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Hello ladies, Well I have finally decided to go...

Hello ladies,
Well I have finally decided to go through with my surgery. I am a 29 yr old African American mom of 2 boys both born via c-sections. Ages 9 and 5. From the day I had my first child, I've hated my body and has been very self-conscience. Before having most of us...I had a model figure. 5'7", everything was tight and in place, and I weighed about 140 lbs. But life after kids...physically...has been tough for me. I love my babies and as much as I hate the body that came after them, it was well worth it having them. My marriage is also suffering because of my body and how I see myself. I dont want my husband to touch me because I dont think he likes what he sees. So therefore, we dont have much of a sex life. 30th birthday is coming up in 14 days and I am gonna give myself the gift of surgery. i want to go into my 30's not feeling the way I have felt during my 20's!

I've already had my consult with my doctor and he has made me feel so comfortable and positive about going through with the surgery. And the best part of it all....he does lipo right along with the tt. I am sooooo excited about that! I originially was trying to have it done Dec. 3, but we are in the process of trying to sell our home, so the money I was gonna use for the tt, I had to use toward closing cost fees and such. So now...I'm hoping to have it done the end of January. I cannot stress enough how badly I want this. Im ready to feel good about myself again and stop being so self conscience. I think it would be so wonderful to have the body to match my beautiful inside!!!



This is the only place i feel comfortable posting pics of my body. I know all of my fellow tt ladies understand!

Sorry...not POST OP...PRE-OP pics!

New to posting. I meant to put pre-op not post-op

2nd Consultation

Hey ladies! Just checking in with you all. I just made my appointment for my 2nd consultation with my surgeon. So next week is the last chance I get to ask any last minute questions. I'm getting so excited I forgot all of the questions I need to write down and ask. So anything you all can think of please let me know. I will have my funds for the procedure between 2/4 - 2/11, and my surgeon does not schedule any surgeries until 2 weeks after full payment is in. So I'm hopefully looking at around 2/18 - 2/25 for surgery. just can't get here fast enough. I'll post more ugly current pics later today or in the morning. Have a good day ladies!!!

2nd Consultation

Hey ladies! I am on my way to my 2nd consult and hopefully I can get a date set in stone today. And hopefully i don't forget all of my questions I need to ask. I'll just write them down before I go in. I uploaded some pics so you all can see my current horrible situation. :-(

I OFFICIALLY have a date!!!! 2/26

Hey ladies! I just left my consultation and it went wonderful. My dr makes me feel so comfortable and at ease about the procedure. He told me to be realistic about my results but after seeing his work I know he will do a great! I was told to go ahead and start getting my labs done and get medical clearance from my pm saying that I am fit for surgery. So I'll be calling my pm tomorrow to make that appointment! I'm just so excited that it's FINALLY going to happen! I'm thinking I want to go on a 30-day cleanse just to clear my body before surgery. But alright ladies....i'm on my phone and this is not easy to I'll update you all in a few!!!

I am on a roll!!!

Wooo-hooo.....I am sooooo happy things are going so smoothly!!!! I just called and made my pre-op appointment and I have it set for Tuesday! :-) So once that's done, I just have to wait! :-( But that special day will be here sooner than I know!

QUESTION for you all!!!

Quick question! What are the different brands of compression garments do you all have? My doctor recommends Marena Wear, but also told me I'm free to look around and find my own cg if i want.

Feeling Down!!!

Hey my RS ladies! I just left the hospital to complete my pre-op labs so that the results will be in on Tuesday, and while I was there I was weighed! The last time I got on a scale I was in September and it read 171 lbs. That's bad enough. I am 5'7" and most of that 171 is in my stomach and thighs. But I get on that scale today and it says 178 lbs! Ugh....i feel so blah right now! I have a month to go and I need to lose 8 lbs! Any suggestions? Like I said before I'm thinking about doing a cleanse! Idk....frustrated! I feel huge!


Hi ladies! Wanted to update you all since I haven't been on here these past few days! But I finally bought my chair. I'm getting more and more excited/nervous because I am starting to buy my post-surgery supplies. I was going to order my zero gravity chair on amazon for $50. I fell in love with just looking at the chair online. But on Friday, I was walking through Sam's club and what caught my eye?! A Zero Gravity Chair!!! At first I said I wasnt gonna get it because I had my mind set on the one from Amazon. And it cost a little more at Sam's. It was $70. But then I started thinking about how I would have to pay for shipping and purchase my tray to go on the was gonna be the same price. So I grabbed it. :-) It is sooooooo comfortable! I love it!

I also just received my funds to pay for my surgery. As soon as this check clears....I am gonna go and make FULL payment. I noticed that I'm starting to second guess myself and my decision to go through with this. I know its just my nerves and my fear of pain. But I know I'm making the best decision for myself. Any of you start to feel like this so close to your surgery date?!


So I just got a call from my surgeon's assistant stating that he actually won't be in town on Feb. 26th which was my original surgery date! And all they had open was Feb. 18th and March 11th. So I took Feb. 18th but now I feel so unprepared. All I have is my chair and one garment! I won't have more $$$ until the 14th. So I'll have to go out that weekend and get EVERYTHING. As rushed as I feel, I also feel very excited/nervous!!! Wheww.....

Other People's Opinions

Hey my RS sisters! I am a little upset right now and bothered because of the way my sister just reacted to my desire to have my surgery. Now from the beginning...I said I wasn't telling anyone besides my best friend and of course my husband. I feel that what I do with my body and my money is my business. But because I'll need my sister's help a few days after surgery I had to tell her. But basically she feels that its messed up that my confidence level is so low that I have to go through plastic surgery! Let me stop right there and give you a little physical background information about my sister! She is 5'3" and weighs 115 pre-pregnancy. 1 week after having her 1st child, she was back to her normal weight...with NO STOMACH WHAT SO EVER! She is now pregnant with baby #2 and weighs only 130. She has always been small and been able to bounce back. I havent. 2 c-sections really did a number on my body so i cant expect for her to understand! But thats exactly why I didn't want my family to know...everyone is so quick to judge. But I'm happy with the decision I have made and I am sticking to it! So I'm curious ladies....did you tell everyone and if so what were their reaction?!

more pre-op pics

Sex After TT?!

Ladies...I know we all think about this...but how long did it take after your tt did you have to wait to have sex?! I know I won't be able to wait 2 months to have "special time" with my husband! Lol. So just curious how long you ladies waited!


Surgery is in 4 days and I'm JUST now buying supplies! I honestly didn't splurge on a ton of items. I bought what I feel I will need right away. I will worry about scar treatment when my doctor gives me the ok to start! So these are the things I bought:

-Paper Tape (to cover my scar)
-Hydrogen Peroxide (for cleaning around my scars)
-Gauze pads
-Anti-bacterial body wash
-2 oz. Bio Oil
-Stool Softener
-Milk of Magnesia
-Cough Drops
-Female Urinal
And a cane (with four legs for extra support....couldnt find a decent priced Walker)

Oh yea...
-Some gowns
-Comfy yoga pants
-Granny Pannies

1 Day Away!!!

Hey my RS sisters!!! My nerves are kicking my butt right now as tomorrow I will officially be on the flat side. I told my 9 yr old son what was going on so that he wouldn't worry when he saw me at home not being able to care for myself for a few days. I almost wish I wouldn't have told him. He cried so hard and of course he's worried about his mom! :-( But I'll be alright! But its almost time ladies!!! I'm at home doing last minute work and then I'll go back out to get some last minute things!


Of course I woke up extra early. I'm not scheduled for surgery until 1:30 pm and here it is 5:30 am and I'm awake. My nerves are completely shot. I can't believe its finally about to happen. I will update you ladies as soon as I am alert. Pray for me ladies! :-)


I am here at the hospital all ready to go. Just waiting for 1:30 to get here. They have already put my iv's in and are making me as comfortable as ever. I'm sitting here in this room in complete shock. Cant believe this is really happening. One hr to go and I'll be on the flat side!!! :-)

i DID IT!!!

Hey ladies! Surgery was a complete success. And believe it or not...i feel WONDERFUL. Just a little sore. I feel like i've been doing crunches. But other than that i feel amazing. I'm staying ahead with my pain meds so maybe thats why. No problem walking to the bathroom by myself. Dont need any help walking by myself. This is amazing how mobile ive been. But im still gonna take it easy. The only thing i'm concerned about is my belly button. I cant really see it. So hopefully it will shape up. What do u ladies put in it to make sure it doesnt close and has a shape? But I will post pics tomorrow. YAY.....IM ON THE FLAT SIDE AND FEELING GREAT!!!!! Thank you ladies for all your kind words of encouragement and prayers.


I got up this morning and showered completely by myself. I used a belt to help hang the drains and that worked perfectly. I still have a million stretch marks but I cab care less about that. I am sooo happy i did this for myself. I will post pics when i take these drains out. I dont like doing anything with these drains in. I haven't even seen my scar yet. But thank you ladies for all of your advice. I love you all for that and for your support!


Pre-Op Pic

Pic collage

Every Day Gets Better!

Every day seems to be getting better. This is the first day since surgery that I didnt need to take any pain meds. Also my drains are barely draining any fluids. It only comes out when I strip them. But its not flowing or dripping in the bulb by itself. So I'm hoping thats a good sign. Hopefully these drains will be gone by monday or tuesday! Last night was a little harder for me on my back. But much better this morning. I'll take more pics once i get up and shower!


So for me to be 3 days PO, I just had my 1st BM. I did drink Phillips Milk of Magnesia and I've been eating unsalted almonds and granny smith apples all day. For some reason, green apples ALWAYS makes me go, so I knew that would work. Took some time but not too much straining and pain. Just relax and it should go smoothly!

Not liking how I'm feeling...

Im 5 days po today and im really tired of feeling useless. My mornings are great but by mid-day it gets rough for me. I no longer need pain medicines but my back really starts to bother me after about 5 minutes of getting out of this recliner. And im ready to get these darn drains out. Ugh.....i know it has to get worse before it gets better but damn. Ready to get past week #2. I need to get back into the swing of things because as of NEXT monday (not tomorrow), i have to go back to my normal routine. Whew....just a rough day for me! :-(


This has been one week of a roller coaster ride. Its getting better everyday. Just a little slower than i anticipated! But Im still happy I did this and I think Im starting to see progress in only 1 week. Still have drains and haven't been given the green light to wear CG yet. So good! Here are some pics!

more pics


I am extremely emotional right now. I'm getting sick and tired of being in this recliner all day and night and I feel like I am gonna die from coughing and sneezing! I'm just ready for this part of healing to end. Not to mention I'm like 9 days po and I still have drains in that are no longer draining and can't be seen by my ps until Monday because he is out of town this week. I'm very frustrated!!! Ready for these "balls" to be gone. Although I was given the green light to shower after my surgery...having these drains just makes me lazy. Its too much work to shower or to even go to the restroom. Is it normal to feel this way or am I just being a big baby?!


Yayyyy....the pesky drains are gone today! I am so happy about that. It was a quick process. Didn't really hurt but had a little bit of a sting. Then...I got to put my Marena Stage 1 garment on for the first time. I have to say this was the best day so far of this procedure for me. That CG is wonderful. I went from being really hunched over to walking almost upright in a matter of 2 minutes. I love it. I posted some pics but as you all may know...we are flat as a board in the morning but as you can see I am really swollen. Especially the lower part of my belly. But that is almost always swollen. I know its gonna eventually go down so im trying to be patient. My ps told me to expect swelling for a MINIMUM of 6 months. But I'm still happy. I go and get stitches out of scar and bb next week. So im excited about that now! Then I can begin scar treatment! :-)


Feeling Better.....

Today was my most productive day since surgery. I actually got up and got my kids ready for school, made myself a light breakfast, and even managed to do laundry. I threw all of the clothes and blankets that were on my recliner over the banister so that i wouldn't have to carry anything downstairs. Of course my hubby had to bring everything upstairs. I feel great overall today except when i was trying to fold the back started to bother me at that point. So that was my cue to sit my tail down somewhere. But now I'm relaxing in my bed!!! Last night was my first night back in my bed but i couldn't lay flat, so i tried to lay on my side. Wasn't very comfortable. But i fell asleep in my bed earlier and took a nap and was comfy with more pillows. So we will see how this turns out tonight! Night - Night ladies!!! :-)

Quick Update

Hey ladies!!! I wanted to let you all know that I am feeling WONDERFUL!!! I'm walking completely upright! YAY!!! I have been sleeping in my bed with no with no problems...driving is still a little uncomfortable for me. Only when I make a turn. But other than that I feel amazing. I caught myself dancing earlier today so its a good sign that I can move my hips a little bit. I'm still VERY swollen along my incision line. So hopefully that will go away soon just to ease my mind. I went out for the first time Friday with my family and I felt like I had a little pudge from the swelling. So it still kind of makes me felt like I still have that big gut. :-( But I know it will eventually go down. I'm just being a little impatient. But I'll post pics tomorrow ladies! Have a great Sunday! :-)

updated pics!!!

5 weeks PO

Hello ladies! Sorry I haven't been checking in. I've been having some good moments and some bad moments. I'm loving my shape BUT I have a problem when I sit down. I think I might need some lipo. I know ...I know...I'm only 5 weeks po but i shouldnt have loose skin hanging a little over my scar. The front swelling is gone!!! (THANK GOD). That was starting to scare me for 4 weeks. But I put Arnica gel on it after 4 weeks and it went away overnight. Now...this morning I took my silicone tape off of my scar so that I could shower and noticed a little puss on it. It looks like a small piece of my stitches that they left in is pushing out. Its a TINY little dot. So i go to the doctor next week so they can cut it. But other than these little wonderful. Next week marks 6 weeks so I'll be at the gym 1st thing monday morning starting cardio.

Dr. Galiano is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. His personality is almost of a shy demeanor but he gets to the point and lets you know what you really can expect from your procedure. He's very soft spoken and makes you feel very at ease and comfortable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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