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Hi RS ladies, Im a 27yo from New York I've...

Hi RS ladies, Im a 27yo from New York I've recently been researching Doctors and stalking realself for weeks and finally decided on a doctor. I was stuck between Yily,Baez,Duran, and Diaz. Only yily,Baez, and Diaz got back to me sooo yea I'm having surgery in Santo Domingo, DR on April 7th with Dr Manuel Diaz & I'm currently looking for a travel buddy. Let me know if you're interested :)

Before Pics

Date Change

So I decided to change my date because I got my period this week and I don't want to go out there with low hemo levels. The new date is April 16th. Ahh! I'm so nervous!!! I'm going to order all of my supplies this week gotta get that out the way. Still trying to get this recovery house situated..

Yasmin Recovery House

Has anyone stayed here ?

Changes Again

I'm annoying I know ! Lmao but Changed my date again. Just because my friend couldn't get the same date as me & we wanted to do this together. So April 9th it is. I think we are going to stay at Yasmin's Recovery house, I've read some iffy reviews that's why I wanted some feedback on that house. We ended up emailing her and she reassured us that her house is up to par and any bad reviews were from a "hater" :-/ I guesssss. She said that she will give us $100 toward a new house if we get there and don't feel comfortable.

Flight Booked

I'll be going to DR with my friend (she's on RS also JaivonsMom) We'll be leaving from JFK on 4/7 returning flight will be on 4/17. I paid $488 altogether which isn't too bad. sent the itinerary to Yasmin so she can give Us our quote still hasn't responded but If she takes too long I will be looking into Real Armonia. That's all for now ! Smooches


Hey Ladies :) so this week I finally went to my pcp and got my bloodwork done, I also had him do an EKG even tho I know when I get to DR I will have it done again. Just want to be extra sure that everything is good in that department. Oh, while I was there my doctor called Dr Diaz and spoke to him who knows what they spoke about because I was getting my EKG done at that time, but he did come back in the room and say everything is a go! I was supposed to go get my CBC test results today but unfortunately this SNOW -_- in NY kept my a** in the house !! I'll go up there one of these days lol. Anyway, I got a few supplies that will be needed and I booked a recovery house I will officially be staying at Recovery Armonia. It seems pretty nice in pictures and based on reviews I think I will get the proper care that I will need. I didn't do airport service with them tho I got a taxi driver his name is Frank found him on IG his mane is frank_mejia20 his prices are lovelyyy he has transportation packages that he offers too so go check him out. Next time I update I will add my current weight and measurements and a wish pic!


I'm so damn miserable right now, I think I have strep throat but I don't want to take any meds since I'm so close to my surgery date. I definitely need an antibiotic but I'm just going to ride it out and sleep it away. Anywhoooo, I got my CBC results back !!! My Hemo is 13.0 which is great but I am going to try to get it higher cuz I'm not trying to get a blood transfusion, no no not me ! I did say that I would update with my current stats so here it is:
Height: 5'4
Weight: 132 lbs
Bust: 36"
Underbust: 31.5"
High Waist: 30.5"
Low Waist: 33.5"
Hips: 38"

question ?????

How bad are the incision scars after a bbl? should I buy mederma for them ???

Leaving for DR Today

Today is the day! I'm so ready to go and get this all over with... I got all my medications I will need yesterday My doctor was not trying to prescribe me Percocet for nothing BUT he finally gave in & gave me the script for it. I was stressed for a sec thinking I wasn't gonna have something strong enough for the pain but everything worked out. I have a few more things to do before I head to the airport my flight is at 11:59p. Can't wait to get out there !

Made It

I made it here to DR! My driver took me to Armonia, we didn't get in our room yet tho. We went straight to the cipla from Armonia... So now I'm here in Diaz office waiting to get pre-op testing done.

Out of surgery

Finally made it back to Armonia from cipla. Last night was probably the worst night of my entire life I was so damn uncomfortable I could not sleep I was up every hour. I love my body tho and I will update u guys fully when I feel a little better

13 days post op!

Hi guys, I know I'm late as hell but I've been busy back at home. I sure do wish I was still in DR at Myra's I need all the help I can get because no1 at home pays me any mind lol. Ok first things first I got to DR on the 8th of April went to Myra's and then went straight to cipla for blood work and a cardio exam. -_- BLOODWORK smh let me telllll u, the woman that took my blood had no idea what she was doing, first of all they use a regular syringe and pull the blood from your vein (no Bueno) she stuck me twooo time the second stick was on the inside of my wrist that vein was so tiny that it swelled up so bad after she finished and basically collapsed. It hurt so bad but I got over it. Left a big black and blue but whatever. I got my exam from Dr Diaz and he told me I have a hernia so he wouldn't be able to do lipo too close to my belly button which was fine with me (safety first). Dr Diaz was very nice and informative he told me to be back to cipla at 7am the following day for surgery and no food after 10pm :-(. We get back to Myra's and meet all the girls in the house who already had surgery (I loveeee all the girls that were there it was like 20 of us at that time) talking to everyone kinda calmed my nerves all of Diaz' patients looked bomb so I was pretty happy about that. Anyway 10pm is rapidly approaching and my stomach is telling me I need to eat like right now lol so Myra had someone make us something to eat I didn't get my food until after 10 so I finished around 10:30 I figured it was no big deal. Finally the next morning I'm up at 6 showering getting ready for surgery ! We make it to the clinic around 7:20 Pebbles (Diaz assistant) takes us down to registration then Diaz marks us up while waiting to register. After that we go to the 4th floor and wait for our rooms. My friend went into surgery around 10 since she was getting more done she went first, I got my room about 20 mins later and I get inside and change into my surgery gear I ended up falling asleep. At about 2:30 someone comes and brings the infamous blue pill. I didn't take it because it was just sitting on the fridge around 3:00 someone comes in and tells me to take the blue pill so I did, 10 mins later they came to wheel me down to the OR. We get to the OR Area. Soon as we get through the two swinging doors my heart begins to beat extra fast lmao. Then I start feeling a little calm that blue pill started kicking in. I see Dr Diaz and he smiles at me and ask how I'm doing, I was like "I'm great" lmao knowing Damn well I was just panicking 5 mins ago! I wait in the recovery room for a few and I see my friend being wheeled out and another girl in there shaking her butt off! Finally they take me out of the recovery room and I walk into the OR and get on the table, the room didn't look scary to me at all although I didn't see any tools because I wasn't looking. I lay on the table and they stick me for the IV and after that I was OUT! I woke up around 10pm and my A$$ was hurting like crazyyyy I'm like wait why am I on my butt!!!! It hurts please get me off my butt ! My nurse did not speak English so she must've thought I was trying to get up and she was like "no no no mami no move" so I'm thinking what the f*ck I gotta stay like this all night ?! That's not gonna work! I asked for my phone and called my mom and my boyfriend they called and texted me so many times worrying if I was ok, they ended up calling Diaz before I called them anyway. Anyway I fell Back asleep and when I woke up around 12 something I told my nurse this cannot go down for another 7 hours I HAD to switch positions so she said "ok mami position" lol I turn to my side and was still uncomfy smh. That went on ALL NIGHT I was up every 20 mins changing positions smh with no damn pillow and that WEAK pain medication they give you that burns your arm when they put it in you IV Smh. My nurse wouldn't let me take Percocet. I suggest u sneak some pain meds if u can and bring a pillow and blanket. I had the worst night ever but thank god for my. It's Veronica she was so sweet! Morning came and I was so ready to get outta there got my blood drawn again I was praying I didn't need a transfusion. Brunilda came in and Diaz followed I was so happy to see them around 8:30am, took my faja off and checked my incisions everything was great then here comes the massage omggggg that sh*t hurt I got light headed so I had to sit down. After that I got dressed and went back to Myra's and everything was smooth sailing after that! The girls there made my stay so much better we would laugh and talk all day long lol I miss them. The staff at Myra's were pretty good too

A little over a month

Decided to update on my progress so far, I'm still a little sore on the sides and my lower back. Still swollen in my lower tunny area I'm really hoping that goes down soon. I ordered another faja on eBay Vedette 929 & I got an XS which didn't fit it wasn't compressing tight enough so I'll be exchanging for a 2xs. Just massaged myself and I feel so good, ladiessss massages are a must & are very crucial for healing so get those massages! Even if u have to do it yourself, there's plenty of handheld massaging devices online for low prices .


Just a quick picture update. I've been slacking tremendously

Round 2!!!

Going back to DR for a round 2. I really don't NEED to get another round but there's a few things I want to correct. I have indents on my stomach and back from my faja... This proves that the ab boards are very important ! I wore my faja for about 6 months. I'm going back on June 22 getting surgery on the 24th. I will keep you updated

Wish pic: Round 2

Leaving tomorrow for my round 2 at 3:00pm. I found my wish pic !

one month post

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