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I am new to this but I see all the support on...

I am new to this but I see all the support on everyone's journey, process and recovery and I am looking to see if I can get any insight and information. I have a surgery scheduled on Friday May 8th with Dr. Yily. After over a year of research, I have chose to go with her. If anyone has had there surgery with her I would like to hear your experience and if you haven't had an appointment with her and are going to be there for around the same time as me, please let me know as well.


Just a little information for you ladies with regards to contacting DR. Yily' office. I've had no problem contacting her and receiving responses. I usually get responses within 48hrs but if you'd like to call her office I recommend that you contact CIPLA at 1-809-331-5050 wait through the answering service, do not press an extension bcuz for some reason I kept getting disconnected but if you wait you will be automatically transferred to the main desk. Once they answer just ask to be transferred to Yilys office, someone usually always answered and can assist you over the phone. But if you can wait a day or two you can email her at and they will get back to you pretty quickly. Just thought you should know bcuz I see a lot of woman having trouble contacting or getting a response. Good luck!

Finally confirmed new date! April 30th

So I finally confirmed my date of April 30! Any ladies having surgery with dr yily around that time please let me know. I know how scary it can be and it'll be nice to get to know you and meet you and be able to support while there!

bbl, tt and Breast Augmentation

Has anyone here ever had all three procedures done in the same day? I am just a little curious. I see reviews on people having 1 or 2 procedures but I haven't read much on anyone getting all three done at the same time and I would like to know how was your recovery and were you happy with your results? I know that Dr. Yily is phenomenal with the sculpting of the womans waist and back end but I have not heard much from people who've had there breast and tummy tucks with her. I have my surgery scheduled with her on April 30 and although I am pretty confident in her because I have done extensive research, it doesn't hurt to ask around and get more information on the procedure and Dr. performing it on me.

Preparing for Surgery

I would like to know what is it that I need to purchase and what medications should I start taking in order to help me prepare for surgery? I have already started taking women's daily supplements along with my iron but what else should I be taking prior to my surgery and what do I need to purchase? in my quote they stated the following was included:

"Also included in the quote total are the following:

ü One compression garment

ü Post-op medication (listed below)

ü Pre-operative blood work (TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA,GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist

ü Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)

ü Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, meals, surgical assistants, etc).

The compression socks are not included, but every patient must have them. You can either bring them from home or buy them her for $20 USD."

I am assuming I would have to purchase the faja since they don't provide that. Where would I purchase a faja and how would I know what size I am? They were pretty informative in what was included and what I am going to need after the surgery but they never told me much on how to prepare for the surgery and what I would need and that's where I am bit on edge. I also do plan on purchasing boppy pillow just because I hear it would be a good thing to purchase for the flight back and to help keep some pressure off my behind.

Hemoglobin levels

So I went yesterday to check my iron level and it came back at 11.1 I know I have to get that number up before my sx April 30. Anyone knows how many iron pills in a day is safe and do I have enough time to bring that number up? If I can get to 13+ I'll be happy.

Compression Garments

For all you ladies looking for compression garments I found a good website. They are a little pricey but the garments look great and specifically made for wearing after surgical procedures. Ordering a few this weekend. The website is

Travel buddy

Looking for a travel buddy. Anyone going to Dr. Yily and staying at Luxury House Recovery home between April 29-May 9 please let me know. Also, if you have stayed at luxury house recovery how was your experience?

Lipo vs Tummy Tuck

Hello Ladies, I am kinda having second thoughts about a tummy tuck (Even though I may just end up doing it) I am little nervous about the scar. I am only considering it because I have a 1 year old and after my pregnancy I was left with a lot of stretch marks and loose skin in my mid section leaving a small pouch of what looks like dead skin. I am fairly small and my stomach is pretty flat with the exception of the pouch that I can see with clothes off. Have any of you ladies had this issue and ended up just doing lipo instead of tummy tuck and were able to still achieve an hour glass figure with a flat stomach? I know most Dr's bring up muscle separation in which that just may be my problem because as I said earlier I am small and my stomach was HUGE for my size so I am sure there is some muscle separation. If you were able to achieve great results with just lipo and have before and after photos, please let me know. I have my appointment scheduled with Dr. Yily on April 30 and want to make sure I am certain about the procedure I want to have done.

Thank you ladies for your input!

A few wish pics...

Dr Yily Results

Has anyone gotten work done with Dr Yily and have photos and are happy with there results? I hear many good things about her as well as bad but, I don't see many photo's of people who got work done by her. I see so many photos of Duran, Cabrals, Almonte and others before and after pics but very few of Yily. Its discouraging especially since my time is coming near. I've already sent my deposit, booked my appointment, flight and stay. I just want to be sure that I am not making a bad decision being that my heart is leaning towards Duran. I want to have a little more faith in the Dr I have already selected. Bad reviews can put a damper on things.

Passport arrived!

So I recieved my passport and everyday that goes by I feel it getting more real! Filled with excitement and nerves!

Hemoglobin levels

Hey ladies hope all your journeys are going well and for those of you who've had surgeries already I wish you all a speedy and successful recovery. I am just 3 weeks away and the only thing I am concerned about is my hemoglobin levels and getting them up on time. At my first dr's visit my level were at 11.1 a week later they went up to 11.9 but I feel like they don't want to do any more blood work to continue checking my levels so now I feel like I am left in the dark just hoping and praying that if they went up in a week they will continue to go up. So far I am taking folic acid, vitamin B-12, iron (Ferrous Sulfate) and my woman's daily supplements daily so I am hoping that along with eating a lot of greens and beans will help boost it. If any of you had the same problem before surgery and was able to boost it by the surgery date please let me know what worked for you. I don't want to get there and be disappointed! I booked my flight and plan on staying there for a week in a half! Can't afford not to not be able to get it done. Thanks ladies! you have been most helpful.

Compression socks

Good Afternoon RS Ladies, hope everyone is feeling good. I ad a question with regard to compression socks do you which ones are needed for surgery? I didn't realize how many options there were until I started looking to buy lol they have light, medium, firm, extra firm, ankle, knee, thigh high lol I have no clue. I have a paid or knee high that I had gotten from the hospital some time ago when I was hospitalized but I need another pair... HELP!

Exactly a week away!

So its exactly a week a way before I am in DR. My surgery is scheduled for April 30 and I praying with everything that all goes well. I want to come out of there with the results I am dreaming of but at the same time I know that, that is not always the case so I am staying hopeful but I also have my doubts and preparing for what could turn out to be not such much my desired results. BUT I am starting to get a bit excited, anxious, nervous, you name it I am feeling it. I did a lot of comparing of the drs in DR and have decied to stop looking at other drs work and focus on Yily because that can leave you confuse, unsure of your decision and just create unnecessary doubt and worries in your mind. I have not begin to pack yet (UGH) been super busy with work and caring for a child who's been sick all week (Not fun) but this weekend I will get all that I missing and pack. I do plan on packing light. I know a lot of girls bring everything they can think of lol but I know that whatever I don't bring I can get there so I'll just bring the necessities, clothing and some meds from here to ease me through what me become sleepless nights along with the vitamins I have been taking. Being that I am getting the tummy tuck, I know that the recovery may be a bit slower and I may not be in my faja right away... Who knows, I may not need a tummy tuck, I am praying that after speaking with Yily that she tell me I can achieve great results without the tummy tuck. We'll see! But for all you dolls going through surgery soon best of luck and wishes to you along with many tight hugs and kisses sent your way!! xoxoxo Wishing you all the sincere best in it all!

Here goes nothing YIKES! Pre-op photos

Ok ladies, so I have attached my pre-op photos so that you can see what I am referring to in regards to my body type and stretchy skin from pregnancy. I am looking to achieve a smaller waist with the lipo, flatter stomach with the tummy tuck and bigger behind & wider hips with the BBL. I hope this helps and I will definitely post post-op photos after my surgery on April 30th!

Lipo,BBL without Tummy Tuck

Hello ladies, as you know I will be having surgery this coming week with Dr. Yily and I'd like to know if anyone has had a BBL with lipo and opted not to have a tummy tuck even though you thought you may have needed it at first but still achieved good results? I'm struggling with the thought of a Tummy tuck but at the same time I want nice results without having to keep going back. I'm worried about the scar and recovery time and wondering if I would really need it. We are all our own biggest critics when it comes to our bodies and I feel like I need a tummy tuck but some feel as if a good lipo would be good enough for me. I am more concerned about having a big butt and hips than anything else and I don't want to put my body under unnecessary stress. I also wonder how can woman achieve the big butt they want after also having a tummy tuck and having to sleep on there backs. Most of the woman I see that have gotten just a lipo already had a nice flat stomachs without stretch marks and saggy skin so of course they look good but I would like to hear from woman like myself with some stretch marks and a little extra skin who are just having lipo. Pictures would be great too! Thank you girls. I'm starting to freak out a little. I want to make sure I make the right decision.

Death with Dr. Contreras

This breaks my heart! She is was so beautiful. Please do your research on Drs!!!

Starting to pack!

Started packing a bit today. Trying to pack light but I highly doubt it being that I am always so indecisive with my clothing! Even though I am not going out there too look cute! Lol hopefully this will be the last time I am so picky with my clothing bcu I am hoping to be able to wear anything after this surgery and look good wearing it!!! The time is coming ladies!! This is just a few items I purchased for after care based on some research and other things I bought just to be on the safe side. Never know who may need something while I'm there and I just might have it! :-)


Man my anxiety is on high gear! On my way to the airport and my heart is ready to pop out of chest. Hoping to get these nerves under control or hoping they give me something to relax day before surgery. Pray for me ladies, this is a life changing event for me. I'll keep you posted. Later dolls!

CIPLA/Luxury Recovery home.

Well what can I say... Not a culture shock but definitely different. I can see what people say about CIPLA and conditions however, it's a different country, they do things very differently. I will say that I am a little disappointed with The recovery home. Not what I expected at all. But, it's the place I will call home for the next week in a half so I will make the most of it. Not a horrible place but I am sure there is better. However I will say the girls o have met today are AMAZING and every one of them a Yily doll, results? To die for! No kidding these girl bodies are unbelievable. With all the anxiety going on the past couple days these girls have definitely mellowed it. My day is tomorrow and I am just praying for equally amazing and exceptional results. Until later dolls xoxo

Getting ready to leave CIPLA

Well ladies just got discharged. So far everything is good wish I could give you detailed I for but I will later. Just so that you know something that was not mentioned to me or the other girls is that your nails must be short and no nail polish. If they are long they will scrape and cut them. Also, Yily is a doll. She is amazing and such a sweetheart. My tummy tuck looks great. Once I am able to sit up straight and see the results of my hips and bum I will let you know.


So I'm laying down so I figured I'll update some and let you ladies know what to expect when you get here... Expect to be ALIVE and to have a boom bangin body :-) Do not expect to be staying in a 5 star luxury hotel (unless you choose to pay for a 5 star hotel) a 5 star driving service or to be at a 5 star hospital. I must say that overall I am happy with everything. I complained about the luxury home a few days ago but overall it's been pretty good, the staff is good and the ladies that stay here are helpful. In the states we live differently and when we come here having high expectations we get disappointed so be open minded and remember what you are here for. From the moment Yily walked in to mark me she was super friendly walked in with a smile and marker and told me like it was, she asked me what I wanted and if she couldn't do it, she told me why. She also brought something which I thought was interesting and glad that she addressed it... The guys everyone talks about doing surgeries on her patients. She made it clear that should would not put her name and carreer on the line and allow anyone other than herself to reform surgeries on her patients. She says that she hates the rumors circulating about that bcuz it gives her and her practice a bad name. There are a few people with her in the room and they are there solely to assist and the male figure everyone talks about whom I met is her anesthesiologist and he has to be there to make sure everything is going well.

On another note, I did wake up during surgery however I did not feel anything as far as the tummy tuck and lipo went I only felt slight punches from the lipo under my arm. It was scary bcuz I felt like I couldn't breathe but that was bcuz of the tummy tuck so I was told to breathe through my mouth. If you do get a tummy tuck know that after you will have to train your body to breathe again bcuz of the tightness of the muscles. Also please make sure you bring extra money, you may need it to buy things if they come up for your recovery as well as ensures if you need them or if your tired of the food at your recovery or just want to get out take a breather and eat out. Security money is always good. Also as far as all the Meds I bought before coming here, the only thing I've used since I been here is the semi are gel, Tylenol (bcuz I caught a fever a when I got here after leaving CIPLA), wipes and pads... I'll let you know if I use anything else. Remember they prescribe everything for you except the compression socks, pads and wipes which are needed. If you have any questions that's what I'm here for.

The little blue pill


Sitting/sleeping after tummy tuck and bbl

It's been torturous trying to figure out which position to sleep in that won't affect my results and seems like sleeping on my back is the only option urgh and I feel like the pillows don't work very well. I had fat put into my hips and thighs so sleeping on my side isn't an option either. Will sleeping on my back affect the results of my bbl?ive been sleeping on my back trying not to put much pressure on my bum but it seems like impossible

The little blue pill

One week post

One week post and I am feeling pretty good! Feeling good in health, energy and feeling especially good about my results and how they are coming along. I know I have some time and changes to come but so far so good.

Leaving DR

Well, it's about that time. Getting ready to leave Luxury, bittersweet. Got to know the girls and the staff and it was a pleasure. Those are the kind of people you want to be around when away from home for so long and going through a tough recovery. It was nice meeting everyone of the girls especially LancDiva1, Saks5thtiff annabanana90. These girls were Awesome! ???? wish you all a speedy recovery. Knock 'em dead with your Yily boot'odies! Will keep you all updated on my progress! Stay tuned xoxoxo

Almost 3 weeks post op

Almost 3 weeks post op and it's just a roller coaster, some days better than others but right now I'm trying to remain patient and continue with the waiting game. Although I look ALOT better in clothes now than before I still loss ALOT of volume to my ass and hips and what gives me shape is my itty bitty waist in which I am excited about. I just hope and hope pray that fluffing exists because I need it! I'm already thinking about round 2! Isn't that insane? Wth God knows I did not want to go through that again but, like I said remaining patient. I emailed Yily and she asked me to please be patient, it hasn't been a month and it is normal to lose volume but it will all shape up nicely. I have faith in her so I'm going to be patient. Ladies don't get discouraged when your ass goes down. After doing my research these past few weeks on it it happens to everyone.

First photo in a nicely fitted dress

As you can see in this dress my waist is tiny, ass is ok nothing big but the dress fits nicely.

Today's photos

Today feeling good. My hips are filling out and although my ass is hard as a rock I can see it coming out also. What an emotional roller coaster! More photos to come of my tummy tuck incision and new belly button.


My booty is looking volumscious today! Wth! Just the other day I was stressing about my booty being small and today it looks pow! And still hard as a rock! This transformation is playing with my emotions! Yily injects the fat into the muscle so maybe that plays a role in all these changes. Some drs place the fat over the muscle and that's probably why there booty looks so big at first but since Yily places it under my guess is that it takes time for the fat to take and grow and if that's the case that is what I am witnessing and that's a great thing. Staying patient!!!

Pictures of CIPLA and the blue pill.

Luxury House Recovery House


Wish I documented my measurements before hand but I didn't so I'll document them now and see my changes through time. I am currently 5ft tall 136lbs 28in waist, 38.5 inches bottom and 36 inch bust.

Measurements 5/21/2015

Today Measurements- 27.5 Waist 39.5 Bottom and 36.5 bust (Didn't get breast done, maybe its the bra) So my waist went down half an inch could be because of the faja (I'm on my third hook of the stage 2 faja already yikes! waist keeps getting smaller and I feel like I can get smaller this is with the lipoboard on without it the faja would be too looses) and I went up a whole inch in my bottom. Gonna try and do it every couple days to see the difference but this is the change from one day to the next.

Waist to hip ratio

Photos of the day

Hips are taking shape.


Todays measurements are 28.5 Waist, 40.5 bottom. I swelled in my abdomen due to not having my compression garment on tight enough yesterday. I tried to give myself a little breather and I swelled up so ladies try and keep that compression garment on so that it fits you snug as often as possible you body is still going through changes and you will swell up. I can feel it when I touch it :( its not as tight as I've been use to it being. As far as my butt goes, it looks from the measurements like I'm up an inch but I honestly don't see it personally. I feel like I am losing volume to my bottom and my hips.

Measurements 6/1/14

Well ladies trying to keep you updated on my journey and measurements so today my measurements are 26 in waist (definitely getting smaller) and a little over 40.5 inch bottom. So my butt hasn't gotten smaller in the last week which I am excited about. Hoping that it grows at least another 2 inches and I'll be happy! Lol

As far as everything else with my recovery everything has been going pretty good. I'm feeling great besides the achiness and soreness I still feel when laying or sitting too long. I honestly prefer standing all day if I can. Morning are the worse after laying down for so long you really do feel it when you get out of bed. The Arnica tablets still work really good but I am also taking Tylenol to boost the affectiveness. My hips are dwindling away and one hip is rounder than the other :-( it isn't too noticeable but if you look at me good you can see it. Im still hoping it all comes together. Still having faith because I know it takes time to see the end result. A friend of mine didn't blossom until 8 months after surgery so I know it's going to take time to see the end result. Happy healing to all of you ladies in recovery and I hope those of you now going through the journey have a successful one.


So I'm in my second month and this surgery has gotten the best of me on most days :-( like I've said before some days I feel good about my results others I'm praying for a bigger butt and for my hips to come back! Idk I know plastic surgery doesn't magically turn you into the perfectly shaped woman instantly but the down days are stressful. I started developing what looks like swelling on my lower belly under my incision and I'm hoping it goes away. Im wearing a lipoboard under my faja so immjoping that will help even it out. I just wish I could messages everyday instead of wearing this stupid faja everyday. It's so uncomfortable and aggravating. I can't wait to feel normal again and just see my results so that I know what I have to work on if working out will help improve those results. one of those days. For you ladies going through with this surgery please read up on it and prepare yourself because recovery has its real ups and downs.

24 hour post

Hello ladies. Posting my before and after of my tummy tuck but will only keep it up for 24hrs I hope these photos will help you ladies who have gone through or thinking about going through the procedure (miracles do happen) :-)

Death at CIPLA rumor has it, Yily's patient.

Hi ladies, does anyone have any information on Tiffany Williams and what happened? They are saying she was a Yily patient. I know I had my surgery done and to date, I thank god no complications but it is still heartbreaking to hear of any woman dying in this way leaving a child(ren) behind. I also feel bad for the Dr's in particular Yily because I did meet her and she is genuinely a great and sweet woman with a family and children of her own so I also know it isn't easy on her either. I would like to know what happened if anyone knows. God bless all you ladies going to DR for surgery.

Update and thoughts on surgery

Thought I’d give an update and share some thoughts with you ladies. My recovery has been a good one compared to some woman who’s recovery didn’t go as smooth or are dissatisfied with their results. I am 8 weeks post op and feeling very good however I am still feeling the burning sensation from the lipo as well as the feeling of my skin ripping when I get out of bed or move suddenly. I really hope that feeling goes away soon. It isn’t the faja because I no longer wear my faja to bed. I wear it 12 hours during the day and I take it off to sleep. I’ve heard it takes time, months for your nerves to go back to normal. I’m sure it will. I felt like I could never stand straight again after my tummy tuck and after 3 weeks I was already standing straight. 2 weeks ago I did the down and dirty 3 mile obstacle run with no complications (And that was a challenge!) for those of you who don’t know what the down and dirty obstacle run is, look it up. If I can do it at just 6 weeks post op there is hope for you ladies who feel you will never recover fully or live normal again because I am still not 100% but wanted to challenge myself. Things I am a little unhappy with… My butt of course lol I have mentioned it before and I wish it was a little bigger but at the same time being realistic she gave me the biggest butt she can, given the fact that I was small to begin with and I did try to gain wait going in but it was difficult and it’s not like if I go to another Dr. they would give me a bigger butt. My hips went away when the swelling did. I don’t have much to work with so I was given what I could with what I had and is a lot more than what I had so that isn’t as big of a deal as the uneven lipo I am seeing on my waist, my left side of my waist is my curvy and goes in more than my right side which is slightly curved. I expressed my concerns to Yily and she said that I need to give it time because I am still wearing the faja and it looks like one side is more swollen than the other so once the swelling goes down I will see it even out. I went to my massage therapist (who is great by the way) and she made me feel better when she told me the same. She’s had patients that have gone through the same procedure and have experienced the same problems but she said it’s all swelling. Not all the swelling goes down at the same time therefore I will see some areas more uneven than others (keeping my fingers crossed). My advice to you girls, speaking honestly, if you do not need the surgery and it isn’t causing a big conflict in your personal life, don’t do it. Yes, so far to date I have had no complications and for the most part I am very happy with my results but that isn’t the case for many women and I am not just talking about Yily patients because if you see some of Yily’s patients their body’s are to die for! But they all have bad reviews and bad results Duran has bad reviews and dissatisfied patients, Cabral has bad reviews and dissatisfied patients, Walkiris has bad reviews and so does all of these other Dr’s. In my personal experience, Yily is amazing and when people speak negative of her I don’t understand why because I’ve experienced none of what they have but that does not mean I discredit them because we all have different experiences, not one person is the same and not one body type is either. Yes, for some woman like myself it is a life changing experience because I had low self-esteem and a bad complex because I never had a shape, now I do and I feel great and I understand why some woman do it but if you already have a shape and are content why put yourself in that risky situation just to enhance your appearance if it really isn’t needed? I’ve heard from woman who already had a nice shape and big butts going in and most of their comments and responses were the same, “IDK why I did it” it wasn’t worth the pain and complications that sometimes do rise and really wasn’t worth it because you were fine going in but now have to deal with unnecessary complications. I am not trying to sound hypocrite because I did go through with the surgery and I am happy with my overall results but it is a long recovery process and some people do have long term complications. For people like myself sad to say the desire to want to feel good about my body for the first time was worth the risk and if you’re in my shoes, I get it. Just do your research and make sure you are in the best of health. DR does have amazing Dr’s and Yily is one of them but if you aren’t in the best of health and aren’t honest going in and you don’t take the proper precautions bad things can happen. I’ll leave you with this, DON’T be afraid to ask questions, interview your Dr. question whatever it is you want to question about them. It is your body, you are the one taking the chance and you are the one at risk. Happy healing and blessings upon blessings to you all!

New pictures in my bathing suit

Unfortunate I won't keep any photos of myself up for too long on this site but I'll keep it up long enough for some to see. Hope this helps. Tummy tuck, Lipo and BBL. I had stretch marks that went over my belly button. My stomach looked hideous after birth. Never thought I'd be able to wear a 2 piece or that I would have a normal looking belly button again.

Measurements :(

This is driving me insane! is fluffing real? if so when does it start??? Current measurements as of today (No faja) 38.5 inch bottom, 29 Inch waist. I lost 2 inches to my bottom and gained 3 inches on my waist! This fluctuation is driving me crazy. I was hoping to gain at least 2 inches to my bum but instead I lost 2.... Hoping for a big change in the next few weeks.

You be the judge of my before and after

My before and afters

Tummy and belly button


Ok so for you ladies who has followed my journey know how stressed I've been about the "fluffing" well... I have not worn my faja in 3 days (not recommended until 90 days which I am not) but, I've been having chest pains (unrelated) to surgery so I gave my self a break and let me tell you! Without the compression my bum has fluffed out something serious! In just 3 days not wearing it! Now I will put my faja back on tomorrow but now I know what to expect when my 90 days are up. You may not see it right now but when the compression is off and your body settles you'll see it at least in my case I did :-) feeling hopeful!

3 Months post op!

3 months post op and I feeling great! It's been a rollercoaster ride but I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Things have been good however still seeing a bit of unevenness on my waistline. One side is a slight bit higher up than the other but I have not had a massage a couple weeks and that not good! My body is still like clay Nd molds if my pants are too tight. I can feel the fluid building in my lymphatic system and it feels weird, it's time I get a massage and try to stay on top of it. If your are post op and feel across your belly and can feel lines than it needs to be massaged out before it gets too bad and needs to get drained. I feel I'm almost at that point and that's all my fault. My body has taken shape and I am loving my curves. The self confidence have gone from a 3 to a 12 on a scale from 1-10 lol I may not have the biggest booty but I am so happy for the self esteem booster and confidence. It is life changing. I hope you dolls have a safe and speedy recovery. I am always here to answer questions xoxo

Yily booty

Almost 5 months later and I feeling great!


Yily is a godsend. I know some won't say the same but in my case she is. She has definitely changed my life and how I see myself. My self confidence has sky rocketed! Some of you woman who's stomach and appearance changed after pregnancy will understand the feeling and reason for undergoing this surgery and I thank god that all worked out in my favor. Blessings and best wishes to you all who are in the process and recovering.

7 months post op

Feeling great!

Feeling amazing! My body has developed into something fierce! They say wait 3 months to see results and I am just now starting to see my body form and settle 8months later! Don't give up hope ladies. Yily did an amazing job on me. Everything looks so natural and that's what I love the most.


Hey ladies how are you! Its been awhile since I've been on here so I figured I'll give an almost year update! lol I just want to say that I thank god I had a pretty good recovery and end result. I'm going on a year at the end of the month and body looks good, most importantly my body looks NATURAL which was my goal. I got everything I wanted from Yily (Although I secretly wish for a little more booty sometims) lol but with my frame it will be reDONKulous HA! hey some girls want that, me on the other hand, I'm a little more subtle so I don't think it'll suit me lol My measurements as of today or 28inch waste and 39inch booty lol "Shapely" as the girl who did my measurements said and my weight today is 138lbs. I am also thankful that I have not had any complications as a result from the surgery as some girls have had. It is a risky surgery to say the least and unfortunately not everyone comes out with there desired look and or have a pretty traumatic experience. All I can say is that if you are beginning your journey, good luck to you! its an exciting time, do your research on your Dr (This is serious) and make sure you are in the BEST of health, physically, mentally and emotionally. If you are in recovery, stay strong! it is an emotional rollercoaster (Read my reviews) haha!, stay focused and DETERMINED to get better, and motivated. REMEMBER- A BODY IN MOTION STAYS IN MOTION WHILE A BODY AT REST STAYS AT REST. Move around, walk, eat healthy and you'll see that your recovery will go a lot more smoothly. For my dolls going for round 2, lots of love to you! xoxoxo Tight hugs and kisses to you all.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Best decision I've ever made.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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