Kybella to Get Rid of Double Chin - Chicago, IL

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After learning about Kybella in October 2015, I've...

After learning about Kybella in October 2015, I've finally decided to give it a try. I had two vials injected on Thursday, 4/28/16 about 5pm. I was charged $500 for each and received about 20 injections. The injections didn't hurt and I just iced the area after. My chin is more swollen than I expected. The bullfrog description that I read from others reviews is very accurate. I did go to work the day after and wore a scarf to cover the swollen area. It hid it pretty well and I was thankful it was colder that day. At home I am icing the swollen area, taking ibuprofen and wearing a post surgery chin/head wrap for several hours and sleeping in it for as long as I can handle. I feel like wearing the chin wrap is helping the swelling to go down faster. I plan on going back for a 2nd tx in 4-6 weeks.

1 week post 1st tx

Two post 1st tx

Waste of money

Wish I never got Kybella. Waste of $1000.00. Still look like my before picture
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