31 Yr Old, 5'7, 140lbs 445cc's

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I have been desperately wanting bigger boobs for...

I have been desperately wanting bigger boobs for 10 years. FINALLY it's happening in 33 hours!!!!! I have had my measurements and let my brilliant doc know, I want to be a full D. So he is giving me 450ccs high profile gel unders. I hope they are big enough! I worry they won't be even seeing as how my breasts look a little alien like.

Big day is TOMORROW!

I am so excited I almost feel like I am in a dream! I can't belive the day is almost here! I am a little nervous and pray they look amazing. I hope the pain isn't too bad and that I heal beautifully. We will see!

First 24 hours...

I woke up from surgery feeling like a a semi truck hit me. I have heard that expression but never understood it. I do now. I wasn't able to leave the hospital for 4hours because of my nausea and pain. I believe I ended up with 445cc high profile under the muscle. Last night i would wake up every 3 hours with sharp pains. Keeping ice on as much as possible. It makes me feel better. Taking pain pills, they make me sick. I am eating crackers, noodle soup, and Jello. Had a sand which for lunch today. My right breast hurts extensively worse than the left. That has me freaked out a little bit. They do feel and look HUGE!!!!!! From what I can tell. Not taking off the bra...no way in hell!!!! Next appointment isn't until next Friday....and I plan on not taking it off at all till then. We'll see. Okay...that's all I've got. Going to rest now.

Not quite 48 hours....

My right breast feels better than it did yesterday. I took a pain pill without eating very much, and now I have a terrible headache and stomach ache. I am able to take my hands and feel the side of the opposite breast which is cool. I can't belive I have these big things on my chest. It's awkward and hard to breathe but so exciting. I can't believe I did it!!! The implants are still sooooo high!!! I am scared to take off my bra and look....I just know they are going to look strange, so I am waiting. Plus I am still hurting pretty badly. Lots of icing cause it feels good. I love the size! I can't wait till they drop and fluff....so they say. And I noticed I have feeling in my Breast and nipples still! And I like the placement of my nipples already and the implants aren't even where they are supposed to be yet, so that's exciting!

Still day 2 of surgery...evening

Feeling better now! I feel a little more like myself but it comes and goes. Was feeling pretty awesome do I did take the plunge and take off my bra...even though I said I wouldn't. It was like unwrapping a Christmas gift I have waited for my whole life!!!! I am super pleased and so is hubby!! And they are no where near what they will be in weeks and months to come! They look a little uneven because one is dropping a little more than the other. Expected I guess. But so far so good! I am watching what I eat as much as I can....I hate not being able to work out. And sitting with no calorie burn is driving my batty! But I'll live. Still taking pain pills. Sticking to about 4 a day. Pills make me sick. Ugh. So I'm not a fan. Here are some pics! Hope this helps!

Day 3!!!!

Feeling much much better today. I was able to do some house work. I took a shower to shave my legs...didn't get my breasts wet at all and wasn't able to wash my hair. I tried and that was a bad idea right off the bat. The pain shot right up my side boob in no time flat so a stopped that attempt quick. Went bra less for about 45 minutes to wash my medical bra, I feel so much cleaner now. My upper back hurts when I lay down because I need to learn to relax! But other than that things are going good today. Took one less pain pill. Feeling more like myself!

Also day 3!

Had trouble loading pics. Here is another day three angle! :))

Day 4!!!! :))

It's been a good day today! Felt excited to try on my newly bought size LARGE Victoria's secret Tesney triangle top bikini! Pretty happy worth the look already! I can't believe it! Still so long to go obviously but wow what an improvement! Taken 2 pain pills today compared to the 5 I started with. My right Breast is still very very sore! Getting pretty annoyed with the pain so today I have tried to be extra careful! Still icing...not as much but sticking to it accordingly. Feeling good girls!!!! :)) can not wait to see how they change over weeks and months to come!

Day 6!

Today is a pretty great day! Feeling pretty awesome aside for some sharp pains around my nipples and beneath my breasts, that I have yet to experience until now. I get my bandages removed tomorrow and I can not wait! I will then get my strap to wear to help coherse my implants to fall. I can't keep my hands off of them!!! I can't believe I have boobs now!!!! I'm so excited!!!! So worth it already! Here are some pics I took today. I look forward to my breasts projecting more when the implants fall. They feel so big but i hope the look bigger later on, as I heal. I am super happy!

Day 7 follow up appointment

So today I had my follow up appointment. I got my bandages off, finally! And it hurt! The adhesive tried to take my skin with it! But I survived. I was taught today how to massage the implants to help them to settle where they are meant to be. My breasts, from the side, definitely look alien like. And that's bad! I must massage the puppies every chance I get through the day. Which is not easy! It hurts!!!!! But I must do it, so i am going to suck it up. I have loaded a short video of the massage I am doing. Hope it gets me to the results I desire, cause the high implant thing Freaks me out. Other than that I love them!!!! In time they will be perfect, I can't wait!

Massage technique...

These are the moves I was taught to massage the implants down. And boy do they need it! This is just quick to show the moves. When I do it for real, I am more thorough. :) not the best feeling in the world. Also, a little. It of a workout! These implants are tough!

12 days post op!

So, I am starting to get annoyed with this surgical bra, not feeling like myself yet. My Breasts feel very tight in the morning still. Don't get me wrong I love them!!!! The size is beautiful! And the are looking better everyday! But I'll be happy when they are healed and I can be normal again! My nipples are really sore, sucks. I massage them pretty constantly. I even catch myself in public lol! I'm determined to get them down where they are supposed to be asap! I am a singer for my living, and went back to work ten days out of surgery. Was really weird. But I did it. I went without my surgical bra. I shouldn't have but it was only a couple hours so I did it. Ugh. Here are some pics....I do see progress! What do you think?

Today is day 15...When will they drop?

So I am feeling Okay. Still very stiff and my nipples are sore. Doing my massages like crazy! Still wearing my band. When should I expect them to drop? Am I being impatient or do I have something to worry about?

Feeling better Everyday

So the last few days I have been able to sleep on my side...or semi sleep on my side. I'm a side and stomach sleeper so this makes me feel much more comfortable. I am still wearing my surgical bra and strapping them down with the surgical strap when I am home and sleeping. Lately I have been strapping them down super hard because I am so excited and desperate for them to drop. I massage them all the time! I'm always pinching and pushing and groping them to get used to how they feel and get them to be more a part of my body. I still don't feel like they are a part of me, but I will soon. They are looking much better. Though I do struggle with small hits of pain on the sides at times, but I think that's due to me over doing the straps strength. My doctor has done an AMAZING job! No question about it! Just dynamite! Highly recommend him and his staff! My scars are healing beautifully! Here are some quick pics 3 weeks in. I'll take better ones later to show the scars and different angles. Just didn't have time.

Two months in...

I truly love my results! They still feel strange...when I bend over to shave my legs for instance, I feel the implants falling. At this point to massage the implants from underneath creeps me out. I don't do it very often. I'm kinda going with the flow. I have started lifting weights again 4 weeks ago...may have been to early. But I take it easy when it comes to my chest workouts. Best decision I have ever made. It makes me sad however, my marriage fell apart just weeks after the surgery. But I am a survivor.

Nearly 6 months after surgery

Wanted to update after all this time. I'm amazed at how different they look and feel compared to my last post. I love them! The size is perfect for body type...I got 450ccs, high profile under the muscle. I am 5'7 and 140ish pounds. They have dropped beautifully! Still numb under neath my nipple and near my small incisions....but it gets better all the time. I guess it's a small price to pay for such a confidence boost. I'm not worried about it. Good luck girls!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Incredible doctor and his staff is great too. It's easy to tell he cares very much about his patients, and that he is brilliant at his job. Very confident yet humble, made me feel at ease. I feel very blessed to have found him in the Keys. We needed him here!

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