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I should have gone with my gut feeling at the...

I should have gone with my gut feeling at the consultation and found someone else. Dr. Mangat didn't listen to my concern about fat under my chin, instead he brushed it off as "baby fat" and proceeded to measure my facial proportions and tell me I should consider a chin implant.

The woman who handles the payment and scheduling, Penny, also pushed the implant and said she had one, and that decided it for me because hers looked awful!

Anyway, I had the surgery and waited for months for the swelling to go down, and by that I mean that it didn't look much better and when I had my check ups, they kept saying that swelling can take up a year or more to go down. So you don't really know if you are seeing the final results and don't know whether to be concerned or not.

Well after two years, my nose looks far worse than it did before surgery. Instead of getting a smaller tip which is the only reason I wanted surgery, the tip is twice as big and I also have a hanging columella - the piece of cartilage between the nostrils. I sent Dr. Mangat pictures as I am now living out of state, and he of course said my nose looked great. Trust me, I've asked dozens of people and they agree that it looks worse.

I wasted my money and my time. Now I can't afford a revision and am stuck with an ugly nose. I would definitely not recommend him. I have become very skeptical of doctors who promote themselves on the internet. If a surgeon is really good, he or she will be so busy from word of mouth that they will have no need to advertise. Please go elsewhere. Don't trust online reviews that are glowing - they may not be real patients.
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