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My expectations are going to be long overdue!!!...

My expectations are going to be long overdue!!! Been wanting the TT, Lipo, & BBL for 21 years + It's finally becoming a reality!! Super excited and extreme nervous at the same time!!! I will be posting before photos soon. I'm excited for the after photos. 2017 will literally be the year for The New Me!

Before photos

Well I'm now in the countdown phase. I'm so ready to do this especially after posting before pics of myself. It's been long overdue.

6 days and counting

Today I reached the 6th day countdown until my surgery date. Again, I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I have all of my post-op needs in place. I'm so ready for this to be over and onto the New Year New Me!!! I've been praying for this surgery for years and it's finally going to happen! I'm so ready for a pretty navel again!!

5 days before My New Me

It's so surreal! Something I wanted for years is finally becoming My Reality. I'm just ready to get it over with and get over my nerves. I'm too geeked!! Thank you God!????????????????

Thank you God!!!

Thank you God!!!

4 days left

4 days left until I'm on the flat side! I'm so excited for my outcome. This overdue TT, BBL, and Lipo surgery is the start of a new journey in my life! I have God to thank for this! #nerveson10 #prayingforapieceofcalmness #itsreallygonnahappenfinally

3 days left until My New 25 year old Bawdy Returnssss

I'm so grateful that I'm finally going to get the surgery I always dreamed about. I have 3 days left and Bam Pow Boom I will be even MORE Amazing!! I truly have to thank God for another great moment in my life!! Wish me luck! #stillanxious #imfabulous

2 days left

Very excited and very nervous!! Just ready to get it over with and start my recovery. Grateful!

Tomorrow is the Big Day

It's the night before and I'm a big ball of nerves!!! Tomorrow is going to be epic!!! I have such a great support team!! Gotta be at the surgery center at 7:30am. Wish me luck!

Today is finally here!

Today is finally my surgery day. It has really gotten real as I start to get ready to head down to the surgery center. Now I'm really really anxious! I know God is with me and I will be in good hands with Dr. Geldner! Pray for me! #2017isgoingtobethebestyearofmylife

Waiting to go back for surgery

Here at the surgery center waiting to go back. Waiting for the verification of my payment and it's frustrating! I already took care of this well in advance!!!! #alreadynervousdontneedthisbeforesurgery

Home from surgery

First, Thank you GOD I made it home!!! Second, can you say SWELLLL HELLL!!!! Left drain is working overtime! I have big boobs naturally so the garment straps are hurting on the sides. I'm glad I made the decision to do this! But the first day Ain't NO JOKE! Pray for me!!!

Day 2 PO Appointment

The doctor said I'm healing well so far. Still very swollen and sore. I'm walking upright too! Extremely pleased with my results!!

3 days PO

I'm getting around very good. Still feeling discomfort. Whenever I get out of bed it's very very tight. I can feel the stitches in my muscles. Oh and these drains are the devil!!! My son has been amazing during my recovery!!! I love him immensely!!!

3 days after PO

Well I'm definitely getting around much quicker. I'm so grateful to God! I haven't had much pain but I'm still staying on top of taking the meds. No superwoman here! I can feel when the stitches in my muscles start to burn...Stay on top of the Meds! Dr. Geldner advised that I wear Depends for the oozing and that was best idea ever!! Also I noticed the medicine has me constantly urinating...Constantly!!! Well there's my update for now. Will keep you posted later.

4 days PO

Well to get straight to the point I was finally able to have a bowel movement. Yay! I felt like a new person! As you take your pain meds take one stool softener daily. My pain level has subsided except for the drain areas. The tubes are very very sensitive and painful! My drain levels are now very low. Hopefully I'll get these awful but needed things out when I go for my 5 day PO appointment tomorrow!!!! My incision is healing very well. I have weaned myself off the pain meds already and I don't feel bad at all. I just need the drains removed. I will post pics after these drains are out. I'm not feeling the pictures yet too much pain from the drains to pose. Oh and the swelling is really going down! So glad I decided to do this...Well worth it!

5 days PO

I'm so frustrated right now! I want to sleep but unable to due to these drain tubes stuck out of my incision! Super irritating! I also experienced something different while sleeping...Night sweats! I've never had these before?! Maybe it's the plastic mattress cover? I woke up drenched. I've been so grateful for not having any feverish symptoms. I have my 2nd PO appointment this morning! Hopefully I've progressed greatly and he says "Let's take the drains out today!" Wish me luck because I know this is going to be the worst pain to remove them! Going back to bed for now....I'm totally off pain meds and now just taking Extra Strength Tylenol and that seems to ease my discomfort.

2nd PO Update

Went to my 5 days PO appointment and everything looks great! Didn't get my drains out though:( But it's for the better! He said very soon...Maybe even tomorrow. But I'm patient! Healing moving right along greatly!! All smiles! :))

6 days PO

My pain has subsided tremendously! Still have the drains until Saturday...Oh well I'm patient. I want the best optimal results from surgery. I signed up for this and It's apart of the process. Haven't showered yet due to the tenderness of the tubes from the drains. Once they're out I can freely shower and get into my other garment and finally wash this garment! I have to wash it at the sink as I wash myself at the sink. What an adjustment! But it's well worth it!

My haven for two weeks

This is my surrounding until I can graduate to my own bedroom, bathroom, and things. So blessed to have real friends and family!

One week PO

Today made a week when my life decision became my reality. I'm so glad I did it. Still no regrets! The process has been slow and steady. I've been able to get some much needed rest around the house! I never knew how tiresome it can be to relax around the house all day! Had company yesterday and that was wonderful! I'm constantly talking to family and friends via phone. Having this time to heal allowed me to realize some things. I realized that not all people are happy for you. If a person shows you who they really are...Believe them! Random advice given to me and I'm sharing: When you have your surgery and you have the extra baggage removed that you don't want and you leave there in that surgery room...You have to do the same thing with people too! Removed the extra baggage from your life indefinitely!! #NewYearNewMe #2017

Swell Hell

Today the swelling is bad. It literally hurts under my skin on my tummy. The swelling is pushing against the garment. Talk about discomfort! Walking around the house in circles to make sure my drains are at an optimal level tomorrow to be removed. Wish me luck.

Oh Happy Day

Went to see the doctor and got my drains (Bag Pipes aka Nursing two babies aka Necessary Evil) my nicknames for them lol removed!! Yay!! It feels amazing! Dr. Geldner said I'm healing very well. All smiles!

Slept like a baby

After getting the drains out I slept like a baby. I was able to finally shower and put on my new garment I purchased. I had to customize it to my doctor's orders and my comfort level. I cut it where it's completely crotchless and butt less, no string...Just corset and thigh compression! Lol I did an excellent job too! Improvising will become second nature when going through the healing process. Thankful!

After photos 11 days PO

Here are some after photos. I'm 11 days PO and still very swollen. I'm loving my results not even being 2 weeks PO! I'm eating healthy and when able I'm going to workout!

2 weeks PO

I'm 2 weeks PO today and I feel amazing! Yesterday has to go to the doctor unexpectedly to get fluid removed from my tummy. It didn't hurt at all due to the numbness still. My tummy is getting flatter and flatter. I'm so glad I made this decision! In fact, I'm upset that I didn't do it sooner!! Thank you God!

Loving my results

I'm still swollen but I'm definitely noticing a difference!!

5 weeks PO

I received one of my swimsuits in the mail and was geeked to try it on right away! I'm 5 weeks PO and still swollen. I've gone down a lot but still swollen. I know it takes time. Ready for this to go away for good!


I forgot to post this pic of my results 4 weeks PO. Swollen but not too bad this day!

6 weeks PO results

6 weeks PO Updated Pics

Almost 3 months PO

I'm almost 3 months PO. I've just started working out in the gym. Let's see what results I may encounter now after this pic. #smallerwaist #flatterabs
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Geldner and his staff have been superior so far!!! He is very experienced and has an excellent bed side manner! He takes his skill very seriously!!!

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