I'm 30 with three kids. I'm 5"5 weigh 170. - Soon to Be Duran Doll - Dominican Republic, DO

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So far I have yet to reach dra duran but I've...

So far I have yet to reach dra duran but I've researched for a year I cant put it off anymore im ready. I originally was going to dra robles but I dont think dhes going to give my the donk I was born to have. If any one has suggestions on the best way to reach her im all ears. By the way I got an email from bella vita stating they finiance for sg in the Dominican republic as well as Columbia. All inclusive packages ...

sorry for typos

Sorry for the typos

co signer

So I just found out using bella vita you can have a co signer if your credit is jacked up like mine also you wont be approved if its less than 550

A lil about myself

I thought I would share a little about me. I'm 30 with three kids. I'm 5"5 weigh 170. My last baby really ucked my my body up I have always been pretty small but after my second baby I couldn't get rid of that awful pooch at the bottom of my stomach. Never had hips or butt my 8 year old got more ass then me. So I started researching two years ago and trying to save. Didnt get far bc I felt like I could do something for my kids or the house or ne thing besides spend that kind of money on me. Now I feel like hey I sacrifice everything for my kids always have. I deserve to be happy. I have been depressed and have had low self esteem for years now I dont even recognize me nemore. So no more pitty party for the girl its only so much exercising can do once you've fell of like I have. So when I found out the prices in the Dominican republic or so cheap I started my journey again. I am in between duran,yiliy, and robles. But of course I want one of durans ol ignant booties. It just ridiculous reaching her. Robles kool but I just want what I want and im not doing this but once sooooo. I got a quote from robles 4000 for tt lipo full back,waist,armpits,chin and bbl. Yiliy was 4500. Baez was in between the two prices and waiting on duran. Now im just ready to get this process started. I have all of the vitamins that they requested me to take I really dont want to start on the iron quite yet. Looked into recovery homes thinking of doing upscale. Im planning to get my passport next week then ticket asap while it's under $400. I think it will start feeling real once I get that ticket. Till next time divas


Hey ladies so ive just read review where this girl bbl went down after sx. She's thinking its bc she had a tt and bbl at the same time. She saying she should have gone with lipo. But im like its sooo many girls that have good results having them done at the same time. Im lost as heck that would totally be my luck to loose all my bought ass. Then its another case on here where this girl think she was burned but the docs think its something to do with circulation of blood. So now im really like wtf if a problem like that happens to me I can't take my ass back to the damn Dominican republic. Im really feeling some type of way rs...


For the ladies thats had tt breast lift Lipo and bbl how was the recovery. I want everything done at once but I dont now if thats wise dont want to overdue it? Btw lipo to full back armpits waist love handles seems like alot together and them docs aint turning dwn no money. Please reply if you have undergone all of this at once.

So ready

So it's been a while since I've posted. Im kinda just ready to get this body that the closer it get the more real it feels and im tired of talking bout it. I can't help but think something will go wrong and it won't happen again. Ok done venting. Ok I've talked and gotten quotes from every dam doc in the Dominican republic. I was set on Dra. Duran and she still make nice bodies in my opinion. But im now looking at dra almonte, medina, and that dam cabral. They are all great for different reasons. Dam Dam Dam, well I have started on the passport process. Gotten a few supplies( aint trying to overdue it) I hear lots of ladies say they mainly needed pads, wipes, chux,two or three dresses, and for me personally a nice lil wig cause ima be like seely on the colored purple two thick braids. I am looking for a buddy tho if anyone's going around feb 25. Oh and my hemo is 13.6 so I wont start taking the meds untill a month and a half before sx. Till next time beauties.xoxo


Hola barbies, So I have changed my doc I no 30 times in the last few months. But I am officially gone be a Medina Barbie on March 26th. She is really sweet and I feel comfortable with my decision and that's what matters. Now I no that I wont have that snatched waist like Duran would of gave but her work is good over all and at least I no I will be able to contact her If something were to happen. That was my biggest fear. I started on supplies, booked flight, sending off for my passport tomarrow, and paid deposit. I will be getting another check up tomarrow. Praying for hemo to be 14 last I checked it was 13.7 I think. I plan to stop smoking at the end of the week (God help me) Well till next time. Oh I'll be residing at Luxery. Any experiences???

7 more days

Hello all, I'm so nervous I have 7 more left until I become a Medina doll. I just got my passport in today which I had to end up expediting at the last min. I have all of the supplies that I'm going to take. Whatever I don't have I will get it when I get back. I am packed and ready to go. Now I don't no how to carry meds and all that good stuff. As a carry on I guess??? I will post before and after photos after I have sx. Well talk to you ladies on the flat side. who ever will be going around the 25ish pm me so we can chat or whatever. I'm leaving out of Atlanta and I'm staying at a b&b and non of them speak good English. I'm a be board as hell. Till next time

Three more days

I am so nervous I'm three days out and I am bout to do this thang I can't sleep getting this panic attack type of vibe every now and then. Wtf Wtf. Last thing I need Is my nerves acting up and causing other issues. Not to mention I have not completely stopped smoking so I'm worried about the healing. That is my own dam fault. ( just venting a lil bit) Is there anyone out there that smoked that's had a tummy tuck? How was the healing process? Please Please give a gurl some hope. Sharing is caring.....

Time for round two

Im looking to go back to Dominican Republic in March looking for a buddy

Thinking of rd2 with yily

Has anyone seen or heard of any recent dolls going to yily????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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