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HEY real self, I am back after first page got...

HEY real self,
I am back after first page got deleted. Any ways I am 60 days away from being a YILY DOLL. Flight Booked , passport recieved also deposit in. Aug 30th is my day guys. Just counting down day by day. I have already had a little work done 2 buttocks . I am hoping to get a tiny waist I never had with Lipo Only and I need some hips. If there more fat left ima need this booty hit also. U can never have enough ASSSSSSSSSSSS :)

pre op

4 of july

pre op

55 more freakinnnn daysssss


I wish yily would post on her instagram . Miss Duran been making me gag by her IG pics. Im like in love ?????. But im still getting my Surgery aug 30 th with Yily. But just curious I wonder what is the difference between the both. I notice Duran gives more ass from pics. Yily gives hips and Tiny waist. I need tiny waist lol. YILY VS DURAN. WHAT U GUYS THINK? PLEASE COMM3NT. I AM SECRETLY PLOTTING ON CHANGING SURGERY TO DURAN.

Durans new doll

Love these shapes she giving



ok So heres my deal

I have been on a ASS journey for awhile. 3 years ago I started to get MEDICAL GRADE SILIKON 1000 pumped into my Buttocks. I ABSOLUTELY LUV RESULTS. But I must say it has been a Journey. I HAVE SPENT ABOUT 4K TO ACHIEVE ASS I HAVE NOW . I WENT TO INJECTER OVER 8 TIMES!!!!!! NEEDLES IN BUTTOCKS ARE PAINFUL!!!! I Kinda just ready to end this buttock journey already. I Love the way the silicone looks. It looks better 2 me then ANY BBL or Butt Implants BUT I believe the reason I am not satified with shape because of my waist line. SO this is why I seek lipo and im hoping they can pump some Fat into my buttocks on top of SILICONE. I askes yiky as she said she can determine when I arrive. I hope she says YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. If not I will be back on my pumpers tables getting more silicone injection after Lipo but I really hope I can get what I want in one shot in Dominican Republic

me post OP

Meeeee POST OP


Plastic surgery app

ok its a wrap. I officially switched to DURAN

I officially scheduled with DR Duran for Aug 30th instead of Yily.... I love yily work but DURANS constant photos on ig and fb of all these beautiful ASSES she created became so tempting. She finally replied back to me on FB also . She quoted me 4k for full body lipo and BBL. Its 800$ more then yily but I believe maybe she is more because her work may be more quality... IDK but I just havent been feeling all the Yily complants lately .Also I was told she was pregnant lol. Not sure if true or not but I dont want no parts lol. Crazy because I already gave her 500$ and scheduled . I hope I am making the right decision by switching up doctors. Also if someone would like to purchase my 500 deposit for 200 $ and keep my appt with yily aug 30 let me no. We can arrange this . Good luck :)

less than 4 wks away

OK so I am less than 4 wks away. This long wait has been driving me crazy. I been bouncing back and fourth between docters. I really wanted to go with Duran bcuz I live her BBL but I found out It is not smart for me 2 recieve BBL due to the multiple silicone injections I had in the past which makes me very sad bcuz I want bbl sooooooo bad but I guess I will stick with silicone :(. So since I already sent YILY a deposit I am just going to stick with her for FULL BODY LIPO and call it a day. But 8f anyone have any info on receiving BBL after silicone injections please share :). 4 wks away will keep everyone posted


3 weeksssssss

8 days away

Ok ladies i am 8 days away from my big Day. I ordered a faja from a lady on FB and i must say it smells really good and material is very sturdy and thick. Only problem is my big ass can not fit a large lol. I told her i was a size 12 and she told me a large will fit but when faja arrived on packaging it said size 12 is a 2X lol. So im like way to big for this thing lol. Sad because i paid 175 bucks for this and i am no where near fitting it.

Only five days away.

Omg so time is ticking and i am very scared . I am 5 days away and still have not heard anything back from real recovery armonia where i am supposed to be staying. I emailed to confirm they are going to pick me up from airport and got NO response yet. I must admit even tho there pics are very nice and look perfect there communication skills sucksssssss. Its gunna suck if im going to have 2 stay at a hotel and make my poor little mother take care of me. Im like 80 pounds bigger then my mom soo this should be interesting lol. I also have not grabbed any supplies yet for this trip. I am sooo unorganized but i am going to walmart 2 days before i leave and going to grab all the things i need.

Leaving today

Omw to the airport ladies please wish me luck and prayers



I made it 2 DR yayyyyyyyyy

Ok so i made it to Yasmines recovery house. After my flight being delayed 2 days in a row causing me to miss connecting flight to santo domingo. I finally arrived at 5am which is 1hr and half before cipla opens. Talk about pressed for time lol. Anyways Yasmine was on time to pick me up and she made me feel comfortable because she speaks clear English. The room im staying in is nice and very clean and has cute color patterns kinda brighten the whole mood up for me. Well going to get an hour of sleep be4 i have 2 head out. Will update later.....

Ok one day after surgery

Ok so here the deal. I arrived 2 cipla at 7 am. Meet a couple girls who already had work done which they looked awesome so it made me more confident in my decision to go to Yily. So I got my breast lifted and reduced from36 f to a full c cup, alittle fat transferred to hips and arms back and stomach and legs lipo. I paid 4500 for everything. At first I was nervous because 3 other girls were getting surgery as well. I went second.... For some reason the anesthesia worked at first nut halfway into surgery I woke up and felt every min of it. Lipo was not bad but the breast lift killed me the most.I think maybe they woke me up because they kept telling me 2 breathe so maybe that had something to do with it. The only thig bad I can say is when I woke up my hands were tied to bed and I had a bloody sheet over my head. That freaked me out alittle, But I can not complain about Yilys work one bit. She did an awesome job on me and she did not leave me with any lumps what so ever. I mean my back is super flat ad so is tummy. Also I did not bruise much which was surprising because my complexion. Yily has a assistant also who speaks very proper English which mad me very comfortable. The office was very clean and tiny. So yes I would recommend yily or any doc at cipla because honestly I saw atleast 20 girls get rolled out of surgery or come I for check ups and they all had flat tummys hips ad nice breast. I really did ot see a difference in any docs work because everyone looked great . I also saw dr cabral and his barbies were really nice as well. So my experience was great...The thing that hurt the worst was Breast lift. lipo was piece of cake.. Hope I gave u an idea somewhat still I lots of pain so will update more later


yayyyyy luv the new me

2 days post OP

feeling a little better today. These tight ass fajas are NO JOKE lol. I was a size 12 going into surgery and they have me in a medium faja. the arm compression thing are killer. I took them off couldn't do it. I need a bigger size they make me feel like they are cutting of my circulation. I got a chance to take a new pic standing up. I can not believe how I look.Let me no what u think ladies. Also I wish people stop asking why I paid so much. I got a breast lift and reduction full body lipo and fat graft to hips. In US that that would have been 20k. Yily told me 4k but I already gave her 500 deposit and handed her 4k when I arrived. I believe money talks and bullshit walks. That was the best 4500 I ever spent. Now I wish u girls stop braggig about how u send different emails and get different quotes. That's plane cheesy and this is your body here . I don't no how anyone feels comfortable negotiating on there body. Thanks hope I u guys like =)

say bye bye 2 my pics

removing my pics . People on here are ridiculous with there comments and stuff. Hope u enjoyed my review. I tried to be helpful sorry if im not a fan of cheapos and negative people. Goodbye


I would recommend Yily she is great , st8 forward, and does the best for u.

ok im back

Sorry I had to update because im soooo amazed at how great I look and yily def needs to get her props cuz she def did a awesome job on me. I'm over all the the stupid comments. I just wont reply 2 them and keep moving and grooving :). Enjoy


Yily doll 2013

6 days post op

Feeling way better 2day. The drain was removed and boi I instantly felt better that thing was killing me. Its like 5ft long under ur skin coming from ur upper back to your tailbone under ur skin. I saw it poking out . It hurt like hell 2 remove. I got my 1st massage today. It felt really good in a painful way but it was good pain. I got 2 see my breast today and was wowwww away man I can not believe it. They look like I have implants but I dont they are just super perky. I was a 36F cup before and yily said she was going to reduce me to a C cup I was a little nervous about being a c cup but I dont even think I woke up with a C cup cuz they still look huge. Another thing yily said I was going to have loose skin from Lipo only and no TT . But I proceedee with lipo only bcuz I have no kids and I new my skin was not loose and guess what nooooo loose skin. Im so happy u guys dont even understand. I believe she tells people to expect loose skin because it is a possibility and one thing I can say she is very st8 forward and will Not tell u what u want 2 hear and maybe thats y people claims she has a attitude but I did not this attitude people claim she just st8 forward bcuz she no she great at what she does. Anyways her lipo skills are amazing. I mean I have No lumps or fat left lol. I got my arms ans legs done also. I only have a little discoloration on my tummy thats y no naked pics yet but once it goes away I will post one promise. But everyday gets easier and I must say for 6daya I feel recovered already. I mean I still get sleepy when I do activities I always still take energy naps throughout the day and wake up stiff but its def way better since day one. Ladies its a must u stay at a recovery house. U will feel sorry if u dont because the first 3days I needed help with everything. Im at yasmins she was awesome to me. Btw the pics I posted is in her house. That's what the room looks like k. Hope u enjoyed my update . Take care and please comment I appreciate it thanks



forgot be4 pics

O yea I forgot be4 pics so here are 2



ok so I forgot be4 pics

Me be4 yuck gross nasty lol.

one week post op

Feeling way better went to the mall today and had dinner with a duran girl. It was amazing. For 1500 peso they feed us soooo much food . I was like im not eating for 2 days after this mmmmm. I no how fast and easy I gain weight so I def got to watch it after all this hard work. Had my second massage today. The sweet pain it brings lol. I def still have lots if fluid build up in my back. I can hear it move sometimes lol. I wonder where it will all go eventually???. Well I leave DR on sunday. I am excited inguess but not really bcuz I have no one 2 pick me up from airport :(. Everyone has work on mon morn and flight doesn't land until midnight :( besides that the painful part is almost over. The faja hurts alot sometimes especially if u fall asleep in wrong position and when it gets like that I remove for 20 mins and put back on. Im soo nervous about who will help me put it on when I go home lol. My faja is so damn tight I need help getting it on lol and I live alone . We will have to work this out somehow.


Feeling great ?????

ok ok ok

Well faja started hurting as usual so taking a 20 min break and got 2 snap some tummy pics.



gave up on faja

So yest I gave up on faja. Thing is causing me to get discoloration and deep lines on my back that may can be permanenate . I am also feeling a burn come on. I spent some hours on google and it says u will not look any different if u do not wear faja lol. So y hurt myself if it makes no difference lol. I am still very sore tho. Can not sleep in same position all night. Besides that im doing ok on the swelling tip. Not really 2 much swelling for me 2 not wear garment. Some areas on my back is also numb :(. But hey things could be worst so im not complaining.


Today I uploaded a video on ig. Omg I got soooo many likes and comments. I felt beautifullll lol. I am still cooped up in the house sooo that was my excitement for the day :).

ok so heres the real deal

Btw I must admit I did not see yily perform surgury on me as well it was a man who I woke up 2 but whos knows if yily did touch me while I was sleep idk ... But all I remember was a guy doing my surgery. It bothered me when I sobered up that I woke up in the middle of surgery and just had 2 take the pain and it was a diff doc working on me but I quickly got over it once I looked in the mirror cuz that man or yily or whoever did me hook me the fluck uppppp so worries went out window lol

15 days post op

Still super stiff and sore. Back is still numb and incision where drain hole was is still not closed. Breast are still scabbing and stuff it grosses me out. Can not wait to be 100 percent again. Still no garment either. Swelling is not 2 bad. And those crazy dark marks faja left are starting to go away. Just taking it one day @ a time. But I must admit this whole thing was harder then expected...

hey heres an update

Sooo everyday gets better. I am still sore and stiff at times (mostly in my back). But everyday its less and usually at end of day. Brusing is all gone and stomach is still alittle tender but I have been massaging myself everyday and it really help. I went and bought a conair deep tissue masssager from rite aide for 30 $ and been massaging my whole body. It is really helping. I have not been paying for massages. I also still am not in my garment. I went to gym 2day and walked for 30 mins. It felt good and I notice the more I work out the stronger I am getting. Lipo is def a bishhhhhh ladies. Especially to your backrolls VERY PAINFUL.. I wonder how long it will take for the sensitivity to go away. Sheesh it takes longer then I thought. I am grateful I am not currently working and feel bad 4 whoever had 2 work right after surgery bcuz It would have def been hard

made in Dominician



When I use 2 lay like this my boobs use to flop on 2 my sides lol. Now they just as perky as they wanna b #tesmbreastlift

platnet fitness shawty

Started on treadmill already. I still feel fat idk y but I feel like I have fat under my ab muscles and I wanna losss 15 more pounds. Do let the countdown began...



breast lift issues

Boobs r still scabbing and its almost been 30 days. Ughhh cant wait till the heal.

hey girls

I just wanted 2 thank everyone who took the time to leave a positive comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it and I hope I helped some what with sharing my journey. I am almost 30 days post op and still sore af. Like I still do normal activies and stuff but it hurts to put pressure on my bsck and sides still. I drive with a pillow behind my back and still havent regained full range of motion with my arms. What I mean by that is when I lift my arms it feels like I am gunna rip my BREASTLIFT Scar open. Really stiff . But the pain is manageable. But I suggest if u have a very physical job it will be hard the first 30 days. I kinda wanted to try out 2 be a stripper after this surgery lol. I had my hopes up high 2 try out by now but like I said my movements are not completely normal yet. But idk that lil dream of mine might be crushed bcuz I still dont feel skinny enough 2 dance lol. Ladies its crazy how I obsessed over this surgery forever worked do hard 2 do this . Then once It was over and done with still not completely happy . I mean I love what yily did . But of course once u already done for 30 days u start getting use 2 it and u want more more more lol. I am ready plotting on adding more hips with silicone bcuz this fat in hips does not all stick but my silivoned pumped ass did not gooo no where yet lol. So yea more ass and hips coming soon :)


2day I woke up looking banging. I swear everyday it gets better. #teamyily


Omg so I compared my pic 2 cubana lust and I think im killing her lol . What u think?


Ok so still haven't gotten any shots to make my booty bigger. I think I am happy with size now its starting 2 grow on me but now im starting 2 not like my stomach. I wish it was a lil smaller. I have a lil bit of fat still. Thinking about doing a smart lipo session 2 my abs. I hear it tightens skin up or sum. What u ladies think. Do I need more lipo or nah? Boobs are still a lil scabby also. Started merderma couple days ago. Hope it helps scars

last update

Hey girls so here is my last update . I am really happy with results and I kinda lost interest in this website after my surgury lol but I didnt want 2 leave u guys hanging. So yea I love my results at first I was alittle dissapointed becuz I felt belly was still fat but it was definitely swelling . My waist just keeps shrinking. I also lost weight as well. I cant be any happier with results. Yily gave me the body I dreamed of. Goodluck everyone with ur journeys :)

team yily

O yea and breast lift scars are not as bad as they seem. Mine lightened up alot . My breast are my favorite thing she did on me. It feele great 2 not wear a bra :) thanks yily u changed my life and self esteem 4ever.






Hello Dolls
I'm back and ready for round 2. I gained 10 pounds since round one. It's has been almost two years since I my first round with DRA YILY. This time I will have lipo and ab etching done in cali columbia . The reason for choosing columbia because I realised DR is backed up. They over booked and I sent yily a deposit and she has not responded . I'm just over the whole DR thing in general. SO I contacted a few doctors in columbia and it surprised me how quick they got back to me . They spoke clear English. Also the prices are better then DR. They also use newer machines and offer abdominal etching . I found a docter from instaogram and surprisingly he followed me lol. His name is DR Cortes. Love his ig pictures I sent him my photo and he quoted me 3300 for fullbody lipo and abdominal etching. I also contacted DR ceasor Escobar he quoted me 2800 for same thing. I can't find any info on Esobar which sucks because he replyed so fast but I did look him up and he is accredited . If any one have any info on these doctors or columbia period please share . Thanks. I plan on flying to Columbia in august.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Appt set up was easy. I sent email and she responded couple day later. I also emailed alot of other docters in email and got NO responce. I deposited 500$ into yilys chase account and sent pic of reciept. She responded fast and confirmed. I write her on facebook she always get back to me. Im satified so far. Cant wait to meet Yily :)

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