, washcloths wont cut it, u need foam. And the worst part is that its looks soo weird underneath my clothes, my crotch area has foam popping out the corners, it looks xtra padded. Somedays it looks like a huge cameltoe.. Ugh i cant wait for the summer to be over so i can just cover this faja up and not sweating all up in it in this 90 degree weather.

Also another tip, try to avoid being in the heat with your faja on within the first month after your surgery, your skin is very sensitive and you are more susceptible to faja burns. So stay cool!

Also on one of my pics u can see a line on my stomach, thats where the foam separated and there wasnt as much compression there, it will go away with a massage or just more compression.

Anywho thats all the update for now and check out my photos! Ciao xoxo :)

8 weeks post op! PICSS, snatched!

Hey ladies thanks for all the great comments and love ive been getting. Ive been working so much lately and dont have time to reply to everybody but they are much appreciated!

8 weeks post op im feeling great! The pain is almost gone, but i still feel a little pain when rubbing myself hard like for a massage or if i bang into Something by accident. Im still sleeping on my stomach which is a never ending sleep struggle lol. My waist is getting so small, its at 26 inches now. Before surgery it was 31 inches. My hips are still holding on which i love! They probably went down about 30% compared to when i got out of sx, i know some of that was swelling also.. I hope they dont go down anymore. My butt is soo much softer too, it jiggles now but it still a little firm. So happy :) :)

Anyways i just wanted to update to show you guys some pics and btw i am now wearing a girdle with boning, i found it more comfy to wear over my xs fajate faja, because the boning can be a little painful after a while. I tried to buy a faja with the thong in a 2x small but i couldnt get the leg holes halfway up my thighs smh, so i either need to get my xs faja taken which i will do and wear to work cause its more comfy and flexible, or get girdles, which i dont mind and wear in the house cause its so stiff i cant bend much in it.

Anyways happy healing ladies! Xoxo

2 months post op!

Heyyy ladiee! How u all feeling? Healing well i hope :) just wanted to post some 2 months post op pics for you guys, so u can see how this duran body is holding up. My butt is so soft and jiggly now i can feel it jiggle when i move too fast lol. My waist is getting smaller and smaller, if i dont wear my faja for more than 3 hours i start to get swollen, but its not that bad though. But im still wearing my faja everyday, its so annoying now ugh. Duran says i should wear my faja for 3 months minimum, i make 3 months on november 7. Ill stop wearing it in december and move on to my corset and waist trainers. But Longer you wear it , bettet results. Only positive about the faja is that now in nyc its getting a little chilly so its keeps me warm lol, especially if i have extra foam underneath.

Also my waist is at 24 inches now, HEEYYY, it was 31 inches before my surgery and my highest weight. If i get swollen my waist blows up to about 27 inches.

Anywho enjoy the pics, happy healing dolls and good luck in the rest of your journey soon to be dolls! Xoxo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is a little difficult to get in contact with but she is so worth it! She is the best doctor in DR, in my opinion. She will be realistic when telling you about results, she very sweet and will listen you. I feel she only wants best for her patients and she actually cares about your well being. I seen her a total of 5 times when i was in DR and i would go back to her if i had to.. Lets not forget her banging ass bodies!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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