Yily BOdy is ROckin!! "Team Teeny Waist"I love my dr's work. 4 months post op/Chicago,IL

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I've been considering getting this procedure for...

I've been considering getting this procedure for quite some time now. My sister has been my biggest motivator she had hers done back in 2010 and still looks FABOLOUS. My goals are to get my flat tummy and keep it hunny!!!! I want ABS....lol I'm feeling kind of good about this surgery because I have been youtubing tummy tuck tutorials and following some of the women who has experienced this. I've learned that beauty is pain and yes I'm willing to deal with it.

Hey everyone just to keep you updated I had to...

Hey everyone just to keep you updated I had to reschedule my surgery to March 26th. I wasn't to happy about it but hey thats life. I didnt want to go to the Arlington Heights location because the ride home for my sister was horror so in order for me to stay at the downtown location had to push the procedure 3 days out! I'm excited that the day is almost here hunnies!! I"m waitin on my PS assistant to contact me so we can discuss all the do's and dont's / the will's and the wont's...lol! I keep everyone posted.... 24days to go!!!

Hey everyone just to keep you updated I made my...

Hey everyone just to keep you updated I made my pre-op appt today and Yes it's official Im scheduled forTues. 3/19/13. I'm on cloud 15 ready to get this process over and done with!! I"m anxious to know what all I need as far as supplies, garments and stuff. Any suggestions pls inbox me..Thanks

21 days to go ...Can you say anxious...lol Spoke...

21 days to go ...Can you say anxious...lol Spoke to Laura(Dr asst)..She told me not to take any medications that would be blood thinners. Kinda sucks cus these patients give me headaches at work..lol but ok In 3weeks I wont have to be bothered with them for a while.Yesssssss can t wait!

Okay my post op appt has been schedule for 3/19...

Okay my post op appt has been schedule for 3/19 @11am and it just seem so close..OMG I can't eat, I can't sleep...this is crazy!!!!! I have the I'M EXCITED SYNDROME...LOL Does anyone know where I can get the best priced Arnica pills,gel, the silcone sheets, scar therapy etc..? pls let me know!! Thanks

Hi TT chicas!! I have been in a scramble the last...

Hi TT chicas!! I have been in a scramble the last few days I seen a few of Dr. Yily famous bod-bootay...lol I want to go to DR now I want everything fixed...aint this some ish....degg. My sx date coming in 16 days and I'm thinking about this right welllllllllllllllllll I have to think so Imma keep you all posted and I want to make I choose smart! Pls send me any advice I can accept the good and the bad. Thanks

I wanna switch and go to the DR with Dr Yily...

I wanna switch and go to the DR with Dr Yily :---))) I already made my pymt to my PS already so if I wanted a refund $500 is non refundable...Damn :----((( What should I do..ummmm I can start by seeing how much she's gonna charge me and how much airfare and RH stay will be in total and go from there. I figure I'm paying $6800 for the tummy when I can get my arms,chin,flanks and upper/lower abdomen lipo'd to the max and make my huge wide ass a little rounder. I would like a coke-cola pls body ( in my hood voice)..lmao I think all this surgery stuff is making me dizzy.

I need an estimate of the cost for everything including travel just estimates I know a total price would be close too..Thanks TTYL

Up at 4:46 am cant sleep thinking about these damn...

Up at 4:46 am cant sleep thinking about these damn surgeries and yall RS Sissy's.. I want to get this tt over and done with come on 3/26 im so freakin anxious looking at all yall photos.

Hey there girlies!!! I am getting closer & closer...

Hey there girlies!!! I am getting closer & closer 10 days to go whooo hooo :-)))
I'm so excited and anxious I've started my liquid diet and 1 meal a day to lose another 15lbs before I go under. I waited for this day to get here long enough. TINA THE TALKING TUMMY has to go..lol

I went SHOPPPPIIINNNNGGG! I went to the Faja store and looked at the compression garments they have and of course no one spoke english so I had to speak my es span yo yo..lmao I know a little bit of spanglish to get my questions answered so that went well. I will go back when I'm 6 weeks post op as directed BY THE ONE AND ONLY TJUANA...THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP HUNTI! So that's a plus....I got the basic stuff and will continue to grab lil things along the way if needed. I went to Walmart, Conway (MY NEW YORKERS KNOW ABOUT THIS STORE..LOL), and Dollar Tree. I think I got the lil zoo zoos and wham whams.

Things I bought:

Pads (2 bags) $2.00
Panty liners $1.00
Bio oil 2oz bottle $11.27
Palmers vitamin e skin therapy oil $4.27 (I had a $2.00 off coupon)
Surgical tape $1.84
Neosporin $4.44
Silcone scar treatment strips (8 pk) $17.97 (NOT ENOUGH WILL NEED MORE)
Some comfty Bra's which are cute 2 for $7 (3 sets)
2 Marilyn Monroe gown's (2) $5 each
White tank tops (men) (3) $3.99
Boxers (men) (3) $4.99
Fluffy comfty socks (3) $3.99
Regular white ankle socks (3) $1.00
Icey hot pack (1) $1.00 (just to see if they work from dollar tree)
Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch cream $ .88 (really cheap)
MOM (1 bottle) $1.00
Generic Tums (1 botle) $1.00
Pill dispencer $1.00

Things I need:

Wee-Wee pads
The neck thingy to hold the drain tubes/cords
Shower chair
If I'm missing some things please add them to a post and let me know because that's my favorite hobby SHOPPPIIIINNNGGG! Thanks

March 26th is coming pretty fast and I hope nothing gets in my way. My mom and step-father will be taggin alone with my guy to see me off to surgery before they go on there road trip. Me, Small fry, & Syro (the bichon pup) will be staying at her house until they get back because the stair case at the crib is bullsh*t and no way will I make that same mistake my sister did it took her 45 mins to gt up those stairs to the 3rd floor...HAHAHA nope not me! I will be going through my mothers basement and staying there for the first 3-5 days. She pretty much has everything down there except a stove/microwave. I have 2 flat screens on the wall,bathroom, livingroom,bedroom,fridge..That's good enough for me! Imma be okay I have my huge support system soon to be husband one day. I love me some him his name is Michael for those who dont feel comfortable calling him small fry. I call him that because he is shorter than me and he loves it....lol Well ladies I'm outta here I 'm at work and have 1 1/2 hrs left 630am couldn't come fast enough!! Until next time RS sissy's :-)

Hey TT,BBL,and any other sistas that checks my...

Hey TT,BBL,and any other sistas that checks my status!!!! I'm getting into a can't wait mode my pre-op coming up tuesday yay for me!!! I'm thrilled to know that the other side (flat land) is coming soon enough! TINA THE TALKING TUMMY IS GOIN BY BYE..AND HERE COME SILENT SHEEB (new name for flat stomach)..hahaha your not going to be able to pick up her and talk anymore. Just wanted to touch up my review...lol

At the gym after work getting it in!! Yeahah its...

At the gym after work getting it in!! Yeahah its after midnight but I work second shift..pre op in the morning @ 11 so ma update you chica after I leave PS office! Whoooo hoo!:-)

Hey u wonderful sista soulja's! I'm PISSED but I'm...

Hey u wonderful sista soulja's! I'm PISSED but I'm keeping calm thanks to beautiful words of encouragement from one of very own islandmommie. I have been upset, confused, lied too, i feel like my Man then done something to hurt my feelings...lol From my pr-op appt to my finance company they have been sending me from loop to limbo with these payments DAMN I PAID MY PORTION! I had to come up with half and the finance company would take care the other half of course because I wanted to buy a nice motorcycle for my new flat stomach!!! The drs office and the credit card company fail to tell me the damn dr office wasn't in network WTF 7days before my F***** surgery ARE U KIDDING ME!!!! The pre op was freakin. Completing some dumb paperwork SERIOUSLY..... I decided to schedule a ps appt with my damn ps and him only I DON'T WANNA SEE NO DAMN NURSE! She gone give me paperwork how bout u take my damn blood or blood pressure or do something more convenient with your time and then my consultant "oh HUNNY I could have pulled Dr Roman for you if you wanted to see him" I just couldn't take it! I couldn't post anything yesterday because my nerves were freakin recked!

So after talking to Islandmommie she was able to give me some breathing lessons....lbvvvfs She was talking to me about her surgeon and I love some of his work I was able to see on RS. She goes in for TT this Sat 3/23 so I decided to call Dr Katsaros and got in ASAP I have a consult tomorrow 3/21 @11am so let's see how that goes! I see how he hooked Shaizdaiz up on 3/10 so I think he can hook me up too. I'm gonna check him, his prices, his thoughts, and his concerns out and make a decision because he has a contract with my finance company which is great AN A++++++

The end result of all my frustration is my dr's office has to give me a cashier's check for a full refund. THAT EASED MY MIND!!!!!Hell i might not even go back to them if Dr K is worthy hunti.. Once I have my consult tomorrow I will let u gals know what happened!

Hey ladies im sorry I haven't updated in a day or...

Hey ladies im sorry I haven't updated in a day or so I just wanted to keep you all posted. I had my consult yesterday with Dr Katsaros in Hinsdale,IL and everything was smooth sailing. I think he's Im my best interest and I LOVE IT!!! I think I'm going to go with him and without the Loan Crazies...lol im going to postpone my sx til the end of May around the 25th because his prices are a little bit higher but I'M SURE I CAN MANAGE BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT!!!:-) $$ Time to get get get it..

Hey ladies! Just keeping you all updated..Im still...

Hey ladies! Just keeping you all updated..Im still following you all and wish you ladies the best of luck on your journey! Muah :-)

I've Now Decided to go to Yily for Everything...

I now have decided to go to Dr Yily for everything giving the circumstances with my previous PS!! Ladies pray for me Im planning later this year around mid September 2013 to be a Yily thick chick!!! Thanks for you all prayers in advance..

Making Decisions for Me!

Hey ladies I know its been a while but im making new decisions for myself! Just in general yall...Im ready to go and get this sx done like yesterday!! Ive been through some things these last few months with my last surgeon that I was previously going to but now Im 150% that Dr Yily will take my madness away..lol I emailed her to see how much extra she will charge me to do a breast lift. Do any of you ladies know how much she charge extra for breat lift??? I have all my supplies still stocked and ready since March so yall know I been ready but just waiting until I have enough time to have to myself for this procedure. My daughter is having surgery on her tonsils, my family reunion, bf family reunion this summer so its a lot going on. Thats why I decided to go with 10/25/13 to have my sx!!

Friend Coming With Me!

Yayayaa my friend decided to come with me and share this experience to a new us!! So its takes two baby we are goin 10/25 - 11/11 we will stay a total of 18 nights and hopefully the experience is great! We tend to go to the RH for about 3-5 days and after to Hotel aparta Del Sol for the remainder of the stay! I will have my bf travling maybe depending on if he get on my damn nerves!! I cant take stress with me and lately oh boi SMDH! Back to business I have been seeing a lot of Dr Yily dollies running through the RS site and hopefully around the time I want to go she is not to over crowded in October but knowing her she might just be busy as ever during those off peak seasons when there is no sun out..lol Just hope all goes well this time around. I know its 5 months away but it seems so close to me! I will keep you all updated! Muah

I've Posted Some Before Pics of me!

I just want these 5 1/2 months to fly by so I can be just like you RS sistas...Im ready to be on the flat side and to be riding in my BMW...lol For the pain I'm going to get me a new car for 2014 summer a black or silver 745..lol I'm ready to hit the streets already damn! My bestie and I chose to go a lil after our original October date cus we wanted to make sure we had enough vacation time (3 weeks off work). We work in healthcare and dont wanna catch any infections or anything so we wanna make sure we're healed completely. Im thinking that if we stay in the DR @ least 2wks thats should be enough time to feel better and hopefully get a chance to go site see the island before we leave! I have all my supplies already seeming I was suppose to have my TT done in Chicago back in March so yall know Im ready I just have to get my passport/flight/deposit to Yily...I tried her PAYPAL account but had no luck so now Im going with her Chase account and hopefully that works..I wanted to start paying for things in about a month becaue I wanted the amount of girls thats going to Dr Yily to slow down but shiiiittt I better get this shit on the road. Her clientele just keeps freaking growing I hope she still in the damn surgery business by the time I get down there...lol Well I justt wanted to come on here and speak a little I know Im pretty far out for my sx date but I love coming on here and viewing all you lovely ladies Reviews,before & after pics, the good, the bad, the ugly and most of all the truth! I see some good, great, and some just ok but for the most part the Dr's in the DR has been doing some wonderful things! I SHALL SEE FOR MYSELF..SPECIAL SHOT OUT TO "MzJuicyFruit87" MORE CONFIDENT BECAUSE OF YOU!!

Random Thoughts!

Hey ladies I am still counting these dreadfulllll months down. I have scheduled my appt with Dr Yily for 11/29/13 but I dont think I can wait! I'm debating to changed my date back to October maybe even the end of September..Just waiting to see how my 1 month off of work thinga ma jig go...lol I need a month off because This will be first time going under the scalpel...geeeesh! I want a chance to heal and regroup because I work in healthcare and sit at a desk all day literally only get up to break,lunch and go to the damn potty! So I want to be good and just have a little or no worry about my new body being affected in any type of form or fashion. If my date change I will most def update you all. Thats all for now ladies :-) TTYL

Terrazas Del Mar - Does Anyone Know About This Entire Apartment?

She is charging $100 a night and I will be buddying up with 1 or 2 other ppl and I wanted to know if anyone has heard anything about Marina. SHe is less than 10 minutes away from Cipla. She is on AIRBNB . COM....PLEASE HELP!

Negativity - Up Early in the AM Working, So I Thought About RealSelf Of Course, Because I'm Bored!

I just wanted to touch base with everyone and let all the ladies and gents here know!! negativity is not allowed on my page! I state because it's a difference between negative people and ppl voices their opinion. I mean if I say something about a dr dont start defending them and if Im happy with my results doesn't mean you have to be. I have been reading a lot of stats that are just ppl wildin out on each other and I thought we were here to motivate, comfort and lead one another through theses rough times....NOOTTTTT! We are no fools and we know that all dr's are not 100% THEBOMB.COM Even here in the states you have ppl being butvhered,infected and so on My friend just spent 17,500 in HInsdale,IL. on her surgery by the WANNABE MR DR KATSAROS AND SHE IS NOT HAPPY AND ALL!! Everyone complaining about a damn $3100 surgery that they wasnt given enough a** ish if you know you weigh 100lbs you aint got nothing to work with UGGHH. If you had 50 surgeries and still not satisfied ish you are F***ING ADDICTED *YELLING* GO TO REHAB NOTHING WILL EVER SATISFY YOU!! Ladies please try to stay as real as possible I can't wait until I go and finally have my damn surgery because if they f*ck me up or not Im keeeping it real and like one of the girls said make sure pics are taken of all angles not just the one that looks good for the day..Keepng that in mind because I do that sh*t now....lol Just venting ppl..I love all my RS sista's and brotha's and only want us to get along,be honest and stay REAL!!

Yily Talk Going Around Saying She's Preggo?

So all I want to know is Dr Yily Pregnant? If so how far along?

Confirmed From the Doll Herself!

Surprised I got an instant response back from dr yily today..YES SHE IS PREGNANT AND WILL BE WORKING UP UNTIL THE 3rd WEEK OF NOVEMBER!!!!! SO YES MY DATE HAS TO CHANGE;-) even friggin betta!!!!!

Passport Journey Was the Freakin Worst, But It's Done!

Hey gals so let me tell you about this f*uckin retarded bish @ the post office!! Me and my cousin go to get our passport process started on Friday and couldnt because the hoe had an attitude problem. We get in the Post office and I kindly asked the rep at the front "maam where do I need to go to get my passport app processed?" she turned to the crazy lady next to her (like she knew she was finna start a damn riat) and Then Ms Rose punk a** ( 55/60 yrs old, ugly, nappy tight curles,glasses ) swung her neck and stated *IM NOT DOING ANYMORE TONIGHT* I said maam I'm sorry but I just called up here before I came because thats what I do I never go or show up anywhere unannounced you know. She said well *I DONT KNOW WHO TELLING YALL THIS BUT I DONE FOR THE DAY* Rolling her eyes!! I said Clawd have mercy on her in my head and told her very nice/nasty YOU ARE VERY F*UCKIN RUDE AND I DONT KNOW WHO PISSED YOU OFF BUT THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO SAY THINGS! WITH THE MONEY YOU MAKE I MOST DEF WOULDN'T BE SITTIN HERE WITH AN ATTITUDE NOW YOU AINT BEHIND NO GLASS!!! I WANTED TO SLAP THE SPIT OUT THAT B*TCH MOUTH BUT I ASKED FOR HER MANAGERS INFO AND LEFT THE BUILDING! I had to ask my cousin to go back and ask for the hours for tomorrow (Sat 7/13) so I wouldnt lose composure! I felt like she was tryna treat me with them tight ass curls in her head girlll... So anyway I thought about my surgery and instantly that bish was a non-factor. So yesterday we both went back because I need to have my things well in advance cus I dont want to be looking for a passport in the mail 2 days before surgery..lol I stood in line again and now the same damn Ms Rose is here doing passports agains BY HERSELF...SMDH! I signed in on the sheet because Im here well in time to get my paperwork done. I also saw the Supervisor Ms Davis and had a chance to speak to her and was told that she is very rude and will have a one on one with her because she had caught attitude with her own co-worker while I was standing in line watching her like a hawk.. REMINDER THIS IS DOWNTOWN CHICAGO! YOU CAN TAKE EM OUT THE HOOD BUT YOU CANT TAKE THE HOOD OUT OF THEM..LOL! So after speaking to The Superisor which was really nice and down to earth I told her I need a side gig (job for those who dont know slang) just a few hrs on my off days from the hospital and she like ok just go online and fill out the app and call or come up here and I will use my pull for you..I said YESSSSS God works hunny in mysterious ways and just my luck to run into Ms Crazy Rose..The POST OFFICE STARTS OFF @ ABOUT $25 hourly even for casual workers (basically part-time). So I completed my passport process which you can tell was very long..lbs in about 4weeks I'll be one step closer to MY NEW SMOKIN BODY! Ms Rose tried to act like she didnt even know me from yesterday which was cool because she needed a freash start!! I always give second chances BUT 3 STRIKES YO A** IS OUT! Just me Venting girlss yall know how we get over these bodies..lmpao

Feeling Pretty Good Today - It's 9:40pm in Chicago.

I started my phentermine yesterday and so far I'm feeling pretty good 3lbs (water weight of course) has left my side I will continue on with these diet pills for about 2 months since I plan to see Dr Yily in the next 3 months!! goal is about 20 lbs off Just weighed in and my fat self is @238 ughhh i cant handle the truth.hahah..lol so Im going for the bang out at least 215lbs Lets see how this work!!!! The pills are suposse to shed 1 1/2 to 2lbs daily with proper eating and just 30 mins of walking a day! Back in the day I lost 50lbs in 3 months after having my baby so I can do it! Good Luck to me

Thanks CGray for the Info on The Perfect Stay Apartment!

I can't tell you enough how much you have put my mind to ease knowing the fam and i will have a nice place to stay while in the DR. After checking on AIRBNB.COM The Perfect Stay is $445 a week and has enough to move around! So it's a GO...thanks again! Cray Cray

Just Emailed Yily to See if I Can Have my Surgery 11/5/13!

I'm looking to fly out November 2nd in the evening and make it there in the wee hrs of the morning on Sunday November 3rd. (Possibly renting a car) The family will then go grocery shopping and check in apartment to get settled in. I plan to have labs done on Monday November 4th and finally surgery on NOVEMBER 5th! I hope she confirms my date because I checked the BBL CALENDAR FORUM and she has no one scheduled for that date yet. Hope all goes well fa me!:-)

Baby got his Passport App Processed Today! Yay!

We are getting this show on the road...ready to book flights as soon as Yily email me the confirmation of my Nov 5th date! All smiles over here:-)!!!!! I love this journey to success...TTYL

Yep, Flights Paid For - Booked!

Hey girls I'm flying from Chicago to the DR I purchase 2 flights today for $1051 so me and the babe were $525.50ea... Yippie I know I'm more then 3months pre but I CAN'T FREAKIN HELP IT!!!! Singing that song "I'm ready to go rt now...lol we're flying in on Nov 3rd -17th that's enough time to have some healthy healing and do some site seeing ya heard me!! He might need a lil lipo aainntt gonna happen..HA

Date Confirmed - Yily is a Doll!


Sorry ladies forgot to tell you Deposit made!!!

So my cousin and I are on the ball! We have Flights paid for, Deposits sent to Yily and Passports being processed! Now remind you Our scheduled suregery is on November 5th so we are over EXCITED! We both will be having sx on the same day sooooo we getting prepared early so we can be straight focused. My sweetie will try to attend both of us with the help of the nurse we hire! TTYL LOVELY SISTA'S



Cost of everything!!

My surgery is $5500 for TT/BL/BBL w/extra for inner thighs & arms if I can get them done (hemo levels are excellent now @ a14). My total come out with flights and everything for me and the babe $7469 now remind you he cost an extra $525/flight & $135/passport=$660. This covers our flights($525.50ea),passports($135ea),room & board(split with cousin so $300),my massages(8 for $248),my surgery($5500) & food($100 for 2 wks for 2ppl). The reason I say eight massages is because Im only gonna be in the DR for 8 days after I'm able to start the massages. Now faja's foam and boeard and all that other crap I pretty much will just count that as misc. items to get because they are not too expensive. I BARGAIN LADIES SO AMAZON/EBAY HERE I COME! Most of my supplies I've had since March my original date for TT If you read above you would know. So Im goodie I just have to do the faja and board thinga ma jig..lol I hope this helps some of the ladies that kinda need a break down of prices! Good Luck Ladies!!!


I'm loyal until you f*ck over ME! I can wait I'm not just gonna say Imma go to another doctor because you have to go on maternity leave. I aint thirsty and never been a $2 hoe.Just pass me around NO...lmao If I need to up my date and my family can too that I'm going with then we will but until then My sx date is November 5th!! I'm out....

My future shape again!

Going back to how things use to be!!

97 DAYS LEFT!!!!! Time is flying

Up doing laundry at 1:30am lurking on RS..SMDH My days are flying fast but not fast enough. I have learned to be patient for my bootay sake..ha j/k. Patience is a Virtue!!!! I love knowing I can prepare myself almost 85% cus the other 15% is the anxiety that the blue pill will have to take care of!! I'm out ..time to fold these clothes ladies!! Muah

I got passport!!!

I just happen to check my mailbox on this lovely SUNDAY afternoon because i fail to do so yesterday. I found this medium big carboard envelope with MY PASSPORT IN IT!!!! I'm excited getting closer to my dream!!!

Anesthesia info I found!! The difference between Epidural block & general anesthesia etc...

Just in case any of you ladies are confused or need to know the different anesthesia's I googled some info to help us see what we have to look forward to before our procedures.! "1 love"
1. Local anesthesia is injected just into the area to be operated on- as for dental work.
2. Regional anesthesia anesthetizes a nerve or nerve plexus, like a brachial block for an arm procedure.
3. Spinal anesthesia involves puncturing the dura, the fibrous covering of the spinal cord, introducing anesthetic into the fluid bathing the spinal cord. Spinal head aches can result from leak of spinal fluid. Generally there is loss of motor function of the legs until it wears off.
4. Epidural does not puncture the dura- anesthetic is intruduced outside the dura, so it bathes the nerves coming off the spinal cord. Gives good pain relief, sometimes unilateral (which is less helpful).
5. General anesthetic- produces a loss of consciousness. Can be inhalational or intravenous. A paralytic is often used with inhalational general anesthetic, and an endotracheal tube (a breating tube) is used.

Up early in the morning praying for all dolls!!..Shout out to my NOVACANE NOVEMBER LADIES! Booty like a drug! Ha

Recovering sista's, up and coming sista's and of course the sista's that's being transformed today!!! Good luck Yily, Duran, Cabral, Baez, Jimerson, Salama, Cortez, Campos, Cardenas, and any other lovely's...Muah. To all my NOVACANE NOVEMBER LADIES.(booty like a drug)..HIT ME UP I WANNA MEET ALL I CAN!! I'll be in D.R from November 2nd - November 17th so I expect to see the majority of you ladies. *Mamacita*


I love my thighs!!! but the mommy tummy has to POOF BE GONE!


WE MUST prepare for the best and the worst! We can only do what we can to try our best to have the safest and most healthiest recovery! This is a major procedure and I'm taking all precautions...My health is everything to me so I'm making sure thats my first priority!! And guess what I pray everyday and ask God to give me excellent health, strength, knowledge and piece of mind cus this surgery stuff will drive a person crazy!! I can't tell you how many times I listen to Tamela Mann and Leandria Johnson full albums a day to remind myself I am healed in advance hunti. Even before putting my deposit and going to apply for my passport and purchasing my flight I been asking him to keep me safe from harm! SO I'M NOT WORRIED BUT I AM PREPARED!!


Dr Salama hooked you hooked you up! lbvvs So I know my Yily gonna Yilyfye my ass literally..hahaha! We basically have/had the same measurements. Yours were 38D bra-waist 38-hips 51! Mines are 38D bra-waist 36-hips 51!! I notice Your back was bigger than mine pre op and my stomach is bigger than yours was..I know I'm on now...lmao You are my wish pic!!

5 DAYS DOWN 85 MO TO GO!!!!!!

HEY LADIES IF YOU ARE TRAVELING AND LOOKING FOR HOTELS/APARTMENTS...Go to AIRBNB.COM. Also if you are looking for travel buddies make sure you check the BBL CALENDAR!! Just some info for all of you..Yily Body Rockin Coming Soon!!!

"THE BLUE PILL" Information for the soul...

Hey ladies of course I had to come on Lola's page to be of service to any and everyone thats needs information about the "BLUE PILL". If you don't know about downers one of them are called "LORAZEPAM". It calms you down and basicaly keeps you from FREAKING OUT! In the United States it's a very small white pill but Given this is a WHOLE DIFFERENT COUNTRY IT'S BLUE!!! I myself personally has never had surgery before but I have a Lorazepam 1mg sitting right in front of me because I went and had my medications filled when I was suppose to have suregery back in March with a PS Downtown Chicago and it clearly states TAKE 1 TABLET 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO SURGERY!! I also send RX request all day at work for patients and could pretty much explain any medicine/medication to you!!! Just FYI



79 Days to go!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY

I'm feeling some type of way because I feel like the world is revolving around ME!!!!! I spoke to my PS on Whatsapp yesterday and conversation went well. I am confident that I will have AMAZEBALLS results...hahahaha

Me ready!!!

I need this realistic sh*t in my life!!!

More pre op pics

And my most compatible Real (Wish) pic!!!

Most compatible real wish pic! !

My my have list that I will be bringing to the D.R.!! LOL

ME ME & ME!!!...LOL I don't care if I'm naked like baby jesus just let me be free after surgery...hahahahaha!! lbvvs

must have. .type above


75 days!!!

In 75 days I will be the world most desired transformed Mamacita Boricua!!!! hotmamaama.lalalalaajajajajaja.lol

Info for the Newbies!!

If you need any info as far as Pics of the BBL's, things to pack, Looking for a buddy, Slang (words/abbreviations) that we BBL sista's use..etc You can go to the search box and type in BBL PREP LIST, BBL URBAN GLOSSARY, BBL BEFORE/AFTER GALLERY, & BBL 20 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS. These are just some of the important ways to obtain the best information! Good luck sissy's....Muah

67 days and a wake up!

Can't wait til my Yilyformation!


My heart goes out to her family!

More update about death!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQpDGCP9SwQ so according to this video, she had problems prior to this surgery, & her uncle (?) mentioned she wasn't supposed to get anything done, yet went through with it. After the procedure, she caught an infection, fever & had pain in her leg. They called the clinic & told her it was probably a nerve & that was that. Aftercare didn't seem too great. edit: He also mentioned the doctor was never around & never responded to the phone calls when they tried to reach him


Insuperable Indomable

65 big ones left almost time to start...

Counting down my 8 week round off! I think I'm going to start Youtubing videos at 1 or 2 weeks pre-op!! Ladies I will keep you updated on that. I can't wait to meet some of you while on this journey I pray we all manage to get what we want as well as What we deserve!


I went Vitamin shoppingggg! I will start them tomorrow Sept 4th so that I can see my progress for the the next 2 months!!!

Hemo dropped..:-( to a 12.3 as of 8/23/13 so needs to go up in my opinion

I had been taking Ibuprofen for freakin Migraines... And I'm guessing since they are blood thinners that it took my hemo down to a 12.3..But guess what by this time next month I plan to have my ish up higher. I want to be at least a 13.5 for surgery if not more a 15 would be perfect for my procedures!! Lord knows my health means everything to me! If any pain meds are needed hello Tylenol goodbye 800's (Ibuprofen)..lbvvs


I will be taking one tablet a day! If I need to double up I will do so next month when I go back for my Medical Clearance Oct 4th!!! Its time to get this show on the ROAD!

60 days left to go! !

60 days and counting before my new transformation! I'm ready to be Yilyfied.. Vitamins are going great except I think the iron pills may cause a headache here and there but my NEW BODY is worth a headache or two! PEACE LOVE & HAPPINESS SISTA'S. Muah xoxo

My countdown

Yayay! Excited

My countdown


Helllppp Ladies!!

Any tips on arm toning at home! What can I do like at work while sitting all day or at home? I also walk 7 miles a day 3days a week so this will help with the leg/thigh toning!!! Thanks in advance for any and all advice!!!! Im getting these vitamins down along with orange juice!! So my hemo levels can be higher than the average. Also one of my good BBL sista's Bombshell26 has instructed me on what to do to build it fast!! Thanks Boo..Muah xoxo to all!

Good Iron/Hemo Booster! Women's Iron Complete..

Got this wonderful idea from my sista Bombshell26 who's hemo is more than enough. .a whopping 15! I'm excited for her! Thanks BBL SIS.Muah xoxo

HEY GALS!! Just checking in

Whos almost up for sx Ladies?? I wish you the best Recovery everrrrr!! I know our sx mom Dr Yily and our Sx Aunt Dr Duran or vice versa...lol will hook us up!! I pray healthy and satisfying procedures for all. Muah xoxoxoxoxoxox


So many ladies go run and change their minds about their PS..SMH I have seen people switch from dr to dr for the craziest reasons!! Once again ladies You chose your PS for a reason stick to it...I know My PS will be able to enhance my body type greatly and I will not stoop to a level of choosing another P>S unless she kills someone! I understand how people may start to drift off into madness but Its called grow up and either go through with your procedure or find another Doctor who you think can match your previous Dr. skills. But make sure you think positive!! Good Luck Muah xoxo

Negative Reviews are not just on one Dr!!

**ATTENTION**There are several stories on all the DR doctors not just Yily! Lets start with Duran infections and some of the girls nerves in their legs being damage so bad one of the girls had to walk with a cane. Also when one lady tried telling her story about how she was neglected aftercare for her infection by Duran and the admins of the group deleted her! Or how bout Dr Cabral pt that just died less than 3 weeks ago come on aw let's not forget another Cabral pt had to be put in ICU for blood clots when she got home back in the states..SMH Should i keep goin on. .Ladies follow your heart! I'm supporting yall no matter who you choose! You scared go to church baby girl...Who mad? Muah xoxo

SHOUT OUT TO MsBooty 3 x's love to know another RS sis has a heart of gold baby!!

This is what I'm up reading at 2:53am FROM MsBooty... Mamacita, I have been on this site for almost a year and there is one thing I know. As I read all the different posts-good, bad, and ugly- I ALWAYS see a comment from you cheering them on or giving them comfort when something went wrong. I appreciate that bcuz sometimes people need it more than they will say. I can't wait until you have your surgery bcuz I am going to cheer you on too!! I hope you will do the same for me in Jan. You have a beautiful spirit so Yily won't have much work to do AT ALL!! God bless you my sis! .......my response back to her......................ALL I can say to you my sweet MsBooty is DAMN! That brought I few tears of joy to my eyes...I'm so tired of the feuding and Dr Boxin on here it's ridiculous. I just want, need and ask of all the ladies that will be going to have surgery like myself to stay confident, patient, and ready for whatever may come our way because THE DEVIL IS OUT HERE TO KILL STEAL AND DESTROY US ALL! I refuse to let nonsense change my train of thought! SEE IM WHAT THEY CALL A GO GETTA IN CHICAGO I SEE WHAT I WANT AND I GO GET IT.. I know no one is perfect and if i'm expecting my PS your PS and the rest of our sista's PS to be then IM THE FOOL NOT GONNA HAPPEN! I have to make sure my words of wisdom hit the ppl I've grown to care about and built a relationship with because once again this is a sisterhood. Realself is suppose to be for knowledge and support to, for and from one another but it's starting to sink so before I just up and say Im erasing everything and not dealing with none of this B.S Imma be what my mother raised me to be a LEADER!! These ladies that I've seen complaining look good as hell and I plan to look just as BADD. I have 52 days until I'm looking something like a pimp and can't wait! Thanks again for the Acknowledgement you get a triple shout out!!...Muah xoxo

Just ordered my "FREE" Boppy/Nursing Pillow!!!

Hey Ladies I just ordered my Gorgeous FREE pillow off NURSINGPILLOWS.COM if your interested order FAST. I don't know how long the sale is but you only will have to pay for shipping which is $12.95! PROMO CODE MUST BE ENTERED.....FAMILY2013 in all caps before you checkout!!!

BMI conversation with Yily$ Team

For those who have questions about Yily's weight or BMI REQUIREMENTS!! Below is a screenshot of us whatsapping today! Yes she answered quick ladies. .Muah xoxo

Medications I will be bringing!!!

I will be bringing my own Narc's, Antibiotics and other meds
Oxycodone = Percocets Highest strength pain med
Hydrocodone = Norco Next to highest strength pain med
Amoxicillin 500mg (2 tablets) = Clavulin 1G (1 tablet) Antibiotic
Enoxaparin = Heparin Units/Injections
Meloxicam = Diclofenac Muscle relaxer
Thrombocid Cream to apply on the operated area
Zofran for Nausea
Omeprazole 20MG
Yes ladies and Gent I love my Drrrrrr!!! He is the best No questions asked! I told him the truth and he's not against going out of the Country at all..

Shout out to the Duran Trio Girls!!!!

Jacqueline,Denise and Tiffany I pray you ladies are healing in peace..You ladies rock I love the videos!!! These ladies were very patient to have sat down and thought to do videos for us girls that are on the way to be Devious Dolls with any doctor...lol I really appreciate it that you kept it real at all times and also informed ladies who are unsure as to who performs their procedure. You all let it be know that ALL dr's have Interns/resident helping them and that others will be helping when it's our time!!! I'm sure Duran did all the major work as you all stated and let the interns do the simple parts. I know Yily and Cabral has Interns too!!! They all have to learn...Thanks again ladies and hopefully me, my sister, and my cousin can do a few depending on how we feel after our sx's!!! Muah xoxo

To see our sista's videos....

Go to Geemmy or Hardum561 blogs!!



Hey ladies I asked Yily about patients waking up during sx!!!!

This is the reply for all inquiring minds.. hope this helps and you can understand what she's saying. .lbs It also has another question in the pic but I posted that for you ladies above the other day!! Muah xoxo

Waking up experiences from one of our very own Yily Goddesses!! Shout out to txcutiewntsabooty..Muah xoxo

txcutiewntsabooty 1 day ago
Hey ladies, I'm almost 2 months post op Yily and although my surgery experience with her was great and I'm unbelievably happy with my results. I am one of the patients that did wake up during surgery. I woke up to several people working on me along with Yily. When I woke up, I freaked out because my arms were tied down(I had my arms done). I asked them why my arms were tied, the very cute anaesthesiologist rub my head and told me to relax. I guesss he pumped more anaesthesia in my epidural and out again I went. When I woke up again my surgery was over and I was in my room at CIPLA. Even though I woke up during surgery, I never felt a thing. No pain, no pressure or any discomfort at all.

Thanks for this info sis it's music to our ears to hear real life experiences!! Us sista's are forever grateful..Muah xoxo


Email: drayilyplastica@gmail.com
Cell/Whatsapp: 829-469-6102
Office:809-331-5050 Ext. 208

This is for any ladies that want/needs it. Me personally & I also think others will agree that her Whatsapp is the best way to contact her for anything especially Q & A's. Good Luck Ladies with your upcoming and ongoing journeys..Muah xoxo

Yily Deposit Info

Hey ladies if you have a Chase Bank near you it's easy as 1>2>3 & FREE!! She has a DEPOSIT ONLY account set up for us ladies to send our money! If you DO NOT have a Chase account you can still send deposit for FREE. Just go to Chasequickpay.com and you make sure you enter all information thats needed! It takes a few extra days for her to approve it but it gets to her and you dont have to pay any fees. This is partial of the email she sent to me about deposit info:

I’m receiving deposits through Chase Bank

Please go to your home branch and make a wire transfer of your deposit to the following account:
Intermediate bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank.
Routing #: 267 084 131
Checking account# 183 553 839
Name: Yily Loramny De Los Santos Rosario

Once you’ve sent the deposit you need to send me in an email your confirmation number/copy of receipt and the user name.

We're doing this because we want to be sure that the patients will come to have surgery. Some of them confirm their dates and we wait for them but they never come.

*Good Luck sista's on your future sx's...Muah xoxo*

Ladies I forgot to tell yall Apartment has been booked and PAID FOR!!!

Of course Me and the Fam used AIRBNB.COM. We have a 3bedrm 3bath for $105 a night. The men will cook and clean for us (3) Trio. We will hire a nurse FOR THE FIRST 3-5 DAYS!! Ladies if your looking for a hotspot to stay after sx instead of RH check that site out and type destination Santo Domingo. That site is a social network as well you can message property owners and also check their reviews out etc... This is the most securest way to go if your not wanting to stay @ Recovery House. Also don't forget the Cipla has Nurses for hire and Massage can be done as well!! Good Luck....Muah xoxo


Hey Ladies I'm giving Shout outs to My Yiy Vets thats sticking around after 3 months POST-OP...KrissyLee21,Njprbeauty,MzJuicyfruit87,Jules007!! Just wanted to let you girls know us soon to be Yily Dolls is forntunate to have you all near! Ladies if you haven't already seen these sista girls I recommend you type their name in the search engine above and FIND THEM..LOLBS. They all look Phenom.. .Muah xoxo

6 weeks left

As of today I have exactly 6 wks to be transformed!!! I'm excited as hell and can't help but to take it easy, continue to eat healthy, take vitamins, and stay motivated! It's almost time in 42 days I will be somebody's new HOT MAMA!! My sister and cousin are ready to go as well we can't wait to be transformed by our very own surgery Mom Dra Yily...ladies that's going into surgery this week I'm praying the best healing process over you and the most successful procedures everrrrr!.... Muah xoxo


I will post the account information if you would like to send a deposit....You can google the bank and see where the closest location is near you.
Suntrust Bank account#200-02-165000493-2. Swift Code BRRDDOSD
Make sure you double check with Dr Yily before depositing and/or see if you can just pay in full at the time of surgery!!! SORRY NO MORE CHASE DEPOSITS..


This is what she wrote on FB...FYI ladies Yily will be back from pregnancy leave by January 18th. Also they are booking without deposits because her bank is not allowing big amounts. Samira is great and she's really talking to girls with all their questions who call. Hope this helps...

Ladies if you have a FB find me and add me as a friend so I can add you to Yily Barbie Group!! All info wanted and needed is on there as well. If you dont have a FB I will continue to update you sista's...Muah xoxo FB name is: Mamacita LoveBoricua

Another Death under Cabral!!!

He has done it again...so the word is she was overdosed from anesthesia. This young lady was in the DR for a month because her hemo levels were low AT A 10 SHES ANEMIC.. She finally got it up to a 12 and Cabral decided to perform sx on her wit his RISKY A$$..ughhh I just don't understand why he can't say NO! but anywho Ladies please be advise and know that your health is worth more then their wealth. Make sure you health is up to par before going through with sx..I'm praying for this Sista and her family she leaves behind. ..Muah xoxo *can't wait to be transformed by the best* wink

**My heart goes out to Haz_love! She going through a tough recovery ladies...**

Go to her review and support her.. She's a Duran Doll and deserves us to be very supportive because that's what we do for one another. It's a Horror story but she needs us!! Muah xoxo

Shout out to a Chicago Realest I love this WOMAN! LBAI42 rtf his one for u boo keepin real and givin it to us sistas in the RAW!

Lookbackatit42....Hey sis! Just wanted to add my quarter and dime to this... This is another reason why we have to let our loved ones know what our intentions are... We often times don't want to say anything because we don't want the backlash... But, sometimes we have to have people in our lives to be impartial and tell us the TRUTH, AND NOT FROM A PLACE OF JUDGEMENT, BUT JUST GOOD OLD TRUTH!! We are so passionate about this journey to big booty land that we are willing to sacrifice, save, scape up and shit, stop paying our cable bill if it comes down to it! And, I'm cool with all of that, because there are something's that we want so badly, that it takes giving up something to get it ( and before somebody says, " I got the money, all I gotta do is pull out my black card", then this isn't directed at you) a lot of us on here are moms and we are constantly sacrificing in the name of our babies... And this surgery might be the first big thing you have DONE FOR YOU AND YOU ALONE! But please let someone know what you are doing, take someone with you, if you can, if you can't have a surgery buddy who has your loved ones contact information. Have a document typed out with specific instructions as to what to do in case of emergency ! Have a call schedule, call someone every ( you fill in the blank) hours or days, if you don't make that call, your loved one needs to call the Doctors office. When you get home be vigilant about your aftercare.... Follow your surgeons directions to a T. After my hysterectomy, I had my god sister come stay with me for a month, I did very little by myself, after all I wasn't trying to prove anything to anyone, I just wanted to get well! When I had my hysterectomy, my OBGYN wouldn't touch me because I was anemic, desperately anemic, because of my heavy periods. I had to have 8 iron infusions, to get my hemoglobin up. I would sit in the chemo department, for an hour and have iron put directly into my blood stream. My doctors made sure I understood that it was for my health. And even when I was cleared to have surgery, they still had my type of blood waiting for me in case I bled out! These surgeries are the bomb dot com.... But all we want to blow up is our boo TAYS.... Not our lives... Or worse. One luv y'all.

Sending special prayers to my very own Yily sis Jessica yall may know her as."thenewmecomingsoon"

I pray healing over you in advance as you get ready to have your procedure done tomorrow 10/1/13. I know we have been waiting and anticipating on this day for you!! I am right behind you hunti. Those long conversations on the phone and now look your in the MONEY..lol Ladies lets pray hard for all the love ones/sistas that up for surgery this week!! Muah xoxo

Shout to Jazzy J!!!! Thats my one girrlllll

She actually READS LADIES!!! Going over my review she was able to utilize it when going to her Primary Dr today.The Medication section is very self explanitory and she knew to come straight to my page. Gotta love those smart phones and RS...Thanks Jazzy for using me thats the first time I ever been happy about being used haha lmao....Muah xoxo

This is what she wrote: Mama, just left my preop appt. Why my doc told me that 2 of the meds on yily list are not sold in the USA. Which was the clavulin and the thrombocid. So I pulled up your post and showed her what you got....tehehe so she gave me amoxicillin also. But could not find an alternative for that cream. So I get to the pharmacy and show him the list and he looks it up and tell me the same thing thst it's not made in the USA and neither or any of the ingredients thats in it. But good on everything else, ekg. Xray and labs. Lab results will be in by Wed.


Ladies Ladies Ladies!!! Now everybody know I dont deal with BS clearly so I won't repeat that. What I need people to do is when you want to tell your story set up your own review up! Curvywervy yes that is pointed and directed for you but not in a bad way. I never bite my own balls so if I say something once I can say it again and again and again..yall know what I mean..lol I say this because when your trying to get your story out and dont have a review we all look at that person like we only can go so far just because we see no proof and I hope you can understand that. We all take your concerns into consideration but at the end of the day We will make our OWN decisions. Everyone experience is different and I know MsBooty would never direspect or act funny towards no previous or future patient's of any of the dr's. Cus we believe in being supportive to one another but we can except the good the bad and the ugly. Im going to Dr Yily and she is going to Dr Duran but we dont feud about that even though both physician's has flaws good and bad!! I refuse to sit back and let my review be attacked with others madness SO STOP. If you both want to PM each other until yall fingertips fall off be my guest but if you aint talkin bout the sh*t my sistas and I finna go through or giving praises to my sistas that done been through it then leave well enough alone. I pray all the future dolls like myself have a terrific outcome. I pray all the dolls from past continue to encourage us to do the damn thang cus this is what we want. Remember I try to keep everyone updated and motivated and hopefully my sista's will do the same. We all know that Dominican Republic is a poor Country so please loves don't go looking for Champagne when they only have beer. No one can mess with the DR doctors when it comes to sculpting so that's THAT!! Imma be sculpted out on November 5th if it's the lords will..Good luck ladies on life itself lets enjoy it while we can... Muah xoxo

Went to the Dr Friday 10/4/13.....Yayayayaayayaya Good News

I lost 8 freakin pounds in 1 month and going for at least 9 more this month!!!! I've been eating more healthier and 30 mins of exercise everyday I'm at work which is 6 days a week I CAN DO IT....Giving it up for me Whoo hooo!! I pray when my labs come back that my hemo levels has went up from a freakin 12.1 to 100000..hahahaaha j/k but at least a 13 or 14 something clawdt have mercy. Well I have 30 days exactly to be the new NEXT TOP THICK A** MODEL..Who Mad? I hope yall got my back when I'm cripple just in case somebody get outta hand on here... If not Crutchen me a mofo...lmao Well just wanted to spit some new flames in your ear ladies. I'll be back when results come in...Laterrrr Muah xoxo

My time is flying!!! 26 days wheeeeeee..lmao

Anxious bag packed just thinkin of more junk to take SMDH...I cant wait til my dog on results for my hemo come through my phone..Just wanna hear my dr's voice!! Good Luck and Happy Healing to all my sx dals thats going/went in this week...Muah xoxo


But its not the end of my road until I've made it to the otha side. I've been taking my vitamins since sept 5th and not much progress..smh Ladies pray for me I need it! I've decided to use the pur- absorb iron packets along with my other vitamins for the next 2 weeks lets see how this goes!!! I cut out red meats and I think that could have something to do with my levels not increasing..If my levels decide not to pick up then when I get to the D.R I'll get a iron shot from the pharmacy for $8. Ive seen a few other sistas state on here instead of the blood transfusion they got the iron injection from pharmacy. I prefer to just do the iron shot and get it over with. I know that as long as I stay prayed up everything will go as plan and work out for the best. Praying all my sistas pre and post op are recovering and having a wonderful journey. .Muah xoxo

Loving this Pur Absorb Liquid Iron!!!

No taste to it and easy to mix with my orange juice!!!! The nurses at my job said this should do the trick and sprout out my hemo in no time let's see..It is on sale at Walgreens for $9.99 can't beat that so along with my other vitamins im drinking one packet a day!!! Yily also recommended to keep taking all vitamins so im listening to my Dr's order so ill be strong as a damn monkey after surgery. .lmao

Got my compression socks!!! Getting closer to my dream..

My pee pee thingy hasn't made it here yet so imma have to go get a funnel from Walgreens or something. I had my bags packed for about a month now and ready to get on my flight already yall...I can't wait to be transformed in the next 9 daysssssss! Ladies all next week I've decided to eat boiled eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, salads with choice of meat for lunch and dinner and snack on pineapples for swelling/healthy choices sissy's is the way im staying. Im down to 220lbs from 242 in this weight loss journey and I want to thank all of you all for your best wishes. I'm going to start doing some videos pre and post op to give you ladies some real insight of things in the Chi and Dominican Republic. .lbs and ladies im a picture freak but my sister is worst so we will make you all feel like you are not just following our journey but along for the ride with us. Good luck to all my sistas that's jumping to the other side next week luv yall. Until next time loves....Muah xoxo

Yall know who this belong too...

Yily Nilyyyyy...lol

Ladies I need infooooooo from you all!!

I need to know ALL the addresses to as many Recovery houses as possible..I would like to visit as many sistas as I can before I have my sx. I will be out doing rounds on Sunday Nov 3rd and Monday Nov 4th..lol So if you want to meet the famous Mamacita Boricua..hahahaa you ladies can inbox me. I will also be coming back out before I leave on the so around Nov 14th,15th and 16th I'll be coming back out to visit my sissy's. Now If Scandal, Revenge or Betrayal on yall can forget about ittt..lol I have to watch my shows cus I can't take my DVR down to the D.R I dont think and I rather watched them on a big screen instead of my IPAD..smdh I know I'm crazy yall but im fa real shoot. MAKE SURE YALL INBOX ME YOUR WHATSAPP INFO, SX DATES AND ADDRESS TO THE RH'S...Later Chicas..Muah xoxo

7 DAYS until transformation!!!! I'm excited of course

This is Ludacris Im suppose to be scared as shit rt now but my crazy a** happier then a fag with a bag of d*cks...hahahahaaha I love my attitude, my confidence, my family, my friends, and most of all my supoort system. You ladies have been there from the beginning and betta roll with me to the end..lbvvs! I want to let my sistas know I'm praying for you all that goes under this week. I AM MOTIVATION TO MY SOUL AS WELL AS YOURS.... Muah xoxo

Off to see Peeps in 2 DAYS!!!!!!

Im excited fa Jesus...Muah xoxo


I am estatic about this!!!! I knew one day the RS community lovely's would acknowledge my intelligence!!! I want to thank all of my sista's on here for making this possible for me to keep you all updated and motivated. I promise to NOT leave you ladies hanging because you all have stuck through the bittersweet with me! As I get ready to approach my sx date I would like to let you all know I have continued to pray everlasting life over all of us. I ask the lord to cover us all in his blood and keep us educated enough so that we may educate others that may come along. I want to let everyone know as I board my flight I'll be thinking of all of you and you all will be breathing fresh D>R Air with me as I land! I have SKYPE,WHATSAPP,TANGO,FACETIME So im extra ready for whatever!!! Inbox if you wanna to find me on either one of those apps by name or number!! Once again thank you ladies for listening and understanding all my thoughts I will continue to keep you all in MY PRAYERS and most def keep me and my family in yours!!! Muah xoxo

Lets getttt readyyy to rumbleeeee!

Leave tonight at 630pm.. When I get to the D.R I pray strength and healing over me and the crew...We are covered by the blood of jesus and no weapon formed against us shall prosper!! I ask all my RS family to keep all divas in your prayers. Until later I'll let you all know we made it safe and sound. ..If you want to see me your wish is my command..lol imma be checking in on my sistas before we let Yily beat this body with her gracious hands...Muah xoxo

Ladies I made it to Boston and next...

Stop is Santo Domingo. I'll let you all know when I land..Muah xoxo

Hey ladies where do I start. .

So far its been a little ruff..but Joy will come soon enough! Lets start by saying the airport lost my luggage :-( so now I have to call them in the morning but the good thing is that my clothes and shoes weer in my carry on.. The most important things like my money and my medication was close to my chest so those are my two main things I must have..Anywho we get to the apartment and its freakin coch roaches coming out tge woodworks..SMDH NOW WE AINT USE TO THAT IS THAT A DOMINICAN THING? I know Florida have geico's running around like they are a damn ant..lol Texas got red ants that sting the ish out like they apart of the bee family..haha but damn pls vets help me out with this because we ready to pack up and go home on the real. I can't have my surgery under these crazy circumstances what if I have to take off running hell I myay snag something un un decisions decisions! Now remind you I know this aint the United States so please no excuses of why we are being charged a million dollars damn near and somebody's else's clothes was left in the dryer lil stuff in the drawers like clothing tags and a empty bottle of tums...hmmm maybe bbl sisters was here..lbs The place overall is nice but has its flaws which are just too damn many..Right now im tryna let go and let God!!

Hey sista's!!!

So just wanted to update you all the family and I are currently staying at Dominican Hotel and Casino for a few days until. We are checked backed in to our apartment. Our lovely host has been nothing but great to us and for that we are forever grateful. She took the initiative to pay for our room and board as we begin to prepare ourselves the last days of this wonderful journey to come! This place is gorgeoussss.. Loves and yes we are excited to have chosen the host that we have! Still pissed about those darn cocha bugs but her kindness out ways it all. She even agreed to refund 100% if we wanted but we agreed that a discount would be better because we feel so comfortable with her! I freaked out but me out of all people at the same time also stated that we shall let go and let God! On the bright side we are excited and ready for surgery on Tuesday and pray that you ladies all keep us in your prayers! Muah xoxo (I'm uploading new pics of the hotel shortly)

Pics Pics Pics of some of our journey thus far!

I will more tomorrow when we go to the CIPLA for labs...plus we have videosssss! Muah xoxo

pics that didnt download

We likey!


Hey peeps!!! I HAVE MY LUGGUAGEEEE IM EXCITED FA JESUS.. I have my compression socks, antibacterial body wash and pur absorb iron now.. Thank you Lord for all you've done for me!! Im siked sistas to get this over with praying my hemo levels went up...fingers crossed!! Head to the sky asking the lord to guide me and my family through this as he do daily. Good luck and happy healing in advance to all my sistas thats going to be remodeled! Im under construction myself tomorrow and promise to already have my gidget gadgets set up to hit POST UPDATE..lol yeah so imma pre write my well beings before surgery and then when I come back to my recovery room where my sister will wait for me and tell her gimmie my phone before my peeps RING DA ALARM..LOL We have adjusted to being in the D.R within 24hrs so that wasnt too bad. ALSO LADIES MAKE SURE DOWNLOAD MAGIC JACK, SKYPE, TANGO, WHATSAPP and/or VIBER!! I highly recommend Magic Jack because free calls to the U.S so that if you come alone you can stay intune with family and friends. Whatsapp is a great app for texting & pictures anywhere pretty much in the world. I cant stress enough how important it is to have my sister and my cousin with me. Due to unfortunate circumstances my baby couldn't cone with me but we talk all day and he knows his Mamacita is coming back a bad mamma jamma! I also skype my babygirl because we need to stay intune and she has a ipod that her lik butt cant stay off of. I know my puppy looking for me though cus I dont know how to speak bark..lmao naw he knows when im on the phone. I also keep in contact with my mom and other family members! Welp girls I'll will try to write something in the a.m is at all possible meaning if I go in second or something but for the most part I believe im first! I will take pictures when I get there...Best of luck...Muah xoxo

Hey ladies we all made it!!

Waiting for Yily to come in!!!! I will let you all know once I cross over!!!

going into to surgery in 30 mins!!!!

Met the famous queen herself!


Im blessed and will not complain!!! My hemo is still at a 12.3...smh But he does everything for a reason and that's why I continue to praise him! God wont letvharm come my way and im happy to know my Dra Yily cares about health and not about money. .I'll update you all when I'm on the other side! Muah xoxo Muah xoxo

hey sissy's

I MADE TO FLAT LAND CANT WAIT YO SHOW YOU ALL SOME PICS!! YES YILY DID MY SURGERY! I woke up during surgery when I was flipped over and ochy.. .lol I had nothing but good thoughts during this process. After surgery so far no pain only pressure from this faja that was just put on. Dog on faja...I will update you all in a jif...Muah xoxo

hey girls day 2

Pretty much feeling the same NO pain just a lot of pressure and discomfort from this dog on faja. Ladies tell me what the heck should ido with this darn thing sqeezinf the breath out of me. I miss you all and will continue to keep myself as well as others in my prayers..I will post pics soon..I love Dra Yily This Waist is Amazeballs...Muah xoxo

pic pics pics

I wuv u gals!!

Pre op pics

Day of surgery @ 6am getting dressed to head to the CIPLA...

Any Breast Questions!!

My health comes first so because my hemo wasnt high enough to include the breast lift my Dra Yily and I decided to wait until next year for my lift because she didnt want to risk or chance anything and neither did I. My boobs actually are not as big as they look well of course since my waist no longer exist they seem to be but are only a 38 D and will be well taken care of while they hang around for another year.lol..Muah xoxo

Po day 5 pics


Post op day 6

Went in for post op appt today ladies so far so good waist has been snatched by them body snatchers..lol (Chicago insider) lovin my instant results created by Yily the queen herself. Yily was in doing surgery so Dr Anna Did me and the fams post ops appts...

Day 6

Its a photo shoot with garment on before I got my 3rd massage!! Muah xoxo


Massage photos

1 week post op

Hi ladies!!!! I made it to be 1 week post op today. I'm excited and almost ready to go home in about 4 days. I will be post a full review very soon about where we stayed the nurse we used and the great massage therapist whom all helped me and the family to relax and feel more comfortable even though we were outside our zone (US of A) lol.. I will add pics because I know that's what we sista's rely on the most. This has been a ride and I'm not saying it's an easy one but if you stay as honest, prayful and motivated as me it makes it's a much better ride you'll ever take. Make sure you all keep my sister, cousin and I in your prayers as we will do the same for all of you.... Muah xoxo

Day 7 post op

This waist is crazy all thanks to Queen Yily!! I have been branded..Yesss

Teeny waist team!!

mad love massage

Hey ladies Leaving the D.R this is my last night here!!!!

I leave at 4am and I'm happy to get back to my own home!! I will let you all know when I make it home safe and upload as many pics as possible it's time to get creative with my before and afters...Muah xoxo


Her last day operating will be on Monday November 18th and then on November 19th our very own Yira and Dr Ana will be having surgery done by no other but the most famous Queen of them all Dra Yily!! I thought I'd share this with you since they shared it with some of us post op girls. So for follow up the chicks going in on Monday or has had surgery this past week will be seeing Dra Yily herself because Dra Ana will be recovering! any questions shoot them to me. Happy healing to all my sistas..Muah xoxo

11 days post op

Pics getting dressed to head for the airport by 1am....flight leaves at 4am!!! Adios Santo Domingo....Muah xoxo

Hey babes im 2 weeks post op!!!

Drain came out today and let me tell you it wasnt bad at all! I sat on the toilet and pulled slowly until it fell on the floor eel...lol I cleaned it like Dra Ana instructed before and after with iodine. Yup I was a good girl and boy dont I feel a million percent better now that I don't have my baby hangin out of me..lol! Today I went and purchased a new lil SUV Nissan Murano burnt orange black leather interior with sunroof its so freakin cute New car for this new bodyyy. Also took my baby to petsmart for grooming him so handsome now..Im now ready to just feel like myself again girls I took some pics of course and will write a full review sometime this weekend hunties im trying to get things together at home while my small fry is able to take care of me 24hrs a day this week cus next week he's going back to work so my caregiver is cutting me down to 13hrs a day..lbs I want to SCREAM HAPPY HEALING TO ANA & YIRA AND OF COURSE ALL MY SISTAS THATS PRE AND POST OP...Until next time chicas..Muah xoxo


These damn itchies already starting to attack me..clawdt help me!! More random pics

Hey loves just letting you ladies. ..

Know all is well with my recovery!! Im just experiencing some swelling which everyone know is normal but im thrilled on how my dvar is continuing to heal. Im cleaning the BB everyday and that too is healing nicely. The belly button wants to close at times but I stuffed that darn cotton in that sucka to keep it open..lbs well until next time girls I'll post new pics at 3 weeks post op..Happy healing to all and to all im praying for full recoveries...Muah xoxo

Hey ladies sorry I been gone for over a week ....

My review from Tuesday was deleted Somehow crazy phone. Anywho I'll be glad to answer any questions my sisters may have. I know this journey is a long one but I ain't going nowhere I'm going to stay put and keep you all updated and motivated.. My swelling is up and down in the lower abdomen but for the most part I'm pretty my keeping steady and taking it one day at a time. Just to answer a few questions...

*I went back to work at 3 weeks post op
*My cousin removed my blue stitch in the pubic area at 3 weeks post op
*My post op weight was 219lbs
*My pre op weight was 210lbs (2weeks later)
*My current weight is 208lbs
*My height is 5'6 1/2
* I could NOT get my breast lift or arms done because of my hemo levels(12.3) but my surgery mama said come back next year and she will do them for me
*If I had to do it all over again I would fly to. the D.R in a minute
* Overall no pain just discomfort and stiffness...to be continued!

Hey love bugs....3week pics up

3 weeks post op pics that wouldn't load last week....sorry peeps!

Made it to 1 month post op....YAYAYAYAYAYAY

Random pics girls

hey baby cakes..

Im almost ready for this darn swelling to subside. If only I could just past this phase already. .Im definitely praying about it!! Im taking the good with the bad and even taking this itching phase like a champ now! I will add more pics Tuesday to show you all my five week progression! Other than that I'm healing pretty well.. in back to work full time and taking it easy at the same time sistas. I will soon add RS back as my part time job...lol by keeping you ladies updated and motivated as usual. .Muah xoxo for all my pre and post sissy's love yall and happy healing to us all!!!

random pics

More to come

I'm 5weeks post op and BLESSED Ladies!!!

I cant believe my time is flying by so fast...to be continued


Hey Ladies I just wanted to break down my experience a little for the newbies that will eventuaIly go through the same journey as I have already done. First I want to give thanks to all the Women who has walked through these shadows with me from the start and the ones who are continuing to inspire me to be a REAL FRIEND/SISTA to all of you..Love ya's Muah xoxo!!! I wanted to ensure you all that I am still around just had a lot going on when I got back from the D>R I'S MARRIED NOW...As of November 26th, 2013 I am now Mrs. Wade and I'm very excited to have my Husband in my life for the rest of my life. Whooohooo!!!!

I wanted to start by saying due to some crazy circumstances my husband was not able to come along but he has been a tremendous helper/caregiver as soon as I made it home off my flight. We made it to the D.R @ roughly 230am on November 3rd and our Driver Cesar was there waiting on us ready to take us to his sister's condo we rented out. Cesar is a very great driver he however does NOT speak english but with me speaking my es span yo-yo..haha we got by just fine and of course having the translator app downloaded on my phone was a heaven sent. Also ladies Magic Jack was the best app to have to keep in contact with the family back home. We had a house phone that called back home as well which was awesome.

Anywho while in the D.R me and the family stayed at a 3 bedroom condo off Airbnb.com in the center of the Santo Domingo which was roughly 10 mins from the CIPLA. The Condo was very nice but the water bugs on the island was huge and horrible..lol We hired a nurse by the name of Susan who also works at the CIPLA part time. Susan cooked, cleaned and drove us to and from our appointments and the grocery store while we were there we had her 24hrs the first 3 days. After day 5 we didnt need her assistance anymore because we were doing things on our own and plus our host of the apartment had family there to assist with taxi driving Gianna the maasgae therapist came to our apartment basically everyday after we were able to start our massages and gave us some great sexual healing ..hahahahaha I mean great massages that hurted like hell but felt so damn good at the same time! Yall know what I mean;-)))

Jumping to the nitty gritty!
We made it to the CIPLA the day of Surgery @ 745am. After meeting some of my BBL sistas and other women there we all went down to have labs done together Yily had a total of 5 patients but only 4 were worked on the day of my procedure whis was November 5th. Duran had a few patients as well that joined in to get labs done. After that I was placed in my private recovery room and me and my babysitter (my sister) waited on Yily,Ana and Yira to come meet and greet us for about 10 mins not long at all. My sister surgery was not until November 7th but she was there to make sure her little sissy made it out safe and sound. Yily came in greeting us both with kisses and was chit chatting and joking around a bit and off she went to mark me up!! After I was marked they told me I was next and to take my blue pill NOWWWW!!! I was not nervous I was at peace with who I chose to have my lovely life in her hands and that was Dra Yily. I felt the warmth from her when she walked her gorgeous pregnant self in the room. I didnt feel any discomfort or attitude as many say she has. She kept it real and honest and made sure she put my health first. The reason I couldnt get my breast lift is because my hemo levels were not high enough. She told me to come back next year and she will hook me up at a low enough price so I was satisfied because my health is first. After taking the blue pill I was out hunti's if you think I'm lying take a look at my pictures above..shoottt..lbs I remember opening my eyes a bit during surgery saying "ouchy ouchy" and then Yily peeked over the cover and said "its ok almost done" thats when I was being lipoed think I was knocked out until I woke up in the recovery room hot as heck because my damn sister thought I was going to be cold so she had the AC off..smdh I would watch 2 mins of TV and back out like a light. I didnt feel any pain just a little discomfort and dizzyness. The nurses were very attentive and so was my sister. By the time I came too my cousin was out of surgery and resting in the room next door to me so my sister went to check on her from time to time as welll as the nurses did also. I must say I'm very grateful to have had my family around at this time even though all 3 of us had surgery just having the home feeling near you nothing could compare!!!

The nurse came in quite often to check my vitals and IV bag etc...Two (one of the was Susan because she was working the day of my surgery anyway) nurses came in to take my catheter out and to put me in my faja roughly around 4AM the next morning. Ladies I was told by the office that if you get a TT (tummy tuck) then the faja is put on the day after surgery not the same day as if you got a BBL. When I woke up to get out of bed I was very dizzy as hell so they gave me some juice and water to bring me back to my senses..lol I was squeezed in a Large faja which was tight as hell but made me feel a whole lot better with the compression. After Susan and the other nurse put me in my faja I was back in the bed and off to sleep for a few hours. I was brought some breakfast which was healthy of course but I never had mash potatoes at breakfast time but it was good. FYI the CIPLA was clean, THE LAB was clean and the tech with her pretty petite ass wore gloves that had the index finger only cut out. I really was comfortable and WAS NOT dissatisfied at all. Before being discharged that same pretty petite lab lady came and took blood to check iron levels and give us the ok to leave. Yily came to check on us the morning before being discharged as well and gave us kisses goodbye's and said she will see me next year. Gotta love that damn lady Dra Yily will be the only doctor to touch this precious body if by all means I have anything to do with it!!! After being discharged my cousin and I the next day we were taken to the Condo which we had elevator service and went to our lovely peaceful beds to get some beauty rest. Our nurse and my sister took very good care of us!! The following days went on and still no pain at all even around my TT incision just very uncomfortable and stiff ladies. I thank God I was able to make to Santo Domingo, through surgery and back home to Chicago!! Prayers were all around me from you all,my family & friends and of course myself.

Started massages Day 4 and had one everyday after that except one day because I wasnt feeling to good like nausea or something. Gianna is one of a kind she is phenom!!! I would recommend my Nurse and Masseuse and of course MY #1 Dra Yily is a recommendation from day 1 and it will never stop because she gave me her SIGNATURE WAIST which people now ENVY..LBVS

Flight home I think I posted that above was smooth sailing except the delay which we all know God has his reasons and we tried our best not to question him. We made it home safe and that was all that matters so I just wanted to put you ladies minds at ease as much as possible!! If I have left anything out that you all just want me to recap let me know..Yes Once Again I LOVE MY NEW BODY...Muah xoxo

Make sure you download these apps: Whichever one fits you best "I HAD ALL OF THEM JUST IN CASE ONE WAS ACTIN UP..LBS"
Spanish Translator = Language translation from english to spanish and vice versa
Skype = Video chatting
Tango = Video chatting


Excited she had a healthy baby boy!!! That lady is stronggggg..Gotta love her

Forgot to tell you ladiessss...

I finally got my first menstrual yesterday 12/10/13 @ 5 weeks post op..I am so lucky I didnt have to worry about that during my most intensed recovery time...Just an fyi my surgery was 11/5/13 and my last period was 10/15/13 so almost 2 months later GOD IS GOOD AINT HE..! MUAH XOXO

These are my 5 weeks post op pics

Muah xoxo

My random pics

From random days


God is good! Still in progress I am the bomb.com cant wait to go SHOPPING!!!! Coming soon I don't want to move to fast because the waist is foolery hunti's its goin DOWN...lol Still swelling around the lower back and abdomen. Still have almost no damn feeling in my back but it was well expected. Ladies that is new to my page I want you all to know that this is not just a walk in the park but I stay prayed up and keep myself and my other sista's motivated. I think of it like this if we pushed and shoved a huge ass baby out our ass we can do anything! Would I do it all over again if I had too? YES I WILL...Dont let anyone steal your joy sissy's go for what you know! This is one of the best decisions I've ever made in life and everyone around me agrees. I will be posting some more pics throught my journey this week... I need a dress for my Christmas Party tomorrow.Muah xoxo


Swell hell still bothers me from day to day but what the hell Im making it! Loving my new body and praying I can go shopping soon...Muah xoxo

I'm alive sistas!!

Sorry I've bn busy working my ass off i promise to give a full 3 week review tomorrow. .i got a promotion for all my hard work ladies so I'm enjoying myself tonight. .ttyl...pic for some wanting to see me...Muah xoxo

My last review didnt post awwww mannn!

Hey Loves I miss you all so muchhhh! My birthday was January 21st I got a new promotion as of the 20th and my body is banging IM BLESSED!! Thank you Jesus for all you've done for me..Muah xoxo Ladies I've been working so hard between training my co*workers for our new site and going to the gym working out I haven't been checking in with you all. So here it goes>>> I love my BODY!!! I just hate thisese damn burning sensations at night, early in the morning when I first get out of bed and when sitting for long periods of time. My itching hasn't been so bad like others so I'm grateful for that. I will be going back to the D.R in Sept 2014 to get my boobs done I need a freakin breast lift ppl. I have not been getting anymore massages, My weight goes up and down 210lbs to 213lbs its cool though. If you all have any qestions please continue to ask them while I'm still able and willing to answer them...ttyl Muah xoxo


Love you ladies

Happy Valentine's Day Sista's!!!

Hey everyone I miss you all like crazy. I havent been able to update as much becuase of my job. I have posted some photos for you ladies to see and will continue to keep in contact with you all via email/whatsapp/realself etc.... Once I get off work I try hitting up the gym for my Zumba/Bodyworks/Yoga and Cycle classes I be tired as hell yall. Please forgive me! I will make sure you all get the best of the best information from me if you have any questions please ask I dont care what kind of questions you may have. Later... Muah xoxo

Hi hunni bunches sorry for the wait!!!!!

I have been doing wonderful of course!!!! I have been wrestling with my 17 month old son ..yessssss another baby after Yily gave my tummy life again...lol! I must say My stomach went back flat but not as tight as she had it BABYYYYYY... I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 6 months YES 6 months!! I was still coming on now morning sickness and of course my stomach was still numb from having surgery only 2 months prior to getting preggo. Surgery was 11.5.13 Dr say I conceived 1.7.15. Shock to everyone because my stomach was still flat as a freakin desktop screen..lbvvvs. I miss you all so much and I will be posting new pics NOW...will post more soon. I will be answering inboxes messages soon too!! Love ya and Congrats to pre & post op Dolls..Muah
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have been following a lot of my RS sisters and decided to go out with a BANGGG!! So Dr Yily it is..Perfect TT & $culpting is why I CHOOSE YILY...If I gotta wait til she drop that load oh well!! Thats not an option at this point. I have heard and saw the good, the bad and the ugly. . So I'm Goodie November 5th it is for now!

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