Duran Doll 12/20 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey Dolls. I'm New To RS, we'll not quite, I've...

Hey Dolls. I'm New To RS, we'll not quite, I've been reading reviews for months & decided to go ahead & make one myself since time is nearing. Today is 10/7 & I'm about 9-10wks away. I talked to Duran yesterday & she set a date & time for me. I book a flight today w Jet Blue.
I need help w sending my $250 deposit. Can someone help me?!? She has citi bank & I'm not sure how to make the deposit bc there aren't any of those banks around!!! Help!!!!

Flight change

Today I extended my flight bc I feel that 3 nights wasn't enough only bc you have to get massages. I'm staying from 12/20 3am until 12/26 6am. That'll allow me time to sleep & get my massages. I'm kinda annoyed bc I had to pay $75 extra w Jet Blue to change. Smh!!! Whatever though. I'm booked & ready to be transformed. I'm currently talking w Yasmin about stay at her RH. She wants $55 for double booking or $65 w single. I guess I'll be paying the $65. She also has free transportion to & from cipla & the airport but you have to stay 8days minimum otherwise it's a $70 fee. I guess stick paying that fee as we'll. smh!!! Anyway... I'll keep you posted when she gets back to me.


8wks to go & I need to try to lose 20lbs & get a 13 hemoglobin. Smh!!! Time has been flying & I've hardly noticed. I have a lot of WORK to do in little time. I'm going to start w the weight tomorrow. I need the BEST results I can get. #TeamFit In FULL Effect.

37 Days To Go. Time is FLYING!!!

I have been having second thoughts lately so today I took to FB to read more reviews & look a pics & I Cane across 2 women on there who I have been chatting w ALL day. I won't say their FB names bc I like to keep everything anonymous but I will say one of which has contacted me on here & ironically she is one of the 2 who I've been talking to on FB. Her RS name is BPhoenix check out her review. I STILL haven't gotten my Hgb level checked or ordered any supplies. ( I'm such a procrastinator) smh!!! I'm not worried about supplies at all bc I can get them whenever, I am however worried about my leveled bc that's the key to this whole surgery. Anyway, someone recommended Geritol for iron levels & iron pills. I'll be in walmart tomorrow. I have a cart full of stuff on amazon that I haven't paid for yet. I guess bc I wasn't too sure if I was gonna go threw w it but since I linked up w BPhoenix I'm feeling better & I think im just going to get it done since I've always wanted a more toned look. PS- I'm 5'9 & I currently weigh 210 which is 20lbs heavier than my norm. I have to get back down to 190 by 12/19. I'll be In The Gym TOMORROW!!! Pics Coming Soon. #WatchMeWork ;)

A LOT Has Changed In The Last 30 Days But I 7 Days To Go!!

Hey Dolls. A lot has changed. My buddy bailed out on me, she's still going BUT she went & rearranged everything without giving me notice, talked to Yaz From the recovery house & pretty much made arrangements for her & her new buddy. She linked up w another RS sister & pretty much switched on me w the new girl BASICALLY. It seems like it's tension bc I haven't spoken to her since that incident & prior to that I didn't speak to her. I guess I should've known something was up. Smh!!! I didn't even trip, bc it's petty & im cool, I'll see them there. On another note I was having second thoughts bc I as EXTREMELY STRESSED w nursing school. I have finals on Monday & Tuesday & clinical Wednesday & Thursday so I'm literally on go until the day of surgery. Talk about STRESS. Smh!!! I got my Hgb Level checked Yesterday & Its 12.5 I'm excited about that bc I really thought I wasn't gonna go bc I felt like it was low. Aside from that, I have NO supplies, nothing!!! I haven't gotten anything bc I was unsure of my levels & if I was going. I guess I mines well order all my stuff offl line now to be safe. Amazon delivers fast so I should be cool. 7 days & counting. #LEGGGGGOOOOOO ;)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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