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I had voluma put in my cheeks by my plastic...

I had voluma put in my cheeks by my plastic surgeon. The results looked great. Then a week after having the injections, I broke out with over 100 hives on my cheeks. My cheeks ended up turning bright red, and I started to get cystic acne on my face. Also, I had hyper and hypo pigmentation all over my cheeks from the hives outbreak. The doctor said there was no way this could be from the filler. I got the hives under control, but continued to have outbreaks. I had never had hives before the filler, and was only getting the hives on my cheeks. I ended up going to an allergist, who confirmed that I was allergic to the Voluma. On September 22, I went to the plastic surgeon to start having my filler dissolved a little bit at a time, since I react to the dissolving and the filler. Three days after having part of the filler dissolved, my cheeks started to go back to their normal color for the first time in 6 months. My overall skin tone started to even out, and the weird bumps and cystic acne I had on my face for months, started to flatten out and clear up. I did have a hives outbreak after getting some of the filler dissolved, but I expected that to happen. I go back on October 9, to have more filler dissolved. My allergist seems to think that once the filler gets out of my body, the hives should stop. Also, my doctor said he had never seen anything like this before and refunded my money. He has been dissolving it with no charge to me as well. I can only hope everything eventually goes back to normal. My face was so bad for the last 6 months, that I never left my house. A week after having some of the filler dissolved, I had hope again and started to go out in public. Additionally, I have a hemociderin stain on my cheek from a bruise I obtained from the filler being injected. I will update my progress. If anyone has any questions, please message me.

Second filler dissolve

I went to have the rest of my filler dissolved on 10/9. My hives have stopped, and I haven't gotten any more hives in the last week. My face seems to not have any filler left, since my wrinkles are back. I am very happy about this. Also, my acne stopped, and I haven't had any new things show up on my face. I still have a bruise on my cheek from the first dissolve treatment. I am seeing a dermatologist right now, and am taking accutane to help with the acne. Also, I am using a topical for the discoloration. I am going to start getting salycylic peels in December, every 5 weeks, to help with scarring and discoloration. I will follow up in a couple months with new pictures.

Voluma Reaction

In December of this year, I stopped taking Allegra for 3 weeks since I had not had a huge for 2 months. I made it 3 weeks before I broke out in hives. This time the hives were much smaller. I went back to the allergist and he said that it looked as though my reaction was getting to be less severe and that the product was starting to leave. He said I will probably still get hives until all traces of the product are gone. He recommended I stay on the Allegra until the beginning of October before I try to go off again. My face is still red in the cheek area, which I was told, would probably stay that way until all of the product is gone. I still have hyper and hypo pigmentation on both of my cheeks, but the hyper is starting to fade. I also have some very shallow scars on my left cheek that are now being treated with skin pen. I am still getting chemical peels for the discoloration. I included a picture of my hives break out from the end of December.

Reaction to Voluma

I wanted to update. At this point, my reaction has stopped for 5 months at this time, but the damage done from the inflamation, hives and granulomas has left my face with scars. My skin looks horrible from the reaction. I have discoloration and shallow atrophic scars on my cheeks. My skin use to be smooth and nice. Now I don't even want to put on makeup or go out in public.
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