Osteotomy and Alar Base Reduction with Dr. Anil Shah (10/09/2014) - Chicago, IL

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I know it's not their job to make me feel better...

I know it's not their job to make me feel better about myself or help me make a decision, but at least reassure me that I will be in good hands, right? My doctor seemed really knowledgeable but throughout both my consultations, he seemed a little rushed. He answered all my questions and told me exactly what he would do to my nose but didn't seem really empathetic when I said I was unsure and a little scared about going through with it. I guess they don't want to push me into making a decision and then get sued if I don't like my results?

Lady from his staff who runs their e-mail messages me in the same manner. I explained to her that I went to my other plastic surgeon (one who I receive fillers from) and asked for his opinion. He said that he wouldn't even touch my nose. "You don't want a Janet Jackson nose," he said. I explain to her that this made me re-consider my plastic surgery and that I was worried and that if the doctor DID perform surgery on my nose, it has to be a subtle conservative change like he promised in his consultations.

She ignores the entire part of my e-mail where I explain to her about my worries and only tells me when the next available date was. She only said, "I hope you're doing well."

Do all plastic surgeons behave in this manner? Or should I start looking elsewhere?

UPDATE (To the surgeons who answered my question)

I wrote this on the comments section too, but I thought more people would notice it here.

Funny... I can't comment on my question page so I'll comment here (this is to the surgeons who took the time to answered my question). Well, firstly, thank you for that. However, it's true that I need a second opinion. But just out of curiosity, is this type of behavior normal etiquette for plastic surgeons? Is this the way you, personally, would behave towards your patient? Or is it (and I want an honest answer) because I've only paid the $100 consultation fee and they don't have my money yet? I know doctors are supposed to stay impartial, but it doesn't seem like they care too much for my money. That's the other thing. My Rhinoplasty will only cost me about $1,500. Maybe since the price of my procedure is so low, they're not putting too much thought into it. Ughhh this sucks. I wish it weren't so complicated.


I don't want them to do a shitty job just because I don't need too much of a "fix."

So now I'm REALLY having doubts....

I'm finally ready to select a date and the lady that runs their e-mail said she'll let me know about transportation to my hotel. Since I haven't told anyone about my decision to get rhinoplasty, I need someone from the office to accompany me to my nearby hotel. She said she will find out for me "today," and that was the 22nd and she hasn't gotten back to me yet and it's been four days. What to do?


I just e-mailed her. But had I not, I feel like she would've never gotten back to me.
Very unprofessional, I must say. :/


I don't know. I feel like I'm making a big mistake.

Not Sure

So I was ready to book my appointment, but now I'm not sure. I'm not sure if this is really what I want. I mean my nose isn't horrible. I keep looking at it and taking pictures, and it's not bad at all. But the doctor promised he would do a subtle change. To go for it or not go for it? Hmmm... =/ I mean what if the slight change messes up the balance of my face?

Surgery on the 9th

SO. I've decided that I'm going to go through with it. One last consultation tomorrow. Surgery on the 9th. Hopefully, he can clarify some things to me tomorrow and help me feel more at ease about the surgery, since we kind of started off at the wrong bat. Wish me luck. I'm not too comfortable about posting before and after pictures on my blog yet. But, I'll definitely send some by e-mail upon request to those of you who are interested.

So it has been done...

And I am in pain! lol. I hope I made the right choice. Looking back at pictures, I had a nice nose to begin with. I hope I didnt mess it up. :(

But overall, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The worst part was the anesthesic shots. He stuffed two pieces of what felt like two big rolls of rolled up paper waaay up both of my nostrils. It was super uncomfortable. And then he made a few injections around my nose, numbing that entire area of my face completely. He made conversation and told a few funny jokes to distract me. It was also nice because they even let me choose the music I wanted to listen to during the whole procedure.

But the injections were the worst part. I didn't feel the rest at all (the incisions, the stitching, the osteotomy), none of it. I was awake the whole time so I got to watch the whole thing happen, which was kinda cool. Whereas other patients under general anesthesia kind of just wake up and have no idea what happened to them lol.

But so far, I havent taken any tylenol yet. I mean yeah it hurts, but its bearable...at least for now lol. He said they made over 20 stitches. I was like holy shit lol. All the ladies at his office were really nice and accommodating. Mia, his assistant, was really sweet. So yeahh. Overall, great experience so far. Ill keep you all posted as the week goes on. :)


I took off the drip catcher and my nostrils look like they were bigger than before and my bridge seems to be lower. >___< I hope this is temporary......

Freaking outtttt

I had a nice bridge, I hope he didnt ruin it. :( I know its only the first night, so I should probably calm down.


So, I e-mailed Dr. Shah last night and he returned my call. He pretty much told me to stop freaking the f*ck out lol. And he's right because it was only 7 hours after surgery and I need to give it a chance to heal. He promised that he didn't touch my bridge at all so it is physically impossible for it to become lower. He explained that it probably looks that way because I have the cast on. Also, he didn't touch my nostrils and that right now (7 hours after surgery) I'm obviously still at the inflammation stage so everything's super swollen and probably will be for the rest of the week.

So yes, common sense. I feel a lot better about it. It hurts a lot less today, which is good. I didn't have to take Tylenol at all. Good luck to all who have their procedures coming up! :)

Cast is annoying -___-

Only five more dayyysss of wearing this annoying thing. It must be really gross underneath there since I have super oily skin lol. My nose doesn't even hurt anymore. The alars are still really stiff and my cheeks, swollen. But no bruising, no pain. It feels like I've been wearing a Biore pore strip for the past two days lol. Several people on the streets have asked me if I got punched in the face lmao. Ohh boyy. It does feel nice to not wear make-up though. My skin gets to breatheee for a week lol.


My bridge still looks like it's been lowered. -_____- When looking up at the nostrils, the base looks wider and flatter. Better not be! >=(

Sad :(

Having some post-op depression. :/

I know everything's still super swollen so you can't tell what the final result really looks like, but it's still really depressing to look at. My bridge still looks lower even with the cast taken off. The base (looking from below up at the nostrils - the triangle) looks more shallow and less pointed. Nostrils look bigger because he made the skin surrounding it thinner (and I didn't mind the thickness from the beginning :/). Sooo....I don't know. The only thing I like is that he made my alars less bulbous. When he said "thickness," I thought he meant bulbousness, not the skin surrounding the nostrils. I personally think noses look better with a little thickness in that area, which was something I had. :/

But, again, he assured me that he only did a half osteotomy and that he's not hiding anything from me. He only broke the bones at the base of the nose. He didn't move anything up top. So, physically, there is NO possible way the bridge could have changed. They took a bunch of before and afters, so they said we'll look at them again at six weeks and discuss. As for the nostrils - he said they're really hard to gage and it's better to not do any change at all than to do too much change, to the point where it's irreversible, which is a good point. But still, now I have to wait another 6 months before he can go back and make my nostrils smaller. :/

Because I DO feel they're a bit big for my new nose now. But they were perfect with my old one. I don't know, I'm a little overwhelmed. I'm like crying right now. In my head I keep thinking, "You should have never messed with what nature gave you." But I guess for now, I just have to wait it out and see how it turns out. :/


Ugh. My nostrils are so huge and ugly now. Why did he feel the need to change the thickness of my skin? It was PERFECT the way it was. That was something he should've kept the same. I KNEW this should have been addressed before and not thirty minutes before surgery. :( I am not familiar with rhinoplasty terminology and when he said "thickness," I thought he referred to the "bulbousness" of my alars. So, stupidly, I said yes. ASK ASK ASKK questions. A LOT of questions. Even if you think they're stupid questions. Actually, there's no such thing as a stupid question. You need to gather all the information you need before going under such a life-changing procedure. Make sure you're familiar with what means what and when he says this he means that.

I REALLY hope when he reduces my nostrils, they'll bring back the thickness of the skin.


Okay, maybe I shouldn't use the word "ugly" but I was definitely happy with the way the base looked before. Oh well. I'm definitely more calm now and probably should stop spamming Dr. Shah's e-mail. -_____-

Trying not to think about it....

Circumstances remain the same. I asked my friend what she sees and she says she sees the same thing I see (lower bridge). But she kept trying to sugarcoat, saying, "Oh, but it doesn't look bad." So, if she sees the same thing and I see the same thing, then I'm not crazy! Somehow, the Osteotomy made the bridge of my nose look lower, and Dr. Shah doesn't know what he's talking about. -_______-

I'm starting to get used to the look but my old nose was definitely prettier. By FAR. :/

The Nose Knows

I just wanted to put a "punny" title for my update. No PUN intended....HA. HA.

Anyways. Nose is looking better. Looks good from the front. Still iffy about the profile. But I went in for another consultation today and Dr. Shah said the same thing - that it is starting to look more like a natural nose and that the base isn't as lumpy and bulky as it was when I first took off the cast. So yay! He said he'll look at it more critically at week 6. There were also some leftover stitches that he had to take out. Apparently, I had over a hundred of them stitched into my nose, so yeah lol. I'll keep updating.

Looked in the mirror today....

And noticed that my nose was tiny! Crazy how significantly smaller it got since week one after cast removal. It is the 3rd today. It will officially be a month since my surgery on the 9th. Then I can start running again (yes!). Wow, time sure flew by. But long story short. Don't be too critical about your nose when the cast comes off. It will be super swollen, and I guarantee you that it won't be the final look. The swelling has gone down significantly and the scars even look better. So if you just got your cast removed, don't stress it. Don't worry about it too much until it's fully healed, until you get closer to your "final look." THEN you can judge. I worried wayy too much in the beginning lol.

8 months post-op

Thought I should update this. Anywho, I am just a few weeks shy of being 8 months post-op and I'm loving my nose! It has definitely taken its shape and the swelling has gone away. I went in to get my scars lasered down about 4 months ago, I think. He said he will do it again soon in a few months. But the scars are barely noticeable anyway unless you're looking really, really close. So overall, I am extremely glad I decided to do it. However, I wish he also made my nostrils a little smaller. In my opinion, they're a little bit big for my new nose but nothing too major.

However, Dr. Shah did say that if I wanted to get them corrected, to wait at least 6 months for the swelling to go down. Then, he would go back and do it free of charge. I will remember to remind him the next time I go into the office.
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