I Dedicate This Surgery to All the Girls Who Were Mean to Me in High School - Chicago, IL

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I lie about my age and am not about to post the...

I lie about my age and am not about to post the truth here! Let's say I am around 32! I decided I am ready to reclaim my hotness! Tummy tuck, vaser lipo and breast lift and 530cc implants will be done on February 16th. So all you girls who were mean to me in college, the kappa deltas who cut me during rush, and all my ex boyfriends who cheated on me and/or dumped me can suck it! That's right I am going to be hot and they can just envy all this awesome!

As you can see I am very excited, so to the scars, pain, recovery time, bruises, swelling and less than perfect results I say bring it! You ain't all that! And in a few months when I am rocking a bikini planning my vaser thigh lipo you will be a faded memory!

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, they help TONS!

Ok my surgery was two days ago. I expected to have...

Ok my surgery was two days ago. I expected to have a lot of anxiety but because I had a phenomenal anesthesiologist and the best plastic surgeon in Chicago not to mention the worlds greatest bff with me I was ok. My surgery was five hours long. Yesterday was kind of sucky I cant lie. But today was better. I only took half as much pain meeds today. I was up and around and honestly felt kind of ok. The worst pain is in my BACK which means I'm doing pretty good I think! I'm not going to over do it but I think I could have worked today but for being quasimodo.

I peeked! My boob are boobalicious, I'm not going to lie.they are going to look awesome! Although I'm a little scared about scarring and having frankenboobs, so I will cross my fingers and hope for the best there. My stomach is HOT! Seriously so flat! I cant wait to really be able to see. I will post pictures when I get some after pictures...be cause my before pictures alone without after pics would be just cruel.

Anyway I am doing great! Much less pain than I anticipated after reading all these pages. You guys are babies! This is totally manageable !

Pros: life changing, I can wear a bikini!, great...

Pros: life changing, I can wear a bikini!, great scar/incision placement, beautiful results, back to work in a week! Cons: while it was well worth every penny, it isn't cheap.

I thought I would update...now 8 months out. I am...

I thought I would update...now 8 months out. I am thrilled with my results. My scars are very minimal. I am so happy with my results. It took me about 3 weeks to stand up straight after my surgery, I think it is because Dr. Geldner wasn't messing around. When he said he was going to give me a bikini tummy he meant it! It is still tight and pretty. I also didn't loose any sensation in my nipples after my surgery, which I really thought always happened. But it doesn't, I still have full sensation. The area around my tummy tuck scar is a little desensitized but not bad.

The whole thing exceeded my expectations. I would be happy to share before and after pics by private email. Just let me know!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Geldner recommended a tummy tuck after another doctor had suggested just lipo. He also recommended a lolipop lift with my implants instead of the crescent lift that had been previously recommended by a doctor who knew I was very reluctant to have those procedures because of scarring. Dr. Geldner told me straight out that I would not be happy with the results if I went with the lipo and crescent, and I knew he was right. Dr. Geldner did not oversell himself. In fact he understated how good of a result I was going to see. I am ten days out and honestly am AMAZED at what I can only describe as a true transformation. My incisions look better at 1week than most of the photos I see at two months or longer post surgery. You can tell from the incision, to the perfect implant placement and lift even to the shape of my belly button, that Dr. Geldner put A lot of time and really worked to give me the body I wanted. In fact he spent 5 hours perfecting my tuck, lift, implants and abdominal vaser lipo. I look better than I had even let myself hope I would, which is such an incredible feeling. Dr. Geldner was also VERY sensitive to my extreme anxiety when it comes to surgery. He worked with a fantastic anesthesiologist and the two of them actually had me veery relaxed and confident before surgery, something that is pretty remarkable considering that a year before with another doctor for different procedures, I actually pulled the IV out of my arm and left the operating room before surgery. to go from that to feeling comfortable was amazing. For what it is worth, I am also a medical malpractice attorney in Chicago. There are a handful of doctors who I would trust to perform cosmetic procedures on me. I chose Dr. Geldner and enthusiastically recommend him to anyone.Updated on 26 Feb 2011:

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