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I have been addicted to looking at this website...

I have been addicted to looking at this website for over 6 months. I always wanted a butt as a teenager when I realized I couldn't wear certain clothing, because of the flatness. lol It's time to put a stop to this madness now. About me 34 No kids, and married 4yr too my friend of 18yr, he is my gift from GOD.He is not in favor of this surgery BUTT" will support me anyhow. He just doesn't want it to change our relationship in a negative way My Surgery date is MAY 2015. I paid my deposit last week, the reason why I decided to schedule my date so far away is so I can be financially, spiritually, mentally and physically ready for this change. Im under construction NOW @ 5'11 225lb would like to be 180lb with a new mind sit of a healthier me before surgery. Thanks to all the ladies that take the time to post, it has encouraged and helped me make this decision. I will keep you updated on the weight loss each month til

Has anybody got there thighs done by Dr. Salama w/ the bbl

Has anybody got there thighs done my Dr.salama? because I'm contemplating if I should add liposuction to my inner thigh W/the bbl. If there is anyone please share your experience with me, are you happy with your results was it more recovery time ect. Thax any information will help

wish pic


Hi bbl sister I wish all of u the best this holiday season, may all of your dreams, goals and healing be driven my LOVE, Peace and Happyness.
My weight loss update: loss 5 lb @ 220 than gained 10lb back of muscle went from 41-45-49 inches to 37-38-46 I found out from my fitness trainer that muscle weighs more than fat so he encourage me to not worry about the scale and measure myself weekly he's right because I see the curves coming,
Corset Training: 4 hours a day 5 days a week its hard keeping it on but with time BETTER:( got off ebay 72$ pic w corset on
Well its been real :)


I had to pay the price for eating plate after plate yesterday,juice and Vegy Only 2day :)

I'm back

a lot has happened in the past year that made me give up my dream of a beautiful body house caught on fire mother was terminally ill and on top of it all a cheating ass husband they had to go all of this put a strain on my finances it made me have to postpone my dreams but I'm here today to say the devil is a lie and I will be a Salama doll in October
Time to put in the work
weight: 248 pounds@5' 11 I really need 70lb off but will settle for 50lb. The gym is my best friend now. With a low carb diet. I know it can be done by Oct. With hard work.

where are my OCTOBER Salama Doll's

looking for ladies that are going to Miami in October so that we can hook up share information and possibly become room buddies. right now I don't have a plan in place for recovery so ladies that's what this website is for ladies if you have any information about recovery houses and or information about a nurse that can stay at a hotel with you please share this information with me Thx Dolls

eating clean

eating healthy and working out. Getting ready for my new body

I'm Back and this time it's going Down!!

Hi lady's is been a long time since I've posted and been on Realself. I have cancel and reschedule my surgery a couple of but now it's official my surgery date is April 2017. With Dr. SALAMA:)
Q. Has anyone tried the new CELL SAVER procedure? Did you find it effective in your healing process/ or overall what do you think about this procedure????

3 months til surgery wish pics of me

Will I'm supper excited because my dream is becoming a reality. A wish picture of me playing around with a surgical app.

I'm getting excited April will be here before I known it!!!

Hello ladies I'm finally getting the surgery done ion April 3rd w/ Dr.Salama is anyone else going around the same time? I dont have recovery plans yet but would like to find someone that's interested in becoming surgery buddy. A positive attitude and spirit would be a great help to healing. Rt now I'm dreams about my fabulous body an can't wait to share my journey with RS.

Any!!! Dr.Salama dolls/or Miami dolls going around April 3rd

Would like to meet someone who understand the bbl life and can share or experience. If your not a Dr. SALAMA doll BUT going around the same time fine with me. I just Awana BBL sister!!! My surgery will be paid in full next week all of my supplies are purchased and I'm checking on different Recovery houses now maybe We can share is experience together.

I have all my supplies

I have been buy stuff almost every paycheck something is coming in the mail pertaining to my BBL surgery I am happy to say I'm all done shopping. Just to share a little bit. I got the Dr.Miami butt pillow, a teddy bear float to sleeping or relaxing in, cold and hot pads, abdominal boards, lipoform. Creams for pain and itching, tape you name it I got it the list goes on. I AM JUST SO HAPPY MY TIME IS NEAR :)

I feel soooo alone

Any ladies having surgery first week of April??? I haven't decided on a recovery house yet because I'm trying to find some ladies to Buddy up with not because of cost just to find a bbl friendship if we can save $$$ that's cool to but mainly looking for someone to share the experience with. if that's You Holler at your girl!!!

Dreams do come true

Ok ladies I made it to the other side :) Dr. Salama and his Team are amazing they made me feel comfortable and had positive attitude Dr.S reassured me that outcome would be better than my wish pics. I said go right ahead Dr:)
I'm staying at joyful recovery house in Miami the I couldn't ask for a better caregiver/ team the house is clean and my dinner was good

Day Two post op

Hello ladies feeling better everyday I can definitely tell the difference in want my body never was in pain just feeling really stiff w/ numbness . Not sure if staying on top of my pain medicine every 4 hours and drinking a bottle of water every hour and walking around contributes. But I'm determined to have the best results. after care is the most important part eat health drink lots of water, keep your skin moisturized and get your massages. Ok hun till next time :)
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