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Hello all, this is my first review. I will be...

Hello all, this is my first review. I will be getting BL (breast lift) BBL (Brazilian butt lift) which requires lipo. I have 3 beautiful kids and really need this procedure to get back to my model body I had before children. I will not be getting the TT( tummy tuck) because I did not like the scar it left and I don't have that much belly fat. I have chosen dra yily dos santos because I like her work and also was recommended by a friend that was also her patient and love her results. I have booked with Betty's Family Recovery house. They were the only recovery house that got back to me fast enough. I communicated through what's app and email and they got back to me within a hour. I will only be staying a couple days (less than a week). Because I come from a family of health care providers, they wanted me to come back asap so that they could care for me and if I needed anything extra (medications, tests, supplies ect.) I would be able to receive it in my country (Canada, free health care ????) . I am just scared of many things, such as carrying such large amount of money, complications and obviously death ????. I will continue to update this review.

Post op day 1

Thank you for all your support! I had landed in DR on Monday and got my surgery yesterday morning. All my lab work, ECG and X-rays came back perfect. I was taking iron and vitB a week before arriving here. My experience was ok. I had woke up during surgery to pulling and tugging, but I felt no pain, just the discomfort of someone shaking me. I asked them to put me to sleep and one of the nurses gave me a needle in my arm and put me to sleep. I then woke up in my recovery room. I was extremely uncomfortable and the nurses have me something through my IV and I went back to sleep. After that medication wore off my bum was so sore, all I wanted to do was get up out of bed to relieve the pressure off my bum, but I wasn't allowed to. I barely slept that night. I following morning I was greeted by Dr Yily and her assistant, they were both very nice. She told me that my morning blood work shown that I had low hemoglobin which is normal after surgery. So se prescribed me iron, vitB and erothroprotein. There was another list of medication but I only bought the antibiotics from the other list. I am sore and bruised up. I can't walk upright, because I had a TT and feel the pressure of the stitches.

update at 12weeks post op

So I forgot to mention in the other update that I originally went to DR for BBL and BA. But as son as I seen dr Yily she told me that i need a TT, and that I was leaking a little milk so she cant do the BA. I was a bit sad but i trusted her opinion. I am now 12 weeks post op and I am having trouble standing upright. I lean against the wall every now and then to straighten my posture, but I feel a lot of pressure and pain on my chest. The brusing is slowly going away and I got my drain taken out post op day 9. I was draining a little more then 50cc, but found that the more I moved around the more drainage I would have. Therefore I had a Dr take out the drain. I am swollen now and can see the extra drainage in my mid-section area. My body is supposed to reabsorb it, therefore for I am drinking a lot of water to help flush the fluid out. I am also eating healthy. I had two family events in the last couple days and its been difficult for me eat healthy. I am not sure if I like what I see. Although im still swollen, I think my bottom half is huge!!! my family was able to notice it ASAP!. I told Dr Yily to do a natural bum, I dont want anything extreme, and mine is extreme, even my hips are huge. This is not what I wanted at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my waist is small which is nice, but my bum is like Kim Kardashian!! and I did not want that at all. I am really hoping that it goes down, a lot!!! I am suppose to be starting stage two faja this week, but Dr Yilys office only gave me stage one. So i guess I have to order it online. I will put up some pictures soon. I am just feeling down about my results, I dont like this huge ass :(

a month and a half review

I just want to apologize about the last post, I was 12 days post op not 12 weeks. Now that I am almost 2 months post op, I feel MUCH better, and my swelling has went down a lot! My butt isnt huge anymore!! I am loving my results!!!!!!! I cant stop looking in the mirror. I really want to start working out, but my doctor said not to work out until 3 months.
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