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I have been reading some blogs on here and thought...

I have been reading some blogs on here and thought I post my experience. I am 18 days post op from surgery. I had a Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty and Bilateral Mastopexy or in simple terms Tummy Tuck with incisions from hip to hip and from sternum down to lower incision and a breast reduction. Back in 2008 I had a Gastric By Pass surgery and loss 80 pounds. Since then I have been able to maintain my weight but had had excess skin around my stomach and my breast became even droopier with the weight loss.

So in December of 2012 I decided to go for a consultation to see what can be done with my stomach and breast. Here is a better idea of what I was dealing with. Since I was 12 I went from nothing to oh WOW in the breast department. At my heaviest weight I was a 48 DDD. My stomach has always been like two areas. I have always had a defined waist line at my belly button with a stomach above and a pooch below. I have never had children but had a pooch like I had. When I went in for my consult the Dr asked what my goals where. I said that I would like my nipples to point east or west in whatever direction I was standing not south and that I would love to fine my belly button that was sandwiched between my 2 stomach areas. We all laughed and he said that was possible.

We went back to a room for him to look at what he would be working with and to see what I was talking about with his assistant. They made me feel very comfortable with showing what I wanted done. So when he came back in the room with his assistant he was examining me and he said he was able to do both surgeries at once and that I was a good candidate for this and then he said the funniest thing “you have a very small waist under here” I was like really you could have fooled me cause I have not seen it since I was maybe 10.

When I left his office I was very excited on all the information that was given me and was ready to set my appointment. I went home and discussed this with my husband and he was very excited for me. He know all the back, neck and shoulder pain that I have had thought out my life. He was very supportive and said that he will help me with anything I need done but his only fear was blood clots. (He had a grandfather pass away with blood clots after knee replacement surgery 2 years ago.) I told him that I will be fine and that I had one of the best surgeons in the area and I was not scared or worry at all about this. So I called the next day and booked my surgery for January 16, 2013.

So the day of surgery I was very excited and ready to get my new body started for a new year. Surgery went very well; the dr came out and told my husband after about 4 hours that I was 10 pounds lighter and perkier. My Dr was very excited for me and my new venture. While still in recovery I was in and out of sleeping and kept hearing the nurses say look at this pocket under her left arm and does not look right let’s call the Dr and make sure it is not a blood pocket under my armpit. The Dr came back to the hospital and had to take me back into surgery cause my left breast muscle decided to fold and sit under my armpit. Now here is what I think is funny. All my life with my large breast every time I laid down they always fell under my armpit and now that I had a reduction and lift it still wanted to lie under my armpit. The dr was able to go back in and remove a few stitches and with his finger move the muscle back where it was supposed to be.

Prior to all this happing he was already keeping me on a 23 hour observation at the hospital so it was nice to know that I was able to have a pain pump while I was there and to get used to the new body that was stitched up. While in the hospital you know how they always want you to use the bathroom before they let you leave, well my bladder had a different idea. I joked with the Dr that I love staying in hospitals cause I get some peace and quiet for a short period of time. Well little did we both know my bladder was enjoying the hospital accommodations and would not wake up. So instead of a 23 hour observation I was in the hospital for 37 hours. At hour 29 I still could not pee and they had to call the doctor back and he ask them to give me some meds to make me go and to give me 4 hours to see what happens. Finally after 5 hours I did go enough to let me be released.

Once I got home I made a camp in my sun room and stayed in the recliner for a week. I had great help at home with my husband and mom and my best friend stayed with me for a week to make sure the house ran smoothly and I took all my meds as needed.

I did come home with 2 drains one in each hip which was very interesting to deal with. Let me tell you they are very fashionable and not the best things to have to keep attached to yourself. I was able to take my first shower on the Sunday after my surgery. It was the best thing I have ever felt. I did fell dizzy and nauseous the first 15 mins of the shower. I think that was from not having my compression garments on and only being 4 days out from surgery. After the shower I laid down while my mom’s best friend who is a nurse and my best friend but all my bandages back on and made sure all my incisions looked good. After they were down and had my compression garments back on my body felt better like it needed the compression.

During the first week of recovery period I did not have too much pain just a little burning feeling in my lower incisions that the Dr told me I would have. One week and a day after surgery I went back for my follow up with the Dr. and he was able to take my drains out and said that everything looked good and that I did not need to bandage my incisions any more but to continue to where my compression garments and to see him in a week. I was feeling great and was up walking around my house and being yelled at by my friend and husband that I am getting up to much, but I cannot sit still. Since the drains are gone I was able to tell my friend she can go home and have a normal life again. I was feeling great and was on a great road to recovery.

So on day 9 after surgery I woke up from being able to sleep in my bed and not a recliner and decided to stay in bed and watch TV and rest and only get up if I needed a drink or had to go to the bathroom. The day was going well until mid-afternoon when I started to feel a little tightness in my chest and a little shortness of breath. I thought I was just having an anxiety attach and told my husband I took some meds for it and wanted to take a shower to see if that would help calm me down. I just thought it was just from being able to sleep in my bed and just all the changes that had just happen to my body. Well my husband helped me into the shower and he kept asking if I was ok and I said I just needed to get in and see if the warm water would help. Well after just about 45 seconds in the shower my chest was getting tighter and I could not catch my breath my husband was there the whole time and he turn the water off got me out and sat me in a chair and just looked at me and asked do I want a squad. I said yes and now. He called 911 and had the paramedics come to our house. Now mind you I was in the shower and as you all know from the surgery you cannot be out of your garment for more than an hour. So luckily my sister-in-law was here and just jumped in and started getting me dressed so I had at least had some clothes on when all male paramedic shows up.

So I am sitting in our bathroom when I had 3 men come in asking what was a wrong and hooking thing up to me to read my blood pressure and pulse. I kept asking them to hook my garment up and they would not due cause they did not know what was wrong. They put me on the gurney and asked me what hospital I wanted to go to. I went to the one closest to my house. Once I was there blood work was done and x-rays and a CT scan was taken. After being in the ER for 30 mins we found out that I had multiply blood clots in both lungs and that they were admitting me to start me on blood thinners. So now my husband’s biggest fear has come true.

After looking at all my meds it was decided that it was my birth control and the major surgery that has caused this. I was hospitalize for 5 days and now on Coumadin for 6 months to thin out the blood clots and to make sure it does not happen again.

I did follow up with my Dr on my 15th day post op 2 days after being released from the hospital with the blood clots. He was like what are you doing, I just saw you and you were fine and looked great. I said I know I just like to keep people on their toes and wanted to stay in a hospital a little longer. He examed me and said that the incisions looked great and that I was healing fine and to see him in two weeks.

During this whole process I have felt fine and had no pain. I am still a little stiff when I get up from lying down or sitting and I am now 18 days post up. I have notice that my breast are getting there feeling back with surges of pain in my nipples and around the outside of my breast.

I know my story has been a little lengthy but it has been a strange but interesting journey I have been on. I am just curious if anyone has had any similar problems or can recommend any good recovery tips for my breast and the incisions from the tummy tuck. I have read about some silicone type bandages to use to help with scaring on the breast and possible tummy. Has anyone used these and know where I can find them.

Thank you

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This surgern was recomended to me by a friend. He is with the Plastic Surgery Group. From the moment i step into the office I felt very comfortable and not a person out of place. The staff is very friendly and always available to answer any questions.

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