25 Year Old Woman That Had Tried Everything Under the Sun for Acne! - Chino Hills, CA

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I have suffered from Acne since the age of 12 and...

I have suffered from Acne since the age of 12 and progressively got worse at the age of 19 with cystic acne. I am now 25 years old and I have tried about everything from the dermatologist, over-the-counter, and what you find on television. So I decided to finally my last resort is to go on Accutane. I was prescribed Zenatane 40 mg for six months. Honestly I'm just hoping that this works, I'm just tired of this happening to my face, having to cover because others look at you, judge you and I just don't want to have to wear make up anymore. Not saying that I do not go outside without makeup. I go out without it, but I wish people would not judge me based on my face. When you suffer from Acne you know the stress and the agony that you suffer from because of having to always second guess yourself based on "if today will be a good day, based on how many break-outs or cystic breakouts you might have." I don't want that be be the first thing in my mind before I wake up, but it is. Some may say that selfish, or there are other worst things to have. But when you have something that causes you to feel ugly, unattractive, stressed, and just plain sad, why can't this be a good enough reason to "agonize" about? I think I am allowed to feel what I feel and I've paid for it by the pain I feel because anyone that has actually acne knows these damn things hurt. Not just emotionally, but physically hurt. I hope this is option works for me. Acne will not ruin my life, but I just wish for it to chill out a bit. Like can't I have a couple breakouts like everyone else. In due time I guess.
1. On Day 3: Excited more than anything. Still oily and all. So not much has. He aged. But hey got some white heads so far. That's a good sign so far. Was so use to cystic that I forgot what normal white heads are.
2. Plan to update as I go. Anyone can ask a question, I will do my best to help. Acne and I have been in this relationship for 14 years, I think I know a thing of two.

Day 17 of Zenatane 40 mg.

I started to breakout around my chin, but have noticed that those breakout last a day or so. Which is a breakthrough for me. I've never had a pimple last a day or two. They dry up quickly. My lips are also dry but that normal with being on this. Nothing too bad. Skin on my face is drying up a,so fast. I've been having dry patches. I do have some more redness than before, but have notice a more softer feel to my skin. Any recommendations for dry skin products?

Day 35 80mgs

So far i started taking two pills of 40mgs a day. I am starting to get dry patches on my arms and my nose is also extra dry. Lips are still the same as previous months. I have noticed redness but that's normal on accutance, and little white head breakouts around my mouth and chin. Started to Lear by my nose on both checks, so that's awesome. Putting on makeup is easier as my makeup looks smoother and less bumpy. Still have cystic on my jaw around that have not changed. I sunburn faster around my nose and forehead.
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