Really Loving Dr. Yily Work Right Now! - Chicago, IL

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Im really loving Dr.Yily work right now she is so...

Im really loving Dr.Yily work right now she is so skilled and everyone is looking real fly!
I have 2 children both via c-scetion, the last pregnancy kinda did me
Im 5'2' 133lbs...i have natural curves that i like but i need a tummy tuck and lipo. I see how much she takes the waist in and im in Love...i mean I really i have not seen too many Dr in the states have outcomes like hers even charging 20 racks or more...
I used to model and im definitely over that but i do want my body back 100%, im at that place where in jeans n a tight t im still good but i know the extra is there once the jeans are unbuckled and thats just not a good received my quote and included was a TT, LIPO ON BACK N SIDES AND BBL, THE bbl part threw me off but im going to go for want to look Extremely NATURAL....i would like to be more rounded n higher in booty dept...
the only thing is i actually like the look of the longer tiny torso on the waist and i noticed only really on the women who didnt naturally have much of a waist it looks a llittle weird to me....seems like some people after surgery the hips are too high on the body kinda like Lil Kim, some Kim K pics and some ppls post op pics but not with DR YILY SO IM DEF TEAM YILY!!....I also like the look of smaller breast bigger ass...seems like some ppl want it equalled n it just doesnt look natural to me but to each her own :) N E Way iv decided to become a YILLY DOll Babyyyyy...YEssssssss!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Became A Yily Doll!! 4/27/15

Hello ladies, a quick review.....
I contacted Dr. Yily's office and asked what was the soonest date I could come get my surgery and was told 4/27 so I BOOKED
I received my quote via email for a tummy tuck, liposuction of flanks and back and a BBL about 4 months prior with a price quote of $5500 which I thought was a bit much from my original quote absolute a year ago of $3200. Nonetheless I booked the appointment. So I had 2 wks to prepare and I did! I started taking the recommended vitamins via the email I received so when I received my blood work my level was a 13.1. My sister flew out with me for my stay which was awesome! Couldn't imagine doing this alone. I will post pics soon!

3 mnths POST OP UPDATE????

Hello All.....
I had Sx 4/27/2015.... Quick update, I havnt been on here and I think it's only right considering someone story aided me in my decision.

My sister went with me to the DR to have my Sx, there was a man waiting with my name on a paper n I was extremely nervous about getting in his car....he spoke no English. We arrived at the LUXURY RH where I had reservations. After settling in they fed us and we got comfortable and then we went with the driver to the Cipla for bloodwork. Everything was in normal range for me so I kept scheduled Sx appointment for the next day.

I'm not going to write a book here but I will say this:
Dr. Yily was pleasant and I love my results! The pain afterwards was brutal due to having a tummy tuck and the doctor sewing up my abdominal muscles. We stayed for 10 days. I was in tears ready to come home by the 6-7th day....not physically ready but mentally I missed the comfort of being home. The luxury house was pleasant, I really have no complaints. BRING YOUR OWN SEASONING for your

If you have any questions just ask

My results....

I really love my results....I wasn't bad as some women to begin with but I def needed improvement. I love most of all strangely, is how tiny my back is! I had lipo on my entire back. I also love how I finally have the roundness in my butt and it's much higher. I told Dr Yily that I wanted to look EXTREMELY NATURAL....I did NOT want the nicki minaj that some like. No offense ladies if that's your thing.
Oh and btw I really hate the TT scar.... I can't wait for it to heal! I am currently looking into MY FIRST tattoo to cover it.

More Post op Pics!

These pics are not doing me justice, I was rushing.... I'll add more soon!
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