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So Yilly quoted me 3500 for BBL and Fat transfer....

So Yilly quoted me 3500 for BBL and Fat transfer. Duran has yet to respond, its been over a month:( I want a natural looking body and enhanced booty not a donkey butt. I hear Yilly is doing over 10 ppl a day and letting her students/staff help her that bothers the hell out of me so I emailed her and she said not true. I am not going to be put under or get an epidural so I should be able to tell if she is in the room. I order my passport and bought the peeezy so I guess im starting the process. I have had lipo before but it was in 1998 and they knew nothing about shaping lol it was just suck the fat out!! I didn't have to have drains so hopefully I can talk Dr Yilly into not giving me them.. as long as you have on really tight garments you will leak/drain. We will see ladies we will see. I am a straight forward ,down to business kinda gal so I will let you know if anything is off or going wrong after I deal with it accordingly lol
I am 5'6 , 140pds. I plan on gaining 10pds just to make sure I have enough fat after some absorbs. I also plan on buying, and packing only what I need from clothes to shoes. I don't want to bring anything back except my meds and faja and booty pillow. For what? I will post pics before I leave and throughout the process. I wouldn't know half of what I know if it wasn't for you ladies on RS so I will pay it forward. TTYL

Yillydoll coming soon...

I decided to go with Yilly!! I paid my deposit today and ordered my passport. I havent posted pics yet but once I do you will understand. I didn't realize how much me having a flat butt has ran my life lol If I wear pants its always with a long shirt and I never wear jeans. I have paid over $300 for a pair just to give them away bc ppl said you have to buy "expensive/good" jeans to make your butt look good BS!! Only GOD knows lol and I really feel like he has led me thus far thru this process I wanted Duran and was willing to pay Jazmine but my gutt is saying Yilly for the more natural look. I am going to do my best to be the 1st or 2nd patient Im going to book a date asap that is open to help out with that and I requested not to have an epidural since its just a BBL w fat transfer. Im planning on pushing for local not general like I said I've had lipo before and I was wide awake. They gave me some good drugs and numb the area. Anyhoo the next post will be when I confirm my date bc I will need a buddy.
Take Care RS

waiting for duran

Okay I just paid Jazmine for a Duran quote. I cancelled my wired to Yilly..don't laugh! I don't know what to do I wanted Yilly for the natural look bc im a small chick but with all the feedback from ladies that have been to her in 2015 are scary. I still want my sx on Sept 4.

YAY!!! My quote from Duran $3900

Just got my quote from Duran $3900, my bank gave me back the $300 wire from Yily and my Hemoglobin is 12.3. Duran said I need to be at 13. Can you say today is a GOOD day.. on top of that my BDay is tomorrow. I will be 39 and fabulous (when I get back from DR) lol
Anyway, I just need my passport to come in and pick a day. I know I want to go by Sept 4 but I hate the thought of missing so many days from work. I don't miss money to spend money Ever lol but oh well. I requested my money back from Bellavita since she hasn't given me a quote and its been a week. smh Anywoo im excited and rambling. I gotta start my vitamins today.
Take Care RS

Deposit paid, Flight booked!!!

Dr Duran got my wire, just booked my flight. Im schedule for Sept.18th!! I did NOT want to post a pic but I owe it to RS.. so here it is!!

16 days and counting..

OMG!! I got a promotion at work and they want me to go to mandatory training the week of my surgery. I almost don't want the promotion lol (I know it sounds crazy) I am trying my best to delay my training bc I don't want to postpone my sx. ughhhh I still need a RH house. I chose Haven Healing, Duran recommended and she is from NY with a licensed nurse on duty!! Waiting to hear from her now. I started my vitamins and iron and have all of my supplies. I think I am in denial/scared and excited at the same time.

I'm so excited and scared

I got my Tourist card and ordered 20-30 mmg compression socks. I planned my post-op care after reading reviews from nurse's who have been to DR. I will do a review from supplies to RH once I'm there I know I will be bored so I'm saving my social media and reality tv stuff for recovery lol I have everything I need except for a few things I bought one of those portable chairs to cut a hole into I'm carrying that, one dress and my supplies on the plane I will check my clothes,etc (i don't need my bag lost) my hemo was 12.7 a month ago I've been taking Sss tonic Vitamins b- complex blood buliders and a multi vitamin plus trying to drink more water I'm only saying all of this for the not so disciplined ppl like myself when it comes to being healthy I don't smoke or eat red meat but I also haven't exercise in over a decade smh I plan to work my upper body after sx just to have a complete tone/workout look (side eye) I know I'm all over the place but I'm very anxious right now I haven't told anyone and I work w Bitches so im hoping I can get away w tights/pants and long cardigans/sweaters now that I think about it I'm glad I waited til the weather started to change something to think about for my Corp girls
ok ttyl RS

8 days!!!

I spoke with Jules from Healing Haven she is actually in the A this week and I am meeting her in person to pay for my RH and just to get some tips for post op care,etc.. she is sweet heart and all of her staff are bilingual which is very important to me. I need to be able to tell someone if im dying and they understand lol I have everything packed and im ready to go and get to the "flatside" does anyone know what that means? Is anyone else going to Duran on 9/18?

Where is Duran

Has anyone talked to Duran office this week? I know they were on holiday last week but im trying to confirm my date for the 18th and no one is answering the phone. ughhhh

Aunt Flow is here early WTH!!

Does anybody know how much your hemo drops when on your cycle? I leave in 3days and I am freaking out!! I am still taking my vitamins etc.. but this is BS!! The devil is a lie! Im getting my ass Friday lol


does anyone know if there is away for me to withdraw cash from an atm in DR?

I leave tomorrow for DR..!!!

I could not sleep last night, my stomach is in knots and l lost 3 pounds!! I am so nervous but ready to go! I met with June from Healing Haven she is so sweet and genuinely cares. She kept asking if I did this or that lol See you on the other side ladies. Thank you to everyone who has shared their journey. I wanted this sx back in 2006 but it was $20k in the then. I would have never thought about going outside the states if it wasn't for realself so Thank you Thank you its amazing this is the only place I know where girls uplift and encourage one another smh

Im here!!

First let me say Julez the owner of Healing Haven is Awesome and so is her recovery home. Sean the driver and herself are from NY she run a tight ship lol he will not let me open a door for nothing!! one girl here recovering went to Yilly she looks great!! I'm super excited now she makes you feel so safe and comfortable. Please consider this place she text me Sean pic and car w license plate that was a Good look bc when you step outside everyone wants to give you a ride or help lol!! Cipla was nice and clean the staff was nice to me everyone speaks they dont dont do that in the states lol I had my bloodwork done. OMG Elizabeth is super cute and tiny w a booty I will try to get her pic tomorrow Im all over the place sorry. Ttyl Realself

Freaking out!!

Up early have to be at Cipila at 6:45 I lost 4pds not by choice just nerves over this last week Duran told one girl she had more muscle than fat I hope that is not my case I did not come all the way for nothing she has find enough fat on me or somewhere lol I just want to look nice in my jeans right now I look pathetic in pants no hips or ass!! Okay girls see you on the other side. Side note: Yilly patient woke up in surgery bc she has asthma so they made her wake up towards the end And Yilly was there working on her I hope that make you Yilly dolls feel better bc that is why I switched to Duran lol
Okay I'm out!!!

I made it to the Flatside

Omg how long have I've been waiting to say that lol well ladies Duran is Beautiful and so professional she made me take an extra heart test but it was okay. I went straight to surgery when I got back my RH is the shit my nurse came w juice food etc.. Other girls are complaing they don't have shit lol I saw Yiily In the hall her Ora is bad she look pissed for no reason I can't pay a dr like that she does good work but walk around like she doesn't want to be doing this lol the nurses and other Drs were nice I don't know why ppl say they are mean to them now
I will say Hate is universal lol so if you come to a poor country looking flashy and no patients then I can see them acting funny towards you I came as plain as Jane can get I haven't looked this basic in along time lol I know what's a post without pics I promise tomorrow when I leave here they want let me move lol I woke up on my ass and freaked out I'm liike turn me on my tummy ASAP Duran said I had little fat so I'm trying to perseve every once lol ttyl

Future Dolls Please read this airport info

Make sure you have your maxi pads tucked well in your Faja.when I went thru DR security felt one by my chest and made me go in room and explain they kept asking if I had surgery I said no I just had a baby and the pad is for my
leaking tits and the faja is for my belly lol Case closed
Ps I promise I will post pics tomorrow just got home and my body is throbbing .I took the faja off for 5hrs and iced my legs bc they were a little swollen not from the plane ride but bc they gave me the wrong size and it cutt my circulation off I knew it I went back to Duran office and she gave another one

Duran advice

Ladies you have to stay off the butt for 3wks period no compromise!! You have to eat and drink the Ensures for the good fat at least for a week if your small you Have to eat your big 3 meals a day period! You can not workout your lower body if you have a BBL for months period girls are working their results away I saw a chick in Cabral office for round two bc she said she likes to jump rope and lost her butt and hips now her ass and hips were out of control but to each is own sidenote: I was all over Cipla visiting ppl lol And lastly stop w the wish pics find some pics close to your body type but don't obsess w them I got so overwhelmed in her office I forget to show them lol but guess what my shape and butt came out like I wanted you have to express what your looking for like no high back booty or more hips but to think you will look like the pic is a set up after surgery i obsessed over my right hip going down some, if I look like the pics then it clicked I look great ten times better than before and it will only get better so I'm good

Needed Supplies Only

Your not on vacation your there to heal as much as possible before you leave I used everything I took only had a few leftovers I stayed 8days.. 3 dresses 1 jogging suit for flight home 50 chux pads 60 maxi pads Neosporin a bottle of alcohol big camping wipes gauze ,tape big undies flip flops t-shirts washcloth towel socks heating Vladimir after sx boppy pillow and a thin blanket portable safe I hooked vit to the hospital bed before surgery personal hygiene stuff arnica gel compression socks wireless bra itch spray hibiscus wash for the shower before sx and of course the my life!!!

after sx pic

Duran put 900ccs in each cheek she didn't say how much in my hips. I am happy with the results i just wanted to fill my jeans out i weighed 144 during sx and i am 5'6 at least.

14 days post op! No sleep..the struggle is real

So im 14dys post op and I have been sleeping on my stomach well laying on it bc I haven't had a good nights sleep since my surgery. I have not sat on my butt either. I take my garment off at night bc the swelling in my knees from the too small garment will not go down. what I learned that water is your best friend for swelling. I was swelling really badly and the massage lady told me to increase my water intake Dr Duran also told me to drink a gallon a day. I was doing that at the RH but once I got home I stopped. I started back and it makes a world of difference my swelling has gone down tremendously. Ladies make sure you prepare for your post op care as much as you research the doctor and do pre-op care. Get your nails, hair,etc done before hand bc you cant sit for 3wks. Also get your sleeping arrangement together bc it sucks I swear I almost want to cry in the middle of the night bc im so sleepy and uncomfortable at the same time. also if you can stay at least 10 or more at the RH do it. I have a 9yr old little girl so I only stayed 8dys.
I found a before pic so ppl my size can see you don't need a lot of fat. she did have to lipo my inner upper thighs for more fat I wish I would have gained weight bc my recovery would be a lot easier without my legs being swollen and sore.

here are the pics lol

sorry I don't know why the pics want rotate

2 wks post op..need garment advice

Can someone tell me if the "butt out" garment is helpful or harmful to the BBL? My 2nd garment Dr Duran gave me is too small and I feel like this one I have now isn't enough support bc my butt is hanging out. Thanks in advance

3wks post op.. need tummy advice

Does anyone know if the lumps go away? My tumm y looks horrible it was smooth before surgery and now I have lumps ugh.. the stiffness and tenderness is going away in most places except my lower back due to the epidural and I finally got more than 3 hrs sleep last night. Thank You Lord!!

7wks post op

Hi Ladies,
I am sooo over this process. I really thought I was going to get me a booty and come back home to life NOT I have been sleeping on my stomach since surgery and I have NOT sat down on my butt at all. My elbows and knees hurt lol I sit with the noodle under my thighs and that is how I drive. I went back to work at 5wks, the FAJA or FAHELL as l like to call it is soo uncomfortable. I do not sleep in it anymore. I went at least two weeks without it bc it was too small at first and I kept swelling up in my legs from no circulation. My butt has went down about 30% but its okay I still fill out my clothes which I never did before. My skin still itches and feelsnumb but overall I can say at 30dys you will fell a lot better and as the days go by. I am not going to sit on my butt until the 3mos mark if I can. I feel like my butt is a part of my body now it use to feel like I was sitting on pillows but now it doesn't but it is uncomfortable if I sit for a long time. I haven't posted any new pics bc my butt looks the same as the last pic I posted but I can tell it went down from a pair of pants I tried on as soon as I got back. All I can say ladies is I had 900ccs in both cheeks and if you want a big butt gain weight, that is my only regret I wished I gained at least 5-10pds to have that 30% cushion but I got what I wanted just after seeing all the wish pics and the women in DR I started to get booty greedy. lol The great news is I have more confidence I don't have to hurry up and walk pass guys so they want notice how flat my butt was AND TODAY I wore pants and a short shirt that didn't cover my butt.. let the church say AMEN lol I have never worn a shirt that doesn't cover my butt before smh all my pants are too small, that's a good thing I cant wait for black Friday so I can shop for nothing but pants ,
jeans and short shirts lol
Happy Healing RS
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