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I went to the doctor for a consultation for a...

I went to the doctor for a consultation for a tummy tuck and ended up taking pictures for a breast reduction. It was my suggestion. Since I was paying a consultation fee I felt the need to show him my entire body. Just received the call yesterday that insurance will cover 80%. I'm undecided because I want to lose more weight and I don't have children yet. I have some questions for my RS sisters...Should I wait until after children? Dr. told me I have to go from a DDD+ to a full B or small C for the insurance to pay. What do you think about that size? I would love to have smaller breast I guess I am just nervous about the change, losing sensitivity and not being able to breast feed my children after. Please leave feedback!!!!!!Thank you


May 21st is the day! Going to buy a recliner for recovery tomorrow!

Recliner is ordered!

I ordered a recliner to recover in. Had to find something that didn't sit too low so I can get in and out of it. I made sure I got power because I wont be able to use my stomach muscles to close the chair. I also made sure I got the fabric/leather protection since this will be like my bed for 6 wks.

Its almost time!

So I'm going to update my review as often as I can . I will post my before pictures closer to the sx date. I will try to be as detailed as I can about everything because this site has helped me so much. I want to help as many RS sisters as I can.

My sx is in 3 weeks. I'm having a TT, Breast Reduction and lower back lipo. I would love to get a BBl but I will do that next year maybe. I'm about to be 30 next month so this sx is a gift to myself. I don't have children and I'm single so I'm going to enjoy my first year being 30 with a new body.

So far I have purchased a recliner, bath wipes( you cant take a shower for a week), arnica cream (for liposuction)and a mattress protector(for my recliner). I know the recliner is an extreme purchase but I needed a new acent chair anyway. I made sure the chair was easy to get in and out of and had power(using that lever can be a headache). I have also purchase some plastic flexible nipple rings that I can use during my sx. My surgeon is skilled enough I don't have to take my piercings out for sx. I'm excited about that!

Do I need to purchase anything else? I will post more pictures soon.

8 days away!

I'm getting excited! I promise I will post before and after pictures. I'm sitting in my recliner right now so that I can break it in! I will post as much as I can and give as much detail. Nothing has changed really. I using my birth control to manipulate my period so I can come on and be done a few days before surgery so that I don't even have to deal with it until I'm mobile.

So I have been trying to lose weight before the surgery. That isn't working out for me. I lost 25 lbs and I have been maintaining that since March. I wanted to loose between 40-50 lbs. I'm just glad I didn't gain anything back. So I heard that if you lose weight after surgery your boobs will get even smaller and drop. However, I'm getting this surgery so that I can feel better about myself. I think I need that motivation to eat right and workout. I now have to wear 2 sports bras just to get on the elliptical.

I'm getting a breast reduction. My Dr. will remove 900 cc's out of each breast. Since insurance is paying this is their requirements. I'm ok with it. I will be a small C cup and im actually ok with that. I dont want any skin to skin contact so I'm happy!

Im gettin a tummy tuck. I need this so bad. I have had a stomach my whole life and it is so big it hangs. It actually splits and forms a butt lol. This is the most exciting part.

I'm also getting liposuction to my back. I would love to get a bbl which hopefully is in the future. but I have chosen to get lipo first just to see how my will look if I couture my lower back.

Ok sisters I will be writing more frequent now.

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Ok so I have been so busy. Getting ready to take some before pictures for you. I have been cleaning my house and running as many errands as I can. My surgery is actually at my job so Im at work right not. I had a coworker pick me up and bring me to work. I will take a shower here and then go down stairs for my procedure at 6am. Afterwards my mom will take me home. I didnt get to take a picture of my setup. I will upload all night up until my surgery.

Picture time

Picture time!

My surgery is over!

For some reason my pictures wont upload. So my surgery was 5.5hrs. My doctor took 13 lbs off. Getting up for the first time was horrible. I thought I was about to faint.

I'm home now. I have a q ball (pain ball)for my stomach. I also have 1 drain coming from my stomach. I can actually go to the restroom by myself. I'm on a muscle relaxer, percocet, and antibiotics. I also just took a stool softener.

more pictures

More pre op pictures

more pictures

Time for that blue pen

I don't like those rolls but I will work out and lose those

1st doctor appointment. 2 days post op

It felt so good to get some bandages off. They losen my belly binder.

took a break from my binder


So I have been on a roller coaster these past 5 days. One minute I feel like in doing real good. Then I take 2 steps back.

My breast
They are very swollen and perky. I'm wishing they will stay like this forever but I know they will get a natural drop shape to them. One day the right one is bigger than the left one. Then next day its vice versa. They only pain I feel is just little tingle all over that makes me want to grab and rub them. I went from a G to a C cup. I'm satisfied. My plastic nipple rings worked out perfectly.

Tummy tuck!
This has been where the pain comes from. I only have one drainage tube on the right side. My incision looks good and low. I read somewhere not to watching anything funny because it will hurt when you laugh and that is so true.

I had lipo to my upper butt and lower back. I would love to get a brazilian butt lift but not this time. I just want to make my upper body smaller and give the appearance of a bigger butt.

Bout time!

After 5 days of not having a bowel movement it finally happened.I feel so much better. I used stool softeners and prune juice. Walking to the restroom is good but walking back is so painful. Im out of breath and exhausted. At first I was just using a binder but I felt like it was cutting into my lower back lipo my friend let me use her garment. I will order myself one just in a smaller size.

swelling has increased!

I took some pictures while changing dressings.

arnica cream

Today was a good day. I had another easy bm. I walked around the house alot. Getting in and out of my recliner is easier. I will take a shower wednesday and I will take more pictures. I will get some pictures of my back. I just take my pain meds and muscle relaxers whenever I need them. I'm still on antibiotics 4 times a day. My mom has been here helping me. I appreciate her help so much. When can I start to use the arnica cream? I'm about to lay down. ...ttyl rs sisters

switched garments

So I changed into a spanx today. My other garment was being washed. The spanx is actuality comfortable. I cleaned up my area, did a few small things around the house. Here goes more pictures

doctor visit! !!

I took some pictures after my shower this morning. My breast, I guess, have stopped leaking. I have actually feel then starting to drop some. I asked my plastic surgeon to make them small enough so that I don't have any skin to skin contact. My last set of breast (sounds funny) were basically laying on my stomach. All of that skin to skin contact created a hot environment that constantly caused me to get boils under my breast. Each breast was covered in scars underneath. All that skin is gone! !!!!!!! Now that my dressing are off. My nipples are super sensative. I think I'm going to cover them back up tomorrow with something. I can't take the cold air from the air conditioning. I have no open spots on my incisions under my breast. No itching yet.

More pictures

My tummy is so swollen. I took a good close up of my incision site. I have one problem area but it's closed up now. My doctor wants me to stand up straight but it's just so much more comfortable to stand slightly bent.

Set back!

Your body goes through so many changes after surgery. I guess you interfere with hemostasis. My skin is peeling, I'm constantly dehydrated and I had an awful muscle spasm on my left side. No oil or exfoliation is working for this dry skin on my stomach. It's really just where the tape was from my breast reduction. I'm driving now. Drain came out at 2weeks 2 days. I kinda miss it lol. We had a little bond I had to drag it everywhere with me and keep checking it. But honestly I don't miss it just joking lol. I'm still sleeping in my recliner. Laying on my side is still uncomfortable because of the lipo on my back. I promise to post more pictures of my back.I honestly keep forgetting about it when it's picture time. My tummy and breast still the shine.

My stomach is doing ok. It's still swollen. More on the left side than right. My dr. Said he would go in and remove the extra fluid with a syringe of its still swollen my next appt which is in 3 days. I changed garments today. I bought a new spanx I thought I bought it too small but it fits perfectly. Im just patiently waiting for my swelling to go down and see some major improvement.
My breast are peeling a lot around the incisions. A scab came off today and I noticed pus and seperation. I made my own steri strip for it lol. That's what you see in the picture.

Ok sisters I getting sleeping. I hope everything is spelled right and making since cause I too tired for a review lol. He goes more pictures.

more pictures

more pictures

tucked in my shirt for the first time

I can't believe I just tucked in a shirt and it actually looks nice. That's all I have to say I'm speechless!

check this out!

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