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I'm a 5'1'', 95 lb., 43 year-old mom of two...

I'm a 5'1'', 95 lb., 43 year-old mom of two daughters, whom I nursed for a combined five years. That, in combination with pregnancy complications that topped me out at a whopping 155 lbs. (I was only 96 lbs. when I got married), and the subsequent weight loss meant that my once small, but pert (32A/B) breasts that I loved deflated into daily reminders of feeling less than attractive. Surprisingly, my breasts made me feel like less of a woman than did the complete hysterectomy I had in my late 30s due to a cancerous condition.

I had one consultation with a p.s. near where I lived that left me humiliated and in tears. Although he was recommended, his callous nature meant he was not for me. It took me at least six months to be brave enough to find another surgeon. This time I found the most amazing female plastic surgeon who focuses on patient advocacy and information. She's nationally known, having written the book, "The Smart Woman's Guide to Plastic Surgery," and has an incredibly helpful website that I'd recommend to anyone considering plastic surgery. Her site, including the videos of what to expect during the initial consultation and an actual surgery, were paramount in me feeling comfortable with her, her practice, and my decision.

I'll post more later about the actual consultation, but she spent a significant amount of time with me (the total appointment was about two hours and that included no waiting time), as well as trying on sizers alone and with her, and her marking me (I'll post pics of what I'm talking about soon), and a detailed discussion of what my concerns were and her very thorough, very reassuring answers. I can't say enough good things about her and will submit a complete review of her, and her equally amazing staff, soon.

In the end, we chose Natrelle Silicone 339cc and 371cc (due to my significant asymmetry) that will be placed under the muscle (due to my pectoral muscle placement and very little breast tissue and thin skin) via inframammary incision.

My surgery is in 3 days (on my 44th birthday). I have all but one of my prescriptions filled and am finalizing details for child care and transportation. I will have to stay overnight in a hotel beforehand because the surgical center is 1.5-2 hours from where I live and I have to be there the day before for the pre-op. My husband will be with me before, during, and after.

I've been researching the procedure for years and am confident in my surgeon. Her complication rates are significantly below the national averages and as soon as we met I felt like we had been lifelong friends. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to regaining some of my self-confidence.

I know that given my asymmetry (not only is there a significant volume difference, but I have grade 2 ptosis on one side, but not the other), I will not be perfect. She told me that although eventually I may decide to have a lift (I only need it on one side according to her), her recommendation was to go with the augmentation alone first, because out of the hundreds or more patients to whom she had done augmentations but also offered the possibility of a lift later, none of them had ever chosen to do so.

I'm really excited about seeing the new me. Thanks to all of you who have shared your stories. I've learned so much and have garnered so much enthusiasm from you all.

Initial Consultation including pictures with measurements

I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Loftus and all of her staff. From the minute I found her site online, through the initial consultation and surgery, she's been the best. These pics are from my first meeting with her. Because I'd researched a lot before my appointment, I knew that she would take measurements, and talk to me about the specifics of my body including my asymmetries, embarrassing as they are for me to talk about -- and show you. However, we all have them, some of us more than others. Mine were mostly due to five years of nursing my children and weight gain during pregnancy and another surgery, followed by weight loss back to what's closer to normal for me.

From my research I knew that I might need a lift. The complication, according to Dr. Loftus, was that I had grade 2 ptosis, but only on one side. Her recommendation was to go ahead with the augmentation and reevaluate a bit in the future as to the need for a lift.

If I remember correctly, the initial sizers were 360 (left) and 390 (right) saline, then 339 (left) and 371 (right) Natrelle Silicone (Style 15, moderate plus profile). The day of the surgery when she reevaluated me, she felt the size difference was less than she had originally assessed and suggested I choose the same size for both breasts. Thankfully, I had been reading all of your reviews and knew that a lot of women regretted not going bigger, so I chose the 371s.

I really liked the way I looked with the sizers in. (Today I'm day 9 post-op and still swollen with the implants riding high. I'll feel better when they drop, and I look more like I did in the pre-op picture.)

Post-surgical update: 2 months and 8 months

I'm 8 months post-BA and absolutely LOVE the new me. Am I perfect? Of course not. But I no longer look in the mirror and feel devastated. (Yes, that sounds extreme, but it's accurate.)

I'm posting pics of 2 months post-op and will post newer ones when I take some. At 8-months post, my breasts look even better than they did in these early pictures.

Initially, I was very concerned because the breasts looked so unnatural and asymmetrical. Dr. Loftus was very attentive and I felt confident that if I had needed a revision, she would have done it. Thankfully, the massages and exercises worked. It did take significantly longer for sensation to return, especially to one nipple, and for the implants to drop.

My breast look very natural in most positions, although I notice a very slight asymmetry due to the ptosis I had prior to the surgery. And if I lift my arms (with my shirt off), the undersides of my breasts have a somewhat flattened area and are not completely round. However, considering I did not have a lift, I'm completely thrilled with the results.

I do notice that I am no longer as physically able to do certain things that require pectoral involvement, such as certain kinds of yard work, opening jars, etc. I was always very strong and this has been an adjustment, but for me it's worth the trade off. Also, I can feel the implant where it meets the chest wall, under my breast. That does not feel natural or terribly comfortable, but I had very very little breast tissue to begin with and am still thrilled with the results.
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon

Please see my review above for more specifics, but I have only positive things to say about Dr. Loftus and all of her staff. Every one of them has gone out of her way to make my experience the best possible. They are all committed to patient advocacy and have the most thorough set of pre- and post-op instructions I've ever seen (and I have a background in medicine and 20-ish procedures under my belt as a patient). Not only does each staff member know my name, but they call my husband by name as well when he's with me. They have the least wait time I've ever experienced, are courteous and timely with any questions I've had, and even accommodated a change in payment for me when I experienced a death in my family. Definitely worth the drive and the money!

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