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After a year of research, I decided I'm going to...

After a year of research, I decided I'm going to get my old self back & have a bbl. I had a GREAT shape when I was younger (like high school & early 20s) but something about this 24th year has been ballooned the heck up! I refuse to go with any other Doctor besides Duran. I SWEAR by her. I'm so excited! Contacting her was not hard for me. Once to take into account the time difference & the fact that doctors usually don't respond to work emails (I work in an anticoagulant clinic so I know how doctors are) their assistants do. So always call and talk to the assistants early DR time.

Ok so I realized...

I only panic about my surgery when I smoke weed LMAO! Like everytime I get high I just sit & think OMG I'm going to die in a strange country! Which is why I'm quitting. Besides the fact that you aren't supposed to be smoking within 2 months preop anyways. But hey ladies! Don't judge me for being a weed smoker ok? Here are some wish pics and my own pre op pics. Now before someone says, "OMG YOU DONT NEED LIPO JUST DO SIT UPS & WORK IT OFF!" & messes around & gets blocked, this whole procedure is a sole focus on my waist. I'm currently 5'3 181 pounds. Even when I was a buck 30 I NEVER really had a small waist. My stomach was flat but I was just skinny all over and I don't have any hips. I was Duran to snatch the heck out of this waist & add a little bit of hips. I want to look naturally curvy. When I initially started gaining weight I loved it. My tits went from a B cup to a double D. But now... Duran HELP!


If Duran can make me look like this, I swear I'll name my first child after her (which says a lot because you don't see black babies named Augustina everyday) lmao! I hope you guys get my humor and it's not offending anyone.

People are STILL going to Cabral?

I see a lot of #CabralDolls on here & I'm like uhhh how? Is a fat booty really worth going to a man who has been damn near exiled from the US for practicing without a license & has killed MULTIPLE women? I just watched a woman's YouTube story about how Cabral burned her from the inside out ! OMG!!! I did soooo much research on Duran & I found one death of a woman who they say neglected to tell Duran about a lap band procedure she had and then got a tummy tuck. But Cabral? It's like a hit or miss with him it seems like! Either your body looks bomb as hell or you end up dead or with extreme complications! Does anyone have any information on Duran regarding her deaths? Like...factual (with links) info. Not just "I heard from a girl who went to ciplas cousins, brothers, aunty that Duran killed a girl." Remember loves, do your research! A fat booty isn't worth your life! I feel confident in my choice in Duran. Hopefully she doesn't disappoint.

*Disclaimer : I'm not bashing any women who want to/are going/ HAVE went to Cabral. Just encouraging everyone to look PAST the possibility of having a banging a** body, & think about the whole picture. If Cabral did your body & didn't mess it up, this ain't for you. Don't come for me. I didn't send for you.

Not as confident as I once was...

I'm super nervous about this whole situation. Like, a few of Duran's recent girls have been having a lot of necrosis & have been unhappy with their results. A lot of them were also done at the end of the day too. Of course I see way more good reviews then bad reviews but now I feel like I just know what questions to ask and to be VERY specific in what I want to Duran. I feel kind of crazy for still going through with this but any kind of plastic surgery can have complications no matter where you go. I just pray I have a blessed journey. It's funny how the idea of a new body can make you do crazy shit. Then I have to wonder when did I become this unhappy with myself that I became willing to go to a strange country to have an invasive procedure. But I also looked up death rates/complications in plastic surgery in the US compared to the DR & I think the DR gets a bad rep because it's so taboo ppl are watching closely. If you look up plastic surgery deaths in the US it actually comes out about the same. 22 days pre op & I'm so nervous yet excited. I think I'm just going to stay off Real Self and I'm going to quit trying to decipher who is real & suffering with who is fake & hating on here. I'll be back post op.

2 weeks preop & I was fina say FUCK IT!

Like I've been going through a plethora of emotions. Like I've been crying thinking I'm going to end up on botched or in a damn body bag because of like 3 bad reviews. But then you have to realize all surgeons aren't perfect! The REAL thing that made me realize that was when I went to a few Dr. Miami patients that weren't happy with their results & looked somewhat botched. I've decided whys going to happen is going to happen. I only quit smoking a week ago (horrible right?) but I got my RBC checked & it's not that much above normal range. I'm confident that with time it will drop. (normal range 12-16.5% mine is 17.2%) Im more worried about the possibility of having a blood transfusion. Have any ladies on here heard of skin necrosis from just a bbl? I've been searching here and on Google and can only seem to find fat necrosis (which isn't any better. Nobody wants a lumpy butt) I've been watching Leslie Moscos most recent YouTube video & it's giving me a lot of comfort because she's REAL and she went through it. It also doesn't hurt that she's an actual woman talking and showing her results. Not just a review on an app on my phone. I absolutely love her! So now I'm excited again. I haven't smoked in a week and I've been working out and hiking a lot trying to unfatten my face. Mostly because I'm not into the whole Star Jones look (skinny body, fat ass face. Lmao). Also tryna slim down the arms so I'm not out here looking like Donkey Kong. If anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask away!

Packing (Lord)

I see so many women on here with suitcases FULL of a whole bunch of shit they don't need and probably can't/won't even use so I'm only really paying attention to a select few reviewers. Darealtiffanyo's list was simple and it made sense. I'm staying at kindness recovery house & they have a list of things they provide so I'm definitely not bringing any of that. Basics: 1. Thick pads were a universal thing among all reviewers 2. Wipes (feminine & baby. Possibly antibacterial but I dnt see myself cleaning SHIT while I'm trying to heal. I might bring one canister of Clorox wipes) 3. Wife beaters for under the faja 4. Hibiclens for sponge bathing 5. Tampons because surgery is said to make your period start. (Great I have to be in pain AND in hell) 6. Mini safe for my monies & passport 7. Robe, slippers, maxi dresses, big tees, bball shorts (what I'm most comfortable in) 8. All your vitamins & pain killers I'm not bringing any lipo foam because I read someone's review that said Duran told her not to wear it while in the DR (it's too hot & will cause the wound not to heal properly because of sweat). Not bringing ensure because I'm 99.7% sure I won't drink that crap. I hate it. Trying to decide if I want to go out & get a boppy pillow or something. I'm 13 days pre op & I must say I'm freaking excited! These days are going to go quick too! #Leggo

For anyone worried about the hemo aspect like me...

I found this article about natural remedies to build your hemo up & I found something about tea LOWERING your hemo levels. I went with that & googled it & found more out about it! So ladies, stay the hell away from tea! #TeamNoTransfusion... Hopefully! If my sources don't seem legit enough for you feel free to google it yourself!

Weight Loss

I've lost 17 pounds since my update with pics! Now hopefully my wish pics will be much easier to achieve! I'm excited all over again! I e gotten my Percocet for post op and I found a blood building supplement a friend had that I actually like & want to try to see if it builds my hemo. I'm currently on my period so I know it will be low after. 11 days til sx, 9 days til I leave! #Yay!

It's going down!

So I'm 2 days pre op & SOOOO MF excited! My sx buddy & I are currently waiting in the airport in Mexico City to board our flight to the DR! & what do you know? We happened to stumble upon a pharmacy IN THE AIRPORT that sells most of the medication Duran wants us on post op in it! SAVE YOUR MONEY LADIES. Don't let them con you into spending $150. I spent a total of $25 on all of the post op meds besides the injectable medicine. I can't believe in 2 days I'll have my dream body! See you on the other side!

We made it!

In Cipla getting labs

So I'm sick ;-(

I had an 11 Hr layover in Mexico City & ended up with a nasty summer cold :-( so no surgery today. *crying emoji* the doctor prescribed me some medicine to take for the next few days and then I will have my surgery on Monday. My sx buddy is in Cipla as we speak & should be done with her surgery. My prayers go out to her! I'm so freaking anxious to hear from her. She'll be back @ the recovery house in the morning so until then I'll be bored locked up in this room @ Kindness. I'm the only girl here who hasn't had surgery so all the rest of the women are sleeping & miserable & no one wants to play with me *cries again* Hopefully Monday I'll be well enough to get my booty. Duran was so nice and caring. She marked me up & everything. Currently my booty still says Duran ! Lol oh well. 4 more days til I'm a Duran Doll!

Tomorrow is the day! OMG!

Ok so tomorrow I finally get to have my bbl! I've been around the recovery house talking to the ladies and asking their experiences. They keep telling me I'm going to feel like I got beat with bricks for at least 3 days (Lawd no!) but I'm ready to get my surgery over with. I'm soooo scared! My best friend had her tummy tuck on Thursday and I watched her struggle and cry through all the pain. It was so hard to watch. She's doing soooo much better now and really looks amazing! The ladies here at kindness are really great. Except two girls. One named Laura and the other I don't know her name but she is dark like me and rolls her eyes a lot. My bffs drain coagulated and one of the ladies was working hard to open the drain and in Spanish the girl kept saying, "You don't have to do all that. Stop that. It will clean itself." What a bitch! I'm like girl I'm not down for the count yet. I'll fuck you right up! Anyways, the other ladies have been great. Language barrier is lowkey a challenge but I must say my Spanish has greatly improved! We have ladies here from EVERYWHERE! France, Angola, YOU NAME IT! I'm so excited to be here and share this experience. I'm also happy my bff and I did not have surgery on the same day because I was able to help her a little bit more than the ladies at kindness since I speak English. Less than 24 hrs until I'm officially a #DuranDoll! Keep me in your prayers ladies! May our stomachs get flatter, and asses get fatter. #Amen.

I just want to let you know...

What I'm going through right now. I'm hooked up to the machine & all I can think about is my Mom and how much I love her. I can't stop crying. I feel like I don't see how women do this tons of times. I'm so scared. The tears won't stop falling. I've been so happy and anxious and ready but at this very moment all I can think about is my Mother. & how she doesn't know what I'm about to do. I'm literally in the hospital bed on the verge of a quarter life crisis. This journey is no joke ladies. Take it serious.

I'm back! I'm ok! I'm alive!

When I tell y'all I feel like I got beat up by like 13 jealous bitches... LADIES! This is no joke! It's not as bad as I thought. Duran took sooo much care of me. The weirdest thing to me was waking up during surgery. I woke up & it was so bright but I could make out a man sitting in a chair. I reached for him but before I could touch him I passed out again! Cipla was hot af. The most annoying thing was I was SWEATING! I had no chills, no blood transfusion, no dizziness. I'm just SORE as hell! In the words of Leslie Mosco, " I got my ass handed to me, but what an ass it is!" I'm so in love with my body! All of that freaking out I was doing man. I want to thanks ALL of you ladies who have been so supportive. You women are like my extended family. They closed my faja today & I wanted to beat the lady up. Like if I was quick on my feet I would have ran! Lmao. My booty keeps having like muscle contractions which keep waking me up but ladies, I'm GOOD. By the grace of God, Buddah, Jah, Jehova, and whatever higher power y'all prayed too. THANKS SO MUCH! Here's some pix !

No faja on!

Because I'm obsessed with myself...

Post op day 3

My skin doesn't feel like mines ???? I can't WAIT to get massages so my booty and hips can soften up. Here is a before and after pic of how she sculpted my hips. I'd show my butt but it still has nasty drains in it & I want to spare you guys the gruesome stuff. lol

For MyLotusFlower

Booty drains and things. It's hella gross & I hate this thing. Like I can be sitting down having dinner & then get this gross fluid running down my butt. It's the WORST! But the drains come out tomorrow! I can't complain about that! At my recovery house they give us there things that look like depends to keep the fluid from getting on our fajas.


Sooo they only hurt me a LITTLE. But then again my pain tolerance is pretty damn high! I feel literally like 300% better right now ! It's like magic. So for anyone wondering about massages YES YOU NEED THEM. YES OFTEN!

9 days po

When you have no bae to send pics to, Real Self will do. Lol! Booty still tender. Skin feels so weird. The faja is aggravating. Life goes back to normal for real today. Let's see how this work day goes!

Post op depression & other things not so peachy...

Yesterday I tried to go to work. It was the most AGGRAVATING experience I've ever had. From sitting down (on my butt) in the constricting ass faja to dealing with people and still having soreness. I was spent. I go into bouts of post op depression. It sucks. It's like when you're just ready for things to be normal again and their not so you just want to cry. Sometimes I miss my old body because it wasn't in pain and everything wasn't so inconvenient. I feel it the most when it's time to sleep and I can't get comfortable. I have a lot of migraines since surgery that come randomly. I feel as tho I psyched myself out because I was able to do so much right after surgery but when you realize how little you can REALLY do it's quite disheartening. So it's not all bunnys and rainbows like people think. I'm struggling with seeing how beautiful my body is compared to how much I'm going thru to keep it like this. Hell, to even get it like this! Ladies make sure you are mentally prepared to go thru the full healing process. Don't rush it. Don't take anything lightly. Take. Your. Time.

Tightness in lipo areas...

Hey ladies (& gents?) !!! Just wanted to tell you guys about my current burden. Tightness. My skin is soooo freaking tight on my back, sides, and stomach (basically the lipo areas). Like its so tight I can't really bend or reach for anything. It makes me so frustrated because I can't even do normal things like put on my shoes ????. I'm so sad about it sometimes. I'm still loving my results but I feel like SHIT so it's hard for me to even care about them. I can't seem to find comfort with the faja AT ALL. Like I can't sleep with it, can't sleep without it. I'm just having some hard times with recovery :-( I thought I was just going to bounce back and be ok but this has been nothing like anyone on Real Self has described. People are always so happy after. Not me. Happy 2 weeks.

4 weeks PO!

Hey guys! I haven't forgotten about all my real self loves. I've just been working & healing. I feel about 83% myself. I still have tightness in my back and around my stomach. My stomach is softening up (thank God) & I'm happy about that! Yay! I completely and utterly in LOVE with my body. Like my confidence is through the roof. Like nobody can tell me a damn thing! My holes are all closed up nicely and now I'm going to start scar treatment. My back hole (hole above my butt crack where drains were) is damn near non existent! I've had ups and down with this but I feel like I made the best decision ever to go with Duran. That's bae. Lol Happy 4 weeks! 2 weeks until nomore faja!

This post is about my holes...

One thing I really paid attention to while picking a doctor was how their entry holes healed. And where they were. I saw some doctors with stupid ass hole positions like RIGHT on the ass cheeks, in the middle of the back, HELLA BIG on the sides, etc. I love Duran because her incisions are very small and undetected. So here are pics of 3/5 holes. The other 2 are on my coochie but it's a bush anyways due to not waxing since before surgery so you can't even see them. I'm scared to get hot wax ripped off my lipo entry hole. OUCH! Lol. Anyways, PAY ATTENTION TO HOW THE LADIES HEAL! You wana look good in your clothes, but also ass naked without your scars being dead giveaways. Yes Duran lowkey ruined my tattoo -____- she could have stabbed me higher. But whatevs, I am grateful. She snatched me!

4 months po...here we are !

Hey ladies! Sorry guys I've been so busy with work and school I'm barely on here. Just wanted to give you gals a quick update on my results! I do want to say I had some issues with fat necrosis causing abscesses at about 1 month post op. It was scary and I had no clue what was happening but I'm good now! I lost a LOT of weight. I think it was swelling. I'm a lot more lean and my hips aren't as exaggerated as before but I like how I look now more. Now my hips look natural. At the time the pic on the right was taken I was at 164. I am currently 144 pounds. I still absolutely LOVE my results and thank Duran for boosting my confidence.

7 mos po! Sexy is back

Hey guys! I'm 7 mos post op and I'm LOVING my results! I'd definitely recommend Duran to anyone looking to get their bbl done. I get so many compliments on my body and my confidence is thru the roof! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

A few days shy of 9 mos post op

Waist still SNATCHED. Booty still FAT. I'm happy. #DuranDoll

I forgot this pic in the original post

Feel free to ask me anything!
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